Take a minute to vote for Hive on stakingrewards.com!

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Only a couple days left for the poll so it's time to tally as many votes as we can get to vote for Hive! I think it would be a shame to not win this as the current #1 is a rather unknown crypto which I'm pretty sure mainly consists of bot votes. I mean it's not even Tron but behaves the same way in this regard. :p

So let's show them what a real community of real users can do!

Follow these few and simple steps:


Let's get us back to #1 :)

Please share your screenshot here in the comments after you've voted for Hive to receive an upvote from me and possibly others reading this.

It's always nice to have Hive listed in more places!


Keep logging every day! It counts every 24h to get hearts... not sure if that get us more hearts... but I think so!

I don't think, it allows to vote again, I had voted earlier, and now logged in , don't see the option to vote again ?

Me neither, but I keep getting hearts every time I log in... so that might be going towards the voting...

Check my tweet and make your own research...

Yes, the best approach is to not vote right away, but instead accumulate hearts every 12hrs. Then vote on last day, before the cutoff time.

Gahhh!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I wish I knew this yesterday!

They have a bug! big one! super exploitable!

Aw jeez... That's probably how Free TON got the trophy this time

yeah.... most likely... they don't seem to have that many "active" geeks that would vote for this IMO... They don't seam to want to reply to any of my tweets... almost "pretending" like I am invisible.

Hopefully not, and I will get a reply, but I usually have a good feeling about things like these... and smell is usual very characteristic when there monopolistic strategy.

Ah! No one told me as I voted immediately.

Keep logging every day! It counts every 24h to get hearts... not sure if that get us more hearts... but I think so!

Keep logging every day! It counts every 24h to get hearts... not sure if that get us more hearts... but I think so!

Keep logging every day! It counts every 24h to get hearts... not sure if that get us more hearts... but I think so!

I did already today, however, I cannot vote again, so I am not sure if our logging in ❤️ are counting. I hope so, but right now the other one is in the lead 😿

Yeah, I have asked them how does the vote counting works... I am getting ❤️ every day but not sure if they are counting towards the vote (that can't be changed once voted).

So, it does add the hearts every day that I log in?

Yes! every 12 hours apparently... I have now read this page and I understand how things work!


What can I do with HEARTS?
HEARTS can be redeemed for perks on the website. Today we are offering 2 perks, where you can swap HEARTS for our very first exclusive-edition Staking Rewards merch. We will continue to offer additional perks very soon.

Secondly, you will be able to vote, where 1 HEART = 1 Vote. We may run votings for new listings on Staking Rewards and/or others. The details are to be announced soon.

So, basically you will accumulate hearts and then when you vote on the last day, all the hearts count as that vote!!! Bahhhh this voting system is not goood... I can just create accounts accumulate... and then massive vote!


Which asset do you want to see listed on Staking Rewards next?
10 = 4.64 Votes
By voting you keep your HEARTS. Voting Weight is based on the 1.5 square root of your HEARTS balance at the time of voting. You can only vote once, and voting cannot be undone. Read more

FYI @acidyo

That's kinda what I thought. And what is probably happening with that Free TON token - unfortunately. Sorry, I like to help our Hive, but I'm not making any more accounts than I already have 🤣

Yeah... let's hope we can have another try again... still time to vote... so lets see how it ends up.

There is no email account verification so, you can just keep creating lots of email/accounts and vote.

Voted.... Now it's going to the 🌚🌝


Keep logging every day! It counts every 24h to get hearts... not sure if that get us more hearts... but I think so!

Ya let's try AMAP. and yes I've been doing this for regular basis

I think it counts... but I can't verify... the count does not add up.. if only 10 hearts per vote! And I keep winning hearts per time I log in...

Me too. There it was clearly written that you can vote once and it counted as 1.5 square of the total hearts

I have 20 hearts, but I can't use them.

I have 30... and I think it counts/adds 10 per day

Can we vote twice?

What I could find right now.. because I don't know exactly how the voting systems works... is that if you log every 24 hours, you get more hearts... but if those counts towards the voting system you have voted on, I don't know... or even if they have some kind of stake... like if when you vote on the next stuff, you will somehow more "power"....

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Voted, HIVE to the top 1 👏


Keep logging every day! It counts every 24h to get hearts... not sure if that get us more hearts... but I think so!

Following your lead!


We are back in first place!

I will also share this in a post today.

Keep logging every day! It counts every 24h to get hearts... not sure if that get us more hearts... but I think so!



Done, Voted!


I did it! Hive is now #1!



There we go - Hive is where it should be :D

Keep logging every day! It counts every 24h to get hearts... not sure if that get us more hearts... but I think so!

😄🎉👇 Listo! Hive en el 1🥇


Done!! We are first on there at the moment of posting this

I just voted too, Hive is in front now!


Voted! We're gonna make it :)

Hi. I just did my part in driving hive to the moon.
I'm so excited about this...

Vote for my beautiful community <3


My vote is ready! Go, go $hive


Hive has got my vote anytime, any day.

Thanks @cescajove for the remembrance. @jay-one, @projectmamabg, @maryjacy, @brutalisti, come for and do the vote for our Hive.

Where I can do this?


Done! Thank you @mrenglish for sharing this.

How did you do this

Read the main publication there are 3 points to follow. After the registration you must approve the account via mail. And then you vote.

Okay thanks


Hive is now ahead!

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You're in the wrong neighbourhood, mate! xD



I just casted my vote.
Hive is up so, let's push it higher


Done! Let's show them the power of the Hive community! Still two days until it ends, we can't slack off!

Screenshot 2021-06-01 at 20.02.59.png

Voted let's keep growing hive! So many possibilities here

My 3rd, we'll win this because we will! #HailHive #FuckFreeTon

PD: I'm not really doing it to get an upvote, so don't worry, Acid!


Hi, dear @acidyo

Here is my vote for Hive hehe


A Hug

This only takes a minute or two to do! I voted a couple of days ago and Hive was in the lead at that point. Apparently, you can sign up today and vote tomorrow with more hearts for a more powerful vote... but the chance of forgetting and missing the deadline would be risky. I am going to reblog this post so more people will hopefully participate.




Voted sir acidyo 😇😇


Looks like this post drove plenty of traffic over to this site. Hive kicking ass now!

vote proof.PNG

Ok done




I'm ready!


#HIVE ganando

Come on hive! with everyone's help we will win!😊


liiistooo hive en primr lugar

Done the vote...oh, so close!


Hello listo mi voto.
voto hive.JPG

Ready ✔️😊



Hive you're the best, The winner

voto hive.JPG

StakingrewardsHivevote2021-06-01 200254.gif

Vamos hive muchos corazones para ti...

my vote @acidyo

Yes! We're back in first place with a strong lead! Glad I did my part and voted.


There you go. Hive is leading. :)


have my bit of sand good luck in the competition.





Hello dear friend @acidyo good night
I appreciate you sharing this information.
I have generated my vote, now we are leading
Have a beautiful night

voto por hive II.jpg

One more to keep it on top!

Voted. Now and forever Hive N°1 and with advantage.


Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 1.39.05 PM.png






Hive to the moon is an understatement


Voted! ☑️


With a good lead 🎉🎉🎉

Hive Thrives...


Have a great day!

my vote

Done. Long live the Hive! 😊


Done! 😊


It's neck and neck


done! :)



Come on hive! with everyone's help we will win!😊


Sorry for the double comments, my internet is acting up.

Done, Hive is ahead!

Screenshot_20210602-085458_Samsung Internet.jpg



Wuhu, done <3


Hive's gonna win! 🚀✌


Just voted. However, every time I refresh the results page, it gives significantly different numbers. One minute Hive is 2588 and Free TON on 2471, and the next its Hive: 2579 to Ton: 2387.

Every refresh gives a different result. Very weird, and kind of undermines confidence in the vote :(

Checked back and Hive is now in second :( - but not by much - I've put up a tweet to help get the word out.

SelfUpvoted to get awareness... will be following some users here that bring this to a larger scale!

Massive thanks to anyone! =) This is an amazing movement... so many people... crazy!

@acidyo we need to strike back... we forgot (including myself) to say that this could be voted every day...


A bunch of bots I trying to win us!

It can't be voted every day, you can collect hearts every day and then vote for Hive with more hearts but with just 2 days left I figured it could backfire to ask people to sign up today and vote tomorrow since many would forget.

Yeah... but I think hearts are counting... towards the voting... not sure yet!

Someone said they aren't but yeah not sure either.

Either way... will wait to see this tomorrow... I think the other guys are using bots... their community has nothing compared to ours... so does not make sense.

Copy me next time please (if you remember), so I can expand the post quicker, either via internal post or via other networks.

I checked their website and I can't find the community giving them this votes, and sure they are using bots or they are buying votes.

yeah... I could not verify any kind of community as well... so it might be some kind of automated format... I am trying to do some research.


Done ☑️
I just voted. Good to see hive been listed



all in


my vote for HIVE