Remember to review your posting authorities with HiveSigner / SteemConnect

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This is a quick reminder for people to review permissions they gave to various dApps to post /vote/downvote on their behalves.

If you have in the past used dApps/services such as SteemAuto, Busy, Partiko etc... If you are not using those apps anymore, it is a good idea to revoke permission for those apps to post and upvote on your behalf.

These are the posting authorities that I gave to some apps on Steem.

Posting Authorities

They were also ported to Hive. Some of those dApps were never ported to Hive, some of them were but I don't use them anymore. So there is not point keeping those permission active, I don't want accidental posts or upvotes like it happened to Utopian in the past.

I can't even remember what @upbloke is all about...

SteemConnect used to have a dashboard that makes it easy to revoke multiple apps but now you have to do it one by one. Unless there is an app that I don't know of.

Review your permissions

To review what apps can post, upvote, downvote in your behalf head:

On the left hand side, you will see a panel called Authorities. Under the Posting label is the list of dApps.

Revoke permission

To revoke, you will need use the links below. Replace partiko-steemcon with the name of the app:

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Cool, thanks. Great tip! Just saw you're rocking TicTok as well... Started experimenting there and really enjoying it so far. Can't spin a pen too good yet, but I'll try and get that going so I can rock a duet with you there ;-) Have you figured out how to embed TicTok vids into Hive yet?

I got a bit bored of TikTok so taking a little break. I also need to up my pen spinning skills so I can do more than the fundamentals.

I haven’t check for TikTok embeds yet. Will do it when I can.

Good information. I had forgotten that I had given permissions to steem apps in the past.

I'm glad it was useful

Ah! Thank you for the reminder.
Take care.

Very useful information! Thanks for sharing! Most have already forgotten about this!!

Thank you. I need to review mine. Now you reminded me. Love your post

Much respect to you for throwing this guide together and reminding users like myself of this.

You're welcome :-)

Good to know! I just did some much needed cleaning. Cheers for pointing this stuff out to us not techies or those who just don't have the time to catch up with all the changes ( who does? )

Have a nice day!

Good stuff. Remember to review that again once or twice a year :-)

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Yes, and we should do it in like every 30 days.

Do you know if the accounts on my autovoter are still saved if I mistakenly revoked authority for steemauto/ ?
I fear that when I give back the authority, that my following is gone... that would suck so bad...

I don’t think they will be deleted. They should be stored in a separate database

That's what I was hoping for. Thanks for your answer.

I was updating my witness votes and read in your profile description that you raise worms and do homesteady stuff. I immediately wondered why I wasn't already voting for you. Then, I saw this post, and reminded me to do a little bit of Hive House Cleaning. I'll definitely be swapping out a vote. Thank you for the community-minded post!

Thank you.
I've followed your YT channel. Good stuff