2 minutes daily Yoga Workout "Back Exercise"

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As it sometimes happens, you have no desire or time to go to the studio. Nevertheless, you should do daily a few minutes of exercise to stay physically and mentally fit.

The 2 minutes "Back Training Yoga Workout" is ideal to put it in between.

It consists of 4 exercises, each lasting 30 seconds.

The full exercise description is directly linked under the pics.

The Training:

  • 30 seconds Hamstring Achilles tendon stretching
  • 30 secondsLeg and butt yoga training
  • 30 seconds Yoga belly training Exercise
  • 30 seconds Yoga warm-up hands to toes

    Of course the exercises did not replace a full workout, but they are very well suited for sitting a lot and moving a bit.

    The exercises are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced athletes.

    Regular repetitions improve the effect.

    If you like the training I would be very happy for resteems :)


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    I will not be able to do this as well as you do @freddio, but I will try it and attempt to improve. I surely sit too much, and my back knows it!

    @tipu curate 2

    Thank you,
    I think if you try the lessons on a regular basis, you will get fast better and better :)

    if you like you can look on my office yoga exercises. https://steemit.com/palnet/@freddio/11-yoga-exercises-for-the-office

    These are perfect for a fast office work out.

    @freddio looks great, did You ever considered joining touchit.social?

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