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Hello Fellow Foodies!

Easter is around the corner and I know you are planning your Easter weekend meals, but DESSERTS are always the guilty pleasure of a long weekend with family and friends.

This is your opportunity to get creative and share your most exciting Easter Custard inspired dessert with us! Check out the rules below.



  • Share your custard inspired recipe by posting in the Foodies Bee Hive Community.
  • Show us a picture of your pudding with you in it
  • Your recipe and presentation should be Easter inspired
  • Share the link to your post in the comments of this contest post (we don’t want to miss any entries!)
  • The contest will close in 7 days on Thursday evening 1st April.
  • And HASHTAG #custardcontest in your tags and post!



Massive thanks to @brittandjosie for being the inspiration and reason for this contest and going above and beyond by sponsoring the awesome prizes.

1st Prize 5 Hive
2nd Prize 3 Hive
3rd Prize 2 Hive


We can’t wait to see what you’re going to come up with!

Aaaaaaand GO!!!

All photos sourced from Canva and Unsplash.

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Ready to compete in this beautiful experience!!

Hi! @zo3d
I'm here on the recommendation of @brittandjossie
I will try to participate

Hi ladies, thank you so much for this EGGCiting contest!
Here is my very sweet entry; that's exactly how I feel now after having that last slice of cake;) - Easter Vanilla Custard Creme Gateau

Oh my gosh that looks incredible!!! And I’m definitely stealing your sponge recipe. Yummm! Thank you for your entry! 🤤

Thank you! It really is the best sponge recipe, it was in a very old "Wenresepte" recipe book. I think the ice water must be the secret ingredient, but really this sponge is fail-proof!
I'm sure more entries will still come in as it's still early and people often leave it to the last minute, as I sometimes tend to do;)

Yeahhhhhh this is so exciting!
I will for sure enter ofcourse without being one of the contestants and I will enter with this :

Wonderful that you did this, and I will spread the word 😉 in discord, ask daughter If knows the app

I'll check out discord later today! Just off for my first ever trail run!!!

I would add FOOD COOKING LADIESOFHIVE as extra tags 😉

The hanks so much!!! This is so exciting!

Could you send me a link of where to join discord? I’ve been searching can’t find the right place. Peakd have a chat facility and found the app but I don’t see you there.

No it is discord it is outside hive, but a lot of hivers use it

Cool I’ve joined discord. Now I need a link to join your discord!

Hmmm... Nice contest. I'm not a custard "expert", but maybe I can try. 😅

Join us! It will be a fun creative thing to do. I’m not an extravagant baker but I love rustic yummy puddings. Just find a way to get some custard in there 😉

This is a dessert I made on the weekend! I’ll be posting the recipe on the weekend 😘


PS. Here I cheated and used a box custard so do whatever you’re comfortable with.

@wynella are you entering the contest?? I’m sure you have amazing recipes up your sleeve!

I'm usually not too big on baking, but I do love custard and have a recipe or 2 up my sleeve! So I would love to!

Ooh! I can’t wait to see your post!!

I AM NOT COMPETING ! But ofcourse i am gonna enter and this is the blog

Good luck with the contest

That looks fabulous!

@yiobri what are you going to make for the contest??

@fionasfavourites & @joanstewart @giantbear @steemiteducation @edenmichelle I know you will have awesome recipes up your sleeve!!’ Bring on the good old South African goedspa 😁

Gonna have to think about this. I luurve custard but not a great dessert fan. Let's see !

Common ladies! We still have a couple days to make a yummy pudding for your contest entry!!!

@lizelle Easter what are you making for the contest this weekend???

Got my thinking cap on, your contest announcement looks awesome @zo3d, I'll be there😉

Yay! Can’t wait!

This should be awesome considering it has EGGS in it!! To amplify your awesome, I have sent you 50 #foodie Tokens to add to your prize pool!

Screenshot from my HiveEngine Wallet

Hopefully, more people will join in! So have some !LUV and a little !wine covered in @tipu curate

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Aaaaw! You’re a gem! Thank you!

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Aaaaaah! I LUV this!!! And this post has finally helped me to figure out where to find my tokens and wallet 😂. It’s taken me a while. Thank you so much!

Here’s a link to my new pudding recipe smothered in CUSTARD!!!!

Hello Hello.! Here is my entry to the contest:

Thank you very much, it was a new side to explore in the kitchen! Greetings.