You have no monopoly on not having a clue

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How many times do we feel insecure about our actions and even feel bad about ourselves because we assume that others know what they’re doing when at the same time we have no clue? Personally, I’ve been there many times. However that is not the case at all.

People select the side of themselves they will show to others. Sometimes this is not even a side of themselves it’s just an ideal side of the person they would aspire to be or superman’s bright side. We want to hide our insecurities, act like we have everything under control, that we have no stress, no bad moments, only success and happiness.

This is what we show, but is this the truth? Of course not. Everybody struggles his way through life. Even you, when you feel insecure, you will not announce that to everybody. You pretend that everything is perfectly fine and you go through an internal procedure to get things organised.

That’s what others do as well. There are no super humans, there is no manual on how you can have everything under control. You are not the only one who doesn’t know what you’re doing. This is an irrational and naive belief that we tend to develop just to make things worse. People just fake the same way that you do.

Don’t get trapped in this belief. Life is not rainbows and unicorns for anyone. Always keep in mind that more or less we all go through the same worries and insecurities. What differentiate us, is just the way we choose to deal with those problems.


Πολύ σωστό!!! Αυτό το πάθαινα στη δουλεία μου παλιά!!!

Ευχαριστώ πολύ! Όλοι το περνάμε σε διάφορες περιόδους της ζωής μας και είναι φυσιολογικό :) Το θέμα είναι να συνειδητοποιήσουμε ότι όλοι περνάμε τις ίδιες πάνω κάτω δυσκολίες ή διλλήματα και κανένας δεν τα έχει όλα λυμένα..

Smart people always underestimate themselves. Only stupid people are too arrogant. The smarter the person, the more he questions himself and the world around him. We discussed this with you once :)

I couldn't agree more with you! Stupid people are every time full of surprises! :P

You did not accept the challenge?

The challenge of stupidity? I never do :P

Nooooooo :)

Very true and very well said!

Thank you so much @shimster! :)

I normally get really insecure during my exams... the number of pressure teachers makes on their students, and I don't know about other degrees, but I'm studying to become a vet, I'll have lives depending on me, if I can't pass a exam how can i expect myself to save a dog's life, what if i can't do it, what if i make a mistake and someone's pet dies because of me?
This is just a small part of all the insecurities i have atm

I have good friends and family that support me and my insecurities, life isn't all unicorns and rainbows and rainbow farting leprechauns, unfortunately

Your insecurities are normal and totally understood.. I would feel exactly the same if I were you.. It's good to have people that support you and help you through your difficult times.. This is what matters the most at the end of the day :)

LOL rainbows farting leprechauns! I loved that!

και θα πω εγω γιατι pretend? αφου στο τελος χανεις περισσοτερα απο οσα κερδιζεις. γτ δν τα λες απο την αρχη και οτι γινει? ειναι κατα καποιον τροπο σαν αυτο π λες π σου χε πει η μανα σου οτι αν δν το κανεις τωρα κ το κρατας μεγαλωνει περισσοτερο.

Απλα χεστηκες τι θα πουν η θα σεκφτουν οι αλλοι. εγω τουλαχιστον ετσι κανω δεν εχω τπτ να κρυψω ουτε το παραμικρο οτι με ρωτανε απανταω ειλικρινα κ οτι γινει. ξερω οτι δν ειναι τοσο απλο οσ φαινεται αλλα παλι οπως ξαναειχες πει ειναι θεμα mindset ολα απο εκει ξεκινανε ( βλεπεις χρησιμοποιω τα λογια να μν εχεις τι να πεις :p )

Α συμφωνώ απόλυτα μαζί σου.. Εχώ γενικά χέστηκα τι θα πουν οι άλλοι και ότι έχω να πω το λέω.. Οι άλλοι κρύβονται πίσω από το δάχτυλό τους και το παίζουν δεν ξέρω κι εγώ τι.. :P χαχαχ με αφήνεις άφωνη με τα λόγια μου :P

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Exactly and this whole thing creates a fake idea of reality..

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