Search has become complete BS. Brave blatantly lied to me.

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Yesterday I was inspired to cite Solzhenitsyn in something I was writing. It's a full paragraph, quite famous, but longer than I have memorized, so I gave it a search using Brave. Here's the quote I sought.

"And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn ,The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956"

But that's not what Brave showed me with it's new AI summary feature it now adds to it's list of links it turns up on a search. This is.

"Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn's quote "And how we burned in the camps" highlights the brutality of the Holocaust. In the camps, people were driven naked into showers, where guards closed and locked the doors. In some centers, carbon monoxide was piped into the chamber, while in others, camp guards threw "Zyklon B" pellets down an air shaft. The bodies were burned in ovens in the crematoria or buried in mass graves, and many people profited from the pillage of corpses. Camp guards stole some of the gold, while the rest was melted down and deposited in an SS bank account. Private business firms bought and used the hair to make many products, including ship rope and mattresses.1”

So, Brave cited - that was complete BS, absolutely reversing the meaning of Solzhenitsyn's words. The Bolsheviks were whom Solzhenitsyn referred to, and the Nazis were their enemies in WWII, eventually crushed by the endless human sacrifices the Bolsheviks threw at them, as we all know.

But clearly the indoctrinators and propagandists don't want folks to know that. They want people to think Solzhenitsyn was referring to the Nazis, not their enemies the Bolsheviks. I could not be more black pilled about the vile censorship and propaganda facing humanity today, despite I am sure that the lies being foisted on our children will fail to prevail in due time. Many kids that search for that quote will be misled, because they haven't read Solzhenitsyn, and have no idea what happened almost a century ago.

I haven't seen such blatant lies from a search engine before. But I am confident this is not the only example that can be found today, and that there is a intentional operation being undertaken to completely falsify history - because most of the history we've been taught is false anyway. It's pretty hard to know whether anything before the 20th Century happened in a particular way, because all the people that lived through it are dead. We didn't see any of those events. They can tell us any lies they want us to believe, and we wouldn't know they were lies.

And they're doing it to kids today, as we can see from the above. Do you know of any other examples of such blatant lies being pushed by search engines with their AI summaries? Do let me know if you do.

IMG source - screencapped by me just now


~~~ embed:TheGulagArchipelago-Threevolumes/The-Gulag-Archipelago__vol1__I-II__Solzhenitsyn/page/n23/mode/2up?q=%22And+how+we+burned+in+the+camps+later%2C+thinking%3A%22 archiveorg ~~~

So, you can search the book itself in pdf on

Yes. It is very thoughtful of you to provide a link.


The Left can't be the problem. The Right is always the problem.
He even mentions Stalin in the quote. Guess that's why you weren't allowed to see it.
Google does the righty if you add 'later'


Yandex had no issues

When I sought the quote from Brave, that goodreads link was included in the summary. It was assigned the superscript 0, and the encyclopedia was assigned the superscript 1. That is why in the manually typed quote in the OP, which is of the original summary text of that citation of the encyclopedia, that text ends with the 1, and the encyclopedia ends with the 1. I cited that text word for word, and did not insert the word Holocaust.

However, the screencap I took at that time is no longer available. Not only has the text on Brave changed, and the reference to Goodreads gone, changing the superscript of the encyclopedia to 0, and removing the word Holocaust, the screencap on Peakd has been changed, and the copy on my personal computer has been changed. The only evidence of this change is circumstantial, the manually typed quotation in the OP above, and the differences therein from the screencap.

Censorship has taken a new turn. Whether despite, or because, of my extremely limited reach, censors are deleting and changing files on my personal computer, and wherever Peakd stores images uploaded and included in my posts. Regardless of what repercussions may inure to me for reporting this, I am letting you know.

Perhaps the safest response you could take would be to call me schizo and get offline. While my opsec is clearly abysmal, I doubt any opsec that involves internet access is nominal. I don't know what they will do next, but they intend to prevent me from noticing, or factually reporting, this censorship.

'They' includes whoever creates that summary on Brave, in case you were wondering.

I haven't used AI to generate summaries or for any searches yet. I'm not curious enough to see what errors or oddities it can conjure up and I don't think I need it for regular, useful utility.

The quoting of alleged nazi concentration camp anecdotes from survivors instead of context surrounding the Solzenhitsyn quote is weird. This quote is circulating in meme format currently too, as it's very apt in today's day and age. Maybe that could have something to do with the AI's error?

Memes are being disappeared. During this post I have discovered that memes are being deleted and altered on my personal computer, as well as from Peakd. The screencap in this post has been altered or replaced, as has the original image on my computer.

The manually typed text was the text citation from the encyclopedia of the summary I originally screencapped. However, Brave, in response to my use of the feedback button to complain about their error, changed that summary. They also changed the image Peakd stores, which is in the post, and the image stored on my personal computer. I have no original image to show this was done as a result. However, in the manually typed quote of the summary is the original text I screencapped, and you will also note that the superscript to the encyclopedia has changed from 1 to 0. When I screencapped the summary, there were two citations, the first to Goodreads, and the second to the encyclopedia. Goodreads was indicated by the superscript 0 at that time.

I am extremely alarmed at this event, particularly because I am so insignificant and have so little reach. I expect they are starting small. I have decided, despite ascertaining that Peakd almost certainly does not have a copy of the original screencap, because that is replaced in the post, and I do not have a copy, because it has been changed on my computer, and that I cannot prove that this change has been made with other than the circumstantial evidence of my manually typed quote, to alert any that read this to what is happening.

They're not just censoring the Wayback Machine and social media anymore. They are censoring our personal computers. I strongly suggest backing up files and keeping copies offline for this reason. I am stunned by the implications and am still trying to wrap my head around what it means. I suspect this description will have repercussions I will not like, such as... well, I'm not going to give them any ideas. However, it is obvious my opsec is insufficient, to say the least.

I doubt any level of opsec is sufficient for internet connected devices, given this event.

I can see the search engine AI suggested text here using and I linked the full URL below too.

If it's any consolation I've had issues with any images embedded, linked or uploaded not showing on Usually takes a day or so and sometimes the images don't display at al (there's a broken paperclip icon in it's place instead).

Don't be too concerned buddy, I'm constantly floundering around with too much files and information these days. Often misplace them or lose track of whether I saved it at all. I've been backing up onto external hard drives for years now and I recommend it as a really good habit to get into.

My latest post is something to be concerned about and I've spent a frenetic 48+ hours fitting together two discliplines into one new "synthetic intelligence" transdiscliplinary control matrix. This unholy matrix seems to have gone live worldwide around January 2020.

In saying that, so much of what's listed in this DISARM Framework Explorer, object framework page "TA15 "Establish Social Assets" isn't alien to me. Infact a ton of these sneaky / military online operative shit is step by step what online exploitation rings follow. Just fucken nuts to see it all consolidated & weaponized into a global digital military operation with a goal to make a whole world kneel to the plandemic!

I appreciate the calming intent. However, I find the prospect of suffering the control of (((some))) with the ability to remove or replace files on my system, and of other systems in networks, at will and undetectably, something to view with alarm from a rational standpoint. The post didn't feature a broken image link. When I posted the post was successful. The original screencap posted successfully, and I refreshed my view of my blog as is my habit to ensure the post was complete and successful. I typically reread my posts as soon as I see them listed in my blog to make any edits necessary that I may have missed making prior to posting. The original screencap was uploaded successfully to Peakd, and did post on the OP without error.

Clearly, backing up onto external HD's is an appropriate and functional means of countering that attack. However, there are issues that decrease the effectiveness of that defense, such as periodicity of backups, in particular. If you backup weekly, the files are vulnerable for a week. Nonetheless, that's the best solution to loss or alteration of files, and I should take it.

That's not the most important aspect of the problem. It is the fact that my computer can be accessed in this way that is. The fact that the image was posted on Peakd, and the image I uploaded to Peakd was replaced on their storage was even more alarming than that they also replaced it on my computer. How did they link my computer to the post? How do they access the Peakd storage systems without detection? The answers to these questions are almost terrifying, because the capabilities require a totality of understanding of the hard and soft ware comprising the system, penetration of VPN's, and suggest that such access is so facile the task of replacing the files was automated, because there is no way that my posts, which garner a few dozen views at best, are worth paying someone to interfere with them.

The totality of the control effected by the censoring authority is daunting. The level of control, in which my posts amount to almost p2p conversations, is horrifying. It's comparable to opening all the mail I send and replacing Christmas cards with ones they prefer.

I find it difficult to grasp the nature of such an agency, where it is sited, how it is funded, staffed, and evolved, without any prior hints that such a thing had even been contemplated. I am aware that there are shills, censors, and etc. But an agency funded and tasked with managing my personal files on my computer is a wholly different animal than one that enters into discourse with me in the public sphere, such as Twatter, etc. Mostly because of my irrelevance to whatever goals funders of such an agency would have, due to the limited extent of my reach, including me and my computer means that such control extends to literally every individual with storage. Every computer and cell phone in the world.

I don't see any way to view the present existence of such an agency exercising that ability, even if only experimentally including me and my posts presently, as anything short of utterly terrifying. Even if we do use external backups, the fact that automated mechanisms with the purview of eliminating unapproved images exist means that the conception and expression of worldviews by humanity will be highly constrained. While that agency is completely covert, that degree of control would necessarily be assumed by it's funders and staff to be both necessary and ethically justifiable and sound. That means they understand they have the authority and responsibility to determine what knowledge all of humanity has available. What we see is their job to put in front of our eyes, IOW.

It's a long and deep chasm between the implementation of such an agency and what I consider to be my sovereignty and freedom.

Another alarming aspect of this event is that they bothered to change the summary on Brave at all, and then changed it back two days later. I am quite baffled that such a change to the global information corpus would be altered to confound my post, particularly in such an ineffective and partial way. It's like the alteration was undertaken with the specific purpose of revealing that capability to me, personally, and with no other purpose, because it did not change the underlying error in the summary, merely changed the language slightly.

There are billions of people with internet access, hundreds of millions that access Brave search, people that search for that memorable paragraph from Solzhenitsyn must number in the dozens. Is it even possible that I alone searched that specific information, and that the alteration was made to interfere with only my personal understanding? I hadn't considered this aspect of the matter prior to writing this comment, but it is an interesting aspect of the control of information by an agency with that purview. If such malleability of information I access is potential to that agency, and my expected interest in inaccuracy of that information resulted in making the specified alteration, removing the goodreads link and the word holocaust, was predicted to satisfy my concern with the accuracy of the summary and then change the content back to it's prior form for global consumption, which is apparently what happened, this reveals a lot about the policies behind that agency and it's SOP's.

There isn't any reason to be calm. There are literally 9B Plato's caves. Each and every one of us is being handled in order to avail us with the particular world that an assessment has been made will cause us to have a worldview desired by the policy making hierarchy.

hmm, strange.

Yes, and alarming. Yesterday I noted that Brave no longer provides an AI summary at all. Apparently they weren't able to convince the AI that 'The Gulag Archipelago' wasn't about the Nazis, but the Communists. But, unless there were others that were complaining about the inaccuracy of the AI, that means that they eliminated the AI summary feature just because of me.

Now my head is all swollen. I've gotta have it drained.

Do you know of any other examples of such blatant lies being pushed by search engines with their AI summaries?

Not specificially but I'm glad you asked. Google's Trusted News Initiative and youtube's Authoratitive News Initiative trace back to late 2017 / early 2018 and can be seen as the first foundational example of global online digital information "authoratitiveness" being addressed as an issue for all internet users worldwide.

I've been subscribed to their newsletters & whatnot for about as long as it's been around yet it still shocks me to see how easily something that's a real and tangible threat to child safety online (e.g. Elsagate) was used as an excuse to create a global apparatus to push sanitized, sanctioned and sterilized versions of "consensus."

That’s crazy but not at all surprising. We are entering quite the paradigm of active rewriting history. If so much of it wasn’t printed in books, I would say that this will be easy but I fear that many don’t try to read any longer. Just look for summaries.

Sadly, I think you're right.


ask ChatGPT :PP

Haha I’m not paying to give them any of my data, thanks. Open source all the way! True open source, not the farce that is OpenAI.

There are FLOSS AI programs you can download and run yourself.

That's more than a week old, so there's probably something new and more advanced that can run on a wristwatch, or something.

I'm completely with you on not being willing to use the commercial AI products for the very reasons you state.

this 'brave search' looks exactly like google


All the search engines list the same links, and don't list any others. Bing is a little different, as is Yahoo, but that's mostly just in appearance. In substance, all the search engines suppress the vast majority of links and only provide the same small set of those apparently approved.


I was devastated when went offline in April 2023. It was the most unique search engine available, and didn't use either Bing, Google or any other search engine's indexing or code.

Used to be wayyy more up to date with OSINT & latest search engine options but I lost track of that scene. It's worthwhile investigating OSINT trends, CSE (Custom Search Engines) and what the latest SEO news is if you really want to avoid pleb-tier surface level search engine results.

In saying that, Here's a few search engines I use daily;


and some more links & search engines I've bookmarked

All of those are new to me except Yandex and Mojeek, and I greatly appreciate the links.


Not a problem, happy to help :-) is really unique. It contains a tab to show specifically the search results that google would have blacklisted & not shown.

I am using Gibiru now. All the links I am interested in are on the censored tab, LOL

hahahahahah! welcome to a whole new world of discovery through search engine queries!
I'd spend hours searching every term I couldn't get any good hits on using regular search engines.

I liked duckduckgo until they censored russia

it is probably best to self-host a search engine, like self-hosting everything ^^

Did you click that 'feedback' button? What happens then? Maybe you can tell the developers that the summary is completely wrong?

I did. I explained that Solzhenitsyn was writing about the Bolsheviks, not the Nazis, and that they might well be liable for libel if they didn't take it down, because there are probably people still alive that went through those horrific events.

It's just discouraging that they're even putting such BS out there, to begin with. We'll see if they take it down.


That's awesome! And I agree. It's obscene the way a lot of these LLMs are being pushed out into every facet of online life. No way to opt out. No information stating that the system is unreliable, cannot be relied upon for truth or accuracy, et cetera. Sophisticated prediction engines at best.

At least with Brave it gives links to sources so a person can check for themselves. How many will do that though is the real question.

Biggest problem is the global marketing disaster... huge greedy corporations telling everyone that "AI" can do your thinking for you... critical thinking is such an inconvenience for a mere consumer...

Well, let's hope the report worked and they fix the problem. But you're not wrong about being herded by corporate AI into whatever corral they want us in.

It's pretty sad seeing people herded en masse, unthinkingly. The forces that influence our lives are powerful and often... invisible. I'm not immune by any means.

The only viable antidote to corporate "AI" is Free and Open Source "AI"

If I would have my way, I'd make it law that no neural network / machine learning algorithm could be made proprietary or closed sourced. No private ownership of these means of production at all, in essence.

Develop them all you want, but it would be illegal to gatekeep or restrict access to them to anybody else for any purpose.

This way people could use them, study them, build on them and perhaps most importantly, employ them to defend against adversarial, persuasive or propagandistic deployment of the same models.

Would require some definitional work to make such legislation effective, but it's all totally achievable and realistic.

Since the fervent ferment of development of AI by private persons of every kind and stripe is ongoing, no such legislation is needed. But little inquiry is necessary to find the latest FLOSS AI release from such folk, and as soon as you download it you can begin applying it in any way you choose. Them gatekeeping their proprietary products can keep them. They're substandard anyway, generally laden with all the flaws and detriments of proprietary products of centralized hierarchies intended to most benefit the overlord of the hierarchy. Since most of us could care less about the fatness of overlords, FLOSS alternatives are far preferable. We care most about our deriving benefit from our property and work, and FLOSS AI delivers that best.


Note the two sources, superscripted as I manually cited in the OP, and with the exact text I cited in the OP (except they credit for the holocaust quote, which it surely does not erroneously state). This is what Brave shows now, June 23, 2023, 5:35 pm PST.

A bit much for such a lowly poster as myself to be subjected to I think.

Anyone got a better explanation for these events than that my posts are shaking the foundation of the NWO, and attended to by a team of crack propagandists desperate to prevent me from defeating their incipient totalitarian technocratic tyranny with occasional prose posted to the blockchain?

Well, I just checked again, and now Brave no longer has an AI summary of 'The Gulag Archipelago'. Guess they couldn't convince it to stop claiming it was about Nazis instead of Communists. Maybe I have some impact on the world, after all.

Not sure whether to be glad or frightened of that.

But clearly the indoctrinators and propagandists don't want folks to know that. They want people to think Solzhenitsyn was referring to the Nazis, not their enemies the Bolsheviks. I could not be more black pilled about the vile censorship and propaganda facing humanity today, despite I am sure that the lies being foisted on our children will fail to prevail in due time. Many kids that search for that quote will be misled, because they haven't read Solzhenitsyn, and have no idea what happened almost a century ago.

I suspect you maybe already know about this interesting documentary whose name is "Europa: The Last Battle" but regardless of what Wikipedia says... as the AI search engine of your Brave browser also says and what Solzhenitsyn really said...

I will dare to invite you and share here with you the 12hrs full documentary (to be watched in twelve comfortable chapters) to see what's your own final opinion about what propaganda and propagandists have to add to what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn really meant.

Cheers!! };)

I am indeed familiar with it. Thanks for the informative link.

Have you read Solzhenitsyn '200 years together'?

Have you read Solzhenitsyn '200 years together'?

Yeah, but many years ago.

Excellent that you already knew about that documentary. :)