Announcing "Hive Folks"/ A Hive Community Tribute NFT collection

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Now that Hive finally has the required infrastructure thanks to @dlux-io and @punksonhive we will be releasing a new NFT collection to the Hive community.

Brought to you by @lordbutterfly with the development help from @disregardfiat.

This is an NFT project that was finished more than 3 months ago and will finally see the light of day, ETA - very soon.

The intention of this NFT project was to honor the "long lasting" Hive members that have been grinding hard through the good and bad times, contributing to the success of Hive through their work and dedication. Some of those featured, through their enviable levels of shit-posting 😅.

The collection is based on 47 Hivers and 1 non-Hiver.


The reason for the low mint number is in trying to adhere to the low initial demand present on the chain at this point. The collection will be expanded by 2x later on where holders will determine the new characters.

These NFTs will not be similar in form to the famous Punks with randomly generated attributes but in form mirror more closely the "VeeFriends" NFT collection from Gary Vaynerchuk.
Since the collection is based on real Hivers, randomly generated attributes would remove their distinctions and destroy the purpose of the collection.

Each character was made individually in various ways.
Simplest being taking profile images. Some are based on account names. Some are based on inside jokes. Some are based on the account owner likes, on the work the account owners do, some things they are known for, projects they work on, etc.
All are made in good taste and with good intentions.
That being said, if you feel your character might not be as interesting as others, that just means that you should probably quickly try and become more interesting. 😄


Each NFT project needs a roadmap it can grow from. We will do our best to deliver ours.


  • The project website will be launched a few days before the Mint. It will feature the roadmap and a Library of NFTs showing all the characters and the breakdown in quantity. (Library will not be immediately viewable to encourage Minting). All direct viewing of the specific NFTs will be visible on the DLux marketplace.
  • Some NFT projects give away a Tesla worth of cryptocurrency at full mint but that has been done to death, so instead, while keeping in line with the "electric" crypto standard, we will be giving away a "RICHBIT TOP-012 Smart Electric Bicycle" worth of Hive! 😄


Valued at 2000 USD (circa 1000 Hive), to a random NFT holder whose NFT is NOT listed on the market. Each non-listed NFT will be counted for the giveaway.


  • 40% of the weekly trading volume of HiveFolk Nfts will be distributed to the NFT holders based on NFTs that are not listed on the marketplace to encourage holding. Trading fee will be set to 7%.


  • 2 weeks after the point of full sale of Hive NFTs (or when tech is available) there will be a giveaway of 1 unique 5/5 NFT art and original music project from Vladimir Kuznetsov Worldbeyond soundtracks, music producer that has composed works that have been used in various TV productions, promo campaigns by Chris Jericho, Aston Martin, G-Drive, Eicher Trucks, Tadano Ltd., as well as many podcast authors, video bloggers and documentary producers, and Marica Vil, a concert master violinist from Croatian National Theatre.
    Holding this NFT will allow the holder to have a original soundtrack (5-10 mins) created for them with all rights. (This is valid for first minter and when trading requirement is met for the second, third, etc.)

    This is a low pixel count version.

  • "Hive Folks" NFT holders will also be eligible for a giveaway from an upcoming NFT project by @poshtoken. This applies, again for all NFTs not listed on the marketplace.

  • We will be working with other upcoming NFT projects and doing similar promotions benefiting our holders.


  • After 50 000 Hive of total trade volume has been achieved HiveFolks lineup will be expanded by another 50 members, circa 500 additional NFTs. The Top 50 Holders of HiveFolks NFTs will be allowed to choose if they want an NFT created in their likeness or someone of their choice, keeping in line with the basic rule that all are made in good taste and with good intentions!

Immortalized on the blockchain we love, forever.

PHASE 5 and beyond:

-This is the spot where we say: Much more to come. As the tech develops and opportunities arise we will explore options like NFT staking, community token creation and airdrops to holders, constant giveaways to the holders alongside the trading value distribution, etc.


  1. 546 NFTs collection
  2. 80 Hive mint price
  3. 7% trading fee
  4. 40% trading fee distribution

(Subject to change till launch)

DISCLAIMER: To end this off from notes out of South Parks book. 😃


No NFTs will be named. All NFTs will receive a random alphanumeric designation.

The likeness of the following Hivers might/might not have been used to create this collection😉:

@lordbutterfly, @acidyo, @trumpman, @belemo, @gtg, @blocktrades, @crimsonclad, @brianoflondon, @encrypt3dbr0k3r, @joshman, @aggroed, @disregardfiat, @theycallmedan, @starkerz, @meesterboom, @themarkymark, @enforcer48, @geekgirl, @r0nd0n, @good-karma, @roelandp, @pharesim, @jarvie, @inertia, @darthknight, @onealfa, @khaleelkazi, @therealwolf, @nathanmars, @mahdiyari, @snook, @taskmaster4450, @ausbitbank, @slobberchops, @drakos, @edicted, @jongolson, @penderis, @steevc, @traciyork, @tarazkp, @coininstant, @galenkp, @cervantes, @isaria, @kevinwong, @neoxian,

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Yo I had an idea like this cross my mind, but seeing how you all executed this took what I thought of even further. Awesome!

I would totally love to be featured in the next round of users. My 4 year anniversary is in 2 days.

Feel free to use my samurai logo for inspiration 😜


The second set will be decided by the NFT holders. So theres always a chance 😉

You hear that future holders... Remember this bearded face

Cool. Congrats to all that made the cut

Ha, awesome. I can't wait to see this!

Coming "very soon" to quote Khal :)

Looks like a lot of fun! More Hive developments to try to keep track of... lol

ha ha ha ha this is gonna be great!

Can't wait to see this project!!

Congrats on the next phase!!!
I can not wait to see them

Where and when are these things going to drop for mints??

Also, I'm not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but @elamental and @kennyskitchen have been publishing quality and creative content for years here, so I will throw those names in the hat for future @hivefolks.

You have been cure-rat'ed by @master.splinter - wield the #oneup wisely.


master.splinter  NEW.jpg

This is just the first half of the launch. Theres always a chance to add your favorites. Should be out in the coming days.

Looks like I may have to prep a little something special for the people who have the terrible, terrible misfortune to end up with the me bee as a consolation prize 😂 I have a few airdrop NFT ideas~

Man, here I was thinking I had my December calculations ready, with Chaos Legion and PolyCub among others - and there you go, teasing more HIVE out of my pockets. And so low mint? I better put the timer up, who doesn't want to have a HIVE member NFT? How cool is that?

I feel the same way. I had my chunk of money set aside for the oneup/pizza liquidity pool and had to cut this to 2/3 to be able to mint 2 Hive folks.
I'm glad I decided long ago to not buy CL packs before January, otherwise I would have had a tiny problem for December.

That is incredible. God, I hope to mint at least one. This collection will be gone in 5 minutes after release.

Second edition could Splinterlands influencers (mini-collection to be.. well, collected) include @bulldog1205 @infidel1258, clove71 and for sure @flauwy, although he is not a SL-player, but one of the founders of 1UP.

Some other community figures come to mind, which would be perfect to be honoured with these NFT's, because they are working very hard to bring an actual sense of community to Hive (which is difficult to achieve over the computer), to welcome new users, to help and grow their respective communities as well as the whole ecosystem.
Perhaps you can look into those names, when deciding for the next edition.
@melinda010100, @livinguktaiwan, @brittandjosie

Thanks for mentioning me @freedomprepper! I am honored that you thought of me!

It would be justified. Let's see, what happens :).

Thank you for the super nice compliment , we will have to wait and see @freedomprepper

It would be pretty awesome to know a celebrity, if those NFT's are worth millions in a few years :o).

Sorry, been a bit tied up with other stuff in real life these couple of weeks, so flattered with your recommendation @freedomprepper

I was with you right up until the 80 Hive mint price; why so high?


Because this collection is only 560 NFTs. There are 10 000 cryptopunks, for example. So the collection is 20 times smaller.
If you take punks on Hive as an example there is 20 times more of them while the Mint price of Hive folks is only 4 times higher.
If I set the price lower to 20 Hive, it would sell out to very few people and I couldnt really do much with it in terms of project roadmap.
If you take the general launches on Solana and Ethereum the mint prices go from 2 SOL (400 USD) to 0.5 ETH (2000 USD)

A portion of it will be returned to the community through giveaways, powered up to upvote content and used to bring value to the holders.

80 Hive is not only reasonable, the price will still be too low for the collection to last even one day, but with 80 Hive, I have a chance to participate as well as many other users, who don't swim in money. 75-100 Hive is the sweet spot in my opinion.

I feel like that as well. I dont expect it to sell out in such a short period of time but with a low supply of 550 NFTs holding even one gets you a decent chance of winning giveaways, upvotes, airdrops.

Thanks for the reply, and I do get some of your logic but this one puzzles me.

If I set the price lower to 20 Hive, it would sell out to very few people and I couldnt really do much with it in terms of project roadmap.

Surely they'll sell out because of the circulation not the price? Or are you just expecting a few to sell, increase in value, thus increasing the value of the remaining ones?



The goal is to get people to have 1 or 2 instead of buying 50. Theres more of a chance for that happening with a higher price and if a whale gets more, then that automatically lifts the floor price of those that got only a few.

With these launches, and to be quite honest this type of approach would most certainly not work on any other chain that has whales scooping as many nfts as they can, but here it probably will since its all novel.

I'm yet feeling such a noob in NFT space. Maybe it's time to start learning?

Its a whole new world.

This is, what I said to myself, when the Hive-Punks were announced. Better now than never :o). Hive NFT's will be discovered by the mainstream in the future and until now, we have to accumulate what we can.

Is there a royalty for the Hivers that might/might not have been used as inspiration? 😝

btw, are the NFTs on dlux or Hive Engine?

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The NFTs will be on Dlux at first but a Hive payment option is being created right now so the user experience will essentially be the same.

Haha. All likeness is accidental. :)


accidental typically isn't a good legal defense, especially when it isn't.

Haha, are you implying ill need a legal defense for this? 😄

no, pointing out reality.

Alrite. 😄

Happy to see @snook on the list! I suppose that makes me legendary by proxy.

They look cute 👀😍

This will be a pretty cool NFT project tbh as demand/price may also depend on the users they're representing. :D

Its as if the guy that thought of this does marketing and had a target segment in mind when creating base demand. 😁

I want a @jongolson NFT.

That dude has potential.

Trade ya for the @taskmaster4450 limited edition please!!!!

That's value addition

if you feel your character might not be as interesting as others, that just means that you should probably quickly try and become more interesting.


I wish you good fortune in the wars to come. Eagerly waiting for this.

Looking forward to seeing the launch. Very cool project and awesome tribute to those who have been around through the ups and downs.

This is really cool. I thought that was @galenkp 🙂 and sure enough... it probably was lol

Nope. That above is not Galen. Close but no cigar.:)

Dang it! Thought it was him.

(I guess I see @galenkp everywhere... cause I haven't talked to him for a long time and... well... I feel bad... haunted by a deep-seated secret non-engagement guilt...)

Wait... did I say that out loud?

Nah... 😥

Anyway, they're all very awesome nonetheless! Hive rocks so many socks...

haunted by a deep-seated secret non-engagement guilt...

Life gets busy bro, I get it. I hope you're well and things are moving in the right direction.

Thanks Galen... 😊

*Wipes guilted sweat from brow...

Things are going well and moving in the right direction. How are things on your end?

It's been a while...

All good here, just living life as best I can. :)

That's good... Saw you got a new "barbie" I think. Is that right?

Wow this is really awesome

That's cool. I expect @urun is not a first edition NFT :(

Unfortunately no. I had to throw out quite a few that I just couldnt get the look right.

no problem, anyways it's very cool :D

Great project @hivefolks, Wish you the best of luck. I have bought some punks and will also try to buy one on time.

This should be hilarious

I was nice this time. 😄
Only those that people approved to be "different" or I know they wouldnt mind were caricatured a bit. But just a bit.
Maybe theres a Borat mankini in there, some discolored chops, a heavier than needed mustache, maybe theres not. lol

The second set though, we might go crazy with them. lol

This sounds like fun. I've met a few of those people IRL. I'm honoured to be included (or not).

I need 1 @trumpman!

His is one of my favorites. :)

I may or may not be honored to maybe (or maybe not) have my likeness included (or not) in this initial collection of Hive Folks. 😄



However I am definitely honored to have my name in the same paragraph with all those awesomely dedicated Hivers.


It would have been wrong of me not to add you because of your work on twitter and elsewhere on Hive.

This is great, congratulations. I would personally include @bluemist (@appreciator) @guiltyparties and @clove71 😊

Those are some good choices. GP was supposed to be in the collection but he opted out. :)
Hes not an NFT fan.

That's odd, being such an important figure for HIVE's marketing. 😁

Hes a grump 😄

This sounds really exciting. I need to make sure I don't lose track of this like I did punks.

Seems like a cool project, I might jump in!

And you did a mention of hivepunks but I've been directing everyone to @punksonhive for the blog of that great hive punks project! We're just a hive punks project that didn't get to market in time :)

Oh. I did not know that. Thx. :)

Cool idea! I love it. Even though I never manage to get my hands on these kids of goodies. lol!

Great jobdone and congrats to those on the list

This is awesome
NFTs is invading the world

This is amazing, congratulations to everyone that made it. I can’t wait for the next phase.

That's awesome, you thought of everything! Nfts are the future!


Fantastic waiting for more
Good luck

I was a Steem OG but lost my Steem. Being that I played a pivotal rule in abating the abuse on Steem and the benefit that conferred to creating a good environment for Hive to bloom. Would be nice to get a feature. May not have been as busy as of late but think my work in the past if you were to examine it would speak for itself.

Moreover I was featured on the decrypt Justin Sun article. Not too many know I was one of the first to oppose the "regime change" while some witnesses were cozying up. The Blockchain doesn't lie. It's there. ✌️

You were supposed to be added in the first set. It just didnt pan out with the art. About a dozen chars were scrapped.
Ill def look to add you in the second set.

I am one of the many who didn't know about your feature in the decrypt article. I'm sure I read it but failed to follow you at the time. That just changed, nice to meet another one of the OGs.

Yeah buddy! Looking forward to our being featured on round 2. Got my eyes set on a Daltono NFT. 😉

Would seriously love to be immortalized as a Hive Folk. I wonder if we get one of these... can we vote for ourselves to be in round 2? hahaha
I want to own myself pretty badly.

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i'm so excited

hive has the best users so far

Amazing 🤩 we move on with full support. Keep this coming.

Boom 💥

Wish you all the best

This is some serious business. Congratulations in advance to the winners, and to myself, motivation to keep keeping on. good or bad we going to hive.

Great to hear about this!

This is a very good effort. We all expect the same.


Congratulations!!! These are big moves. I wish you all success and hope to be a part of this movement in anyway I can.

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