Updates: New changes to the RealityHubs SCOT settings

Hello Realhubbers!

Our community continues to grow, and we are truly excited about that. However, this large influx of Realhubbers comes with its negative effect. Since our launch, we’ve been faced with people trying to game the platform for their interests. We’ve seen several cases of vote farming, plagiarism, and the likes. These activities affect not only the sanctity of our community but also the stability of our token in the market.

We tried to curb this menace by regulating our platform with moderators. Our moderators have been doing a great job so far. The burden that comes with their job description is quite heavy, and we are grateful for their help so far. Based on the activities of our moderators, we have been engaging actively in curating posts on our platform. That is; upvoting and downvoting posts where necessary. This has helped us to maintain a bit of sanctity, but the menace continues.

Over the past few days, we (the Realityhubs team) have been seeking alternatives to rid our platform of abuse. After several days of thinking, we came up with a mechanism which we hope will reduce the negative activities on our platform.

We have made a few changes to our SCOT settings. We hope that these changes will be effective as we envisage. These are the changes we've made;

Post upvote window is now 4 days.

The post upvote window was previously 5 days. We decided to step it down a bit further. A lot of vote farmers use this window to exploit and game the platform.

Rewards for comments is now disabled.

Another highly exploited area of our platform is; the comments section. We have proofs of several people gaming the platform through this means. We scrapped out rewards on comments.

Mute feature is now enabled.

We have enabled the mute feature on our platform. When a user gets muted, they can no longer vote with their RHB power. In other words their vote will add no weight on the post payout.

Rewards payout is now 50%/50%(ie; 50% liquid RHB 50% RHB Power).

We have also activated the 50%/50% reward protocol. What this means is that when you claim your post reward, it is equally shared between Liquid RHB tokens and RHB Power to your wallet.

These changes seem very strict, but they are essential to maintaining the health of our platform and token. Please note that these measures are not put in place to harm or spite any community member. And if you are a legit Realhubber, you'll have no issues with these measures. Everything we do (whether strict or not) is for the development and growth of this platform. And we are convinced that this is a step in the right direction. We'll continue to fight against abuse on our platform ruthlessly.

There will be more changes in the future, depending on how this one pans out. We are sorry for any inconveniences these changes may cause. We implore you to keep writing and publishing awesome reviews, and we’ll see that it is duly rewarded.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new SCOT settings on the comment section. We’ll review all your opinions and suggestions, and make changes if possible.

Our resolve which is to create a better environment for all Realhubbers remains absolute. We thrive on your continued trust in our platform.

RealityHubs Team


Hard decisions, I really hope that disabling the rewards for the comments won't affect the engagement of the community.

Thank you for the update,

It's not like this is an independent platform.

Most of my community still communicates from the main blockchain platform.

Shouldn't be a problem.

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Another thing worth considering would be to force people to post through the realityhubs website.

While I understand that won't solve abuse, it definitely does position the token better because I am yet to discover why any investor would care about a token if everything is rewarded also in 17 different coins.

And, of course, it will also help with Google and potential advertising network approval if you can achieve canonical status.

Worry not, people who believe in RHB will make the effort. People who care only about a quick dump token... they will move on and while that may slightly hurt your initial momentum, in the long run it can only help you and their leaving should be celebrated. Yeah, a midterm biz-minded focus should often supercede a knee-jerk. Especially since nominal token value should be of zero meaning right now anyway. Way too early to estimate any actual value.

With so many [product name review] titles and long-form posts you should absolutely focus on organic Google traffic and the pure amount of daily new content will massively help with that.

Im try to motivate the Hispanic community to publish on RHB, but there is very little content, I don't have much stake but I will move it to another account just to vote reviews in Spanish.

I do understand that the abuse is real.
I was quite surprise that the rewards were not 50/50 and i ended up staking about almost 90% and then liquidate the balance.

Because this community category is challenging I really appreciate the moderators effort to skim through.

I personally feel that disabling the comment rewards should still be OK as it not fully independent from the steem blockchain, meaning if the author wants to reward commenter in another platform, like what I am using now from Partiko (for notifications and interactions) there's enough rewards from other places to still reward user's experience.

One can't be too greedy. Haha.

Thank you for all the hard work you guys are putting in! 👍🏼

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I am happy to be a part of RealHubbers even though I am still a newbie in this community. Problems like vote farming, plagiarism, and the like, are old problems that involve people who ignore the process. I think that whatever actions the Moderators take, do not sacrifice creative and sacred members in this great community.

As a writer and journalist, I condemn plagiarism and all actions that undermine originality and creativity for short-term interests. We must be solid in fighting against this dishonorable practice until they are crushed by the times.

Regarding commentary rewards, I suggest that Moderators pay attention to some creative, healthy, and nutritious comments (this is my term for high quality comments). The comment that I mean it should get decent rewards even though it is delivered in various languages. Thanks so much and warm regard from Indonesia.

I appreciate the changes and also like the concept. The only change I would like to say about is disabling of comments rewards because I know there are lots of scammers on the platform who wants token by doing some cheap things but think about the genuine one. When someone posts an awesome blog and people love to comment on the blog but the disabling of comments rewards will resist this thing when people know that by commenting we are not going to earn anything then why would they comment.

Suggestions:- if you guys can change this feature then change it but if you don’t want to then I can suggest a thing introduce tip button where people can tip the comments they like

The changes are good but I feels that this scot settings should effect the currently running post payout structure. This is not good if this is the case. It should be effects after currently running post payout Or make first announcement then do the changes.
It feels anyone that cheating and one man show is there.

I like all the changes, except the change in vote for comment/s, as there are many good comments which deserve an upvote, like @littlenewthings and @dr-frankenstein's comment on this post, but I won't be able to reward him with RHB, and I don't have enough SP to appreciate him.

I hope, these steps/changes would reduce to abusing attempts to a minimum and worth efforts, though.

Have a nice day & my well wishes for even more successes for the platform.

Sometimes there are just some really abused comments like a single word comment.

Maybe later if there is a way to actually regulate voted contents as in worthy to be rewarded then they can reopen the rewards by comment section.

Nice of you to mention me anyways.

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Abused comments, that I cannot argue with. There could be a solution to downvote those comments, though, like, realityhubs is downvoting the abusing posts.

But, I agree, this could be done in time.

...and, you deserved to be mentioned for your well thought and well written comment.

Have a wonderful day ahead.

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@realityhubs, Effective decisions and efforts of moderators are appreciable too but in my opinion we should not neglect the part of genuine Commentors and in a way the idea can move towards the Partial Distribution. But whatever it is, my good wishes are with you.

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