LEVEL UP on HIVE In 5 Steps

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Good evening, Hivers and Jivers!

After the rip-roaring success of my 37 part series, The Ultimate Guide to Killing it On Hive, nobody loads of you sent me letters to say that this was all very well for the newbs but what about people who have been grinding here for a couple of years?

What about the Intermediate Hivers who have found themselves in a rut putting out the same old Haiku's, ghost-written fluff pieces or tired old crypto price posts?

What about the forgotten middle-classes who feel that their account progress has kinda stalled and that they are just going through the motions?

How can we make HIVE exciting again for those who are feeling a bit jaded and unloved?

Worry not my friends. I am here with all of the advice you need to kickstart your account... TO THE MOON!

Let's do this! We will start with the tools of the trade... Discord!


1 There ain't no Discord on Discord

You've heard of Discord, right? It's where all the Hive engagement happens.

Rather than whine about the secret goings-on in various servers it is time to realise that Discord is just a tool and it is a tool that we are about to master.

Go in a random room. For maximum effect choose a busy one. Like HiveWatchers. Drop a link to your latest post and demand some votes. Remember, be respectful but firm.


Such a forward-thinking, go-getting attitude is always admired and in no time you will have people voting your post (not always uppies!) and commenting like crazy on and off-chain. Notoriety Fame is starting to feel within your reach!

Some people may object to your demand for votes. That is fine. Time for the iron hand, you don't have to take that shit. Don't they know who you are?

A simple death threat or two in a public Discord or even on-chain will swiftly send them packing and earn you the adulation and respect of Hivers far and wide. Don't forget the cuss words. I mean, who doesn't love being cussed out?

2. Why Power Up when you can Power Down?

That's right sisters and brother-men. You have been doing it wrong all this time. Haven't you ever noticed that the best accounts are on a constant power down?


There you are, powering up like a good little Hiver all this time believing that a higher stake gives you more voice on the platform.

I mean yes, in some ways it's true. But fuck that. Life is short so take short cuts

So trust me on this. You want to grow your account! You want bigger rewards? You want to level up? Hit that Power Down button, NOW!

Girlfriend, you cray cray!? How can that possibly help me grow? Well, yes. At first, it seems counter-intuitive but read on my friend. Today is the start of greatness. This... This is your path to the top of the HIVE heap.

Now, with your powerdown engaged, you will never be without something to say!

Try visiting random trending posts and commenting on them that I am powering down because this place is fucked and other such delights. In no time everyone is gonna know your name!

Soon you will amass a body of like-minded small-staked Hive celebrities who are crying the same thing. You will be famous!


3. The Nazis

Now that you are hitting your stride it is time for a series of posts comparing blogging on this social media platform to Nazi Germany. Be sure to bleat repeatedly about censorship and the rise of Hitler. If this isn't enough, re-iterate point 2 many times. I am powering down because this place is fucked.

Bonus points on the invisible Hive-o-meter are given to you if you also mention Stalin, The Chinese Communist Party, the IRS or that you are writing a book exposing the dark underbelly of HIVE and how your own failures have in no way anything to do with what is happening to your account.

Super bonus points for bringing in the FBI.

4 Rage quit (but not quite)

We are over the halfway mark now and if you have been insanely diligently following the strategy so far you will now be entering the hard yards.

Your posts may be being 'censored' with downvotes. Your blog is muted by many. At this point, you may find yourself wilting. The path ahead feels hard and long.

quotes from old white men go down a treat with the average rage quit audience...

Don't worry. This is all part of the journey. This, is the making of you.

It is time my friends for the Rage Quit.

Yes, the Rage Quit. A post in which you declare yourself done, out of here. Gone.

There are many ways to rage quit. Here are some pointers to include in your post to get you started:

  1. Namecheck your enemies, compare to various dictators (Stalin, Hitler etc, see point 3)

  2. Despite not knowing what the witnesses do, tag a load of them and have a verbal go at them for 'the platform being fucked.'

  3. Compare downvotes to violence. You have literally been assaulted with them.

  4. Witter on about CENSORSHIP and how you are personally being censored by not receiving money from strangers via Upvotes.

  5. Repeatedly state that the platform is doomed to fail because 'me and my four mates with a combined 470 HP are leaving.' See point 3.

Finally, be sure to mention your many successful businesses off platform that there is no evidence of.

That will show them.

But what's that you say? I love Hive really, I don't want to quit!

Well my friends, you are in luck! The joy of doing a good Rage Quit post is that no one ever actually leaves. Where is the fun in that? Oh no, a good rage quit post is followed by a period of inactivity. Perhaps 40 minutes or so. Then you can carry on, business as usual.

If you get called out on not actually quitting, the answer is simple. Mysteriously quote that there are changes coming but you can't speak of them or that there is a plan that will fix everything and to keep their eyes peeled.

There! Now you are free to carry on as you were before.


And that my friends is that. Welcome to Whalehood!!!

I accept donations at the following crypto addresses:


ETH: 0XF0rTh3L0v30fG0dG1v31taR3st


LOL! Reading this was a wild experience.

In the beginning, I thought it was a serious guide on how to increase your account level (you know, the number right by our names). Since I have been stuck at level 69 for months. I guess I got played.

I mean, you have made VALID points that criticize, indirectly, some people that live off of drama on Hive. Some people make a killing amount of money by posting conspiracy theories, etc... You have hit them right on point, and that was very funny!!!

69? Nice...


A man of culture I see.

I also see that asshole @anddumbcunts is downvoting you. That bastard downvotes literally all my comments and posts. Luckily he, and whoever is behind him, have no real power

I have no idea who it is, and I don't really care. Although, if I did know, I would probably intentionally annoy them instead of whatever forgotten interaction got their knickers twisted.

I remember waiting for that counter to tick over from 69 to 70 and it felt like it took an age! It will happen though!

I mean, you have made VALID points that criticize, indirectly, some people that live off of drama on Hive

Damn, I have been too transparent and been called out. It must be those vile nazis!! ;OD


@igormuba! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

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You are a genius.

Maybe an evil one, but unquestionably a genius!


@igormuba, sorry! You need more $PIZZA to use this command.

The minimum requirement is 20.0 PIZZA liquid, and 0.0 PIZZA staked.

More $PIZZA is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex

Hehe, no point being a genius if you ain't going to be an evil genius!!

A pleasure to meet a fellow Pizza connoisseur! :OD

Nothing wrong with 69

Question 1: Can I skip all of the above and just give you my money? I tried your btc address but every attempt to send it my browser calls me a fuckin idiot? Have I entered the wrong address?

Question 2: I want to be a whale one day with no work or effort Put in, cant I just have free hive?

Last but not least, fucking hilarious, I even cussed in there so I'm sure the upvotes are coming. 😁

That people is absolute gold, if I could I'd upvote that 1000%

Oh don't worry, just the fact that you attempted to input that BTC address is being monitored by the FBI. They will collect my bitcoin for me.

I think after they have taken all your money you are officially a whale! No effort required!

And cheers dude, I had a laugh writing it!!


@rubido! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

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No thank you that made my day 😁

Oh in that case, then I sent you 3 btc :)

Only 3?!! My god, when did you become so cheap! ;O)

I hope you posted this in the Education community. I have some MoonCoin if you have a receive address. I can spare maybe 3 or 4. Don't spend them too quickly.

Mooncoin always goes up and is a sound investment for rage quitters to unload their HIVE.

DAmn, I always get the communities wrong!! Education all the way!!

I am intrigued by this winners coin. Perhaps I will make yet another million from these investments! :OD


Damn, I always get the communities wrong!! Education all the way!!

It is okay, I have fixed it for you.


Try visiting random trending posts and commenting on them

I followed half your advice too!

Wahahhaah. The comments only count if you are saying I am powering down because this place is fucked

I love your fixing!! :OD


@tarazkp! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

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It doesn't count!?!

I am powering down because this place is fucked

Powering down... Welcome to the next level!! BOSS LEVEL!!

@slobberchops! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (3/20)

Buy low.., you may never have another crack!

I will have to have another crack after investing in them ruins the first one I own! :OD

Boomducation, that would be a new community idea for all Hivers wanting to get some education from Boomy the master himself hahaha

Why don’t we forward this to lucylin? It would be nice to rub it in and get some drama ;)

Oh I dunno, would he see any of himself in it? :OD

He says he has high IQ :)

Whatever that means:)

Ooo fancy dancy!! I had one of them once but it kept pooing on the kitchen floor and I had to get rid of it :OD

i thought you were serious at first, then i began to smile. Thank you.

ps. i can't follow the steps because i refuse to used Discord as it engages in censorship, thus contributing to the mass-murder machine of The Powers that Shouldn't Be! But, there is a (very good) potential solution to all of that "bad" stuff; The Matrix-8 Soulution <--- typo of Solution, but i like it so i leave it with you.

Sat Nam

I like to start of these posts as if they are serious before I disintegrate into nonsense!

I know of this solution. It's coming... Soon ;0)

You know of it (The Matrix-8 Solution), really? Not dropping link(s) for more info unless you request.

i'm doing my best to recruit people (i think 50 - 100 peeps needed initially) to learn more about it, then begin to use it to test it, with probably the first use case being to develop a DApp to enable it to be used with ease for large (ultimately billions) numbers of people. Not dropping link(s) for more info unless you request.

I dont know it actually. I thought you were talking about something MAtrix'y and I was being flippant, sorry bout that!

It sounds fascinating, if I had the time I would ask for said links. Sadly though, my life is a big parenting/working stramash at the mo!

Hi @meesterboom ,good points in your post, if we talk about constancy and perseverance, that's me, the only thing I can say is, somehow we empathize with some people and with others nothing, I enter here and look for the same people, those who are loyal to me And true to them, maybe I'm very dramatic and that's why I don't see much gain, but I like to feel that some people are waiting for my comments and I for theirs.

I think it's important to make connections and come here to see posts from friends and people you follow. It's how we all get started and it's what keeps it fun


@lupega! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

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Your advice is life-changing good sir. I will send massive donations to your BTC address as soon as this pays off, which I assume will take mere days.

With this guide, I can't believe you are not a millionaire already!

wall street bets

Hive-Engine tokens means that now, anyone can be a millionaire! lol

It is simple. If buy 1000 dogecoins and wait for the price to reach $1000 and I am a millionaire.

It took a few years for Bitcoin to get there and even less for ethereum to get there. Once Dogecoin is worth $1000 I will be rich. It literally can not go tits up.

Wait, even better, Hive-Engine has coins that are worth less than a hundredth of a cent. If only they could reach $1 I would be filth rich.

It literally cannot fail. Literally!!!

I laugh though as it does seem reminiscent of my early trading strategy back in the Steem days of buying all the shitcoins that were worth fractions of a cent by the thousands. Whatdya know, in the bull run I was suddenly flooded with profit!

My 1500 DOGE eagerly await the coming of the new sun!

I was also naive at the beginning. I have made a lot of money but also lost a lot of money gambling on shitcoins and leverage.

Seriously talking. As I grew older I grew averse to risk. I am investing mostly in government issued treasury bonds, partially in private bonds, and tipping my toes in DeFi protocols that yield.

Buying and forgetting is not a strategy I like anymore. If I have 1 Bitcoin it will always be 1 Bitcoin.

I like Hive, as an example of DeFi, because regardless of the price, if I leave 1000 Hive here in 1 year it will be idk 1020 Hive (I don’t remember exactly how much it yields)

HBD is another thing I like to invest in. 10% yield a month on a dollar backed investment? Sweet!

I want my money to work for me, not to be stagnant. Even if Bitcoin can value more than Hive I prefer something that yields more of it because compound interest is magic.

I am just not investing because my laptop broke and I am gonna have to spend a shit ton of money to fix it (everything was encrypted so data recovery is expensive). If I had money to spare you would see my HBD savings increasing month after month.

I have found myself going down the same route when it comes to Crypto at least. No longer am I happy to carry bags for years. Instead I have done the DeFi yield farming thing and am plugging away at getting some of that HBD interest action too!

Sorry to hear about your laptop man!! I hate that shit when it happens as it costs a lot and when it comes from nowhere it knocks you sideways!

hours my friend ... hours.

You are welcome dear! You are right, the wonders above shall work within mere days to attain you those heady heights that you seek!


@quixoticflux! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

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Yes your post is quite relevent because i have noticed there are many well writen contents on hive but get penny upvotes that discourage the morale of the author so why not we shout on Discord.

Well, technically there is more to Hive than just writing posts and throwing them out there. I was being a little satirical and I wouldn't recommend that option. But yes, it can be difficult to get exposure and if that were the case I would recommend some of the many competitions out there and various communities in which you can make like-minded connections which can help you on your journey :O)

Just don't go joining the Nazi community, I have heard they are a bunch of **** !!

I think a modern rage quit requires a little more originality. You have to be willing to talk about the personal details. Like how Hive raped you then...even worse...vaccinated you without your permission.

Oh you are right!! I almost touched on the vaccination jagginess but thought, that's a whole other guide!



@darth-azrael! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (4/20)

A simple death threat or two in a public Discord or even on-chain will swiftly send them packing and earn you the adulation and respect of Hivers far and wide. Don't forget the cuss words. I mean, who doesn't love being cussed out?

I dunno why buddy, but for some reason I have the hunch that inadvertently you forgot to mention and you omitted from this 5 infallible steps to success. The fact that having a hilarious "Sense of humor" and plenty of fulminant well thought "Sarcasm" in everything that you let to come out of your head in the chain. At least these two hard to master attributes are vital traits you must possess to actually aspire to LEVEL UP on HIVE In merely 5 Steps.

Those are the attributes that I couldn't mention!! Those are BOSS LEVEL attributes!!

No one should dream so big! ;OD


@por500bolos! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (5/20)

No one should dream so big! ;OD

Oh yeah, definitely! The good deeds of those like us with BOSS LEVEL attributes to LEVEL UP on HIVE in a jiffy. Never ever should allow to show publicly in what exactly these kind attributes consist of. ;o)

HAhahaha! Ah yes, like the very best Clark Kent we must keep those attributes under our shirt!

...and always praying that there is a telephone booth nearby so as not to be exposed in the middle of the transformation. LoL

I never got that telephone booth malarkey, if they are anything like they are here then there is no privacy to be had!

I prefer to read posts where there are more lines of different accounts/wallets you can donate to than there are lines in the post.


I've often wondered how well that works for these folks?

can you also add more signatures to fill up space please?

HAhahah, yes, me too. I got bored making them up!!

I refuse to believe it works for them. I mean, surely not? It is literally begging? Of course they will tell you tales of rich donations till the cows come home but that wouldn't explain why they are still panhandling day in and out :OD


@gikitiki! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

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I don't bring the FBI I go to them. I'm in Quantico right now cuz when you need service, depending on pigmentation of course (everyone knows that), you walk in the front door like you own the joint.


I admire that. Walk in like you own the place!! Dependent on skin colour of course as you say... I usually shout I AM THE LAW that puts the fear of God into them!


I don't think I would like the taste of that pizza right enough.. 😃

@dandays! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (4/20)

Update: I walked in like I own the joint and they threw me out cuz I'm not rich. I'll never go back!

That damn money, it greases all the wheels. Damn it, go straight up the chain to the NSA!

Thanks for this useful post.

After posting, I go to the some Discord channels and share the link of my post as well as upvoting other posts. I have kept powering up since registered on HIVE ( Steemit back then). I have never done power down and I don't want to do in 3-5 years.

You my friend are a true hiver!! You will want for nothing and long may you power up for!!

MeesterBoom this is classic gold right here. Although I don't see these rage quit threat posts in my feed and I also don't see the discord threats, I hear about them and I really enjoyed the sarcasm here, it made me smile wryly

Cheers! I do love a bit of sarcasm. Especially when it comes to the HIVE shenanigans.

It is only now I understand how whale-dom has been given to you

also posting once every two months and never commenting anywhere works because silence=money!

lets sip on a !BEER on that dude!

Silence is golden and gold is money!! Yeeehaw!

You need some !PIZZA to go with that beer!

@karinxxl! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

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You forgot a crucial step: sockpuppet accounts reblogging everything you write and bot-commenting everywhere.

Ah, the fucking alts. Yes, reblogs where the only thing ever reblogged is the master accounts stuff. Genius level eh!! :0D

I rage quit several times but noone seemed to notice. Maybe I am not ruffeling enough feathers.

You need more witness tagging and Nazi references!!

Ah, I see! I've been doing it all wrong. Maybe my voice to skull implants are not working yet.

You mean at the end of it all, all I have to do is say "but...but...but...I have a plan."?

Maybe I will try that next year, I can only handle one plan at a time.

Thats the grand trick!! At the end you confess that there is a grand plans and everything will be ok. Thats a promise! ;O)


@bashadow! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

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I'm so glad for all this advice. So kind of you to give it so freely.

Wait, its free?! Hell no. I demand the soul of your first begotten child!!

That will do for starters. Hehe

Good luck with that ! I'm 64 already and don't have any children yet. I'm pretty much refusing to have some now.

Then it shall have to be a gallon of that youthful blood of yours. I will accept it in a clotty sausage form.

I demand you upvote this comment or I am going to quit !

Hope can I upvote it without a reasonable death threat!!!

Geezzzz.... I was hoping I wouldn't have to actually kill you to get a good vote out of you. You can still vote from your grave can't you?

Ha! I knew I was doing things all wrong! I can't wait to get to Step #4. I have always wanted to rage quit (but not quite) something and now here comes a pure genius roadmap on how to go about it. Gonna try it at the old workplace too, right after I ask demand a ginormous raise and tell 'em all just how fucked up they are and how they are ruining the good thing we had going.

Note that we do not have a discord at work, rather we have a store wide public announcement system. That should work just fine :)

I just know it's gonna work!!

Once you have that roadmap success is all but assured!!!

Hehe, can you imagine if people acted like that in real life! That would be hilarious. Imean, yes, yes absolutely. Get in there and DEMAND THE RISE ON THE PA SYSTEM!

I know its gonna work too. If we believe enough, it will! ;O)

Some people unashamedly DO act like that in real life, that's the sad part.

It is indeed. Thankfully in real life most of them are too scared to do so!

That's true thank the deities.

Every last one of em!!

Thanks for the advice. By the way, I've seen your comment about comparisons to Nazi Germany and I agree that such comparisons are a form off intellectual dishonesty. They even have a name, they are known as Godwin's Law.

Ahm thats right, Godwins Law, by golly it is on HIVE by the bucketload! Thanks for reading!


@fernandosoder! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

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The btc address for donation is invalid... sorry I couldn't donate. I quit

DAMMIT!! The nazi overlords of HIVE are to blame!! :OD


I never go to sleep before blaming a witness with conspiracy... love the guide. I should get the 37 parts of the former guide.

If to be serious for a second your writing is the true guide. Its funny and inspiring and you are well deserved to your rewards.

Ach you are very nice to say so. I just try to be funny on a chain where often funny is in short demand. If I can hit the spot with a few I am happy.

If in doubt, always blame the witnesses ;O)

@amirl! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza (7/20)

I demand you go over and vote me!

WHAT?? Wrong room? I totally fail at this demanding thing.

We can't quit. We love it here!

There should be no quitting! It does seem to be fashionable in some circles though.

Don't worry, demanding gets better with practice!

There should be no quitting! Give them an offer they can't refuse. It worked for Marlon Brando, didn't it? Nobody crossed the Godfather without paying the piper. Do we have a piper to pay here?

Go to my post and upvote it!

I'll never get used to being such a demanding fool person. Practice makes perfect.

Go to my post and upvote it! Pretty please?

Haha, my old grab used to always say you get more with sugar than you do with shite - she had a point!!

I think Brando is the one one who could get away with demanding!

That is so true! That is why I laughed when you wrote that! :)

Brando could get away with anything, the alternative was deadly. Literally.

how does any of this work lol good one.

If you do the opposite of all that is mentioned you will be doing well!!! :0)

🤣 that's the idea, you had me in the first half ngl.

Hehe, lure em in, thats always the way!

Well that was a fun read!
And by the way; I'm being shadow banned. Those damned Nazis!

Cheers! Hehe, it sounds like you are already taking your first steps to hive glory!!


Whales, here I come!

As soon as I figure out how Discord works …

If the rage quit fails you can rage quit multiple times. That'll show em!

There can never be enough rage quits!!

As a newbie the message has been delivered - the don'ts of Hive irrespective of age. A piece well written for literary minds.

Well, I am glad you got it. Some new people were talking it literally! :O)

The implicit message was not for the ordinary. Well done for the literary craftsmanship.

Gosh such good advice @meesterboom I bet get started, maybe I'll spam, er I mean "request" votes on random discord first and then move into the other suggestions ;) I like the rage quit, what about randomly forgetting about the place because you get too busy or the sun shines too brightly and you saw a butterfly go by the window?

You keep it a place worth coming back to :)

I think the reasons above are more than good enough for temporarily forgetting the place. Who could miss a butterfly or the sun outside! Its all about priorities!

You're winning! And thank you, that's very nice of you to say! :O)

Was hoping to read more about tagging as many people as possible. The more influential the better.

There was so much to put in there was barely room!!

thank u sir i liked your post please follow and upvote me

I have upvotes you and deposoted the munny.

Damn it. Blue is my favorite color, maybe because you hate blue you won't give me your vote. I'm leaving because this site is fucked up.

You gotta power down and blame the Nazis!! 😜


@anyboadas! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

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Now as usual your post made me laugh and smile smile smile lol. I have occasionally read rage posts or quit posts and yet, as you've said, rarely that person actually left for good. I suppose that the Hive account is like an alter-ego for most people and some find it easier to just let it out, with good and bad.

They do indeed. It's the honesty that I find missing. If I say I'm out then I'm out! But bless, I guess it's therapy for some! :0)

Oh, honesty. The gems of all gems, I find it to be a very valuable quality to have, I prefer honest people, those who could tell it how it is rather than the "yes" people. You grow as a person when you surround yourself with quality people. Online and offline

I couldn't agree more. In all aspects of life it is the thing to do

this is an interesting suggestion.
just be honest. newcomers now get a lot of rewards. while the old immigrants did not get it.

i have to try it like your suggestion

It's a lot better for newcomers compared to the old days that is true.

Following the suggestions here might mean certain death so perhaps best avoided :0)


@my451r! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

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reading this post was like trying marijuana, thank you very much.

Hehe, that's a mighty compliment!! I remember my first time with Mary Joe!!!


@burnoutawesome! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

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Thanks PiZZA team!

Damn, I love that !PIZZA action. Cheers!!!

@burnoutawesome! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @meesterboom.

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I'm gonna start a power down right now.. fucking Nazi bastards

Welcome to greatness!!!


Overall, a nice post. I am upvoting because you used the word "bleat".

I do like the word bleat, it is such a perfectly descriptive one!!


It is a good idea 💡but it is not easy and takes time but I will try it

Steady now, the above might be slightly satirical!

Life changing tips! I shall follow them to the letter

Then I look forward to welcoming you to the UPPER LEVELS of HIVE.

Goodness me, capital letters become so wearing :OD


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Hey @meesterboom, here is a little bit of BEER from @karinxxl for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

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Wow,these is awesome.i really appreciate it
I need help with Hive.these days people don't know how to deep in,to find out what is more important.i know from experience,you are doing good too

Aarrr, there be treasure here indeed!

Yeah, that is exactly true,bro

Man, I had implemented 1-3 before I realized the irony!

Quick, take em back. Unimplement!!! :0D

Well I have been trying several of these, and dammit now it is time to go whole hog! I have rage quit a half dozen times or more before, but this time it is for reals!

ITs always for reals this time!! A whole hog will always beat a half hog. Or something along those lines :OD


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My face right now is half laughing and half in shock.
I tuned in to learn from you and instead was treated to a big helping of satire with the knowledge not so well hidden.
Thanks for the laughs and the reinforcement of successful behaviors.
By the way, please consider using this hashtag #billiondollarhive on Hive and especially Twitter to call attention to Hive Token breaking the one billion MarketCap barrier.

Many learnings in this one :OD

I will remember the tags!

Thanks for the compliment and your support.