Moved to a new home!

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Mom's plants, I don't know what these are tho.

So as you can see, I haven't been active on Hive lately which is quite unusual but it's cos it's really been a hectic week! The past two weeks, I've been making works, fixing things, slowly moving things to the new house, buying stuff, budgeting, had two exhibits, and a lot of babysitting!

I haven't been to the laptop as well since the the iPad Pro really acts like one, and at the same time I got no energy to write since my head is pretty occupied.

Goodbye old home

We have been living at the old house for 20+ years now and time flies so fast! The house didn't change that much since like, 15 years ago probably, and that was the last major renovation but most parts they didn't change since we moved in there. Most appliances and furniture lasted for years too, like the mattress is older than me (25 years) and still works fine til now (survived those years without getting bed bugs! XD).

The old house will be up for rent to a family who has been waiting to rent there since February this year (cos good location!).

Messy stuff

We have transferred most of our things and they are messy til now. I mean, we just moved yesterday! So, I haven't set up my table yet and I'm typing this now on my laptop on my lap which I haven't done since... 4 years ago?

I have most of my things inside my studio now as well but can't find the time to arrange them. I still need to buy a sofa and I can't wait to finish everything and calm things down. :/

New works!

Even though the days have been hectic, I still was able to find time to paint, thanks to my iPad Pro LOL. I can literally paint while babysitting or while having coffee outside. I have 4 new works that I obviously haven't posted yet except the WIPs on Twitter. But I will post them once I get settled here properly. Excited to show them!

The new home is sweet and the location is pretty good... peaceful community and nice windy and chilly nights. Better than the old one, of course. There's so many new things that I'm going to try which I will also write in the next couple of weeks or something.


I think the iPad Pro is next to evolution, painting while you're babysitting. Wow 20 years being in that old home? Did you remember being 3 years in the old home? Wow must have been huge. I kinda was wondering where you were. Obviously I had a ginabot notification of your posts and that's why I caught this post. It's great to have you back and even in a newer home. Hopefully you'll settle quicker and better with time.
Cheers! I'll like to see how it goes.

Wow, that's so sweet thank you! Didn't know you have me on notif T_T
Haha yeah I remember jumping around inside the bedroom when I was hmm.. 3-4 something? Not sure about the age but I was pretty young and my dad were putting partitions/walls cos the house was sold as just one big box-kinda type (the old way of selling a house lol) and I was dancing around the famous Asereje song. I have my table set up now so it's gonna be easier to be on PC haha thank you!!!

You're welcome, hopefully I'll see you work your magic as soon as you finish settling well. Good to have you back again.

Moving is so much work, always, at least in my experience. The week after are always chaotic even if planned well. Enjoy the new place!! I still have to pimp up our "new" apartment with some plants, was reminded by your picture haha.

So true! This is my first time moving in my not-kid age so I didn't know what to do basically. I even have my outdoor cats inside my room/studio now cos I'm afraid if I let them out pretty soon, they will get scared and run away (cos house is chaotic due to moving) and will try to find the way back to the old home and they will get lost. They are comfortable inside my new room now tho but still not sure if I should start letting them out... or just let them be here all the time LOL

Haha those plants are quarantine plants, she became a plant-lover all of a sudden 🙄 You recently moved? A home with plants are always nice!

Oh that's nice, so you stayed in the same place for a long time! Please keep them in, I don't know if you live far from the old place but cats often run back to the old place if you let them out too quickly. They attach to the house, not the people :P (sounds stupid, but let them get used to new place and you'll be fine).. They say about two weeks should do the trick..

I moved in August, but still not completely settled because some stuff of the owner is still here and will stay here which is annoying to me as I constantly see these non-handy closets that I can't replace with better ones, too little space for our clothes and a bunk bed in the second room with on top of it, a lot of blankets (read: at least 30 of them all new!)..

Plants are defo nice but for some reason never really kept those too much, because all previous places either were too hot during summer/cold in winter, or too little sun where they could stand etc.. Can give it a try here now though, but I will have to read in a bit first haha :)

They attach to the house, not the people :P

Hahaha yeah that's what I thought!

WTF that's a lot of blankets? Yeah it's also annoying to have those old stuff that you don't wanna use!

Enjoy your new place! :D