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RE: My Setup as a One Man Guitar Band - Pt.4 Blending it together

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Can you show us more of your desk? I like to see how people set things up. I have a pair of monitors (different sizes) side by side. I find it hard to work with only one these days.



Hi @steevc, indeed i got a pair for the precise hearing, and one for a full mix/hifi feeling. A pair of Yamaha MSP 5's and a pair of JBL Control One (I know them since my early days, so they're a reference to me).
It took quite some time to find the right spot, as my room is very limited. When i sit in listening position i get near an equilateral triangle, with about 1.2 m side length.
The JBL's are EQ'd to compensate the deep mid boost from their location (their back is covered), while the MSP's got plenty of room. Of course, a few layers of foam to decouple the speakers.
I also use Headphones, especially on panning things, and final stages.
Have a wonderful week, Mate!

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I was actually talking about my screens! My monitor speakers are own-brand models from a UK supplier, but they sound good to me. I still have lots to learn about getting a good mix. I don't have any room treatment and I know that is considered important.

It looks like you have things well worked out and it's always useful to learn from others.


Ah OK, luckily they're on this article too :D I use two as you see. The lower one usually shows the Mixer, the upper one the arranger part of the DAW (on Pt.3 you see a screenshot taken over both monitors -> last image). When it comes to plug in's at the end of mixing, a third screen would be no mistake :).

The upper monitor is a Touchscreen and can be tilted. This way i can move it 'into' the rehearsing room, to control the DAW while recording.

Btw. i did a post on the rebuild of the room

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