OCD POSH Curation Compilation #803

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Authored by @ybanezkim26

OCD POSH Curation Report #803

Hello everyone! This is the 803rd compilation post of OCD POSH Curation initiative. This compilation post is the start of the new scheme that aims to improve how PoSH is done. In a nutshell, PoSH is about sharing content mainly on Twitter and our aim is to incentivize that. The old scheme was good because we have reached 634 compilations, but it defeats the purpose of "giving and receiving" because no one cares about others' posts anymore. The end goal was to receive an OCD upvote by sharing one's post on Twitter. This new scheme hopefully brings back the concept of "giving and receiving".

With this new scheme, you can no longer share your posh links on #twitter-posh channel. Instead, you are incentivized to share others' posts to Twitter and then share the posh comment (containing your Twitter share) on the post to the daily compilation posts like this one. For more information, you can thoroughly scrutinize the following posts:

Here are the posh comments curated:

PoSH Sharer: @kstreet
PoSH Comment Link: https://peakd.com/@poshtoken/re-newsc0rpi0-mythic-almost-f2p-series-dollar20-or-below-decks-d55315
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #fitness

PoSH Sharer: @bluevibes
PoSH Comment Link: https://peakd.com/hive-130560/@poshtoken/re-sugarelys-aggtnibt-1930
POSH Link:

Relevant Tag(s): #mushroom, #photography, #content, #Blog, #mushrooms, #amazing, #FungiFriday

Suggestion: Use English tags.

We encourage you to visit these blogs and show these great Hivers your support.

PoSH Guide and Curation Criteria:

1. Share someone's post on twitter (can't be your own).
2. Make sure that tag usage is appropriate on Twitter, not only $/#hive but also other relevant tags to the content.
3. When @poshtoken leaves a comment under the post you shared, you copy the link to that comment.
4. Paste the comment link under the latest POSH Curation Compilation posts of @ocd (like this one).
5. Make sure the post you're sharing that you want possible curation on is not older than 6 hours to give us time to curate it. If it's older than 24 hours we will probably skip it but your comment may still get a vote if it was tweeted properly. (Your comment being the @poshtoken comment with your tweet, as it will send you the rewards after 7 days - but don't selfvote these).
6. From now on, hashtags are not enough. You should add in your tweet some descriptions why you're sharing a particular post.
7. We will only upvote one (1) posh link per user per day.

Did you know that sharing your posts to Twitter will not only give you a chance of POSH curation but also let you earn some PoSH tokens? The number of tokens earned will be proportional to the engagements of your Twitter link (likes and retweets). While the PoSH token has no value yet, plans about the token have been shared by this post. You can find more about the token on the website, as well as information on how many others are registered and are sharing Hive links daily. Instructions on how to register can also be found on the website. Supplemental information about the registration can be found in this post. If you encounter difficulties during registration, you can always message in OCD's Discord channel.

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You can delegate to @ocdb for daily liquid hive returns from curation rewards.

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