My Post Archive Part 3 - General musings about life, and life in NZ

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All my general posts about life from 2016 to 2018

This is a continuation of my 2018 recap, so don't upvote it! This is for my own convenience, but hopefully it will also be useful to others.

My Intro
Are there kiwis in the house?
My grandmother’s legacy
Steemit in downtown Wellington
Observations from a bus
The brandy snap maker
2 months on Steemit and now curating health, nutrition and recipes
Positivity Challenge 3 – Acts of kindness
Positivity Challenge 4 with a twist
News on the NZ earthquake
More news on the NZ quake
Earthquake aftermath
The NZ Prime Minister just resigned!
Happy Steemit New Year – 2017 intentions and 2016 review
First day of the Wellington summer
Presenting to a Parliamentary Committee about proposed new legislation
Voices from the Front – a story of Gallipoli
RIP Kiwi comedian John Clarke aka Fred Dagg
Wellington Blockchain meetup + Updated Steemit Kiwis list + NZ meetup
New Zealand winter has arrived with a vengeance! Big storm affecting the whole country.
Happy anniversary to me - Reflections on my first year on Steemit
PS to my Steemiversary post
Rest in Peace Dad, and some music to remember you by
No, not me (phew) - but @sift666 has been hacked! (Turned out to be blocked)
Happy 29th anniversary to @kiwideb and @sift666 – how we met
Our new gold bullion, bought with Bitcoin! Yes, all in one easy transaction
2nd day of 2018 and starting the ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE challenge
Attitude of Gratitude – Day 3 – We don’t have to work for “the man”
Started my water fast and Day 4 of Gratitude challenge
Gratitude Day 5 and Water Fast Day 2
1000 followers, Gratitude Day 6 and Water Fast Day 3
Gratitude Day 7 and Fasting Day 4 – moving off the water to other liquids
Gratitude day 9 / Fasting days 5 & 6 - transitioning back onto solid food
Attitude of Gratitude – there are so many things when you look for them.
My baby sister @andysantics48 has joined Steemit! Please give her a warm welcome.
Five tips for new Steemians.
Tips for new Steemians, updated
Commemorating Waitangi Day in New Zealand
Ten facts, One lie – can you pick the lie?
Happy Birthday, li’l sis!
Two more truths and one more lie, that didn’t make the cut
Ten facts, One lie – who picked the lie correctly?
Let’s see if we can discuss transgender issues without name calling. I think we can!
Commemorating a day in Wellington’s history (Wahine storm)
Let’s party like it’s 1999! And kid ourselves we’re still young…
In memory of ANZAC soldier Sidney James Gully, 1898 to 1958
Two new silver assets to share with you!
Ooh, ooh, ooh, my 5 oz silver coin from the Monster Raffle is here!
Ulog 1 - A family birthday dinner – and a brand new silver stacker!
Ulog2 – A little robot has joined our family!
Ulog3 – Tell me why, I don’t like Mondays…
Ulog4 – Cooking, cleaning and errands today – how does coconut lime chocolate sound?
Ulog5 – 2 more family birthdays, a pretty little leaf and a recipe tweak
Ulog6: Two new silver coins – and a cool case to store them in!
Advent Calendar Day 1 – Carol singing with the NZ Symphony Orchestra
Advent Calendar Day 2 – Kilbirnie Santa Parade
Advent Calendar Day 3 – Posting overseas Xmas cards & a Xmas themed exercise class
Advent Calendar Day 4 – Last minute book buying
Advent Calendar Day 5 – Last choir rehearsal for the year
Advent Calendar Day 6 – Choosing gifts for the Xmas game
Advent Calendar Day 7 – Xmas lunch with my exercise class
Advent Calendar Day 8 – Xmas spiced nuts
Advent Calendar Day 9 – Xmas tree time
Advent Calendar Day 10 – Last arthritis class for the year, and a sugar free brownie recipe
Advent Calendar Day 11 – A choir performance
Advent Calendar Day 12 – Taking marinated chicken wings to the choir Xmas party
Advent Calendar Day 13 – The NZ local xmas cards & some e-cards
Advent Calendar Day 14 – Planning the Xmas menus and best dessert ever
Advent Calendar Day 15 – Making gluten & sugar free Xmas cakes
Advent Calendar Day 16 – Xmas dinner with the Possums
Advent Calendar Day 17 – Cranberry smoothie & other nourishing Festive breakfasts
Advent Calendar Day 18 – Green Eggs & Ham
Advent Calendar Day 19 – Gingerbread men
Advent Calendar Day 20 – Stop, breathe and plan
Advent Calendar Day 21 – Starting our stay-cation
Advent Calendar Day 22 – Wrapping the presents
Advent Calendar Day 23 – A day in the kitchen
Advent Calendar Day 24 – Carol singing at Wellington hospital
A Perfect Day
Looking back at Xmas, with recipe photos to share



I was able to do all my posts last year - maybe something has changed?

I blame everything on hardfuck 20 if I haven't already blamed jacob rotchild!

Happy New Year's Deb!! xo

Happy New Year to you too! I'm guessing you're settling into some New Year's celebratory drinking right about now. xx

You guess CORRECT haha, my post tells the tale ;)

Well received!
This feels like its gonna be an interesting lecture. Will sure revisit it slowly!

If you're on university holidays, it would keep you occupied for days!

I'm glad to see you back posting @kiwideb and so grateful for all of your support. I started a new blog for food this year @fitinfunfood. I was not doing the topic justice a couple of times a week on @fitinfun, so I thought I would try this idea. Now I'm just tired lol.

Good for you for staying keto, I like that plan but it's too much for the obese and unhealthy people I work with. In the beginning, I just try to get them to eat some nutrition of any kind, and this is hard enough. Right now the fad to save everyone is intermittent fasting - can you hear me smashing my head on the keyboard :)

Well, there is something to be said for intermittent fasting. Though the term is somewhat loosely used. If they really mean overnight fasting for 12 or more hours, I just call that good meal spacing. If they mean periodically water fasting for a few days, that's cool too. But it doesn't replace eating properly the rest of the time!

So true - people just grasp for anything if they think they will not need to change what they eat.

Let's face it - nobody WANTS to change what they eat. But sometimes you just have to.