I went out for groceries yesterday!

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Just recently, our city has allowed us to go out without food and medicine pass. That doesn't mean everyone is allowed to go out tho. 18 years old and below (or is it 21? forgot) aren't allowed to go out. Citizens must wear masks outside and maintain social distancing. So, that means I am now allowed to go out.

My dad was busy and I wanted to buy groceries myself so I went to the supermarket alone. I just rode a cab well cos I don't have my own car. XD

Public transportations need to have something to separate the passengers from the others for less risk of spreading the virus.

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This is how it looks like inside. They also have to bring alcohol with them at all times (us too) and wear face shields.

At the mall entrance, the guards are checking each customers' temperature and spraying their hands with alcohol at the same time.

When it was my turn, the guard asked for my age. I got shocked by the question and I immediately said 18 cos I was thinking "I'm 18 above already!" lol. But then I immediately said 23 (which really is my age) and he got suspicious and asked for my ID for a proof. T_T

Well, if you got asked with that question out of nowhere, will you be able to answer quick? LOL.

Anyway, he let me in cos my ID says I'm already 23 even though he suspected I was probably 14 or something.

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Inside the mall, I can say there were quite a few shoppers... but it is enough for us to keep distance with each other. It wasn't like a ghost town either.

image0 3.jpg

A few shops are also closed but the more popular ones (clothing stores, fast food chains, beauty stores, and etc.) are opened. I went to the beauty store as well and bought some shit for my face. You know, face wash and whatever to remove the whatever-stuff-is-growing-out and to prevent me from picking it, I have to take care of it.

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You know why I wanted to buy groceries myself? Cos I can choose whatever I like for myself lmao. I got some junk foods as well but I wasn't able to take pics of it.


Of course I have to get that chicken nuggets. It is life.

After a while, my cart is already like a mountain (it's full of junk foods and instant noodles, like for real). I was kinda getting worried it's gonna go beyond my budget limit.

I put the essential ones at the counter first (meat, coffee, etc.). As the cashier was scanning the items, I was getting really nervous cos it was like 25% of my budget already and the cart still looked like a mountain!!!

I was just really picking out the most important ones and thankfully they all just went okay with the budget lol. :/

I wish I took some pics, but yeah after they have packed my items, I was surprised to see 2 carts in front of me. Omg how am I gonna bring these all at the cab area lol.

Thankfully, they (from the supermarket) helped me with carrying the other cart and took them to the cab. I went home safely. :3

Of course when I got home I got those looks from my parents, they have expected me to buy snacks along with the ones on the list and joked about me opening a store to sell what I have bought. T_T


Hahaha you know, I laughed my head off the moment I saw this. Truth is, I'm someone who looks like 6 years younger than my original age and sometimes this can be advantageous, sometimes it might not be lol.
This lockdown has probably stayed too long and keeps messing with how things use to be. I think you bought a lot probably because it's been a long time you went shopping and you just bought with that mindset lol.
Nevertheless the pictures are amazing, I'm sure you'll be looking forward to apply those beauty things you bought for your Face soon do the beauty queen will once again glow in the camera hahaha.

Oh yah you look young. How old are you again? Yeah that's exactly how I felt. T_T All my time being inside when I badly crave for something I have no other choice but to order it thru delivery and the fees are expensive! Now that I can buy them myself it saves me some cash.

Haha well my face is okay actually. I just don't want to take pics at the moment not because of how it looks like but just I think I have shared my face many times already haha

Oh yah you look young. How old are you again?

Hahaha I'm actually 26 and truth is I often can pass off as a 17 year old but then I've started growing beards so hahaha.
Yeah I bought a whole lot of things online too and the shipping fee is always out of this world you know, I'm glad you can now buy it yourself.

LOl i love how you load the cart just to hide the fact that all you actually wanted was 2 tubs of pringles

True! LOL you really stared at it to find that

Can confirm; Have given dumb age answers when mildly nervous or just not thinking.

It's interesting to see the barriers in the cabs. I feel like traditional american cabs with the divider built in like a cop car are well suited for this type of pandemic. But knowing the rap cabbies get I doubt the cars would be sterile every passenger.

Right??? Age is quite hard to answer imo cos it's not all the time that we think about it LOL.

Oh yah that's what I thought too. I have never seen that kind of cab since we really don't have it here. So they really have that advantage in those countries with this. Yeah but life has to go on though. What we can do is just sterilize ourselves more often. It's everyone's responsibility.

I'm glad you were able to go out my dear hidde and bought everything you wanted hahaha ....

XD to make a market like this in Venezuela you need approximately more than $ 60 the food is worth too much ..!

cool. coffee date to me @hiddenblade miss you girl :)

I'm not too much of a big spender but food is never an issue as long as you eat it all! Seems quite serious there. Where are you btw? Don't worry you'll be happy to look like a teenager when you get a bit older haha