2010's - Decade in Review

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Blake Webb Died. Redwood Glen. Arnold Attic 2010. Metal Gear Joey. Forest Grove Return 2011. Robin Baker Jail. Vietnam 2012. Kathy Bike. Leaf Pagoda. Saigon 2013. Mr. Ribs BBQ. Circle K Police 2014.

Rising Tide

Lego Mark. Old Ink Adventures 2015. Visa Adventure. Anna Hostel. Trump 2016. Phone Stolen. America Return 2017. Moved to Shelton. Mountain View Alliance Church. Music Store. Web Design. Karen's wedding. Thanksgiving. Infocomms. Book Shed 2018. Brother Reunion. Seattle. Vancouver, BC. Hiking. Youth Group 2019.

2010's - Decade in Review

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2010's - Decade in Review

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2010's - Decade in Review

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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All timestamps are generally in Pacific Standard Time (PST) or Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), unless otherwise noted.

Camp Redwood Glen

2010 - Year in Review 2 3

The Walking Dead Season 01.jpeg
The Walking Dead - Remembering 2010

RIP Blake Webb

The death of Blake Webb in May may have been a wake up call for some of us. Life is full of surprises. Be ready for them. Enjoy life. Be in the moment. I would go with Blake to Solid Rock. Downtown Portland. I helped in out with the Moore Street Corps youth ministry. Conan hosted his last NBC The Tonight Show in January of 2010. We Are The World 25 For Haiti February. Lady Gaga Britney Spears Telephone March. Eminem Not Afraid Youth Council April. Blake Webb Died in May. Redwood Amtrak Soldier June. Charlotte Battle July.

Matt Kurtz Adventures

Western Youth Institute (WYI) August. The DCeric Show September. Facebook Banned Me in October. I was a Bell Ringer in November. I started watching The Walking Dead in December.

Fat Bearded Joey

2011 - Year in Review

2011 Me Maze 01.jpg
Fat Joey at a maze around Hillsboro, OR with TVC, probably in October

Jurassic Park Theology January. Metal Gear Joey February. Battlestar Galactica Jesus March. PASS basketball camp program. Game of Thrones April. I was moving back to Forest Grove in the spring of 2011. Put Your Love Glasses On May.

Arnold Attic Films

Teaser Trailers June. Somebody That I Used To Know July. Rise of the Planet of Red Dog August. Acceptable Cannibalism September. Serious Slogan, Born 4K Years Ago October. Bearded Joey November. Bell Ringer Fired December. Lord of the Rings Risk Christmas.

Moving to Vietnam

2012 - Year in Review

2012-12-01  - Saturday - Janice, JA, Tyler Capp, & Joy Sanchez - Papa Foods.jpg

In November, I went to Vietnam. Before that, I was contemplating going to Vietnam. I was working for my dad in landscaping, 2011-2012, etc. I would hang out with Matt Kurtz, etc. We would eat tacos. We would play video games like Metal Gear, Smash Bros, etc. I was imprisoned for stopping a prank 911 call in July. I was prank online dating on Tagged.com, Facebook, etc, in order to promote my non-existent or not-yet fully developed oatmeal brand and everything, etc, as I tend to do for many years now since like the early 2000's at least.

Mea Omnia

As early as like April, I was working on the Mea Omnia website (to compete with Facebook) with Brent Groth who gave me a laptop, pizza, and bailed me out of jail for $500 in July. Joy Sanchez encouraged me to teach English in Vietnam for like months and I eventually got around to venturing to Asia to doing just that.

Don't Rush Things

Back in January, I was learning how to not rush things. I was binge watching through many seasons of Dexter. My shed died in February. I sang I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston for my birthday and RIP Whitney. Metal Gear Joey Special Edition. Battle Star Galactica. Dexter. Love Shack Question in March. I started Ignition Impression. Mount St. Helens in April. Everything or Nothing Love Debate May. Why do you like me June. Jaily July.

Moving to Vietnam

Trying to Get a Passport in August. Getting a Passport in September. Biked to Vancouver in October. Leaving America in November. New Star Fired in December. Moved to Papa Foods. Karaoke. Hacky sack. Vietnamese food. Teaching English. Meeting people. Was looking for work. I was a dishwasher.

Moving to Saigon

2013 - Year in Review

2013 LP Girls 01.jpg
2013 - Year in Review

I moved to Vietnam to teach English in November of 2012 but the school decided not to hire me. After that, I washed dishes at Papa Foods in December and January of 2013.

Annual Outline

Anna Hanoi Adventure. Long An. Hoa Binh. Moved to Saigon. Kathy Stole My Bike. Fellowship Youth Group (FYG). I moved to Saigon for the first time in February and I stayed there until November of 2017. Vietnamese were encouraging me to come on over and I didn't regret it. Started teaching English at some schools. The bike thing. Vietnamese classes. I started making videos with Barbie Anna. Would ride bicycles all over Ho Chi Minh City. Had many adventures over the years.

Saigon Joey

Dishwasher at Papa Foods. Hanoi Adventure January with Yoga Anna and friends. Visited Hoa Binh Museum. Thanh Hoa for Tet. Saigon February. 2nd Tet trip. Started working at Tan Van and New Star schools in March. My bike was sold without my permission. Vietnamese classes. Moved to Balo Hostel in April. Would help out with the Fellowship Youth Group and their English club. Apartment May. Dalat June.

Cambodia Visit

Cambodia Visa Run August. Moved to District 12. Moved to Tan Phu. Began teaching in Thu Duc, a high school, the Leaf Pagoda, FYG in District 1, English Rain, etc. Met people. Lost 3 bikes in 2013: one in March, second in like May, and third in December. Visited Long An with students in December.

Vietnam Arrested

2014 - Year in Review

Long Thành, Đồng Nai Trip

Saigoniz Cousine Kids January. Long Khánh Tet February. Leaf Pagoda Ended March. Moving to Thu Duc April. Vietnam Egypt May.

Mr. Ribs BBQ

Wallet Stolen June. Ribs English July. Ribs Opened August. TLL English Videos September. Police Arrested Me October. Moved into Old Ink. Park English November. New Camera December.

The Adventures of Old Ink Boy

2015 - Year in Review

2015-07-13 - Monday - 12:54 PM - MD Joey Avatar Updated FB Pic 11752545_1610035612611523_7208284329261944418_n.jpg
At McDonald's near the 23/9 Park

Park Lego English

Lego English was a major theme, which included McDonald's English, throughout the course of 2015 and a bit beyond that to 2017 as well. Outside of that, I spent a lot of time at the park where I would meet dozens of people each day. Park English January. Anna Barbie Dalat Tet February. Cambodia 2 March. Thuy Tran April. Facebook Jail May.

Shifting Gears

Saying No More June. Oprah Joey July. Adam Wills August. Mark Lego September. Return of the FYG October. The Death of Old Ink November. Extension Denied December.

Anna Hostel

2016 - Year in Review

At FYG English in 2016

Blacklisted January. Hostel Anna Barbie February. Trump 2016 March. Hostel Anna Ended April. The Love English May.

Freelance Expanse

Girl 14. Duyen Tran English June. Zootopia Try Everything July. New Laptop August. Lego Mark English Resumed September. Star Trek Next Generation October. X-Files November. Racist Vanilla Ice-Cream December.

USA Returned

2017 - Year in Review

2017-06-28 JA01.JPG

Architect Chinh English & Opera Tea Club throughout that year. Phone Lost January. Obama Simpsons Rigged Video February. Blossom Rangers March. Gabs Mind April. Opera Tea Club May. Steemit June.

Rising Fate

Home Improvement July. Angry August. Psych September. Losing Ojawall October. America Return November. Hello Mike. Landscaping. Oatmeal beer. Robin. Arnold Attic Hunt. Lois & Clark December.

Moved to Shelton

2018 - Year in Review

2018-12-31 - Monday - AVATAR FAV - Compost Move -JA SOLO PIC IMG_20181231_135647.jpg

In January of 2018, I moved to Shelton, WA. Helped with the music store website. Started attending Mountain View Alliance. I was taking photos, videos, organizing through family treasures. In other words, I started a family archiving project which includes photo albums, videos, writings, drawings, documents, video tapes, audio tapes, books, clothes, medals, trophies, toys, electronics, etc.


In February, I was helping out on the Shelton Music website. In March, I was watching Roseanne, season 10. I was also watching Star Wars Rebels, season 4. Also, Gotham, season 4. Walking Dead, season 8. In April, we saw I Can Only Imagine in a theater in Lacey, WA. In May, they imprisoned Tommy Robinson.

Once Upon a Time

New Glasses in June. That summer, we were building a book shed. In July, on my mother's birthday, and in honor of her, I started watching through Once Upon a Time (OUT). In August, social networks banned Alex Jones. Mistaken Destiny September. Internally Online October. Imaginary Invasion November. Make America Grinch Again December.

Banned Dot Video

2019 - Year in Review

FAV BROS HIKE IMG_20190116_141259.jpg

My brother Rick and his wife visited in January of 2019 for a week. We visited Seattle, Canada, mountains, a sea port. I played Rick some basketball. We had a good Thanksgiving trip. In the summer, I met Pastor Sam. I spent most of 2019 blogging. I was working on the family photo albums, chores, projects around the house, organizing the book shed and big garage, and my autobiography. I made a few videos. I was trying to inspire patriots, conservatives on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Infocomms, etc. Especially the Infocomms. I made some memes. I wrote articles about history, politics, life, psychology, health, technology, etc.

Other Random 2019 Highlights

I love Breaking Bad. Walter White got this trailer. Road trips. I love Easter. Father Knows Best. I built a snow fort. I was learning how to drive. We were working on the garden. It's good to lead sometimes during Adult Sunday School. Helped out at the youth group. Started attending the men's Bible group. I've been reviewing my life in Vietnam. In April, I was watching Anne of Green Gables for the first time. Was watching Game of Thrones, season 8. Oh, the Lawnmower Man films was fun to watch. In October, Facebook banned me for no reason. New places in November. Rise of Matan Even in December. I was sorting old coins.


Some of what I would watch includes:

The Walking Dead
Game of Thrones
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Star Wars: Rebels
Star Wars - the sequel trilogy
Breaking Bad
Power Rangers

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2012-2017 - Taught English in Vietnam 2 3 4

Blake Webb Died. Redwood Glen

Fat Bearded Joey

Moving to Vietnam | Robin Baker Prison

Moving to Saigon

Vietnam Arrested

The Adventures of Old Ink Boy

Anna Hostel

USA Returned

Book Shed Constructed

Banned Dot Video Emerged