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This is a Public Notice to state on our website that the Coordinateors of the #SteemPhippines ( Group & Meetups have completely left the Steem blockchain & community in favor of HIVE.

This isn't to say that some of our members don't still use STEEM, nor are we requiring or trying to require our members to leave STEEM, but due to the outright censorship of the STEEM blockchain & blatent theft (of over $5,000,000 USD worth of crypto-currency) by @steemit / @justinsuntron, most of our core members have completely or almost completely sold off their STEEM holdings in favor of other investments and/or things.

We are now focused on the HIVE-based micro-blogging DAPP that we started together.

If you want to learn more about it, visit our announcemnt post here:

P.S. We will fully support a qualified community leader for #HIVEPhilippines and @bearone or @pinoy.viajero are possible candidates.

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Good to see that you're focusing your efforts on Hive primarily instead of doing both. It's a lot of work to run a community on both!

This is great news @chrisrice :)

First the censorship and then the eventual theft.. Steem wasn't the blockchain we all knew, loved and worked so hard to promote anymore.

I'm loving the Filipino resurgence on HIVE at the moment. I'm seeing lots of old bloggers coming back and new ones joining Hive. A few of the old Steemit accounts are uniting under @hiveph and thanks to the consolidation of power we find ourselves with a healthy amount of HP for the community.

Thank you for the vote of confidence but I'm too busy to lead and give the community the attention and time it deserves. These days I'm more a custodian than a leader.

That said, I am hoping we can discuss a merger of sorts and the hivephilippines domain :)

Thank you so much for the recommendation @chrisrice, i've been wanting to actually touchbase with you this past months but never got the chance to do it because of work. I have been a tad bit busy of late. I will restart my discord account again so I can message you. Hope we can touchbase soon. 😊

Your welcome @pinoy.viajero.

I haven't been too active on the blockchain reading content outside of D.Buzz but I have noticed some of your content throughout this last year.

And from what I can tell, you'd also he able to talk, network and communicate with others.

I will restart my discord account again so I can message you.

We can also try a video call on FB when both of us are free and relaxed enough to connect 👍