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RE: This Time I Know It's For Real

in #life2 months ago

I dont remember the moaning but now I am quite frankly intrigued! Donna Summer moaning. How can I not know of this from my future spouse?

I didn't quite see it coming myself. I don't know if I have seen Hive approach a shiny 1GBP before. I always like to compare to GBP even though everything is in dollars. We could be looking at a Christmas run up!


Might have to check with the three piglets, some truffles and a bucket, to see what Christmas will bring this year. My crystal ball, there was this unfortunate accident where I lost my left ball, feels like there might be a tree and some decorations involved. Also a bearded man shouting "HO HO HO", which makes him sound like a dirty oal man being rude. But there definitely will be a party!

Kept it to the short version this time, there is also a 17 minute one, but she does also moan in the radio cut.

For your enjoyment: 😁👍

I am afraid I will have to forego addressing anything you said in your comment because there is a video that is now demanding my immediate attention.

I may return... sometime! ;O)

First things first, take your time. 😄