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RE: The Black Death

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I love the ending, LOL!

At the first mention and description of that juice, I knew it was green and chunky in nature. How did I know that immediately? It's due to my own customized concoction that looks like green slop and most definitely tastes much worse that what the Good Lady was drinking. Think of the taste of stone dust mixed with many other elements.

I have never seen black bamboo before. I can see why you're devastated. I didn't know bamboo will seed, then die, never mind what the seeds look like. You have quite a lovely backyard, now I know what bonny Scotland offers for backyard beauty.

My neighbour, Cheesy Penis popped his head up from over the fence where the luscious green locks of the bamboo had once barricaded them from sight.

What a visual, LOL! Plant those bamboo seeds so it's double blockage.


I am going to be getting some today and giving them a planting. I knew that some types flowered once then died. I just didn't realise mine was one of those types. It was only five minutes ago it was a lush big giant thing!

I didn't know that bamboo did that at all. I guess, in my mind, I am visualizing bamboo forests in Japan. That black bamboo was a treat to see, totally love that type, even if it decided to give up the ghost. How long does it grow before it goes to seed and dies?

It was only five minutes ago it was a lush big giant thing!

When I see that with any plant I have, I want to do the crybaby thing. I hope the seeds pop and get going nicely. I'd love to see that process.

It's meant to be ten to fifteen years which is why I feel cheated. Bastard thing. I have only had it for about eight. But if it goes to seed genetically with half the world's black bamboo then I suppose I can't argue with it!

If I get the seeds to grow I shall post it on here!

Oh wow, that's almost half it's expected lifespan. No wonder you feel cheated.

I look forward to seeing you post about the seeds taking off.

I know, mother funker that it is. I have a good mind to tromp on up there and give it a kicking!

LOLOL! If you give it a kicking, please take video and post it. I'd be so unhappy with that whole situation, probably far too attached to plants, shrubs, and trees.

Well, I did go up there to gather some seeds and to my horror because it has been shedding so many yellow leaves all the grass is dead around it because it has been carpeted in the dark!

It has gone from my favourite to my enemy now!

Oh lordy, lordy, that's so not nice of it shed everywhere in it's death, bringing death on grass as it goes down. I guess it didn't want to die alone.