Medical Apartheid

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This week, Costa Rican president Carlos Alvarado Quesada made an announcement that decimated all the hopes and dreams and plans Michel and I have spent the past two years developing. As of December 1, no one can enter non-essential public spaces without a QR code verifying their up-to-date vaccine status. This applies to Costa Rican nationals, residents, and tourists. We anticipate that this mandate will eventually extend to all forms of public transportation as well as travelers coming into the country.

I'm pretty sure that Costa Rica just bankrupted itself through the loss of millions of dollars in revenue from the tourist sector and much of the response I’ve seen on social media bears out this suspicion. It certainly ends Michel's and my conversation about investing in a tourism project here as well as potentially ends our plans to remain in the country, period.

Let me first make it absolutely clear that I am not an anti-vaxxer. I have my own reasons for refusing, but the choice should be left to the individual. I have a fully functioning brain supported by eyes, ears, and all other senses, and I have the ability to do my own investigation into the facts. So does everyone else. I will tell you the facts of my own experience and Michel’s experience, as well as the facts I have learned directly from others in my immediate circle of contacts. Unlike opinions, facts are hard to debate. They are what they are, like them or not.

FACT: I have lupus. Fact: I have pre-existing thrombolitic issues, including persistently elevated D-dimers and a history of blood clotting abnormalities. Fact: I have been diagnosed with paroxysmal afib and prescribed medications to treat it that include Cardizem (an anti-arrhythmic) and Eliquis (an anti-coagulant.) Fact: the last vaccine I took for the flu resulted in my hospitalization because of a reaction to the adjuvents. Fact: I know personally of four separate people in two different countries who have experienced thrombolitic emergencies after being vaccinated. Fact: based on my previous vaccine reaction, my physician has stated point-blank that any vaccine is potentially risky for me. Fact: I know several people who received one and in some cases two doses of vaccine and still contracted the virus. One even passed it on to a family member who became very ill and was hospitalized. Therefore I have to extrapolate that the risks for me outweigh any benefits. Taking a chance that I will contract said virus is like playing Russian roulette. Taking the vaccine is like intentionally shooting myself in the head and hoping the bullet doesn’t do too much damage.

Michel’s objection to vaccine mandates is different. He has experienced firsthand the overreach of a tyrannical government and has watched his family suffer the complete humanitarian breakdown of a nation once recognized worldwide for its balance of liberties and effective social programs. Michel is not American. He is French, and as a consequence, he and I were seeing and dealing with loss of freedoms and civil rights long before anyone in America saw any changes coming.

What happened in Costa Rica this week sent him reeling backward into a deja vu of panic and helplessness and triggered all sorts of fight or flight responses. The trauma is real, folks, when you see what he’s seen. He knows from witnessing a similar sequence of events in France that Costa Rica is on a downhill run into totalitarianism, but that—unlike France—the people here may be willing to roll belly-up and let it progress. Many Ticos, especially the poorest and uneducated families, tend to go along with whatever their government prescribes, whether it’s good for them or not. This is a cultural and generational issue and it will be difficult to change. The Costa Rican government knows this and exploits it. Now that the vaccine mandates have passed—even though they have been declared illegal by many who are well-versed in Costa Rican law, the Costa Rican government is not likely to stop with just health pass restrictions. France didn't. And there’s a lesson in recent history for us all.

Michel saw these things developing long before a vaccine even existed, with his family and friends in France losing freedoms essential to their livelihoods. His mother was shopping at a major department store in early 2020 when she took a "non-essential" item off a shelf to look at it. A store employee jerked the item out of her hands and informed her that they could not sell it to her, as per government regulations. "Essential" items only. From that point onward, things only escalated, culminating in Michel's horrific experience in October of last year when he flew home, was compelled by force to have a PCR test that he didn't need and that he was not legally required to take, during which he was injured as a result of rough (brute force) manhandling, and after which he became symptomatic despite a negative result. He was then held as a literal prisoner in his home in Waziers through the course of his illness with no family permitted to travel into the city to assist him.

After his eventual recovery, this period of house arrest was extended because, by that time, being caught on the street without an "exceptional movement permit" was a crime punishable with a hefty fine. He could not even “legally” travel to the airport to catch a return flight back to our home in Morocco because it wasn't "essential travel." He had to sneak to the airport and evade police detection. Once he was actually in the airport, the airline honored his ticket and he got the hell out of there. But he has no plans of ever returning to France at this point and is seeking ways to get his mother out. They've lightened up on the movement restrictions, but only for people with digital vaccine passes, which are now at risk of becoming invalid without the third shot.

Then, early this year, Michel's French banker inexplicably refused to honor a transfer request made through proper channels and would not let Michel export his money out of the EU into Costa Rica. In a bizarre inverse KYC interrogation, the banker demanded to know what reason Michel was in CR and what the money was to be used for. Quite frankly, it was none of his damn business. Michel resorted to small daily transfers through TransferWise into a Belgian third party holding account. He managed to get all but a few hundred dollars out of France before his banker shut down online access to his account.

But it gets worse from there. A few weeks ago, Michel attempted to transfer funds from the Belgian account to my U.S. account, a process he had completed many times previously. It was a small amount, grocery money, sent to me because his bank card no longer worked. The transfer was declined. By cooperating with another, albeit less invasive KYC investigation, he got the problem sorted but was never given a sufficient explanation, only that there are “new restrictions” regarding euro to USD conversion. Since then, Michel has been able to obtain no new information regarding such restrictions but fears, with good reason, that any money he’s holding in an EU account may be lost to him at any time, without warning. It’s sobering. And quite frankly, terrifying.

Now Costa Rica is very transparently stating that they are following the EU precedent with vaccine mandates and even tourists must comply. Entrance into and out of this country will most likely be affected after Dec. 1 just like access to public spaces and, ostensibly, public transportation. Sound familiar? It’s the exact same path that France just went down. And we don't think it's going to get better, only worse.

Think it can’t happen in the U.S? Give in to those proposed vaccine mandates and just see where you end up. Believe me, they are only the first move. I’m deeply concerned that too many people are falling into lockstep with the government’s rhetoric for there to be sufficient resistance. The mandates are not about protecting the population. They’re about controlling the population. Michel and I have seen this scenario play out with our own eyes. Yet I’ve had a very difficult time explaining to many people how it’s all connected. As in, what does France’s banking overstep have to do with vaccine mandates?’s a succession of events. Start by stripping essential rights from your people under the guise of “protecting” them, fill them with fear, make half the population feel beholden and the other half feel helpless, then slip in a bunch of unconstitutional changes to policy about how people can use their own money, and voila. France 2.0 or worse. Like that $600 tax reporting threshold the U.S. is now looking at. Does any real human anywhere really think that’s going to be good for the American people? But American people are so confused by the Big Government trying so hard to “protect” them ... it’s just a mess. God help us all.

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Sorry to hear this. Costa Rica was one of the places I have been seriously considering going to.

Thanks for giving us the heads up @rhondak

@buggedout, I can assure you that before the mandate announcement, I could have told you in all sincerity that Costa Rica is paradise. We love it here. But these mandates are untenable. I hope against hope that CR will come to its senses and reverse them. That might not happen if the mandates are a result of pressure exerted by the IMF (International Monetary Fund,) to which Costa Rica is in serious debt. I will definitely be posting more about this situation as things develop.

This reads like the plot of a thriller novel, with espionage, government corruption from the local to the highest levels, duped citizens, a minority of thinkers who oppose the creeping regime, the police over-reach, the threats, the evasion of tyranny, and... when will the novel be for sale?



You speak with the authority of those priestesses at Delphi. Don't we know someone called "Oracle Girl"--? Social media has been busy silencing those who dare to challenge the mandates, the "science," the new collective wisdom, the guilt-tripping and demonizing of all who fail to fall into Lock-Step.


Give in to those proposed vaccine mandates and just see where you end up...
I’m deeply concerned that too many people are falling into lockstep with the government’s rhetoric
.... I’ve had a very difficult time explaining to many people how it’s all connected. As in, what does France’s banking overstep have to do with vaccine mandates?’s a succession of events. Start by stripping essential rights from your people under the guise of “protecting” them, fill them with fear, make half the population feel beholden and the other half feel helpless, then slip in a bunch of unconstitutional changes to policy about how people can use their own money, and voila. France 2.0 or worse. Like that $600 tax reporting threshold the U.S. is now looking at.

A house on wheels.... may there ever be safe places to park this house....

Thank you for speaking up! May your audience grow....

Carol, this is the most politically polarizing article I have ever written, and I've written some controversial stuff. I expect fallout from it. But dang... how do you get people to open their eyes? This stuff is ever-so-real, and it affects all of us. Michel and I truly have had some real-world experiences and too-close brushes with the global agenda. I think it would be shameful if we refused to share what we know just because we were afraid. But you know...that's where the world is headed.

God works through God Blessed People...whos Heart(God) is stronger than their Ego(Devil) it "Fear or Love"...!?
First of all many, many thanks for this give me valuable information here,
about a similar location, whos government is likely to go the same direction, or will try to go the same direction, that you described from Costa Rica...
I really hope you & Michel, find another solution/alternative...
Maybe you can connect with like minded here:
God Bless!

Thank you, luca1777. I hope Michel and I find a solution, too. Times feel pretty desperate.

Bloody hell. You make clear exactly what fuckery we are up against. Terrifying. Of course we are all going down that path.Australia already is. We had to get vaxxed or lose our jobs - and we'd be unable to visit fam in UK. We are definitely against mandates and definitely worried about where things are headed but felt a real sense of helplessness - and personally guilt as many, like you, try to hold out. What a nightmare.

Fuckery is right. It's sneaky and dirty and downright evil. What's worse is the number of people who show such rage against people with different circumstances. THAT is what people should feel guilt about, not for doing what is best for them in their individual circumstances. I heard today that the UK is reversing mandates, but I haven't done any research to know if it's true. Been too busy trying to figure out what Michel and I are going to do over here across the pond.

It's such a time of uncertainty. Wow.. reversing mandates? Must look into that. We are going to
need to download the government app on phone to eat out etc. No way. Looks like we won't be eating out much. The increased surveillance is insane and I can't believe we are all participating in this.

To be honest, I was worried about COVID.. I was hospitalised in Bath once with pneumonia and blowing 10 on the peak flow meter when it should have been 470. I stayed for a week.. it was intense. So I was worried about getting a virus that was going to affect my already poor lung function. But I still believe we need to take our own risks and make our own educated choices and not be part of a bloody dictatorship and worse.

I hope you guys are okay. Its hard to believe anything will be okay ever again sometimes.

So very astute, all of the things you've said here. I am definitely worried about covid. I've lost many friends to it, Michel was sick with it of course, and I am pretty sure I would have a very bad time with it were I to catch it. In the early days of the pandemic when people were calling it a hoax and attributing it to biological warfare, I found myself in quite a few debates about this. People were encouraging others to "get on with life" and "forget the masks," because it was all a big government ploy to take away our freedoms. Well--I never disagreed with that point. However, I would often say that traditional warfare involved weapons of mass destruction and other deadly things, and it as well is always a big government ploy to take away someone's freedoms. (Meaning that in every war, there are bad actors trying to do bad things and lives are lost trying to stop them.) But just because traditional war is the result of government ploys by crazy-ass dictators making a power grab doesn't mean you stand up in front of the surface to air missles and go "nah nah nah boo boo." I mean, come on. Machine guns fire real bullets. The covid virus really makes people sick. Doesn't matter where it came from or who sent it.

So yeah, I'm with you on every point. It's a tough world to navigate right now. I'll be dining at home myself, @riverflows, for quite some time to come.

New Zealand is going down that path too and despite being right next door to Australia, the people are more inclined to just roll over than fight like the Aussies are. So more like Costa Rica. Apparently there are still 500,000 (10% of the population) of us who have not taken the first jab, but the mandates are coming in now. So some will give in to keep their jobs, but hopefully most will hold strong. Thanks for your story, it needs to be told.

My heart goes out to you... or shall I say my heart is with you. Sounds like we're in a similar bucket of hot mess. I saw video today of the French protesting in the streets of Paris, and Italians thronging their cities in outrage... I know we'll eventually reach a point in time where protests don't make a difference. But are we really there yet? I hope EVERY nation stands up against this tyranny, CR and NZ included.

One thing that's comforting is that there are a lot of different freedom groups in NZ. One in particular has local groups that you can join and meet with (for now anyway!). Our local group is also dividing us up by suburb so that we will soon have a list of those who live nearby if SHTF and we need to share resources. We might be only about 10% of the population but we'll stand together.

Now is definitely the time for groups like that to form. I've heard over the last couple of days that a group of attorneys here in CR is suing the government over the mandates. I hope it's true and I hope they win.

Wow! I have been appalled by this COVID Tyranny but this is a terrible first hand account of actual direct impact.

Israel has had terrible rules too but fortunately fairly lax enforcement/ passive resistance by population.

I need to think myself lucky after hearing this story.

I think Israel holding its people hostage didn't work anyway. All those vaccines and their numbers are pretty nasty. But we're not supposed to notice that. Right?

"Medical Apartheid"

Indeed! Seldom online these days @rhondak, this evening I had a little time to scroll through my feed and this post stood out to me. Very glad to have read it. I appreciate the courage you have shown in writing it.

You write of the acquiescence of many people. What are we to make of that? How did we come so far, so fast? I wrote about this very topic within days of the U.S. response to this "pandemic" in March 2020. That was my instant reaction. I wrote several posts at the time, then stopped ...

Very sad to see how far this insanity has progressed since then ...

"God help us all."

Amen. I could write a lot more in support of what you have said very well in this post. But this sums up where we all need to be looking for the Ultimate Support.

If it helps you, my wife and I are Covid survivors. In our late 60s, in the "high risk" category. Neither of us have been or plan to be vaccinated. We also refuse to live in fear ...

Being prudent, we did, however, (divinely inspired?) educate ourselves as to what we could do. We attribute our comparatively mild cases and quick recovery to the protocol we used. We are fine now and consider our "fearfully and wonderfully made" immune system response to provide us far more protection than these synthetic, experimental vaccines ...

If interested, I would be happy to share what we did with you.

Beyond that, I hope you and Michel will seek His wisdom in the steps you both take from here. God bless you!

I would love to know what protocol you used. Are you on Discord?

Someone close to me, who was vaccinated, has covid right now. And we all know what happened to Colin Powell. This is all such craziness.

Yes, roleerob#3299 on Discord. I can share with you there or here. Whichever you would prefer.

"And we all know what happened to Colin Powell. This is all such craziness."

Yes. And his case is not unique. Incredible how our "press" reports on all of the "science" and "data" concerning how well this mandated "protection" actually works ...

I sent a friend request on Discord. It was the only way I could seem to connect with you.

I'm in the US and I was told today that coming soon in order to fly I will need to be vax... guess I'm staying on the ground. If it comes to travel bans for non vaxed guess I'm out of those jobs. I've missed out on a couple of jobs already due to clients wanting only fully vaxed stagehands. (I'm a roadie) What worries me tho is what's next? I mean, will I have buy black market groceries??? I'm more afraid of our government than I am a virus at this point.

I'm more afraid of our government than I am a virus at this point.

Amen. That's exactly what I'm saying, too. I guess I'll never see the U.S. again. Not that my heart is breaking. But I had so hoped to just disappear into these mountains and live life on pura vida time... even if Michel pushed through with the purchase of the land in Esperanza, once we left the country on a border run to Nica or Mexico, we'd never get to come home again. The chance of permanent separation for Michel and me is quite real. So yeah, taking off to Nicaragua is suddenly less terrifying than living in any first world country, or even in paradise like Costa Rica. Ortega is too busy trying to win another illegal election to worry about whether or not I've had a dang vaccine.

Yall are in my prayers! Doug and I bought a piece of land in the mountains at the beginning of the year. We've not moved there yet but it's where we're planning on it... especially if things goes "south". I'll live in a tent if I have to! It's remote but still in the US. Meaning, we're still not completely safe from the government's reach but maybe we can stay off their radar. I'm about ready to go now but our finances aren't ready for it. That's why I love hive! Maybe by the time we have to go.... Hive can help sustain us.
Please keep us updated! I consider us family in a way due to we're in this together! (And everyone else going thru this! )

We are definitely in this together, no matter where we are on the globe. My thoughts and prayers are with y'all, too. For sure.

what is best cities in costa Rica 🤔 @rhondak

Where we are the situation is worse than that. There is no choice of injections and vaccines unless you have to spend a lot of money (corruption). No injection means you have to stay at home, unable to go out and go to work or administrative and social facilities such as supermarkets, banks, restaurants, parks.

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