2022 Is Here Riding Miracles

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Scampers.jpgScampers is Marty's robust and healthy cat, whom I am now tending. He became the boss cat overnight when Marty moved in, and has maintained peace amongst the neighborhood cats ever since. All the neighborhood cat ladies love him. This pic looks a lot like him.

On the last day of 2021, yesterday now, my neighbor died. He's been in poor health, and we have been checking on him. Another neighbor stopped in to see him about 11 am, and Marty dropped dead in front him.

There is an ambulance station only blocks away, and the call for help was answered quickly. Paramedics were here in minutes. Marty was unresponsive, not breathing, and had no pulse. Dead as a doornail. But paramedics aren't folks easily cowed, even by death, and they quickly went to work on him, injecting elixers, breathing for him, and pumping his blood by hand.

After a few shocks with the paddles, I heard the first 'I got a pulse'. From 37, to 47, to 220, then 97. His temperature had dropped to 93, and his O2 to 82, but he came back to life, right there in front of me. I watched him struggle as they got him in the ambulance to transport him to the airport right across the street, for the flight to the big city hospital.

A miracle.

Marty's had a rough go of it as a horse rancher. Some years ago while fishing steelhead on one of Oregon's many steelhead rivers, he stood up under a logjam and drove a steel spike through his head and into his neck. I never did learn how he got unspiked, and it's not a moment I want to imagine, either, but he did and lived.

There were some medical challenges from it, he says, and eventually he had to sell the ranch, his steelhead boats, and was able to move here, next door to me.

He's been a good neighbor, his habits admirable, and his cat has instituted a sort of Pax Romana, which has prevented yowling cat fights late at night, to everyone's benefit but the local vet.

I look forward to seeing Marty soon, if they can fix him up like they did me after my heart attack. I like Scampers a lot, and look forward to liking him over at Marty's place soon, instead of in mine.

I have felt for some time the increasing sense of impending import, of amazing and abnormal things in the offing. Like I did after 9/11, I chalked it up to evil afoot, to the unending horror and terror that 9/11 brought to America and the Middle East as political savages took advantage of our national outrage to bring war to innocents across the world.

But I do not think this is the same. I think miracles are coming. The evil men seeking to do humanity harm are even more powerful today, because of their success using 9/11 to increase their wealth and power. They intend, and are achieving, worse harm and evil today then they did then.

But I think they will fail, because impossible things are going to defeat them, like dead men coming back to life. Do you feel it too? I witnessed a miracle on New Year's Eve, and I report this omen to you.

We are stronger than we know, and our enemies will fail to destroy us.


Wow, Marty seems to have quite the talent for dodging death! I hope he's well on the road to recovery and will be back for Scampers soon.

He sure does! He's a good guy, a better neighbor, and tough as nails. He's about the only guy that deserves a cat like Scampers, and I do hope he soon is here to wrangle Boss Cat.


Yes brother, I have been feeling good about the new year too - in spite of appearances!

Let's have that twofold regeneration that this post seems to vibe with:

  • the rebirth/awakening of the 'dead', who start feeling and sensing what is going on around
  • the establishment and the spreading of Peace in the manner of Scampers and the neighbourhood cats1
  1. Eckhart Tolle quote: "I have lived with several Zen Masters, all of them cats!"

May 2022 be the year that Abundance is felt, embraced and established!

I don't know what to look for, only that I expect to see it. We have an opportunity to work together to provide the blessings of civilization without interference from wannabe overlords intent only on their own benefit, and they have been busily destroying the reins by which we are ridden, the global economy, our supplies of goods and services, and our ability to believe anything their agents tell us.

We would be fools if we did not discuss with one another what we see happening, consider how we can surmount together the challenges we are put, and transcend the trance evil parties have sought to put us under. The people of the world have provided all the good and wondrous products and benefits we have seen are possible. We should take that knowledge to the next level, and make even better goods and services that benefit humanity and the world we live in, so that our posterity is deeply grateful we have made their happiness manifest and prevented evil from darkening their days.

May goodness and mercy shine on you all your days, starting this day.


I pray (in my own way) that you are correct, good Sir! Witnessing these evils weighs heavy after a while. I'm hoping that something brings an end to this vaccine madness fast. I think we're on the cusp of that 100th monkey making the realization, and then all of the gears of their terrible machine will grind to a screeching halt! I like your optimism, and I have to remind myself to change the way I look at things so that the things I look at can change. A lot of this warfare is spiritual, and they're intentionally trying to kill our optimism and demoralize us so that we become like putty in their hands. That said, exercising optimism as a muscle seems like the go-to move right about now. If we see no doors or miracles, then there are none. But that is a lie, and we should practice enumerating them daily to flex that muscle of perception well into optimal parameters. Stay blessed, and let the miracles continue to get better and better!

In the last couple days of 2021 I have seen that myriads of folks have realized they cannot obey their way out of tyranny, and state they are done trying. More than anything else, that purpose to be free of lying overlords is the key to overcoming the imposition of tyranny ongoing.

I look forward to that tree bearing fruit, in the fertile bullshit amply provided by this scam and NWO takeover. That shit should really well fertilize the tree of Liberty, I reckon.



Incredible! Just the fact that Marty survived a steel spike through his head is miraculous.

He has amazed me with his gentle nature and lucid, if rambling speech. Lean and long haired, he loved fishing, and was an artist, using Ellensburg Blues, a kind of agate found in central Washington, to decorate the inside of his home.

Yesterday the neighbor that called the ambulance came over and told me that Marty had another heart attack, which he did not survive.

I am pretty broken up over it. Scampers is all but surgically attached to my feet. He's an affectionate and social cat, used to being the boss of the neighborhood, but he hardly goes out now. I'm not going out much either.

I miss my good neighbor.


I am very sorry to hear that. He sounds like an amazing person.

He was on of my very favorite neighbors, and an unremittingly good person. He had the habit of rising with the sun and using the morning dew on his well-maintained vehicles to daily wash them clean. It is hard to criticize a man like that, and I will miss him.


No, I hadn't. I am deeply grateful you shared it with me. Deaths of people from 18-64 increasing by 40% is insane. It's like there's literally a hot war with a front like WWI with soldiers dropping like flies.

They show it's not covid, either.

"The state's online dashboard shows that the moving average of daily deaths from COVID-19 is less than half of what it was a year ago. At the pandemic's peak a year ago, 125 people died on one day – on Dec. 29, 2020. In the last three months, the highest number of deaths in one day was 58, on Dec. 13."

The only other possibility is the jabs.


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