When Stars Align & Obstacles Arise...

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Sometimes, persistence pays.

There was a blockchain boat cruise today in Vancouver. I had first got notification about it via some meetup.com group I’ve been subscribed to. At that point, I was thinking of passing.

A couple weeks later, I got a private message on LinkedIn from the event organizer, extending another invitation for this cruise with “high-profile” people. Here, I figured the second invite might be a “sign” and began considering it more seriously.

Now, as I’ve gotten into astrology, I tend to regularly check my daily transits... and the combination of transits on this day were such a loud sign, they couldn’t be ignored. There wasn’t just a couple “good” transits suggesting it was an outstanding day for networking, making business connections, breaking routine and having a great time in good spirits, and winning the support of new people - there was like a dozen, the cumulative total of which would have been ridiculously fucking stupid to ignore.

However, I procrastinated on buying tickets. Naive to think they wouldn’t sell out, I went to purchase this morning to find, they sold out.

Well, they say the wife is the brains of a couple, sometimes; and today, I must concur...

Telling her of my predicament, she suggested just showing up upon the boarding to see if there were any dropouts or no-shows, testing for any possibility if I might be able to squeeze on last minute.

And, about the same time, a received the following emojis in a Facebook chat with a soul brotha after sending him a collection of my Steemit writing:


A boat...???

So, I went.

Upon arriving, social anxiety kicked in. I’ve never loved networking events, and it’s been years since I’ve been to one. I was pretty close to backing out. But... the astro chart for the day couldn’t be ignored. Neither could that silly boat emoji.

Asking the guy greeting guests at the top of the boat launch, he said there might be two spots available. So, I got in line.

A few minutes later, he informed me there was one spot remaining.

And a few minutes later, he regretted to inform me it had been taken. But suggested waiting until the final boarding call to see if they had reached capacity and could possibly fit me in.

Here again, I was nearly tempted to walk away, back to my comfort zone, free of the social anxiety that was building up inside.

But those astro transits. And that boat emoji.


The final countdown...

I got squeezed on.

Past the gate, the anxiety lightened a little bit. Walking in, a couple of presenters started up a lighthearted chat and put me at ease. Their business seemed pretty cool, and when they asked what I did and I told them I write on Steemit, the feedback was wonderfully positive. Off to a good start. And once settling into the event while listening to the speakers, free of pressure to shake hands and chit chat.

First break...

I end up outside, next to a very cool guy I haven’t seen in 9 years and another dude, both of whom are marketing geniuses. I was more observing than participating in the conversation, as it was some pretty heavy-duty technical marketing stuff. But, it was quite interesting, and the vibe was good.

Then came the drops...

A trick to get a book up to best-seller status on Amazon. (Highly relevant, given my direction of writing a book.)

A question-based linguistic system/trick, whose relevance relates pretty much directly to some conceptual modeling I was working on last night brainstorming on Tauchain ideas. Such a invaluable component, it’s not even funny.

And a sister who’s a pop singer. (If you don’t yet know, I’m an “up-and-coming” music producer).


Anyways... the event carries on.

More speakers, none magically-captivating. And turned out the boat cruise was wonderful - going deep into a cove, exploring an area my wife and I have had in mind to move to, giving fantastic views from the water and an idea of just how magnificently beautiful the area is from the water.

All the while, it’s clearly on my mind: I need to find that guy and ask what his girlfriend’s name is, so I can check out her music and see what collaboration potential there might be.

Fast forward...

After the speakers were done, the social anxiety creeped back in. Though, not even two minutes later, I find myself in conversation with a highly-outgoing dude in a completely extravagant bling-bling outfit.

Turns out he’s not only a fashion designer, but passionately focused on music.


And sure enough, while in the midst of the magical magnetic syncronicity unfolding, discussing music with the guy, the other marketing guy comes back.

And turns out, while I had thought his marketing skills were directed strictly towards internet business - as he had introduced himself earlier as being part of a retail crypto payments processor company and discussing all this advanced SEO and black hat marketing stuff - he’s also got extensive experience and connections in the music biz, beyond his pop star girlfriend. (Nothis sister, as I first thought I heard.)

At this point, the goosebumps all over my body were electric. My head, buzzing.

I honestly felt like somebody had spiked my glass of water with MDMA. And I was nearly clenching my jaws as though I were. No joke.

The astro transits today DID NOT LIE.

Morals of the story?

  1. Sometimes when it seems like the universe says NO, you need to knock again. Refuse to take no for an answer. Get off your ass and go out of the way to make things happen.

  2. Carry an extra capsule of magnesium with you when you follow the signs, in case you find yourself in the midst of a magical moment so strong you feel like you’re on fucking Ecstacy and need to stop yourself from gurning.

  3. In such a situation, be sure to find a nice hotel lobby in which to ground yourself by writing the energy out into a Steemit post, so as to not float off into the clouds walking home.

  4. Read & follow the signs.


@rok-sivante, No matter what, signs are sign and they are not there just like that, we can call it anything but signs hold the power and universe is real magic because sometimes it throws the coincidental signs.

For example, sometimes we are walking from some particular place and we hold some thoughts and those are thoughts hold the deeper aspects, and at the same time we can see any stuff like writings on the board, writings on the car or anything like that which matches with our thoughts and these are signs.

And yes, as i told earlier, all these planets releases nothing but the energies and time to time we feel these Energies because we are also aspect of energy. And not all of the Astrology but we can become our own astrologer if we put some analysis and study upon our current circumstances.

And for sure what you've received, it was an sign to expand your position to increase the Engagements, Social Networks so that through effective collaboration you can walk through from the new expanded path.

I want to appreciate you for sharing this with us because this encouraged us to read our situations more often because, who knows at what position we will going to receive the signs and we are missing it.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Glad you listened to your wife, too many men don't and few ever give them credit for helping out and being right.

Your belief in astro signs are quite solid, much more deeply than I thought. Well, it certainly paid off eventually.

Gut feeling tells me the collabo will work and turn out great

Also loved the part where you introduced yourself as a steemit writer

Haha. She deserves it. :-)

I wouldn’t say I believe in astrology. Perhaps rather, I recognize the value of its insights and applications in assisting to navigate the dynamic tides & cycles of these dimensions we flow through.

Belief is irrelevant - a distorted, biased lens which can be highly misleading. Consciousness, on the other hand, provides an open channel for direct perception and experience, leading to an immersion in experience whereby belief is rendered impotent through knowing.

And perhaps not at all solid - for it is the openness to learning, perceiving, intuiting, adapting, and responding with flexibility wherein the magic is unveiled - all qualities, characteristics, or states requiring greater fluidity and lightness than the density of solidity. ;-)

You should have bought a lottery ticket on your way home.

Fuuuuuck. You're probably right. LOL.

Hello brother @rok-sivante

I see your performance so real in many ways, you look so active on this platform. I myself feel motivated by seeing your daily life and activities on the Steemit platform.

On the other hand I also saw some of your portraits or documents, it turns out you are so active. But behind the busy life you still have time to share in Steemit's media.

But I myself don't know much about how to appreciate and give support to people who are truly consistent in making content.

We apologize if my comments are a little out of the discussion of your content today, but I'm happy and proud to be able to meet people like you.

Thanks brother, blessing!!!

I myself don't know much about how to appreciate and give support to people who are truly consistent in making content.

Your appreciation and support have always been apparent, and all efforts to show it, enough.

And as I've said before and shall continue to - as I once came across this point emphasized in a way that had a DEEP impact on my own consciousness and maturation of wisdom - the greatest show of appreciation is not a, "thank you," but an implementation of what you've learned and paying forward the gifts/lessons/blessing such that others can benefit in the same way you have...


Your appreciation and support have always been apparent, and all efforts to show it, enough.And as I've said before and shall continue to - as I once came across this point emphasized in a way that had a DEEP impact on my own consciousness and maturation of wisdom.

okay i understand, later on i will try to understand more deeply what you have told me.

Thank you, for explaining that to me. I will try to do my best and do what makes me happy and also fun for many others.

uh... that comment was directed towards @bangmimi, although I guess that's cool that you found value in it anyways... 🤔

(and I'm not totally sure you did understand, given that you chopped off the last half of that quote, before its meaning was actually revealed.)

How interesting. The magical part for me began when you received the boat emoji, that was so much of a sign.

Going over there in hopes for an extra space or to take up any unused space was a genius idea, your wife is the Angel there...that was you putting yourself out there for the universe to take over, for me, that was the ultimate move, anything that made you get on that boat after were going to be results of all those signs and the universe saying yes, I got you, all other experiences on that boat is bound to be magical. What an experience smiles.

Steemit writer uh? Awesome hehe

Ah this made me smile so much, it's nice to read about other peoples accounts of how the universe seemingly just lines things up for you sometimes, whereas other times it seems to be doing everything in it's power to tear you down, i often realise, as i have recently, that actually it's just cleaning you out, preparing you for what's next.

This is all very good news for you! And the carry some magnesium comment absolutely tickled me!

"Fortune Favors THE BOLD..."
Not sure who said it, but I've found it to be true!
Staying Tuned, Rok!


Your story reminds me of the movie "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey and how from saying No to everything he started saying YES to everything and his life has changed completely.
That movie really changed the way I think about life.
Thanks for sharing your awesome story which we all can learn from.

Your welcome. 🙏

persistance pays.....most times when we give up we are usully close to success...just one more push can make the difference.a nice story on endurance and perseverance.thanks

The universe conspires in your favor is your choice as to take the opportunity.

I was never in a multilevel business but let me tell you that I learned a lot of sales, of persuasion, besides being the most economical course thanks to attending network marketing events, but it was my decision whether or not to enter that work methodology.

but the tools that I got helped me to be one of the best businessmen in my native area, luckily, @rok-sivante I will follow you to be aware of your comments

We will leave footprints in the Universe

Wow.. that was an awesome post... good thing they were able to squeeze you on., who knows where this will all lead

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Thank you for your motivational words👏👏👏

Really thankful for the time you make from your busy schedule to write such good blogs. i hope you read this and it will make you smile ❤️

Sounds like a great compliment.

Except for the fact that you’ve copied-and-pasted this exact same comment multiple times = essentially, it becoming SPAM.

I’m sparing a flag this time. But please, stop the spam / duplicate comments. That strategy will quickly damage your rep here, as it is not appropriate conduct.

I enjoyed your post!!!