27 Facts about Rabona

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Some milestones are forgotten when you are focused on your work. Therefore, we have compiled some interesting highlights and numbers for you. Have fun!

Okay, let's go...

  • There are over 320 monthly active managers and a total of 426 registrations.
  • The top 20 ranking on State of the DApps is quite stable.
  • The first collectible was sold for 100 million RBN to @thebluewin.
  • There are 366 members on the Discord server.
  • Managers earning significant amounts of HIVE such as here and here.
  • Hundreds of articles can be found under the hashtag #rabona.
  • There are 150 followers on Twitter.
  • We're modifying the Google search results for the keyword Rabona.io.
  • We have already distributed 10,512 HIVE rewards.
  • 1,728 players for a total of 403.5 million RBN have been sold on the market.
  • Bluewin 1860 (@thebluewin) has won the League of Champions four times.
  • Since the beginning of the year, managers have made 41k transactions.
  • On average, managers perform 5.5 actions/transactions per day.
  • 35,300 players have been scouted, and 12,936 have been signed.
  • A total of 122,616 matches were played.
  • A total of 24936 training sessions were conducted.
  • Most trained formations: 433 (2997), 4231 (2382), 442 (1036), 451 (742), 352 (431).
  • Most trained skills: END (3823), PAS (3692), DEF (3106), SPD (2314), SHT (2245).
  • The lineup with the most points per game in the LoC so far was 442.
  • Most goals: Agripinos FC (@warnas) shot 10 goals in one match (ID).
  • Most goals: AC Piggericks (@jelly13) shot 10 goals in one match (ID).
  • Most goals: Phoenix Incantatem (@simplifylife) shot 10 goals in one match (ID).
  • The highest win ratio has the club Chorock FC (72%).
  • The oldest players are 32.4 years.
  • Best defender: P-ZD2MBHA7XIO
  • Best midfielder: P-ZVK6NI8E3TS
  • Best attacker: P-ZCQOXAF92KG

About Rabona

Rabona is a massive-multiplayer online soccer management game built on the Hive blockchain. Decide how to build and develop your team, take on the role of the head coach of your team, and manage the financials of your club. Lead your club to the top of the league, and become the champion!

If you have any questions, join our Discord server or use the comments below.

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Wow.. Really interesting to know the fun facts. The inspire to make Our way to them as well. Thanks for such a good experience.

Thanks for so much commitment. (:

The oldest players are 32.4 years.

Wow! People maintain them playing that long! I usually sell mine around 27-29 years.

A few of my players are that old 😂

That's definitely efficient management.

It can well be a valid strategy to sign older players for free and keep them for a few years.

Never had a very good look. Maybe 🤔

For sure as a starting point for new players it can be a huge advantage.

Actually, a 10 goal game happened in the League of Champions as well


Correct. Edited. Thanks!

A match to be remembered ;-)

Rabona is a Lovely multiplayer online soccer management game. I love this type of team.

thank you so much!

You are most welcome

You are working well on the blockchain HIVE. Thank you @rabona for distributing hives

Sad i am not part of a record but thought this could be the highest home defeat in history of LoC maybe? Damn @thebluewin - I got destroyed.

Lol. LoC is brutal 😄


We could add...

Most destroyed keyboards
Most swear words

Just kidding. (:


Another one... alied to this one...

35,300 players have been scouted, and 12,936 have been signed.

"Most consecutive signs and non-signs..."

I definitely don't sign every third scouted player.

I am like 10ths and then give up.

The sign number also includes the signed players which were on the market after their contracts had expired or been canceled.

Hummm.. i think 🤔 people I loving these statistics 📊

Sound like a great thing to add later to the front end and the add tons of sharing options for people to post about it. 😎

Good idea lol

Ouch, that hurts ;-)

it heavily did especially as I thought to have an intelligent formation to at least kill that game (given my 2 previous home victories 6-0 and 7-1) but the opponent was smarter with a last minute move :-)

I think you are doing a really great job with the game, @oliverschmid and @rondras.

Working the math behind the match engine and testing different formulas is a lot of fun for me. There are probably a few players working with Excel and using their own formulas to calculate the real strength of a player. That's what I am doing at least. It's great NOT to know how the match is calculated exactly. We have to collect data and create our teams depending on our experience.

Introducing the NTF players with the reverse auction was a great idea I wasn't expecting.

Interesting statistics! I hope HIVE will attract many new users in this bull run leading to many more clubs in Rabona. That would be a lot of fun.

Keep on doing your thing making the game better and better.

I appreciate your comment and I'm grateful for your support since day one.

Keep on doing your thing making the game better and better.

We will. Thanks, Blue. :)

thank you @thebluewin - we will try our very best!

This is also a very good advertising reality of the game!

On average, managers perform 5.5 actions/transactions per day.

Who told me this from the beginning... was really spot on! Really appreciate the valuable communication/clarification you guys do. Super transparent!

A healthy balance of actions/transactions per day has a high priority for us. This is a constant process. This is therefore tricky because you can always go in-depth if you want.

Thanks for recognizing and acknowledging this point.

@tipu curate

You are welcome! Second best game in HIVE for me! ❤️

Rock on!! 💪🏻💪🏻

These are strong stats and will only get better in time. Once the tournaments are opened up and Bank of Rabona will be released, I am sure will create more dynamics in the game and keep the players within it. Happy to be here and see how everything evolves for the better!

I feel interesting in Rabona. Many matches were played. The game seems to be doing fine. It's a football

Hope to see you in the leagues.

Thank you for inviting

Be welcome to give it a try.

I need to get my franchise out of negative...

You definitely should. If you need help, join our Discord server.

Yeah , @rabona, a part of daily life .

You are the best! (:

Love this milestones idea! Keep it going guys!

Thank you @simplifylife - it is also great to share information on the game with you and to see how deeply you are trying to get into the game mechanics!

Call it a curse, but I have this extreme need to have to understand stuff....it's always been that way for me and I say it's a curse because when you don't understand something it gets pretty frustrating! So expect me to bother you a lot more hehe ;)

You're always welcome.

There are over 320 monthly active managers and a total of 426 registrations

That's an insane retention rate considering it's already few months old.

I am quity happy with it myself - itis normal that some people try it out and then move on, but at >75% I think we are doing very well.

maybe as it is the best game on the blockchain and soccer is simply soccer - no way to ever retire from the game :-)

Yes! (:
We have a whole range of 'anti-debt-measures' planned. This should get some players back active.
That will take place after the Tournaments module.

I read with interest. Maybe one day I'll enter the statistics. :D

for sure you will - I hope on the positive side ;-)

of course on the positive side :D

Thank you for your good wishes.

Really interesting facts!

Is there a record for most goals scored in a match by a player?


Another record could be most goals scored in a season


If I'm giving Tim's (@rondras) statement correctly, it's difficult with the structure of our current API to show player-level-data.

This is indeed difficult to get as the data is not in the database in a structured way - I would need to write a skript to get this data - might do this at some point in the future!

You are working well on the blockchain HIVE. Thank you @rabona for distributing hives

You're welcome. (:

Interessante Statistik!

Bis bald!

Liebe Grüße Michael


Zweifelsohne. (:

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Keep up the good work!

I learned something today... I rarely if ever focused on endurance. Maybe I should train it every once in a while. :)

I don't think this is a bad idea.

These are cool facts. Keep it up! It's fun to play rabona!

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YaY! (:
Give me them badges.

My goalkeeper is that old. I won't be renewing his contract though.
Good stuff.

I can imagine that could be an awesome game to play on a smartphone in breaks. I don't like soccer but that market is huge ( and valuable) and can bring new people to hive.

I wish rabona and team the best. The stats going in the right direction!

Thanks for the motivating comment. (:

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