The NEW and IMPROVED @randowhale! All STEEM will be BURNED!

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That's right, all STEEM sent to @randowhale and all curation SP earned will be sent to the @null account and permanently removed from circulation!

Here's how it works:

  • Send 2 STEEM to @randowhale - include the URL to the post you would like to have voted on in the "Memo" field.
  • If @randowhale has sufficient voting power, you will receive a random % vote between 1%-100% on the post you requested. (Higher probability to receive lower % votes.)
  • Upon placing a vote, the STEEM that was sent to @randowhale will be sent to the @null account (bye bye STEEM!).
  • If @randowhale does not have sufficient voting power, you will receive a refund and will not receive a vote.

Please Note:

  • If you abuse this beautiful creature, you will be blacklisted at my discretion, no questions asked.
  • There is a blacklist. If you're a spammer, you're probably on it.
  • This is intended to be fun, not profitable. If you're expecting profit, please do not submit any requests.
  • @randowhale will be regularly powered down, and all STEEM sent to @null.

Is it possible I could get a 1% vote? Or, a 100% vote?

  • Yep, but, you have a better chance of receiving a small vote than a large vote. That's just how it has to be.
  • This could change at any time, depending on the amount of STEEM Power delegated to @randowhale. If this changes, a post will be made.

How much is a vote worth?

  • Currently, at 100% voting power, a 100% vote is worth $2.46.
  • Votes from @randowhale will never be excessive.

Why are you doing this?

  • It removes STEEM from circulation.
  • Fun.

If I delegate to @randowhale, will I receive anything in return?

  • Yes, a better product encouraging more people to use @randowhale, therefore, reducing the amount of STEEM in circulation.
  • No, you will not receive any votes, payouts, pats on the back, etc.

Special thank you to @emrebeyler for helping to bring @randowhale back to life. Go vote for his witness here.


I have send 2 Steem for burning for these post:

Rsultat was, i got Downvotes from @trafalgar, @traf, @raindrop, and @eletom.
So i see thats is the #newsteem, all of the rest of Steemians is speaking for "Make steem ready for mass adoption", .....
I am one of the meetups organized in Austria and Germany, and now.......
I think about to leave Steem Blockchain!

Here you see Meetups impressionen from the last Year:

They probably still got randowhale on their blacklist as automatic downvote response. They'll probably stop this after they read this here.

Give #newsteem more time to balance itself out. Normal bidbots are dying out and soon automatic downvotes will probably reduce strongly and only apply to strong abusers.

Thank you for your constructive words, my friend who helped me in the first time on Steemit.

But interesting is that a lot of big ones here give their upvote, and not a single one here gave a downvote.

Always on the small accounts, and that makes me really angry. I think I'll sleep on it for one night, then I'll see further!

Thanks again, and all the best 🤠

The OCD Crew downvotes any post that got voted by a bid bot. While this is generally fine with me I am pissed of by the new Jesuses that were raping the reward pool themselves for ages as a bid bot (they have a different opinion I know) . You can at least remove Witness votes - they drive good people away but they seem to ignore it.

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Thanks for your comment.
I totally agree with you!
I was just completely angry,
A look at Steemworld would have been enough to see that I hadn't bought myself any votes, on the contrary I even burned Steem for it!
cheers @uwelang 🤠

close minded view is close minded

Wow - impressed...... keep doing what you think benefits the chain

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Not planning accusations, flags and attacking stuff, also no intention to use or comment certain insulting messages on chain. We sit in the same boat and might have a similar view on the bigger picture. We might disagree on the "how to" but in a nutshell we should make this place a good place for valuable users. Hence I will DM you once I have time.

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Thanks for the invite then - feel free to block me - otherwise via chain - also fine. I do not give a damn about my rep if you decide to flag me down lol

We are only downvoting profitable votes to incentivize curation instead of trying to buy votes for a profit.

We are only downvoting profitable votes to incentivize curation instead of trying to buy votes for a profit.

I see, i see,

look my Steemworld i dont buying for a profit:


I wouldn't worry about the down vote. Things are being trialed since the last hardfork and it takes time to get it right. Some good, some bad. The place has definitely improved over the past year even if it's a bit quieter and getting into a better position for when we get communities and SMT's. I would hang around and keep posting.

100% agree

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Your welcome to join , where you cant be flagged for speaking your mind.!

Thanks for inviting me!
I'll take a look at this page.
cheers 🤠

Whaleshares is complete trash, don't waste your time.

Thank you for the hint

Are you going to add downvotes to the service? That will be like a super deluxe combo...

cool, i think, can we send 2 steem to have votes removed from a post also? :)

omg been 2 years since randowhale and was the first bid bot? Now burning STEEM? Now that's new steem.

Missed you buddy!
Glad to see you’re burning!
I’m still burnin’ every day if ya know what I mean

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Randowhale! I had almost forgotten about you! No more long naps? Just a big Steem burning machine!

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You got it, back and better than ever!

I wouldn’t say you are burning it .... more like smoking it.

Hello, can I please know who is behind this project? Thanks :) just want to know, that's all

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New slogan!

STEEM. Getting 'burned' by paid votes, one way or another, since 2016.

Tell us how you really feel...

I felt like being funny. Fail?

Kinda. But really, you don't like the concept?

I'm not fully against it or fully for it. It's too early in the game to see if it's creating any problems. I do respect and encourage organic curation more than any paid service, though burning tokens in this fashion isn't something I frown upon. I'm not going to complain about this, or promote it, until I see some results.

The original comment was just me trying to be funny, a bit of a play on words. I wasn't saying that to be disrespectful.

Fair enough, appreciate the feedback!


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Hey @randowhale, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

The king is back!

Interesting concept. On the other hand, by manual curation of good content there would be added value to Steem as well. Hard to say what is better in the long run.

I was thinking the same thing.

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How I missed randowhale!

I really have no idea - but for which reason would you burn Steem ?

Aw man. I loved randowhale! I think I will again!

Is there a link to the blacklist, apparently I'm on it somehow but I have no clue aside from maybe using some of the Actifit votes on different accounts in the past why I should be on it. Thanks

Looks like you’re blacklisted by actifit.

Love the burn idea!

Pfft, a refund for a blacklisted sender? Why not send these to null also?

Because that's not the right thing to do.

This may be the best example of #newsteem yet

Maybe because this blacklist is not always 100% justified...

I liked the end image

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Seems fun. Will it be used, i cant say.
If the vote is only 2$ i dont see it having much of a negative impact on the chain although it still is technically vote selling. On the other hand the tokens are burned which is good.

Im pretty neutral towards this.

Sounds awesome for the system! What exactly is the fun part about it for you?

I love you @randowhale! Welcome back!

Last time I bought a vote some newsteem vigilantes flagged me so I'm scared

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Yet another hot bath 'Vote War Z',
HELL yeah

Welcome back @rondowhale , I liked using your service to help get my posts noticed and hopfully make into Hot or Trending!! You have been missed hopefully using your new and improved service does not get my posts flagged, I will wait a bit before using it and see if you get removed from the flagging blacklists. Upped 100% and resteemed 🐋🐳👍👍👍🐳🐋

Nice job Bernie this should help to stabilize if not increase the value of Steem.

Should The Government Stop Dumping STEEM Into A Giant Hole?

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