One Year Celebration - Promo & Giveaway

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We started to work on NextColony about a year ago. The past year has been both exhausting and exciting for the team. Despite coffee and donuts. We are a small indie team and the challenge to build a game on this blockchain was a dream come true and we learned a lot on this journey.

There have been ups and downs, and here we are, one year later with even more confidence in this blockchain than ever. We don't go away. No chance. We stick to Steem like glue.

In the first three seasons, the fabulous sum of 20400 Steem has been given out. This is quite an impressive number, of which we are very proud.

On March 18, 2019, we published the first post on this blog and the first roadmap we published looks measly in relation to what we have now built. We have done 100 times more than we originally planned and we have ever dreamed of.

We owe it all to you. We thank all settlers and raiders for their passion, loyalty, and patience. We are thrilled to see thousands of transactions every day. You guys rock!

Today we want to give something back to celebrate the first year with you. We have just reduced the prices in the shop by 50%. This promotion will last for 4 weeks.

01 | Chest
Regular: 9.99 STEEM / Promo: 5 STEEM
02 | Huge Chest
Regular: 49 STEEM / Promo: 24.50 STEEM
03 | Imperium Chest
Regular: 99 STEEM / Promo: 49.50 STEEM
04 | Scout Athene
Regular: 0.99 STEEM / Promo: 0.50 STEEM
05 | Patrol Hermes
Regular: 1.99 STEEM / Promo: 1 STEEM
06 | Cutter Canard
Regular: 3.99 STEEM / Promo: 2 STEEM
07 | Corvette Petunia
Regular: 4.99 STEEM / Promo: 2.50 STEEM
08 | Frigate Redmill
Regular: 6.99 STEEM / Promo: 3.50 STEEM
09 | Destroyer Janus
Regular: 8.99 STEEM / Promo: 4.50 STEEM
10 | Cruiser Drake
Regular: 11.99 STEEM / Promo: 6 STEEM
11 | Battlecruiser Lion
Regular: 19.99 STEEM / Promo: 10 STEEM
12 | Carrier Unicorn
Regular: 49 STEEM / Promo: 24.50 STEEM
13 | Dreadnought Imperial
Regular: 119 STEEM / Promo: 59.50 STEEM
14 | Transporter II
Regular: 19.99 STEEM / Promo: 10 STEEM
15 | Explorer II
Regular: 29 STEEM / Promo: 14.50 STEEM
16 | Rune
Regular: 99 STEEM / Promo: 49.50 STEEM
17 | Mighty Rune
Regular: 239 STEEM / Promo: 119.50 STEEM
18 | Holy Rune
Regular: 449 STEEM / Promo: 224.50 STEEM

Click here:

But that's not all. We have even more to give away:

Just resteem this post, to earn a Corvette Najtar blueprint.

As simple as that.

All blueprints will be distributed after the payout of this post.

Stay tuned.

PS: Every creative comment below earns 1000 Stardust on top.

Edit on 2020-02-27: All blueprints has been distributed today.

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The pilot breaks out of the atmosphere with another shipment of uranium for Stonehenge. He takes one last glance back at Mercia and shakes his head in wonder. “ I can’t believe it’s been a year since we stumble on this rock, after fleeing earth I thought we were gone for” Bob says to himself.
He smiles to himself as he hits the hyperdrive and blasts off into space.

What will this year bring , maybe some NPCs to war against? I hope so!
Thanks for an awesome year @nextcolony team. Congratulations to you for achieving this milestone and I look forward to many more to come!

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1000 Stardust sent.

Thanks! (:

Wow, time passed by like a lightning speed... It's been a one year anniversary for NC!

Glad I've been with NC since day ONE - long live NC :)

Resteemed and good luck~

Thanks for your loyalty and patience, @wilhb81!

1000 Stardust sent.

I resteemed because it is the job I should do. I just wondering who is going to buy items with discounted prices. I will be glad if someone do. By the way don't you think giving 1000 sd for creative comment is very sticky.

Consider 1k SD as a small extra tip. On top. For fun.

1000 Stardust sent.

Thanks! (:

Déjà un an le temps passe tellement vite et votre jeu est génial bravo les gars

1000 Stardust sent.

Thanks! (:

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We have done 100 times more than we originally planned and we have ever dreamed of.

That was indeed a ton of a good work! It's great to hear that it was satisfying for you as well and not only a yet another product to mantain. Keep on! Can't wait to see what the next year brings! How about re-claiming burnt planets for i.e. 3x stardust gained from burning them? :) You know, terraforming and revitalizing costs a lot!

Thanks for your kind words. (:

1000 Stardust sent.

NextColony is an amazing game. I can't let my fingers off it, because i love the mighty Steem. This game is representing the power of the Steem at its best. Using NextColony, everybody can milking this blockchain with the most reasonable usecases under all the blockchains. Here even illiterate people can lie by the pool and suck Coin-lemonade.

We Steemians doesn't go away. We all came to stay.

I wish the five owners of the game a happy anniversary and lots of strength to keep up the workload. Thank you very much for the particularly sumptuous birthday cake.

Happy birthday!


NextColony ist ein erstaunliches Spiel. Ich kann meine Finger nicht davon lassen, denn ich liebe den mächtigen Steem. Dieses Spiel repräsentiert die Kraft des Steems von seiner besten Seite. Mit NextColony kann jeder diese Blockchain mit den vernünftigsten Usecases unter allen Blockchains melken. Damit können selbst Analphabeten am Pool liegen und Coin-Limonade lutschen.

Wir Steemians gehen nicht weg. Wir sind alle gekommen, um zu bleiben.

Ich wünsche den fünf Eigentümern des Spiels ein glückliches Jubiläum und viel Kraft, um die harte Arbeit weiter zu bewältigen. Vielen Dank für den ganz besonders üppigen Geburtstagskuchen und die Einladung zum Festschmaus.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag!

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Resteem is done of course.

Wow. Speechless.

Thanks, old wise frog, you are the best!

1000 Stardust sent.

Vor einem Jahr war es soweit. Ein kleiner Schritt für den Menschen, aber ein großer für die Steemheit.
Noch in hunderten von Jahren wird man über diesen großen menschlichen Evolutionssprung berichten.
Der Sithlord hält sich weiterhin bedeckt, die Rückkehrer der Jediritter haben seine Pläne aufs erste durchkreuzt.
Der Dachwiderstand konnte seine Führungsrolle in der Galaxy festigen, trotz den Manipulationsversuchen einiger machthungriger Siths.

Fantastisch! Dach konnte definitiv erneut punkten und sitzt fest im Sattel. Es wird sich zeigen, wie das in der Season Sodom and Gomorrah ausfällt.

Besten Dank, @hansgans! (:

1000 Stardust sent.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu 1 Jahr
Ich weiß gar nicht mehr wie es war.
Ohne @nextcolony zu leben,
und mein bestes im Spiel zu geben.
Ich wünsch euch viel Glück zukünftig,
und hoffentlich bleibt der Justin vernünftig,
das unser Steemit so bleibt wie es war
oder sich verbessert wäre wunderbar.
Schönen Gruß an die Leute von @nextcolony
Wünscht euch der @bitandi

Stark, @bitandi, danke dir! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

Nochmals ein großes Dankeschön

Gerne geschehen. (:

Thank you @nextcolony team, Great work

Gute Arbeit, Jungs :)

Besten Dank, Meister, das geben wir gerne zurück! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

Being on this game almost from the beginning, and I hope to be still on board for a long time :) Happy birthday @nextcolony :)

PS. Resteemed!

We hope so too!

Thanks for your stamina! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

Very creative comment.

Approved. (:

1000 Stardust sent.

Congratulations 🎉 one year ago good luck

Thanks! (:

You don't have an account, so I couldn't send you 1000 Stardust.

I have been waiting for the explorer 2 blueprint! I will buy one today!!!



1000 Stardust sent.

Happy birthday, then, @nextcolony and cheers, team!

I hope you continue building until the game is played by the world out there.

I tried attracting a couple of friends this month but not being on Steem before that they had no patience to wait for the slow loading. And I understand that.

You know what they say in this age of info floods. You only have 3 seconds on average to make an impression.

Even patient folks like me can't manage 20 or more planets without some automation options.

Are new users a target and how can they stay? I don't know if we have the answers yet.

Good luck and have fun, everybody!

Yes, slow but steady.

Thanks! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

One of them ask: "something something ledgers?" But me no coder so me shrug.

Resteemed. Thank you.

Thanks, @acolucky!

1000 Stardust sent.

Who wouldn't say "bla bla bla and bla" for a 1000 sd. Go figure 😱😱😱

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That worked. (:

You don't have an account, so I couldn't send you 1000 Stardust.

found you from your upvote on my post, I’ll read up on what your doing. I don’t have much time to play games there days but I’ll tell friends!

So my plan worked. (:
Thanks for stopping by!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag! Ich finde es stark was ihr auf die Beine gestellt habt und werde auch bald mal wieder aktiver reinschauen!

Besten Dank, Hatoto, ich weis das sehr zu schätzen!

1000 Stardust sent.

Hui, vielen Dank 😀

Happy one year anniversary, thanks to the whole team for creating this game. I'll be loading up on Transporter II Blueprints since 10 STEEM each is absolute steal. Love ya'll!

Thanks for being a part of it, @gamefiles!

1000 Stardust sent.

Congratulations! Glad to see you guys are still working hard on making on making an enjoyable game. Can’t wait to see what the future holds and what many more birthdays bring.

I have been following you for a long time and enjoy reading your posts.

Thanks for your kind words, @enjar!

1000 Stardust sent.

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyagers of the starship Steemian...
No wait... That's probably copywrite infringement ;)
And really, I'm just a little scout probe in a fully explored part of the galaxy anyway.
I certainly wish I learned about nextcolony earlier!

That worked. (:


1000 Stardust sent.

Thank you!

You're welcome. (:

Congratulations on the one year anniversary! It has been fun!

I am competing in the next (current) season for the first time. How many will there be in total?

Thanks, @tiger-zaps! (:

About 60.

1000 Stardust sent.


Thanks, Panda! (:

1000 Stardust sent. ;P

I like blueprints, I like Corvettes and to have one free just makes it even better. I relly luke that little game, I have been at it since almost the beginning, didn't get a great start as I was surrunded by big players, but still playing it till this day as it is just cool to ve part of that galaxy. Great job

Thanks! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

Cool!! 😁 Thanks, that was unexpected and a very nice gesture, I appreciate it !

Congratulations on your first anniversary @nextcolony.
Great job and keep it up.

Thanks! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

If you think the universe was created in 7 days.. you have no idea how long it takes build up a planet to be able to create a Dreadnaught... so far.. more than a YEAR! with more time to go..

ta da!

Thanks! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

Nachdem ich vor etwa zwei Wochen mit meinem zweiten Planeten beglückt wurde, hat die nächste Kolonie bei mir gerade noch die Kurve gekratzt ^^
Wäre vorher fast auf meinem Alphaplaneten verzweifelt mit der Orientierungslosigkeit zum nächsten Etappenziel. Mein eventueller Fehler: Wollte/Konnte nur minimal Stardust investieren.

Bin schon gespannt auf das nächste Jahr und hoffe auf viele Neuerungen und (mehr) Inhalte :)

Resteemed :) und !invest_vote

"Fehler: Wollte/Konnte nur minimal Stardust investieren."

Das is kein Fehler, das is absolut legitim.

"Bin schon gespannt auf das nächste Jahr und hoffe auf viele Neuerungen und (mehr) Inhalte :)"



1000 Stardust sent.

Ich sage Danke :)

Immer wieder gerne. (:

Great work trying to make something out of nothing. Start with chaos and end up with stardust

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Thanks! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

Congrats on the 1st anniversary of this superb strategy game! It’s like some “space chess”, you just need in more automation (simple in-game bots) - because - since we don’t have to think about how to make a chess piece or how to move it with our hand, so we must not to think about how to do each separate shipbuilding on each planet (for example, if you need to start building explorer on all planets or from the specified list - that’s easy to implement: check if there are resources for building and then to start building), and for a lot of other actions. There are already many paid and free bots of different levels of intelligence, so maybe you can make the simplest but built-in bots in the front-end (possible with additional stardust paid by players for using it)? And then the smartest strategist will win, and not the one who spent the most time on the round-the-clock click or who paid the most for the services of bots for the same purpose.
P.S. In this post I want to say: "Thank you for the pleasure of the game(and for some stardust/steem)!"
P.P.S also I check how quickly my game's "partners" will donwvote this my comment ;)

I have a couple of automation tools that I will tidy up and make public, including one for shipbuilding. With luck they could be incorporated in one the front-ends.

In-game bots are not part of the plan. This is a fundamental strategic decision. Automation is possible, but must be done by you and therefore we provide the API.

Thanks, @coolred! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

Very cool. Congrats.
Resteemed :-)

T h a n k s, mr. resteem!(:

You don't have an account, so I couldn't send you 1000 Stardust. :D

Unglaublich wie schnell die Zeit in den unendlichen Weiten vergeht, gratuliere zum einjährigen Jubiläum. Mir ist, als wäre es erst gestern gewesen. Oh, Moment, eingehende Nachricht von Vulkan II...


Genau das habe ich mir heute auch gedacht, ich habe gänzlich das Zeitgefühl verloren.

Besten Dank, @michelangelo3! (:

1000 Stardust sent.


I have been playing the game since the first days and have had really good times. you guys are an example of how things are and of how they are evolving... Just keep it up and keep exploring that galaxy

Thanks for your loyalty and patience, @felander! We appreciate that.

1000 Stardust sent.

Congratulations on a great first year! I must admit that this is the only blockchain game I've ever played that has made me money without investing a single cent.


"...that has made me money without investing a single cent."

Nice. (:

1000 Stardust sent.

Thank you @nextcolony team for the great work. hope more success and continuity .

Thanks for your loyalty, patience and your daily NC posts. (:

1000 Stardust sent.

Thanks Guys

Thanks! (:

Edit: You don't have an account, so I couldn't send you 1000 Stardust.

Bei der Gelegenheit kommt sich eine Frage auf, @oliverschmid: Wenn ich einem Planeten eine Rune verpasse, kann ich die auch wieder davon lösen, verkaufen, oder einem anderen Planeten zukommen lassen? Da Gleiche frage ich im Bezug auf Blueprints.

Gute und wichtige Frage. Nein, Runes und Blueprints können nicht mehr entfernt werden, daher muss sehr genau überlegt werden ob und wo diese platziert werden. Eine Rune auf einem schwachen od. strategisch schlecht platzierten Planeten wäre reine Verschwendung.

Übrigens: Runes und Blueprints sind limitiert. Da diese nicht mehr entfernt werden können, wird der Bestand stetig kleiner und damit entstehen langfristig gut handelbare Güter.

Danke für die Antwort. Alles very tricky! Leider muss ich schon wieder jaulen, @oliverschmid und @rondras.
Der folgende Mundraub in der ersten Zeile ist vorhin bei mir eingetroffen, doch der Inhalt wurde bis jetzt (20:12 Uhr) nicht auf meinem Ressourcenkonto verbucht. Das akzeptiere ich nicht.


Der Erlös

…nicht angekommen.

Wir schauen uns das an. Ich hab dir eine mittlere Chest geschickt, welche dies kompensiert.

Dankeschön, Oli.

Immer wieder gerne.

Can we get an arena to send ships to and maybe win something?
Suicide missions and farming need more excitement.

If i could send 10 ships to joust with others winning random prizes would spice this up a little, imo.

This is not the worst idea.
We also need wormholes.

1000 Stardust sent.


Maybe a flood of tronics will spice up the ship market,...


People from tron.
It is what they call each others.
Like steemitans, except they actually use theirs.

Ah. Sounds much more sexy than steemians or steemitans (whatever that is).

Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-20 um 19.46.30.png

Lol, I think I got steemizens from him, but folks stopped using it when I picked it up.
I could be wrong.

I still use steemizens due to the logic of it.
We agree to be here, we have duties and responsibilities, sounds like a citizen to me.

People from from.
It is what they call each others.
Like steemitans, except they actually use theirs.

Congratulations @nextcolony!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following category:

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Thanks! (:

1000 Stardust sent. :D

Thank you Oli!

Hah! Bot answers. :P

))) Me not bot! Me cyborg!

cool habt ihr das Projekt auf die Beine gestellt, taegliche Pflege und sicher eine gute Erfahrung vom aufbau her.

Besten Dank, @klarx! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

Goodluck, happy birthday 🎉 and thanks for supporting our proposal)

Thanks, @rollie1212!

You're welcome, I'am exited to see the development of @cryptobrewmaster! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

Thanks for the dust!
Hopefully we push some new info on the game in few days!

Happy birthday... cool game, always fun to play.

Thanks for your motivating words!

1000 Stardust sent.

Thanks for the gift

You're welcome. (:

It's 1 year already? Wow, time sure flies quickly!
Resteeming for the blueprint because why not?

"Wow, time sure flies quickly!"


Thanks, @ucukertz! (:

1000 Stardust sent.


1000 Stardust sent. ;P

Thanks! (:

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum 1 jährigen!

Danke, @monsterbuster! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

Congrats on 1 year. I've been playing for a while but I still have no idea what I'm doing or how to earn STEEM or Stardust... but hey... I'm having fun...

Resteemed for the blueprint. Maybe that will help me get somewhere :)

Thanks, @jeffjagoe!

We payout Steem in Seasons and you can earn Stardust in different ways (explore, burn planets, trade on the market) and then trade/exchange it via Steem Engine in Steem.

Here is an example:

1000 Stardust sent.

Just resteemed few minutes ago.

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Thanks for your support, @mattsanthonyit! I appreciate that.(:

You don't have an account, so I couldn't send you 1000 Stardust.

@nextcolony, Congratulations team and hope that this exciting Journey will continue in Profound way ahead too. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

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Thanks, @chireerocks! (:

You don't have an account, so I couldn't send you 1000 Stardust.

I am playing next colony for long . though not from day one. I have completed all my shipyard researches and almost in verge of completing many research.

Hope game will continue like this and we all enjoy it.

One could say that you are an integral part of the game.

Thanks, Tinkerer! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

Thanks for one year full of
Awesome Game, awesome people, awesome fun!

And Happy Birthday 🚀😍
Wir bleiben! 😉

"Wir bleiben!"

Ohne euch geht es nich, @kissi! <3

Danke! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

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