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Not really a whale war I'm not flagging. He is flagging me and anyone I upvote. I am just upvoting people. Well not anymore as I just upvote the stabilizer now.

Sounds like Proof of brain works perfect :D

- "the warnings echo"

Maybe this is a good place for passing gifts along (nobody in particular "targeted").

I pass you my gas to you. I kept it deep inside of me, now breath it in deeply and keep it deep inside of you. It contains much power.

Transisto is $1.6 million dollars worth of Douchebag.

Hahahahaha I like to go through this definitive channel hahaha

If those little faces on the display were prettier and not pixelated, they would make me want to verify myself 😞 but that's how it takes away from personalizing the channel or at least that there is one with a violin in hand hahahahaha 😊😆

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We saw a meme of this the other day, the best yet, the image was flipped and someone stuck a pic of voldermorts nose in her hand...dark yet humerous - hope you're all good - ps we'll see if i can find it

Damn, what is going on with @transisto and you? I do not get this - thought we were over this flag war shit - am trying to some public relations for Hive across mainstream media in several countries but if new folks (user or investor) join and sees such bollocks, they are gone soon. Can we have a talk all together for god's sake and the future of the Hive chain?

correct me if I am wrong but i had the impression both of you are Hive fans, surprised though transisto is still active - was not aware - probably soon when i get flagged (hope not) :-)

Thank you so much for your votes for me for a long time.

nice profile pic

I tend to stay out of Hive politics, so I'm out of the loop on all of this stuff. I just noticed I stopped receiving upvotes, was wanting to make sure you're still on Hive and active, so dropped by your blog. Everything looked normal until I found this comments section. I don't know transisto or anything, but am thankful for the years of financial support your upvotes provided my family and I.

Uhm... I really wonder how much do$h do you expect to accumulate and collect with these sort of shitposts that nobody cares about?

But the real unknown to reveal, would be to know how the fuck in all the long time you've been here shitposting on the platform, that you still haven't found where the freaking hell is the "Decline Payout" feature when do you choose to create & post this kind of damn shitposts?

I know you are not the brightest. So I will explain it to you hopefully in a way you will understand. It is just something transisto will downvote to $0 as he is having a hissy fit he can’t get away upvoting 10+ automated posts of an image a day.

And I will ask you this question one more time to further reinforce your fucking brilliance.

¿Who the hell benefits in the entire ecosystem through your fucking childish behavior and damn stupid private vendetta with transisto?

Just ¡Decline Payouts! fucker. And even so you can still continue your stupid game with Transisto without stealing from anyone what you don't owe.

Hahahahaha, you wanna hear a good gossip & joke @networkallstar?

The great, eloquent and astonishingly brilliant Marky has not only been unable to answer my questions with all his dazzling brightness and coherence to defend his ignorant behavior and childish stupid position. But that apart from "downvoting" our brightless comments, he suddenly decided to also mute me. LoL

Yeah that's true. So I'm gonna take advantage of his supposed temporary blindness to upvote your comment, regardless we both know he has a ton more of Alts out there to read our comments & keep enjoying his beloved drama.