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The Baltic Sea, near Liepupe, Latvia, Northern Europe

Wake me up when September ends? How to describe the past two weeks? Turtle escapism in its own shell and meh. I could probably write a couple of whiny paragraphs on how life sucks and then you die, but I refuse to add more to the misery sweeping the world. We are all mostly depressed or in denial these days. But no more of this crappy crap of crappiness! Wake up and smell the coffee!

It’s the little things. Said a good friend of mine recently. As trading in cabbage rows for the beach for a day and listening to the waves crash against the coastline. Catching the glimpse of the vastness of the sea and the horizon. A tiny change of scenery can do so much for us sometimes. I wasn’t even aware of how much I needed that until my feet hit the white sand.

So when you find yourself in a moment to reflect on what has truly kept you from joining the world of madness, this is what I can think of for myself. Succeeding to start the day in the morning and having a quiet time with a cup of coffee. Working outside in the garden even though it has been quite a challenge due to the sheer volume of how much I took on this year and struggled to keep up. Simply going for walks in nature has been the healing powerhouse for me. Spending time in the mind space of being creative and all that awesomeness la la land. And last, but not least, learning something new.

But then here is another list, which does the opposite. Neglecting sleep until the sunrise. Avoiding leaving the room for days. Falling down the rabbit hole of distraction from reality aka entertainment. Having the attitude of meh about everything. Avoiding socializing. Drowning in the constant feed of negativity portrayed by the media and other crazies across the globe. Giving in the desperation of how things will just get worse. Why knowing all this I still find myself doing these things? Eh.

Some days are darker than others. It is not always easy to stick with the first list, but our choices determine a lot about our wellbeing and it is something we all should think about. Feeling shitty? What are you up to then? Make the changes. Feeling great? What are you doing? Appreciate it and focus more on that.

Anyways, here are some shots from the day by the sea! Hope you will enjoy them! ^^

Yay! I found juniper trees in the forest nearby! I love, love the scent of juniper!

Song of the day: yeule - Poison Arrow


Juniper smells really nice! The antidote for meh days is nature, so you started well by walking in nature and meditating about life.

The sea looks amazing, it must feel very relaxing to hear the waves

I fell in love with the scent when I was still in school and visited a place in Estonia, where juniper trees grow all over the place there and they had a shop with beautiful items made out of juniper. The entire shop smelled amazing!

Yea, sometimes I imagine living by the sea some day, but then the sea can also get quite stormy and scary. It would take some getting use to that side of it too. Getting over the fear or surrender to the power of nature forces.

Oh I see what you're saying. Storms are nice to enjoy in the comfort of one's home, as long as they are not distructive

What a peaceful place! I love spending time on the beach away from crowded places. Seeing so many people on the beach it's just not my thing!

Cheers to that! Not a crowd person either. Well I don't mind my people usually, but having strangers around is a different experience entirely. I usually prefer being in quiet solitude most of the time.

I think the second to last is my favourite today.

It seems so calm out there, where is everyone?

The sea is a bit tricky in that spot. There are many underwater rocks there, it is hard to navigate them in the water and they are quite sharp, so I think most people got to places where the rocks aren't the issue and then of course the distancing also keeps people away likely. For us the rocks weren't the issue unless you want to walk in the water instead of swimming. Also not having many people around especially around the sunset time was pretty nice xD Maybe a bit spooky, but still nice.

For us the rocks weren't the issue unless you want to walk in the water instead of swimming.

Were you swimming? It is too cold here now imo.

A lonely beach is always welcome - I miss the sea.

Yes. First time and probably the last time this summer even though I live close to the lake, lol. The lake is a different story, so many people and kids, and no one distancing or wearing the masks. So I haven't gone there entire summer. Maybe paranoia over the top, but heh.

It is getting colder by day now here as well. Not long until the first frost probably xD

Aww, how far is it from where you are? Are there any nice beaches in Finland?

We are about 200 kilometres from the sea - and we didn't have a chance to go this summer. We wanted to take Smallsteps to a proper beach with some waves - next year I guess =)

Aww. Hopefully the situation will be a lot better next year. She will have a blast, I am sure :)

Yeah I hope so. Who knows, perhaps we will find a way to your beach :)

Its a hard time in the world right now. So much negativity that its hard not to get sucked into it. I feel like we are slowly moving into that time of year that can be difficult as well - colder weather and shorter days of more darkness. I can feel the seasonal depression slowly creeping in. Its strange in a way that we can know all the reasons why we might feel a certain way. We may even know the things we should avoid what we "should" be doing to make us feel better - in theory. Yet knowing the reasons doesn't change the feeling and doing the things that "should" work doesn't always help any either. Its nice that you are able to see some beauty in the world despite not feeling great.

Thank you for stopping by @leaky20!

It is truly hard to avoid as it comes in from every direction. Even if you are lucky enough not to find it by yourself someone else does for you and then you start looking as well xD

I can feel the air already changing here and the nights are getting colder. I find myself reaching for warmer socks and sweaters past few days. My hope is that perhaps the autumn will be the pretty kind, not the rainy kind where everything turns grey and ugly in a few days, but will see. It certainly affects us no doubt.

You are so right. Practice and theory doesn't always match.

Hope you are doing well! Hugs

I'm hoping for a pretty fall as well. We get enough rain and grey sky in the winter lol


I like you too kitty! hugs

Beautiful scenery at the sea! It looks peaceful and relaxing. Yeah! It's really good to walk on the white sand with bare feet. I love this very much, too.

The sunset over the sea in your photos are very magnificent. The reflection of sunlight on the water is gorgeous. Great capture!

You were so lucky to experience it by yourself... Very excellent moment! ;)