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On Christmas Eve 2020 I was summarily deplatformed from Twitter for sharing the original copy of this article: https://hive.blog/proofofbrain/@francesleader/email-exchange-with-mhra-sarscov2-mrna-genomic-sequence-is-synthetic-3rd-edition

At 8.10pm this evening (on New Year's Eve, 31st December 2021) I was given the same treatment by Discord and Facebook.
Last year I wrote about this cancel culture which was creating modern martyrs and silencing all the dissenting voices worldwide.

What is my sin, you may ask?
Am I advocating violence? Insurrection? Treason?
No, I am not.
I am adamantly informing people of the risks around electro-magnetic radiation which produces the same symptoms as we are told equate to "Covid" and all its "variants".

I am warning that 5G roll out has coincided with the apparent spread of this "virus". I am also explaining why schools, hospitals and municipal buildings are dangerous health hazards because they have been ornamented with 5G towers & antennae.

In addition to being ostracised & cancelled from social media, my home is targeted with pulsed electro-magnetic radiation which has caused my already fragile health to deteriorate further.

From August to October the strong pulses were detectable by a meter from 1pm until 4.30pm on weekdays.
In November I began to develop extreme flu-like symptoms which are still lingering but slowly decreasing. I have been very unwell but treated myself with ginger, honey and lemon teas.
I add a lot of garlic and turmeric to my food anyway and I like to drink tonic water with quinine to keep my blood free from parasites and clots. I use only distilled water for drinks and cooking.

I have not been vaccinated with anything since the 1960s and have not consulted allopathic doctors for many years. I prefer herbal remedies which have always proven to be far more effective when dealing with common ailments.

I recommend people to read the book Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg which he briefly discusses here:

I also recommend that people to look at the work of Dr. Magda Havas, a small clip of which is here:

You can see an archive of evidence which I have compiled here:

Additionally I have written a large number of articles on Hive.blog which cover these matters and more. I invite you to investigate my work and comment or share.

Please help disseminate this knowledge and keep the topic under discussion.
Don't let the taboo persist until people like me are forgotten or worse, targeted to death.


You are welcome to email me on: [email protected]


Hello Frances, I just wanna tell you that you're blocked in Twitter in the way that if I post the link to this Hiveblog, and when people push click, it appears as THIS PAGE DOES NOT EXIST. A follower told me as yesterday I posted it.

But, today I realized that you're still here, it's just that Twitter makes something that when clicking your page it appears as this account doesn´t exist....

Greetings from Mexico

Muchisimas gracias!
Your information confirms comments made by other friends. We must soldier on against these controllers even though they employ such vicious lies against us.
Happy New Year to you & all of Mexico! xx

Wish you the best and thanks for rescuing Sean Hross.

Thank you for your courage to express your understanding forthrightly and cogently.

Free energy from the ether was harvested by the tartarians ( atlantes ) all over the world before last mudflood happened ( ~1850 ) .
Our history is hidden and all is mostly lies .
Triphase electricity ( from so called Tesla ) is new and very expensive for us to give our energy into the saturnian cube .
I had to stop that first video because it all started on wrong bases .
2nd video , i do understand , but something in our vibration is unique, for everyone and does not react the same for everyone .
I have tried living with different foods , places , cities , timings , nutruitions , plants …. Internet no internet , phone no phone , electricity no electricity , noises no noise .
I have felt exactly the same .
One thing is different , some people belong to cities , some to beaches , some to mountains and some to countrysides . This point needs to be aknowledged because of vibrational value and vibrational beings is what we are no matter how you see it , physically , emotionally,
Spiritually, mentally .

Thanks for the info ... only people I know who think like us are on the computer. I am surrounded with compliers. Be well Frances.

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John O'Looney (whistleblowing funeral director) was attacked in a similar way!
Hear what happened:

Dear Frances,
I respect your hard word and your amazing strenght and life.
I wanna tell you this information with all respect to you and your audience, but they need to know the truth, maybe you already know.
ARTHUR FIRSTENBERG IS A CHEATER, A BAD PERSON. Why? He first was working together with Claire Edwards, one of the first persons fighting against 5G years ago before the pandemic, she had the website 5Gspaceappeal.org What happened is that Arthur Firstenberg started to make bad things, he infiltrated into the organization people involved very closely with the high ranks of the Club of Rome and the UN. So, now we can't trust the real and honest advises and they're here to disinform.... Here I attached the link of the official communication by Claire Edwards about what happened to her, as she's really honest and didn't agree to involve the evil inside her organization. And she's done a great job on advising people about 5G dangers. Her new website is:

And her website for example is banned in Gab.com so strange right?

Here is the link with the official communication about the Hijack of the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space by the depopulationist Club of Rome's Worldshift organisatiion:

Thank you and keep fighting Frances, thank you for your work.
María from Mexico

Hi Frances, Arbz here signed up just to say hello hope you are well, wasn't easy whatever I was at- may not be able to get back in if I log out ;)
2 Christmas/New Years in a row they've taken you down! Unbelievable

excellent article to launch in an EMF newbie like me into the invisible harms enamating from all around us.