Today I read posts, and I think I should be paid more for it.. so I made a post for you to upvote

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Yep that’s right, today I consumed content.. on a content site.. a lot of it.. and I think I should be paid directly for doing so. I mean, I know the whole point of the site is to consume content I like, and I know I actually get rewarded (based on my stake) for curating it.. but that’s just not enough. And I don’t really want to make rewards for voting what adds value.. that’s too complicated.. I just want you to pay me to read it.

I mean I spent hours reading this one tag.. I mean there must have been like 20 posts that I had to go through in that tag to find the good stuff. Now it wasn’t really “undiscovered”, as most of it was on trending already, but I read them all for you.. and now I’m going to put the links here for you.. as a public service.

There is a steemfest happening

Steempeak did some stuff


There is a cool village

Good read by anyx

Pretty links, right?

Now I’m not going to ask you to go read them or support them.. as like I said - most are already trending. So just push that upvote button down there to reward me for my work.

No I didn’t write any of them, or even really curate them.. as my goal is not to get them seen. I just want to make a post for my blog, so I put them in this post, for you, so now you owe me money.

stop questioning me, this is a public service.

I mean it took me a few minutes and that is time I will never get back.. so just upvote this post to trending and we will call it fair. I mean because what more do outsiders want to see than a post on trending.. linking to all the other posts on trending.. right?

Oh and don’t worry, I got three more posts coming today that just link you to others peoples work too.. and I’ll need a check for those too.. as well as a pat on the back.

So just stick me on auto to make this easier and then I’ll have even more reason to crap out a few more posts like this, maybe I’ll up it to 6 posts a day to really get what I think I deserve. And no one can downvote me for being over rewarded because I’ll just say repeatedly how much value I add, and try to guilt people for not paying me to read posts.. so.. you can’t downvote me bro, that’s rude. I mean not as rude as taking advantage of autovotes by doing repetitive posts multiple times a day ... but it’s rude.

Because after all, this isn’t a site to consume content and there is no incentive to do so.. we gotta spam and milk those autos help add value whenever we can.

As the real goal is to grab all we can while the ship sinks.. make a place people want to come, right?

Who cares We care about longterm price of STEEM after all ...

See, I said “Steem” ... that means I care.

This is a snarky satire look at what I see on Steem lately. Take it how you want, I think we have a long way to go.

All rewards are being burned,

As quite frankly if it gets rid of some of the inflation this round to not go to this bullshit anymore then I count that as a good call for my investment in STEEM. Maybe I’ll burn links daily just to even it all out...🔥


like it when you get ironic or even sarcastic
just thought about giving my first downvote as an adequat ironic answer ... but I like upvoting too much 😉

Hahaha, a downvote would have been very welcome (and I promise some are incoming) ... I’m a big fan of those things that are ironic 😜

Tell me about it, today I stumbled across someone who had taken $25 out of the reward pool with some pictures of leaves. FUCKING LEAVES I tell you. They didn't even climb the goddammned trees to take the pictures - half of them were dead or dying on the ground.

HAVE SOME GODDAMMED RESPECT is what I thought to myself. These things are dying and you are taking PICTURES. Not very ethical if you ask me. Some were drowning, some were diseased. And these aren't any kind of pulitzer-prize winning shots. Seemed like the poster was taking advantage of the gratuitous nature of the situation that these poor leaves were having to go through. Made me feel sad and angry at that same time.

Actually, I think I might have seen some of these kinds of leave before so it's more than likely PLAGIARISM too. Just a fucking disgrace. Didn't even credit the fucking trees for creating the leaves. YOU CAN'T TAKE PICTURES OF SOMETHING THAT SOMETHING ELSE HAS CREATED WITHOUT PERMISSION OR CREDIT.

Reported to steemcleaners.

What a fucking liberty.


ded 🤣

Damnit you got me. 🙊

But dude.. did you make a post about the over rewarded plagiarism leaves you saw? Because if you didn’t, you are a Steem hater and single handily killing this place...

What kind of a monster are you? 😥

Maybe I will but the whole situation was so harrowing that i dont think i can bring myself to think about it again

Well then I will spare you the details of what I used for starter fuel for this fire..

i was here :)


You are my favorite LEGO man, I love when you show up. ❤️

Stand back though.. we are burning and I don’t want you to melt...

This is super funny and well written. Glad I was browsing around to see this.

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Haha, thanks.. glad I made you giggle at least 🙃

I’ve never considered autovoting anything of yours and that dates back to when you weren’t nothin but a ffarm.. or was it llarm? A pair of L’s and a farm—that’s who you’re not. 🤔 Can someone tell me how I got to this sentence?

Whoever you used to be and are today, this article is great and I didn’t auto upvote it either.

Great article @justineh.

I thought we were friends? 😥

thank you.

I just wish I could find more posts about Steem on Steem. It's like nobody ever writes anything about Steem on Steem anymore. Steem is a great place for writing about steem because we really like Steem. Steem. Steem SPAM spam spam. I upvoted your post because it was about steem. STEEM ON

Lol. I actually do appreciate some Steem content. When it’s informative or begins a discussion for those here.. but yes I wish we could break out of our echo chamber some times. Plus you get what you reward.. and it seems now we just get a lot of “yay Steem” videos for those auto votes etc.. it’s not ideal for sure.

Luckily I am glad to see a lot of different content being rewarded that maybe wasn’t before.. lots of individuals curating that weren’t before, etc. While it’s got a long way to go.. I see an improvement there at least.

My comment of course was a joke but as Aristotle once said ' Many a true word spoken in Jest' or maybe that was the Bible?!
I am also enjoying this NewSteem, it has breathed new life into the chain and made it seem possible again to be a successful content creator. The new tribes also have helped greatly. I am also looking forward to having my socks blown off by SMTs. It's all good news.

This is pretty spicy for a burn post.

Auto-voted and automated report posts is a gray area from me. As with any content, the question is in what perceived subjective value they add.

Also, I wouldn't want to take anything away from the technical expertise required to create some of these reports but eventually become a "set it and forget" approach.

In my opinion, there will come a point that the value of automation has been more than adequately compensated which in combination with autovotes can be kind of spammy.

If I spent time and coded a report that others found useful, I would like to be paid what is fair for the labor. Maybe they can hook it up a lil bit but not anything grossly over what is reasonable.

But what a lot of those automated are doing. They done paid. Twice over. Thrice over. And beyond. They can always decline rewards or burn rewards I suppose. 🤔

I will add that our bot takes a small percent for flag reports which I believe is like 1 or 2 percent IIRC. On top of regular post rewards from way back when, the account has made between 2-3k Steem Power.

Compared to the users pumping out bi-daily blockchain metadata posts, bet some are probably hitting tens of thousands.

All without having any necessity to engage or interact with people and the drama that comes with that.

Hmmmm. Maybe they are the smart ones. Jk jk

Lol, there is nothing quite like seeing someone ramp up their posting to meet the demands of their greed autovotes readers... :0D

Gotta keep those readers happy .. 😃 all the comments show how much they love the work.

Mirror image of my thoughts. HEY - don't forget to post this again in a few different posts in different languages to maximize the value you're bringing to us all who can't read them.

Congratulations @justineh!
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Not all votes are automated :)

I know, and thank you for that ❤️

But we are burning today, Mist. Get on board 🔥 😜

All the automated votes are surely automated.

Of course, You do know it MORE than me.




Nice angle here... Curation is one thing, selfish spam is another.

what more do outsiders want to see than a post on trending.. linking to all the other posts on trending.. right?


Thanks for the links!

Anytime! I’m committed to Steem and want to do this service (as long as the autos are flowing in of course). Have a good day!

Keep up the good work @justineh. All your efforts on Steem don’t go unnoticed.

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Haha, thanks. Just having a bit of fun 😜

Hope you are well!

Haha, oh god it’s funny because it’s true

And nice job on the null 🔥

😄 right?

Thanks! Burning some Steem seemed like a decent excuse to post a funny.

Hahaha! This is so funny! I love all the shade! 😂 😂😂

You got a 123.47% upvote from @gtg! Thank you for your support of our services. To continue your support, please follow and delegate Steem power to @null for daily hugs and cookies!

Wahooo! 🙌🏼 Thank you for supporting the project good sir.. and for helping to burn it all ... evil laugh 🔥😈



I'm going to include this post in my hourly curation notice.

Thank goodness, I was afraid no one would see it.

I manually curate all of my upvotes. I like the control really.

Haha! Such entitlement in your words... 😆
Appropriate tag too... #paymeforreadingbro

LOL (this vote was not automated)

Thank you for supporting the cause good sir 🔥


It’s mitrado

No I don’t, and he’s been unstable for years. He has harassed and threatened more people than I can count here. It’s what he does.

No he has been harassing me and sending me threats. He thinks my name is Justine hardy and pretends to doxx me.. he’s not very good at it clearly. He does this as part of his harassment and an attempt to intimidate me. Everything that comes out of his/her mouth are lies. One of those people who the platform would be better off without .. as now he is harassing many.

Pretty sure he hated Marky up until recently.. it’s not a Marky alt. Just another crazy person who’s mom probably needs to up his meds.