I Want Input and Feedback!!

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I Want Input and Feedback!!

Ok, here's the deal...

I've poured my heart and soul into my Daily Inspiration (which i may not do today for my own reasons).

I am thinking about adding other posts to my roster and I want to know what you think.

I want input from you about what you would like to see from me.

Now, I could easily start writing about all the hot topics here on steemit but the truth is most of them do not really resonate with me. Personally I really need to feel good about what I am writing.

I have a reason that I do inspirational posts and someday I may share that with everyone but suffice it to say that it's what I like to write about.

Here are some of the ideas I've been thinking about writing about:

  1. VLOG's - Videos that share a deeper understanding of inspirational and motivational topics (so you know this one is likely happening regardless.)
  2. How to's - Showing how to make things like lip balms, salves, soaps and insect repellents (I make a ton of life's every day things by hand for myself and for sale. I like to have pure products who's ingredients I know for sure for myself and my son so I could share that)
  3. Rock and Mineral Knowledge - I've been a fine mineral and gemstone dealer for just shy of 20 years now and could share that
  4. Past travelling experiences - I've been all over the country and to some parts abroad. Only thing here is that I'm not a huge picture taker so only some of my travels have photos.

I'm only looking for input here. My plan is to keep doing the Daily Inspiration and add one more post each day of either something specific or a range of things.

I only want to write about something I'm interested in. The list above is not all i'm interested in, these are only example that come to mind. They are in the order that they might interest me to post about though.

If you have any other ideas based on my inspirational niche I would kind of like to keep it centered on that and not stray to far.

Lastly, I'd like some real feedback on how and if people are liking my Daily Inspiration. If you do like it, what do you like about it? If you don't like it, what don't you like about it?

Ok, let me know your thoughts in comments below :)

Thanks everyone!


I would enjoy past travelling experiences I have yet to go many places and just started traveling these past few years with my girlfriend I would love to see more reviews on places to sight see

Ok, I'll keep that in mind, thanks :)

We've talked several times before about the vlogs and I have to ask...why haven't you started that yet again?

You could even start the vlogs with a travel experience and relate it to choices you made, how they affect you today, wiser for the wear, etc.

Gemstones would be interesting. Maybe a once a week or every couple weeks bonus content.

I know you have a great imagination, maybe you could collaborate some other minds and do some stories?

This was really great input indeed.

I'm not sure what has held me back on the vlogs.

It seems we've began a little co merging with our comic stories lol

As for the Inspirational posts, DO NOT STOP. You are one of the premiere motivational and inspirational posters on here. There is no copy and paste bullshit and you put real thought into them. ORIGINAL QUALITY CONTENT. Fuck anyone who thinks otherwise. They're just jealous they can't come up with badass posts EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Super inspirational man!

Thanks a lot for this!

@michaeldavid - First - about the inspirational quote posts: I found them quite by accident on Steemit but I loved them. You have a great collection and what I like about your posts is that you really paint a picture with your words, which includes not only your thoughts on the quote but also, background on the personality concerned. I find them refreshing to read and of course, the quotes are a great motivations - especially so when I feel down.

About other topics: Since you are a person with varied experiences, it would be great if you can share them. I would be thrilled to read about items 2 and 4 since I am an engineer who likes DIY kind of stuff and love to travel.
Looking forward to more inspirational quote as well as new topic posts soon. Cheers. Upvoted full.

I have started my own brand of wildlife awareness with my nature photos combined with either learning or observations connected to human life. It is fun.



Thanks a lot man. Love to hear that it's done some good :)

Thanks for the input. Lots to consider.

I love the inspirational posts, you're that guy to me but you can do whatever you want with your blog, like you said do what you feel good about. I'd also be interested in your homemade products and also gemstones. I find that pretty fascinating. While we're talking about that did u know @bearone collects those aswell? U share a passion there. Basically I support whatever you do, it's your blog and I'd love to learn more about you so whatever you post about I'll be checking it out

Not dropping the inspiration. I've promised myself at least a year of Daily Inspirations. Only looking to add to what I'm doing.

Well it seems @bearone and I may have something to talk about. In Australia there are beautiful opals and crazy nice gold nuggets n things.

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i would like to see you on homesteadslackers so my vote for what it is worth, is for the DIY stuff! That is where i do most of my posting these days as well as curation...this is what I am most interested in...check it out :)


.com or on here or where?

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Hello mate, you should definitely continue your Inspirational posts, please never stop this one. The clear way you put it forward is just amazing. Nothing to change there.
On top of the daily inspiration posts, I think you can work out a specific theme on each day of the week; for example :
Motivational Monday...Travel Tuesday...Wise Wednesday...Tips Thursday...Freedom Friday...Show Saturday...Sunday is Funday!!!
That could be a brand you can build on!

I really like this. Wonderful input, thanks!

I'm going to look into how I can use that.

I came to these late but like them a lot. I like the ideas on your list except for the second one. Sometimes steemit is awash with how to make type of posts and I think it would cheapen your image slightly. I don't mean that offensively!

Vlogs, would be very good. Some right good life experience and learning from type of posts is something I imagine you could also do splendidly :0)

That's precisely the type of constructive criticism I was looking for actually. This gives me much to consider.

You're very welcome, definitely sounds like you have some ripe avenues to explore :0)

Somehow I missed this post
First I would like to say please keep doing the daily inspiration posts I find every one gives me food for thought and love how you take a quote and expand on it with your own thoughts so PLEASE keep them coming

As for variety all the ideas you listed sound interesting for me but it really comes down to what you get motivated to write about

Thanks for the input Jay... You are right, I do need to feel it to write it.


I usually enjoy vlogs, but don't seem to watch many here on steemit so I'm going to go with How To's!

I'd love to know how to start your own etsy shop/business.

Ok, I may be able to include this sort of thing here and there.