You Do Not Find This Music! It Finds You

in #music3 months ago

Nothing more to say for now but I am HERE my sweet Hive Friends .

I see You!

I feel YOU.



Not seen you for a while....
hope you're ok?

Too much lost in space, hiding in my cocoon with crystal walls 😅😉 I am super active on @appics dApp It’s fun and like Instagram. How have you been?

Good thanks.
Busy doing nothing - same 'ol same ol'

I'm on twatter now- and will be even more, I think.
(I'll be doing a post on as to the 'why's' today/tomorrow - sometime)

What’s your Twitter ? I think I am Mammasitta everywhere :)

I had to get a proper job in real estate because entertainment as well as Tourismn (my Main Income before covid ) we t down the drain....

I'm already following you on one twitter thingy - just tweeted you along heloooooo

When I did DMT I heard beautiful singing just like this. One memory I will always cherish for the rest of all my time here.

This is a sweet piece of music. Love it:)

Thanks for finding The sweet sounds

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