Hive I got a story to tell...

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I've spent a year writing this comeback post, spent countless of hours thinking of a title, drafting and rewriting countless revisions, creating and modifying images, and this is what I ended up with.


Well, not nothing, but a barebones account of my time away from writing.

I've been away for so long, the last post I had written was still on the STEEM blockchain. Now that I think about it, the time I've spent away from this platform is almost as long as the time I've poured into Steemit.

This might as well be an #introduceyourself post.

So, hello. My name is Jed, but you can call me AU.

I fancy myself as a Solver of Problems (I'm a software developer by trade), a Teller of Stories (writing is my passion) and a Balancer of Energies (I'm also a licensed acupuncturist).

I don't want to recap everything I've done in one post, but If you're interested to see my body of work, you can just scroll down my profile to see the different things I've posted in the past, and if any of the post pique your interest, feel free to comment down below and connect.

Comeback delay and my time away

My time away from the blockchain has provided me with a lot of perspective. In the past, I've often gone of self-imposed exiles from Steemit, but I always came back eventually. It was never this long, not like my most recent time away.

For those of you who don't know me, I've actually spent several years navigating the Wild West that was Steemit. Started way back in 2016 and was active until about 2018. I've poured a huge chunk of my time there, so much so that often times I felt lost in it.

Apart from short-term freelancing contracts, it was all I had. It became my world; votes became my source of energy and comments became my support system. Truth be told, the fixation became unhealthy.

There, I said it.

Now that I'm not in the thick of things anymore, it's easy to point out the things that went wrong. The validation and the constant supply of approval was addicting, but it became that because it was all I had.

It wasn't all bad. I did have a lot fun a lot of times back then. The earnings I made on Steemit are my primary source of funding for my bullish crypto portfolio (I have never cashed in any fiat). More importantly, I met and became friends with so many wonderful people like @dreemit, @meesterboom, @ryivhnn and many others!

Despite the negatives, I only have but the fondest of memories during my time at Steemit. My time away was cathartic, but the lessons I've learned throughout my journey has helped me to grow as a person.

After some prodding from my aforementioned friends, I now find myself in this... hive. So familiar yet so foreign. Will I ever be as active here as I was back in Steemit? Only time will tell!

I hear a buzzing...

During my time away, I've shifted my focus back to software development, and I have risen through the ranks enough that I now have regained some semblance of work-life balance

I don't see myself spending as much time here as I used to, but I'll try my best to pop in and out whenever I can. I've really missed the active interaction and the fun of creating worlds through stories. So, I'm hoping to rekindle that flame once again.

Before my hiatus, I had a couple of stories lined up but never got the chance to finalize (one of which I've already teased). There was also a web comic project that was supposed to be STEEM-exclusive but didn't quite pan out.

In the past, I've self-published two books and one of them was even exclusive to the STEEM blockchain. I have a number of books planned, but I'm still thinking about how to distribute them. Will it be Hive-exclusive, or with the recent popularity of NFT's, perhaps I should go that route? Thoughts?

Apart from stories, I also have a number of apps in the pipeline, and I'm hoping to integrate cryptos to some (if not all) of them. If anyone wishes to collaborate or if anyone's in need of a hand, comment down below. I'm happy to help out wherever I can.

Well... that didn't turn out as wordy as I usual post. I didn't really have much of a story to tell after all. Was it enough though? You tell me.

I never really know how to end these sorts of posts, so I'll just leave you with this.

Battle royale.



If you're going to be posting more novels there's a front end called inkito which was made specifically to make reading comics and novels published on hive easier, might be something interesting to look at.

I know nothing about NFTs (aside from they exist and everyone is going nuts about it, haven't gotten into it because I don't make the right kind of stuff), I think one of my other friends was talking about something similar, minting books sounds kind of cool if there's a platform that will handle it XD currently most of them seem very art-centric.

Yay hope you'll get back to posting or at least commenting a tiny bit if not more :D

Fyn! You straw that broke this camel's back, you! See, I told you I'll be back! 😎I haven't gotten the chance to backread a ton, but I've seen pictures and I saw that your youngins have GROWN! I was like, "how long was I gone!?"

I'll check out inkito in a bit, thanks for the link! But, yeah almost all of the NFTs are either game items or images, but the underlying code theoretically should support all filetypes so why not PDFs, right? I mean, NFTs are just basically crypotgraphically hashed DRMs anyway haha!

And, you're welcome 😕

Jed!!! How the heck are ya!!! I hope you are totally well!

I have taken the odd hiatus too. Not as long as you right enough. Lol

I genuinely beamed with pleasure when I saw your name on the chain.


Boomdawg diggity! The welcome wagon that I both needed and deserved! I am doing splendidly well, how about you, the missus and the kids? Man, I missed your retorts (and most of the time, your tortes!) Tune in to the chain in the coming weeks, I smell something cooking 😏 You'd be pleasantly surprised!

I see your welcome, and raise you an "It's good to be back here (for the first time)!" I'm trying to get a feel for the place, I'll catch up on the posts whenever I can!

Top donk. They place could certainly do with a new and good content creator. Like the old days indeed. I look forward to what's ahead!! :0)

There a lot that's changed and a lot that is exactly the same. The soul crushing vote buying is gone though and is a huge plus!

Good to hear that's over and done with! But, I see that there are groups and communities now, so that's whole new can of worms, I suppose?

It is indeed. Communities are a big guy even though a vast amount of them are shit. There is a writing one called the inkwell which has some good stuff. It all depends, done of them require name hours of discord fannying about just like the old days and that is still a pain!

Inkwell? Why that has existed pre-Hive, hasn't it? Glad to see it chugging along. Like that little train that could!

Oh hey!! I've been thinking about starting back up again myself, but if I thought you'd be here too that would definitely sweeten the pot!!

I knew there was something missing from my return! How the heck are ya, sis?!

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