Hello, Hive! Technocrypton, reporting for duty.


Where are my manners? I've been writing quite actively on Hive Blog for about 11 days now, and I've completely forgotten to introduce myself. Let's change that!

I rarely show my face on the platforms where I write. I don't mind showing who I am, it's just that I find it a bit irrelevant, if you understand what I'm saying?

The alluring, mystical figure Satoshi Nakamoto is an unknown entity, and has changed the world from the shadows. His creation of bitcoin is basically at the root of why we're all here talking about crypto, in one way or another. He was the spark in the dark that lit this wildfire that is raging through the financial world as we speak.

I do not have hubris and I'm not trying to compare myself to Satoshi, I'm merely trying to point out that great change and great ideas can come to life regardless of the person behind. If the content and the idea speaks for itself, the person behind doesn't matter too much. Which I think is a positive disconnection, this separation of the person and the idea. You are free to disagree on that, it's just some thoughts of mine. Putting that aside. Now, let's get to know each other.


Hello, I'm Anton. I go by the handle of technocrypton on basically every platform that I'm active on. Nice to meet you!

My small home town lies in the dark and frozen reaches of the long, craggy coast of northern Sweden. Here among the side-ways icy rain storms and the deep dark dead-silent frozen winter nights, I sit beside a roaring fireplace sipping dark-roast coffee to survive. As with any good story, I might exaggerate a little bit, though not as much as one might think.

I'll share one of my favorite photos of the nature of my home, so you can see the beauty of it, and not just the misery I described above.


An early winter night with clear frozen waters. The orange setting sun just peaks up in the woods, throwing its fiery light on the clear melancholic blue skies. A few red cottages with white decorations would be seen in the daytime, but now all that can be seen is the light shining through their windows.

I have a background in software engineering, and I've studied for a master of science in engineering with a focus on software development. I've completed the full five year education program except my final thesis, when I got severely burnt-out and took a sabbatical year. I vowed to finish my education after the sabbatical... and I never did. Kind of fumbled on the finish line, eh?

During my sabbatical I started working for one of the largest telecommunication providers in Sweden as a way to try something completely different from my time studying. I started out in a combined role as a sales representative and basic technical support, to try and work directly with people instead of code. During my three years at the customer service department, I went more and more away from direct customer support and started working with onboarding new employees, creating training lesson programs, and competence quality control among the employees.

When I felt that I had reach my career ceiling there, I switched over to an deeper internal technical support, as I felt the need to work with something much more technical. I've always been a tech nerd, and always will be.

Currently I'm working with troubleshooting larger mobile network issues of all kinds, the weirder the better, and a lot of proactive quality improvement projects for mobile network solutions and wireless services. Quite very happy in my current situation, I'd say. Everyday brings something new that challenges the mind.

During all this time I've been a growing fan of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. For years and years, I knew about bitcoin and I though it sounded like a cool, little thing. And like many of us, and knew about it, but I didn't get it yet. So I missed the boat on that when it left the harbor, and like almost all of us, I regret not taking action and starting investing in cryptocurrency a lot earlier.

Life's too short to have regrets, but seeing bitcoin explode to the degree that it has so far was a roaring wake-up call for me, and now I try my very best to keep my eyes, ears, and all other sensory organs open for new projects of great projects on the rise. I've come a long way, and I feel that this crypto journey has only just begun.

Let's get a bit more specific about my interests. I started out as a traditional blue chip dividend stock investor, and I still keep it up. But in recent years, crypto has been such a interesting market space that most of my focus has been redirected to cryptocurrency. One of the pillars in my investing philosophy is that diversification is good. If you're reasonably diversified in several great asset classes from stocks, real estate, to cryptocurrency and a few valuable collectibles, I think you're going to do reasonably well. Quite well actually, over the long term, and almost nothing I do is shortsighted.

Glaciers move almost imperceptibly slow in the eyes of a lightning strike, but when the glacier arrives it reshapes the entire landscape, whereas the lightning only leaves a burn mark.

Just shortly about some of my favorite projects around this space. I'll just mention a few and it they interest you, be sure to check for my published or upcoming content for a longer read.

Except for bitcoin, and ethereum, which most of us already are bullish on, I love cardano, and solana. I really like vechain, chainlink, polygon, and avalanche.

I have fallen in love with the Hive Blockchain, and I'm very bullish on the developments of the Binance Smart Chain.

I closely follow the developments around the Brave browser and it's BAT token, as I think this is one of the coolest ideas floating around the crypto space. The Presearch search engine with its PRE token is also very interesting.

There's also the Helium Network which interests me a great deal. It seems to be one of the most interesting hardware related projects that one can get involved in.

Besides all these quickly blurted out bubbles of interests, I'm currently completely engulfed by the Hive blockchain game Splinterlands.


As a player in younger days of other trading/collecting card games such as Pokémon and Magic the Gathering and a brief fling with Hearthstone, this game has captured my attention fully. There will be a lot of Splinterlands content coming up in a very short time!

I'd suggest for you to join in if you haven't yet. If you feel interested, check out a few of my Splinterlands posts and guides below for some getting-started tips and inspiration.

Splinterlands - My First NFT Card!
Splinterlands - Season Goals
Splinterlands - 4 Ways a Beginner can Earn

Well, I feel that is enough about me for today. As a new hiver almost two weeks ago, I was prompted by @fionasfavourites and @lovesniper to write this introduction post. I'm still learning the ropes around here, and I hope you'll follow along on my journey. Hope you all found this little intro post of some value.

Have a nice day!

Where To Find Me

Hive Blog is my main base and my home, but you can also find some short-form content from me at Noise.cash, Torum, and Twitter, if it'd interest you too.


This is not financial advice. Do your own research. You are responsible for your own personal decisions and your own personal economy.


Thank you for stopping by and reading my article. I hope you found something of value in my writing. If you would like to support me, you could use my referral links below to the services that I recommend. You can also support me by tips directly through Hive, including my name in a HBI purchase, or via a Splinterlands Card/DEC donation.

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Welcome to the Hive!

If there is a place where you can best find "Satoshi's spirit" or where you can create within yourself according to your spirit, then I believe here.
A good start! !PIZZA !BEER !LUV

and free fall in the rabbit hole

I appreciate the pleasant welcome! Take a slice of !PIZZA






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Hi there Anton welcome to Hive. It's never too late to hop on board Hive and the crypto world, I'm sure you're still ahead of many millions of people if that makes you feel better! Hope you enjoy your time here

Thank you for the warm welcome!

According to tradingview , hive has been selling.but Matic is doing well. BTC and Ethereum is flying.i can't wait to get more of this Ethereum and Bitcoin to myself.

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Sounds like a good idea! ETH and BTC will be great to hold the coming years.

That's it

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Great introduction, @technocrypton! Interesting perspectives. Personally, I think you are bloodied earth...

Thank you, Fiona!

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