The Phone Addiction Paradigm

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Technology has brought with it a lot of issues that older societies have not faced. In terms of mentality, physical and psyche, economics and even language.

One of the biggest concerns of today is how the attention of the world has shifted from the physical exterior to the virtual interior. Mainly, in this article we are going to talk about the neck hanging over the screen situation of today.

I want to start by saying that I do not agree with the most common paradigm in this matter, that young people have been ruined by the internet and their phones.

What would you expect ?
Imagination has been brought to matter and it is accessible from everywhere. Socialization also. This has made people more creative, faster thinkers and has brought the world in bigger than ever time of innovation. Unique services and products are being created by the month.

Let’s not forget a very important phenomenon from Central Europe that gave us a feeling about what happened to humanity after the two World Wars. The Dadaist movement tried to create through art a world separated from society and ideology. Art has lost it’s social dimension before that era by excluding itself from all levels of understanding. The common folk didn’t get any benefit from it, because they weren’t educated enough to deconstruct it.

When art was the main form of creative expression, people needed to use it for that purpose even if they were not the ones producing it. The Dadaist found a way to reinsert that dimension of art into all levels of society by giving it only one key – it negates everything and itself.

This was the schizoid outcome of a generation harmed by the violence it has seen. The violence the world created that the world couldn’t believe it was capable of. Negation of everything looked like a good way to go, as inward retreat often comes natural to a hurting person. But as it often plays out, that didn’t work so well in practice.

The people that you see today hanging by their long necks with their eyes deep buried in the white-ish screen are the accidental realization of what the Dadaists had in mind. A parallel reality has been brought forth by the age of internet and has managed to defy it’s ties with the real world by absorbing it. If we may, we can say that the internet has taken the world in a JPEG format and made all of it’s elements into vectors. So, instead of denying everything, it took all and made susceptible to change with little effort.

The skinny nobodies that don’t play outside anymore have a mindset which is separated from the ties of social codes. They start from the blank that come with so much diversity and can choose what to pick after any criteria. Most of them, choose no ideology at all and go with what makes them feel most disconnected with the rest of the world. 9GAG jokes, facebook posts, youtube videos, are the objects of present pleasure, with no regards to morals, legislation or political power. Unless it gives them pleasure to discuss in such terms.

Ignorance is the product of harm brought by previous ignorance. But today’s ignorance is also able to spawn beneficial results, because it keeps self-interest at a higher place than anything else. It is ignorance toward the whole system because it is all present for studying on the internet.

That doesn’t mean people should deny the benefits of disconnecting from their world as well. The internet has been on for a long time, so when we say the world today we are mostly referring to the one online.
This is why you shouldn’t acknowledge when it’s time to put down the phone and participate in day to day life with no elements to move around at the touch of a button.

The first reality has found solace in the second and now it’s almost totally transferred there. That means that the only place to disconnect from the world is now actually the real world.

So when you find yourself in a place that looks untouched by the recent advancements in the immaterial world, take the chance to get in power again. Rip the chains of the conceptual and live in the no man’s land simplicity!

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Rip the chains of the conceptual and live in the no man’s land simplicity!

Love it 🤩!

Ultima fotografie mi-a rupt capu'.

Multumesc, Laurentiu! Ma bucur ca ti-a placut. :D

Oglinda perfecta ce se muleaza pe matricea actuala a lumii in care traim @diana.catherine

Candva in Londra anilor 1883 oamenii stateau deconectati la cafenea ... fiecare avand smart "ziarul" in mana :-) si totusi se comunica in mod direct ... deoarece la un moment dat acel ziar nu mai avea pagini de citit :-)

Oare acum cu noua intrare in asa numitul blockchain ... de fapt ... marea parte a omenirii vor fi oglinditi si se vor regasi in ultima poza?

Eu cred ca dintr-o simpla unealta ce ar trebui sa reprezinte telefonul ... au devenit oamenii unealta telefonului si nu numai :-)

Vad in jurul meu cu m facebook-ul/twitter ... si alte retele de socializare in care poti cadea in depresie daca nu ai atins milionul in like-uri :-) ( macar aici pe steemit suntem remunerati intr-un mod mai eficace si il putem materializa ... chiar si sub o forma virtuala pe Viitor) iar cel mai socant este ca facebook-ul este unealta cea mai perfecta ce a reusit si inca face victime in randul a ceea ce ... candva ... numeam Familie ... divorturi/depresii ... mai ales in randul femeilor :-) la fiecare pas intr-o lume din ce in ce mai virtuala ... si totusi daca spui lumii de cipare ... fuge ... deoarece acest fapt ce s-ar putea intampla reprezinta stigmata ... stim noi cui :-)

Mi se pare ca Omul e cam in contra lui ... si acest fapt va duce ... fie spre un Big Change si a unei New Renaissance Era ... sau ... in cel mai firesc si mai palpabil caz ... in urma actiunilor sub forma cauza-efect ... extinctie cu 1 click :-)

Hilarious, nu?

Numai bine @diana.catherine

Enjoy my music/art

Maybe thru steemit we'll assist to a New Renaissance Era thru Art/Music!/@luciannagy


Hmm fair enough. E si asta un alt unghi din care putem privi toata treaba asta cu internetul & tech. Nu neg argumentele tale... din pacate sunt multi oameni pentru care like-urile si commenturile pe fb/twitter conteaza mult mai mult decat ar trebui. Pe de alta parte, sunt si cei care nu prea stau pe social media (eventual stau doar pe linkedin), pentru care tehnologia inseamna cunoastere, creativitate si posibilitati nelimitate.
Btw, imi place canalul tau. Eu sunt pasionata de muzica ( cant la pian) , asa ca am dat follow. :)

Shalom @diana.catherine

Era doar o "fraza muzicala mai abstracta" venita pe moment :-)

Ma bucur sa aud ca studiezi pianul

Pastram legatura ... am sa postez de acum inainte mai mult aici :-)

Vei putea gasi si albumul Tribului meu in curand ... Numai bine

... si ca vorbeam de pian @diana.catherine ... in Tribul meu, unul din pianisti este Ivan ... din big band ul Beograd ... Sper sa placa sound-ul si conceptul

Buna. 🙏 valid points but too much of something is hazardous....though the advancement has broight us to a new world but getting hooked to it is causing issue.

I agree. I like what @diana.catherine says, but even too much water will kill a person :)

I just think it doesn't have to be one or the other. Dwelling in the online world doesn't have to mean losing some basic motor skills that will probably come in handy in life, as we still know it.

For example, a couple of years back I stumbled upon an article, saying there was a study that showed kids aged younger than eight years of age had no problem understanding computers and mobile phones, but most of them can't tie their shoe laces. Now, of course it's not about tying shoe laces, per se, but I believe that kids will also greatly benefit in life by developing some basic skills like that...

Oh well I completely agree about kids these days not being at their best. But I believe that concerns their parents. Even though my husband and I work day & night at computers, I'm sure that I will educate my children to be completely responsible, self-sufficient and interested in many things other than computer. But as we work in this area especially, he would probably be more accustomed with computers than other kids. If he sees his parents reading, painting, singing at an instrument or just taking a walk in the park, I'm sure that he would take that example. But there are still a lot of people that are complaining about how kids are stupid because they only play or such. On the contrary, I sincerely think that they are a lot smarter than we were.

They see the world through our eyes, what we show them is going to affect will get impacted by the the better and clear we provide them will benefitted them....multumesc🙏

Well I believe that's generational. Every generation thinks (and will think) that the kids are dumber and did't have a proper childhood, there was a philosopher breaking it down I saw a long time ago :)

But the truth is of course, they grow up smarter than us, it's just the way it goes. Or at least with a larger potential than us, providing we allow them to think freely.

They will adapt to the new world, as for them it's only new, and for us (the older generations) is new AND different.
While we grow older and, so to say, weaker, they grow into their prime. So, statistically, I think we don't stand a chance on the long run :)

And I also must agree that setting a good example is the best way to go, as they will never listen to what we say, but they will look at what we do.

Hello again! :D That's why there can be no perfect world. Advancement comes with new problems.