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Before I became a Meme and GIF Maker, I started off my Art Career at least by 1990, at the age of five, if not earlier, drawing mostly Stick-Figured People. Started coloring around that time as well. I was Homeschooled until 2000. I started drawing Trees and Indians like in 1991. I started drawing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. in like 1992. I started drawing basketball players, mazes, castles, monsters, etc, in like 1993. I started drawing a bit better around that time. But then started writing a bit more after that as I got older.

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I started drawing the Action Strip in 1998, which was a comic starring a firefly and a cricket who were like super heroes fighting like a warlock witch man. Assembled some Collages in some of my art classes during High School. Also did some welding, woods, clay arts, graphic design, etc. I do some Photography, Videography, Video Editing, Music, Web Design, etc, which are forms of art, but I'm not going to focus too much on that in this post.


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The younger I was, the more I was drawing, generally. I started drawing a lot less after the age of ten and especially during College. Started drawing less and less as I got older and would instead spend more time on some of my other Hobbies. Started doing Graphic Design, etc, in the 2000's. As time goes by, I tend to do art more so digitally on the computer as opposed to the old-fashion way via paper.


The goal of this post is to give you a brief outline of some of the art, drawings, comics, memes, GIFs, etc, that I've made, drawn, created, designed, colored, etc, etc. This is still an unfinished rough draft post right here but I'll be trying to update this post when I can. I may include some directories and timelines to help outline the history of some of my art, some of my drawings, etc. I've included some links to some of my art posts, some which may be highlighted in my autobiography.


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