Maybe the designers of Worldport were Flat Earthers?? 🕵️🕵️🕵️

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Screenshot 20210924 at 9.10.21 PM.png
Image Source: Vanity Fair

If the Earth were flat, then it would probabably look like Worldport! haha

According to Wikipedia, Worldport was an airport terminal built by Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) back in 1960 at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York, United States. It operated from May 24, 1960 to May 24, 2013, and was demolished in 2013–2014. Why the powers at be would demolish this wonderful loking piece of history I don't know, maybe it was a Flat Earth conspiracy cover up?
WorldportAerial.jpg Image

Why in the world am I blogging about Worldport now??

Today I logged onto UPS worldwide, and noticed a bizarre message, it appeared packages would be delayed becasue of an unexpected technical glitch at Worldport? I found this to be very odd, considering last I heard Worldport was demolished way back in 2013?? I guess they demolished the building, but UPS kept the name, so I decided to investigate.

The first thing that came to mind when I saw this old Worldport building was... Flat Earth!

The very next thing that came to mind was, wow this might make for an actua Lassecash Flat Earth Post! I mean how often do you get a lead into anything relatively related to Flat Earth, without looking the slightest bit eccentric? I just think it's odd naming a building Worldport, and designing it with a roof as flat as a pancake. To me this building should've been named FlatEarthPort!

Maybe the elites were giving us clues that the world isn't round, but indeed flat?
Screenshot 20210924 at 9.34.02 PM.png What is this mysterous black edge on the left of Worldport? Sure looks like where the sidewalk ends!!

Do I think the World is Flat?

I think the world may be just as much flat as it could be round, but it's all up to interpretation by the mind.
Screenshot 20210924 at 9.50.23 PM.png

Maybe we're more like these little ants than anything.

It's all perspective. If you zoom way, way out, you will see the milky way, it looks just like that ant hive doesn't it???

milkywaygalaxy1203202.webp Image Does the milky Way Look Round or flat to you? Or does it look like the lid to the WorldPort? lol!

These are crazy times we live in!

Screenshot 20210924 at 10.01.22 PM.png Image Source: Flat Earth Surfboards

"When conspiracies become realities, and creativity manifests to functionality!" - Flat Earth Surfboards!

Who knows, maybe the World's just a surfboard?
BurdickFlatEarthConfsurf.png Image Source: New Yorker

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Nice to read the post. Got to read something new today on your blog.

Greetings @coininstant, obviously they just wanted to erase such a mistake.

Nice read. About the argument about the shape of the earth. It might just look like a surf board as that make sense too

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Yeah I was up really late last night posting. It's weird because I was talking to lasse yesterday, and he was talking about fat earth, and then when I was on UPS that weird message came up, the building ups was referring to was so weird looking that it made me think that I should make a flat earth post about it for fun. Thanks for noticing.

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how funy is that flat earth

You have focused on an interesting issue.

hahaha, I think it's not flat because the sun revolves at different times or so. lol

You're well informed about this one.

Then you think it is not flat for no good reason at all.

 9 months ago  Reveal Comment

I knew that "if" was getting a comment from you!


This is like groundhog day. I am among your only allies here, and you take it adversarially. I will discuss flat earth with anyone who is ready with an open mind. I will not be preached to. I will preach.

Even you know it isn't. You just need something for attention.

Of course it's flat, flat as a pancake. I think it's huge and flat, and there is a lot more beyond Antartica that they don't want to let the little Humans ever see. I think the giants live out there, I think there are secret cities and towns beyond our wildest

I guess too, there are secret cities and towns beyond the wild.