Life and Mallorca, 3 of ?

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Good day one and all, my name is Asher and I'm a British expat who escaped to Mallorca, Spain, just before the end of 2020. A week following my flight, no British nationals have been allowed to fly to the island unless they have permanent residency here - something I'm still trying obtain.

Yep, 3 months following my first appointment in the capital, Palma, I'm still waiting to hear if they will allow me to live here and hand over the tax on my English wages and crypto. During this time, I've met people who have bought houses - I just want a card and to give the country some much needed cash!

I'm hoping that no news is good news and that they are just way behind schedule due to people like me rushing in at the last minute, Covid-19, and the usual case of 'mañana, mañana'. I also hope that I've not got ahead of myself today, having transferred a bunch of Euros for a secondhand (fourth) car. Handing over my UK license only to find out it will be the one I need in a few months time would be a pain. Although, what I am thinking, anywhere but back to the UK!

Steadily, although it is windy a hell today and not warm at all, the weather is picking up and I have been both hiking and riding my bike around the area when the mood has suited, and I needed a day off from drinking and HIIT.

Cala Anguila is about 15km from home, and a fairly flat ride overall. I visited again last week after a 3 year absence, and it was a lot quieter this time...




The same Cala in the Autumn of 2017:

Old post image revival!

The lack of tourists has decimated the economy here, which is heavily dependent on the sector. The beaches are loving it though, and so are the people 'stranded' on the island :)

This is a field with a big mound of dirt in center shot, which could be mistaken for a lazy cow.


One of my few friends at present.....


Last month I took my drone to Puig de na Penyal and spotted a hole in the rock 3/4 of the way up the hill. Recently I made an effort to find my way to it through the forest of cacti.





I'm pretty sure some kick-ass photos could be taken from the cave, looking out over Cala Millor and Sa Coma. Maybe I'll try again at some point :)

And to finish, because I post with images from Mallorca would not be complete without, a couple of sunset photos.



I visited the west coast of the island a couple of weeks ago, which is where the above were taken. Hopefully, with my residency card and Spanish driving license in hand, I can take many more trips and share some new locations.

Roll on the summer :)




I could probably live in that cave, man.

I had a look around and would suggest bringing a cushion, man. A scarecrow?

P.S. Those are made out of straw, man.

Nice :D Thanks for improving my content!

It's what any good sideshow freak would do.

Don't worry. I don't go anywhere without a cushion.

Goldberg? No. She won't return my calls.

That cave is so flipping awesome. At least when you went up you didn't get what I got when I scrambled up a cliff in Ibiza to get to a groovy looking similar cave. Got up to it, pulled myself up and in and saw a naked guy sitting up staring at me. I scarpered, the view wasn't worth it!!

Was he having a numero dos? :O

Either way, not the ideal reward for some good clambering!

Naked chick tho....

No, it looked as though he was sleeping there. He was sitting up on some old raggy blanket which looked like it might be his bed. I was like, fuck, I am all for hippies living the cave life but get some fucking strides on!!

and aye, a naked chick might have been awesome!!

Did the cave go very far? Any art on the rocks? It looks like it would be a great spotting/lookout spot. Maybe a good place for night time sky photography also.

It's not deep at all, but did contain a small shrine - a candle and a statue of Mary, I think.

Would be a cool place to camp, although I suspect it's not legal.

Pretty nice then, a small local site that few tourist ever get to see likely.

Ah, the life! Who knows what's next. Onlt time will tell. ❤

It always does :)

I'm hopeful for a good year ahead!

Looks like a beautiful place to live! I hope everything works out and you're able to get there

Are you spending the evening doing doughies in the local carpark?

Yep, 3 months following my first appointment in the capital, Palma, I'm still waiting to hear if they will allow me to live here

This is a lot of time, indeed. Everything is so slow now (always been but I suppose now even more). Anyway, I hope you get one day the residencia and driving license.

Cala Anguila looks awesome, and the views from that cave are fantastic 😎🙌

Great shots from the cave. Beautiful scenic photos Asher. I hope all works out and you get to stay there.

I never have seen such big nostrils on a horse.:)

I am sure they are behind schedule and you will get your papers. It looks so pretty there and warm, those cacti look so awesome! How is your spanish improving?

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Wonderful photos Asher