Steemit Openmic Week 102: I’m Glad There Is You

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Well fellow openmic ers. I really bit off more than I could chew this week. I’m not sure why I thought trying to learn a new standard, write horn parts for it, learn the horn parts (which are a bit above my pay grade) and record it and produce it in a few days was a good idea.

It was a great learning experience though. I haven’t done any jazz arranging since collage so that was cool. The intonation problems however are not. They’re not cool. I guess I’ve gotta hit the woodshed this week hard.

There’s some value to it though I think. Some bits are pretty nice.

Anyway. It’s time for bed. I hope this uploads fast.

Please forgive me.

(also here’s this if you’re curious about my process)


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Not bad, I like how the horns turned out! Not what you were going for by the sound of it but that’s ok. The visual effect is cool too, I wish I knew how to do stuff haha

Thanks man, I guess it just didn't match what I was hearing in my head, and I'm pretty sure it's because my intonation was all over the place on all the takes.

Is all good. My trombone skills are improving fast and the bass and vocals are just rusty. My bass was held hostage by a shady shipping company called shipping quest that told me it would be a month out and then it took 3. So I'm still getting my chops back.

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Wooh doggie! I love you guys 😘

(I really want a coquettish eyelash batting emoji for times like this, anyone got one for me?)

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Los efectos del video estan buenisimos, y trasmites mucha melancolia, realmente me gusto el video, ¡@shookriya! Cuentame ¿Cual fue tu sentimiento con el voto curie?

Muchas Gracias :) it is a bit melancholy as my partner is far away right now and we will be apart for 2 more months, but still happy that she is part of my life. Curie is an awesome force for good on this platform. They really made my day.

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uuuuhhh I adore this type of music because it transports me to another life. It's like a time machine. Thanks for sharing. I love the effect you achieved, having fun in 3, for the same song. It is fascinating.

Thank you, I always come back to classic jazz. So much style and emotion. Playing different instruments in the same song is helping me learn in New ways. Pretty cool...

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Wow, this has a unique vibe, I love the naturalness of your performance. It's great, maybe I'm attracted to this style because jazz is one of my passions, for me is one of the purest genres that exist ...

Thank you very much. I agree, jazz has a special place in my heart.

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Hey @shookriya, not bad at all. The horn sound great and I like how you edit the video with some visual effect. Is that a cello you played? It seems you good in musical instruments. How many musical instrument you knew?
The musical node is seems close but yet far from me hahaha.. I did learn organ 20 years back. So when I looked at the music node, i still remember some of it but not all :p. I hope I have patience to music that time, I have left behind music because of further study.

Congratulation on your curie vote.

Thank you my friend. That is an upright bass. Similar but bigger and lower pitched. I play some guitar, and electric bass as well. Reading music is like any other language I think. If you don't do it you forget but it comes back pretty quick.

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Thank you my friend. That is an upright bass. Similar but bigger and lower pitched. I play some guitar, and electric bass as well. Reading music is like any other language I think. If you don't do it you forget but it comes back pretty quick.

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Wow you really talented in music. You pick ed all music instruments same time or one by one? It not easy to learn all music instruments together. I learnt keyboard only already very challenged that time.

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hello there @shookriya.. I must admit that I can't hear the sound of the horn because your voice took over everything and the fingers snapping a bit annoying me, but You're good and talented! I like the arrangement.. maybe you should play it with the band too... Jazz is about improvisation anyway, right?

thanks for sharing and Keep Up your good work, wish you continued success!

Hah! Best comment so far. Thank you. The horns are quiet because I was trying to hide them and production skills are what they are. And I feel the same about the snap. I should have recorded it separately instead of with the vocals. As it is I can't adjust the two separately.

When I have a band we will play it. And yes improve is a big part of "jazz". But you don't want to hear me improvise in trombone yet ;)

Thanks for the honesty.

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But you don't want to hear me improvise in trombone yet ;)

I want to listen to your trombone.. as long as you don't sing! because I like your voice.. hahahaha and I can discard any other instrument that follows because of that, LOL! come on... do it with your confident, you're a talented musician, I can hear it from the contra-bass.

Fair enough, I've got something a little different planned for next week but after that I'll see what I can give you for some jazz improv. Thank you :)

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wiil wait for it @shookriya, I like jazz music and I'm following you for that

I am not an expert in music, but just listening to your performance even not knowing what you are going to sing it is really easy to recognize that this is jazz, your voice fits very well to that type of music, very nice sound and you can hold the tones very well. The horn in background gives its touch too. I would say, really good made, enjoyable and for those who can read the Notes that is a great opportunity to learn something from you too.

Thank you.

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