Smart Media Token Development

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Fellow Steemians,

Today’s post is brought to you by the Smart Media Tokens (SMT) team. Our job is to build the protocol that will enable any entrepreneur to launch their own customizable token on the Steem blockchain and instantly gain totally new fundraising, monetization, and community-building opportunities. We’ve been hard at work for a while now, and today we’d like to give you some insight into the progress we are making.

Implementation of the SMT protocol is by far the most ambitious project Steemit has worked on since the release of Steem itself back in March of 2016. This project touches everything, including the core of the blockchain. Our team has been diligently working to complete SMTs for several months. We've grown the team by adding more A-players, so that we can complete SMTs as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality, reliability, and security.

Redesigning the Steem asset data types

One small example of the work we are doing is the reorganization and implementation of asset data types. Steem was released with the assumption that it would only ever support three asset types: STEEM, Steem Blockchain Dollars, and Steem Power. A lot of small changes are needed to progress from three assets to a practically unlimited number, while maintaining backward compatibility.

The end result will be a seamless integration of SMTs with most existing operations. This will provide the best possible UX, while minimizing the engineering costs required to integrate an SMT into existing applications. In other words, entrepreneurs won’t need to take on as much technical debt in order to use blockchain and cryptocurrency technology through the adoption of an SMT.

SMT Projects Cards Dashboard in GitHub

Efficiency through “stubbing”

Our approach to developing a feature set as rich as this is to create the skeleton first and then begin adding the meat. This is commonly referred to in software development as "stubbing." Stubbing allows us to gain a clear picture of what parts of the stack SMTs interact with, and what changes are absolutely critical for developing a release candidate, without getting bogged down in the details.

Using this process, we expect that development will look somewhat exponential, with pieces coming together in rapid succession as we get closer to a finished product. That means that it shouldn’t be long before developers will be able to start playing with SMTs on a public testnet. At a later date, we will explore in more detail how the testnet will be implemented.

Automated market makers

As an example, one piece of meat that we are working on is the automated market maker (AMM). AMMs will enable an entrepreneur launching an SMT to create instant liquidity for their token so that people can immediately begin buying and selling it while also establishing a baseline price level for that token. Leveraging the AMM is an optional feature for an SMT, but those SMTs that do use the AMM will be able to economically bootstrap themselves with a turn-key solution for providing bi-directional liquidity in the on-chain market.

Testing and code review

Bringing on additional resources has allowed us to spend more time testing and reviewing new and existing code. The safety and security of the blockchain is critical, and all code must be carefully checked by multiple developer eyeballs in addition to automated tests.

Bringing on new developers has helped us to expand our automated testing and get new eyes on the Steem codebase, which enables us to inspect safety and security from even more perspectives.

Documentation and developer tools

We’re also exploring several strategies to improve documentation, support libraries, and the developer experience. The developer community is a mission-critical part of the Steem ecosystem, and its importance will only increase once SMTs get rolling. We want to be sure that SMT creators--and all Steem ecosystem entrepreneurs--have the tools, information, and other resources they need for success.

Thinking about launching an SMT?

If you’re considering launching your own SMT, feel free to provide suggestions or requests in the comments below. If you would like to receive e-mail updates on the progress of SMTs, you can subscribe to the e-mail list here.

Team Steemit

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There are 2 pages

It is sorely needed.

Silence is not golden in this case. The more information that the development team shares, at least in broad strokes, the higher the comfort level will be.

It is when months go by without communication that people start to believe the development team does not care (an absurd conclusion in my opinion but one people make).

With SMT release STEEM not only join the fabric chain but also it has proven platform with almost million userbase (e.g. Steemit, Dtube) and record transactions with its side while EOS/NEO has to prove they can deliver the product. With SMT, STEEM could (should) have advantages over other fabric chain with lofty promises but no proofs yet (e.g. userbase or DApps). STEEM also has advantage of solving the issue of distribution being the early mover and on-live for two years where is no silver bullet for fair distribution (e.g. PoW, PoS etc.) other than dilution with time.

Fabric is releasing a SMT?

wow.... i love your comment.... carry one man,,,,, can you like me ?

The Hivemind GitHub is pretty active, with commits on a nearly daily basis. The project is much more than just Communities - a comprehensive social platform (interpretive) layer on top of the Steem blockchain. From what I can tell, there's just one developer assigned to it, at least externally, which is why it's taking so long. (I wouldn't be surprised if there are other developers testing it internally.) They are doing a great job, though, but I do hope to see more developers actively work on it. As others have pointed out, it was mentioned in last week's update too.

But yes, I appreciate the general sentiment. Hivemind is all I care about. It is abundantly clear that the number one complaint for lot of newbies is "discoverability" (well, apart from being butthurt about their earnings, and the bandwidth errors), and many would be excited to know more about Communities. A dedicated post about it is very necessary, outlining the final specification, as well as answering the big questions like "Who owns the community namespaces?"

Indeed, been wondering the "Who owns the community namespaces?" question last week after the winter update. For example who will own the big ones like travel, nature, sports, .... ? Is it first come, first served? Will there be voting, ....?

And what with the smaller niches. I follow the diving tag daily and wonder who will be given the possibility to make a diving community and appoint the moderators and what will happen when the owner of a community drops dead or leaves the steem platform?

I believe that these are separate departments, although I guess that they will make updates on every major development more often. It seems that Steemit Inc. marketing team is doing a great job keeping the community updated; it is much better than the last year!

Exactly my thoughts, this should have priority in my opinion too. 80% of the user accounts don't even think about engaging with the blockchain at all, yet allone launching their own SMT's. On the other side, one big company like nike would be enough to drive user engagement up through the roof with their SMT's. I have no clue what will happen in the future but I'm excited for both technologies, keep up the good work @steemdev

carry one man,,,,, can you like me ?

@crytoctopus I agree we need more faith in the community so @ned that could be an improvement idea not trying to bash either one of you just constructive criticism. [Please don't take it the wrong way @ned thanks @crytoctopus I agree with your points and thanks @ned.
thumbs up @ned for making smt's better and overall helping us grow we will soon be one of the biggest social medias in the web.
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Hi SMT Team,
sounds really interesting and we at @steempunknet are really looking forward for the go live of the SMTs.
We will definetly include this into the game mechanics, in order for SMTs to be found ingame, be rewarded with, being able to pay ingame or out of the game and so on and so forth.
This will give the first MMORPG on the Steem Blockchain a huge amount of new possibilities, that we will use to trigger off finally the thought of proof of game which will be a real blast!

So we and all our current and future players are really looking forward to this ALOT!

Thanks alot and keep up the hard work!

Jan for the STEEMPUNK-NET Team

With so many game platforms relying on in-app purchases to turn a profit, SMTs are a no-brainer!

Sounds like an awesome project! I've always thought that Steem would be a great fit for MMORPGs, glad to see that SMTs were the catalyst. Looking forward to the game!

Well, if you are looking forward to the game, and don't want to miss out on any of the super-cool features they're working hard on developing (all the time, but right now it is the addition of housing), have I got a wonderful offer for you (or anyone!) ... ;)

The Guild of NanoGuards invites you to join them in the game STEEMPUNK-NET.


If you want to know more about the project and have support from the Guild,
enter the discord invite server, follow the welcome guides, and ask to participate in the project.
You might like to invite your friends to the game, so you can battle each other.

Hi @andrarchy, the game is already running and we have managed to already have over 300 players in our open beta so far.
Currently we are using the beneficiary system to reward our most active players for playing the game. But having SMTs out will up our game by a tremendous truckload of possibilities :)

Sounds awesome, I'd love to hear more details about your project. Would you mind e-mailing me at [email protected]?

happy to write to you now!

Can you please send us the link

I would also like to be part of the game

They have a discord server. @ravenruis have given the link of it above.

Yes, also interested to check on the game.

I'm interested to

Extremely glad to read this comment by one of the Steemit staff even i am not linked at all to the great idea - appreciate an improved comms on Stinc site - thanks @andrarchy

Who you callin' Stinc? ;)

Was that inappropriate :-)? Isn't it the official appreciation for Steemit Inc? I am German you know..... lol

I talked about how we could build a VR MMORPG type world on the STEEM blockchain over a year ago in this post The Future Steemit Digital World..

However Decentraland has came out with an idea very similar to my post a few months ago on their own blockchain.

I made a post about RP games and the uses of crypto in it recently, glad to know there;s people eager to also bring this to light, will definitely keep and eye on your progress with this.

From personal observation, DLive is literally becoming a game changer for Steem.

Gamers are going to be the centerpiece of the platform if the DLive numbers continue to grow.

While there will always be room for blog/vloggers, gaming is clearly a revenue generator. Needless, to say, this will be of benefit for the entire Steem community.

Btw, I'm in line with those who consider the updates from Team Steemit a positive.

Best regards.


I agree, though you could say that for a whole number of Steem dapps. Check out the growth of a site like on It's amazing to see how quickly many of these apps are growing.

Absolutely! It truly is amazing to see how the potential for growing STEEM seems to be evolving so swiftly.


This idea sounds amazing. As a gamer, I would definitely give this a go. Super excited, and looking forward to you going live with SMTs!

Mentioning MMORPG makes it sound so interesting. Looking forward to it.

muy buena tu expresión

Oh wow! This is awesome... I have been thinking about future MMORPGs where the medium of exchange which have usually been an in-game currency is replaced by crypto-currencies... That day, our in-game avatars would truly be rewarded in real-world money for their work in the game... I hope Steempunk becomes one of the first to be able to create something like this.

I didn't know about this "gem". I checked the white paper and it looks really interesting! Keep up the good work. ;)

Looking forward to seing which companies jump on board!
I'd love to see ICOs take place on Steem instead of Ethereum for starters.

God Bless You.

Anticipating the launch of SMT
It's promising and innovative too.
Watched a video where @ned gave hints on how Entrepreneurs and would be business owners stand a chance of benefitting immensely from it.

With so many millions worth of money just disappearing, moving away from Eth for ICOs is a welcomed change for all parties.

Yeah, I think ICO's is most easy on steemit than with eth.

Will it incrase the price of steem ,Steem coin is crashing day by day

I would really like to see even a vague idea of timing on this. I actually have interest from some investors to build some things using SMTs but it makes no sense to move forward with it having literally no idea when it might be done.

Are we looking at Q2 2018, Q4 2018, later than that? I'm not asking for a date and as a software development manager I understand how difficult it can be to accurately estimate things like this, but a 3-month range I think should be doable.

Whatever quarter you think it will be done, tell us the one after that to give yourselves added buffer.

It would really, really help all the potential businesses who are considering using an SMT to have some general idea of when they can be expected.

Agreed and at the same time I understand putting a timeline on can be a lot of pressure as well.

Tell me about it!

Lots of people are watching for it. If people are excited, I believe the admin are much more excited. This should not be taken with haste because this is the future and should taken with great control when it comes to scalability.

Liked the idea - "Whatever quarter you think it will be done, tell us the one after that to give yourselves added buffer."

This is something I have learnt in my relatively small software development career that no matter what we should keep a buffer at our end because
A true software developer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street.

This is great news. As major companies like YouTube and Twitter are clamping down on user's rights to free speech and free expression, Steem is coming along at the perfect time to offer a viable alternative.

Keep it coming!

yo yo organizing a conference to get third parties into the 2020 presidential debates Mar 11 in Columbus Ohio. In order to force the media to cover the initiative hope to decrease the ballot access costs so proposals such as actually legalizing weed in Ohio so any adult can grow and deal any amount with $0 licensing fees can reach the ballot for the electorate to decide. Have some great speakers lined up. Would love to get an SMT going ASAP or else will have to fork something, would love to be an SMT test case if that is possible. Steem is amazing!!Would love to talk to anyone who can help "TheFatKat" on Discord

much better progress than eos

but eos is 9buck when steem is around 4

I agree with you, but thats because Ether is above $800

When exactly is this thing releasing? Do you have an ETA?

Love you guys!

a testned :))

@steemitblog - once a week now eh? That's more than i'm getting.... :)

Good to see!

Anyway, could someone expand on their understanding of AMM, and in particular:

Leveraging the AMM is an optional feature for an SMT, but those SMTs that do use the AMM will be able to economically bootstrap themselves with a turn-key solution for providing bi-directional liquidity in the on-chain market.


There is a section on them in the SMT whitepaper:

Thanks Tim.

My eyes and head did start to hurt a little prior to their mention the last time I took a look at the white paper, I have given this section another go today.

My understanding is basic, and far from any algebra calculations, but could you give an example of why an SMT wouldn't opt to go with the (optional) AMM approach?

My first thoughts are, would it be a hindrance not to adopt AMM?

Is this similar to what SBD is to STEEM?

And, is the option there to stop STEEM whales becoming SMT whales elsewhere?


A market maker is basically someone who provides liquidity on both sides of a price point, so users who want to buy/sell tokens will have someone to sell/buy to/from.

An automated market maker basically provides a way for the SMT creator to pre-load liquidity in the market, so there are tokens available to buy/sell around a price point.

It is different enough from STEEM/SBD that I wouldn't recommend comparing them.

Technically a STEEM whale could become a whale in any SMT by buying up a lot of the SMT, but that would give the SMT a lot of value (because of high demand) so in most cases that would probably be a good thing. I think SMT communities will be hoping that whales take an interest in buying their tokens, to make the value of their SMT go up.

Hi to everyone on the @steemit team, and other users who read this.

First off I want to say that you guys are doing a great job with keeping us updated lately! I know you said that you would during your winter update, and so far you are doing a very good job. This is much appreciated by me personally, and I think I can even go as far as saying that most of the Steem community agrees with me on that point. I hope you guys keep this up, because as you are surely aware, the lack of communication has been a concern for many people in the past.

That said, I'm getting more and more excited for SMTs every day now! The video of @ned, @pkattera, and @sneak really got my excited to see what kind of projects that will be able to utilize the smart media tokens.

I have no personal plans for creating an SMT. While it would be cool to create something that can reward and be fun for my followers and community, I'm not sure how I would organize this. So hopefully someone else comes in with a great idea that I am able to either join in on, or get inspiration from.

Here's to a bright future for Steem, Steemit and Smart Media Tokens!

Best regards from @valth :)

Thanks a lot @valth! We appreciate the positive reinforcement ;) Glad you're enjoying our posts, we'll try to keep them interesting :). We look forward to building the tools that will empower even you to reap the benefits of creating your own token!

So many news in so little time!! This is overwhelming.


Hey Steemit team, I'm really excited about SMTs. I'm currently working on two porjects, both which I am thinking about incorporating SMTs with. The first one is a part of my project, the Steemit Success Initiative:

  1. A "Blogger's Hub", which will be a place where people can come and learn all about Steemit, set up with a desk in an open office style environment for a set amount of time (I'm currently pricing up offices), and we will guide them to success. The main purpose of this incorporates a core goal of Steemit: bringing 100,000 entrepreneurs to the platform, while sticking to the core goals of my project: helping grow and develop Steemit as a platform.
    I am still working on how I could incorporate SMTs with the incubator, but I'm thinking that it would make sense to have our bloggers submit their post to a test website and have our members review the posts and give feedback in the comments section - maybe we could incorporate SMTs there.

  2. I have not share this with the public yet, as I am waiting until I develop the website fully, but basically I'm going to create an incentive based review website, incorporating SMTs.

I'm also really excited about automated market makers, I was only discussing the concept with a Tokenomics expert a few days ago and I think it will be great!

Regarding my project, the SSI, I am currently looking for SP delegations in order to make my plans a reality. If there is anyone who would like to contribute, I can outline our delegation program, and will be posting a monthly update regarding the use of funds raised from delegations.

Thanks again @steemitblog for the update, I would just like to say that you have been great regarding user contact so far in 2018. I contacted @ned a few weeks ago about doing some marekting for Steemit, and he got back to me very quickly and put me on to @andrarchy. Admittedly, I have been crazy busy and have not taken further action just yet, but you have been excellent from that point of view. 2018 is the year of STEEM!

As always, great to hear from you guys.

I've got a never-ending base of ideas for SMTs. The content creators who are the first to launch these stand to gain the most. That's us! What an exciting time to be on the platform.

I know how you feel!

Thanks a lot, Steem team for this quick and Interesting update since the last post.

  • I have a question about time, I mean when will it be available for use next month, next quarter of the year?

  • Will it be available for developers Only?
    I mean:
    I understand that it needs a developing background, but can't it be as simple as the normal user to use it and generate his own token without being a developer?

  • After launching our own SMT token, will it be only usable and transferable inside STEEM ecosystem ? or it can be used out there too?

This a great Progress, but once Launched, We hope some tutorials or simple explainatins for normal (not developer) user.

Thank you so much, really appreciate your innovatrion and your hard work :)

I can't wait to see the future!!

Hello SMT,
I'll be including the SMT protocol to transform my platform into a social media for writers, to generate value and compensate activity of making and curating great content.
Rigth now i'm working with the spanish community, i make content for creative writers: thats my nich... but i think with the SMT protocol to expand to ENG-SPN and make a bigger community and include more forms of art.
Im really looking forward to your news, and hope to see this coming live soon to start inviting my audience.

Steem to the moon soon!

The more I learn about SMT's the more I realize how truly revolutionary they are going to be. I'm so happy I became a part of this community when I did, we're changing the world here!

SMT will be a game changer! Can’t wait for all this happen! Steem to the moon 😎

Thank you very much for the update! We are bursting with excitement for smart media tokens because this addition to our blockchain will allow any existing community to bring in the best of what we do on Steem in rewarding contributions. Building in the basics first naturally allows many entrepreneurs and businesses to take the next step planning and preparing for launch. By the time many are ready, the meat will be ready too and provide for an idea experience.

With Smart Media Tokens, we are making our business model available to the internet which we can expect to do massive good by replacing advertising supported business models with direct rewards to contributors.

Resteeming this update now!

Jerry, do you think they will make the AMM available for POCKET tokens?

I can't wait to see the amazing innovations that SMTs will bring!!

Thanks for Updates.

Hey SMT Team!
We on @utopian-io are very excited for the launch of SMTs that will allow us to revolutionize the entire system of rewarding open source contributors.
The Utopian team believe sthis will be absolutely revolutionary and we really can't wait for the launch, which hopefully will go just amazing.

Stay awesome!

How will the SMT be distributed? 1-1 for steem holders?

This would be cool thing to watch out. Hope for the best 😉

This comment has received a 1.25 % upvote from @speedvoter thanks to: @xerox-bru.

The following are my attempts to articulate @ImprovCoin's vision for a Smart Media Token that will empower the Living Arts Community and Economy. Improv, Theater, Live Music is currently underfunded within the present public valuation of the arts. However SMT's open up the opportunity for theaters to work together for a sustainable potential within the behaviors they already practice and attempt to reward. This would open the possibility for SMT's with real world application and the world's first Proof Of Humanity Token.

This first post is an attempt to appeal to the creative community within a screenplay format. It is a fictionalized conversation between me and @Sykochica that is based on our real life conversations. It illustrates the possibilities SMTs offer our respective communities. I can see how the valuation model that is already happening on steemit for individual publishers of online content, can also be applied to producers of onstage content.

This post is a cover letter sent to 150 Theaters in an attempt to inspire a conversation within the Improv Community.

I have hosted Live Steemit Meetups in St Louis. I have reached out to @Sndbox for any helpful info on organizing and funding further meetups within the #Improv community to move forward for an @ImprovCoin SMT.

Side note, my personal improv team of 15+ years The Reckoning is interested in attending Austin's Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival in August. I believe this would be an opportune time for a deeper conversation on how the STEEM blockchain community and the Improv Community can empower each other.

Audio Conversation with @RichardCrill on the Possibilities of a Smart Media Token for Improv.

This is a podcast with @Sykochica where we both go more in depth on our goals with SMT. I expound on the particulars on how an @ImprovCoin Token would opperate.

very nice good work keep it up

hello @steemitblog
You declined your payout.
I don't agree with you. you have to enable payout and help new steemians like us.

We look forward to successful implementation SMT!
We believe in our success!
Thank you so for your team-work!

We hope SMT is not " to win a war with words ".
We hope to see substantial progress.
All Steemians want to see that

This is huge. If it takes off it’ll make $10 Steem look like $100 Bitcoin. A few big icos and we can start eying eth like valuations. Consider a Facebook/Reddit/Twitter like system with the ability to ico! Awesome work guys and girls :)

God I’d love to launch my own SMT

A pathognomonic feature of any initiative headed for lofty heights is the tendency to take an indepth assessment of the cardinal rules governing it and look for little adjustments which can be made here and there.

Steemit was created to accomodate only three asset types but here it is, progressing to a practically unlimited number of asset types. Now this is what I'd tag "absolutely amazing"

Smart Media Token Development is what I am extremely optimistic about because I know that it is an addition to the tales of victory of steemit which is already reverberating from one end of the earth to the other.

From the hottest Deserts of Africa to the coldest Cubicles of Antarctica, we will keep the flag of Steem high and waving.

Its a good idea because to day for growth and progress there is need of media. Its a great effort to start SMT. I really like it. Thanks for sharing.

I am waiting eagerly for SMT since week, please launch it quickly. Thanks steemit team!

Exchellent post ,,
Thank you for the beautiful and hard work!!

This is great guys, having SMT's can really help more teams to build their product on the steem blockchain. We can already see the number of transactions are far greater than Ethereum or any other blockchain for that matter + the smooth integration with other tokens builds an ecosystem, thus helping out each other to gain more traction and hence progress relatively faster than on any other platform.

Thank you guys for putting the developer portal. It really helps developers like myself to understand the underlying concepts of the steem blockchain.

Thank you for the update.

This is what we all have been waiting for...some communication presented to us.

I know this is a hard question but any idea of an ETA on the testnet?

As soon as we can. This is entirely new technology we are developing which makes accurate forecasting more difficult. There is no other token generation protocol that offers this much functionality in existence. We have made many structural and organizational changes to the team--including bringing on a lot more A+ developers--and are very happy with the speed of progress.

I understand. I know it is a mega-project you are undertaking and support you completely in that effort.

The update last week mentioned the changes and the intention that some of those changes will allow more accurate forecasting.

SMTs can really separate this blockchain from all others. The idea of tokenizing the Internet means there is a rather decent sized market to go after. Millions upon millions of users can find their way to the blockchain.

I know there is a lot of pressure on the developers...this could be huge.

First I would like to give you a big thanks for this updates , I was waiting for any sort of updates,
I am thinking to create my own SMT so strated studying on Graphene Documentaions and all, till now just swiming against th surrent, hope I will get some clear idea soon,
Well in the mean time @ned and his team will bring up some great news I guess.

I LOVE this update!

"We want to be sure that SMT creators--and all Steem ecosystem entrepreneurs--have the tools, information, and other resources they need for success."

Thank you so much Mr. Ned, I'm just two months in steemit and still learning about SMT's. Although I'm thinking about launching one by May.
I'd immediate subscribe to the email list you provided.
Thanks once again.

Today i am launch a scheme for you and for me . In this scheme anybudy can deposit me 1 sbd/steem doller this process continue every 7 days end of the day i give 80% share only one lucky person for example i got 100 sbd/steem doller i will give 80 sbd/steem doller only one lucky person. This process continue every wednesday one by one you know that 1 sbd value nothing but 80 sbd velue for a person very hugh everything easy are you acept my proposel.

Please update us on hive mind next.

This kind of update is highly appreciated and will contribute to increase the faith of the community about the protocol.

If you don't need money for a post, I will take it for free!

Thank yoy so much for the video i really appreciate your work atlast we can now develop our minds through bussines and blockchains its interesting i really appreciate.

I am happy to learn that you are working to make changes so that steemit can support more assets. Restricting it to support only three assets it like putting shackles on a striding horse.

Hi SMT Team,
i'm kind of new on steemit but the more dewdiligence i do the better it gets, great team, fantastic innovations for community looking forward to the go live of the SMTs and getting up to speed on steemit. keep up great work

Thank you so much @steemitblog and @ned for the update. SMT are definitely taking over soon.
I'm also trying to add value to the blockchain as much as I can and following in your footsteps @ned.
You are ab inspiration to me and many more.
Good job👍

like the writing of your article is very interesting people to comment on your article ,,,
I want tips and tricks from you ,, please help

I want a SMT and will we need to have an LLC?

like the writing of your article is very interesting people to comment on your article ,,,
I want tips and tricks from you ,, please help

This is very encouraging news to hear. I can't wait until this really starts rolling out to brainstorm in more detail it's potential uses and how I can find a potential niche with it. I really get the huge potential SMTs have on innovation and creativity. Very exciting.

Currently, there is a slice across the payout price.. Does that mean it has been Exiled 🤔

This is going to be great. A very great update. Thank you.

I love the fact that Steem is able to (designed to) maintain backward compatibility while progressing improvements. Dropping backward compatibility killed so many good projects in the past. Good stuff!

This is a great development. Unfortunately i can't say i understand much about creating an SMT. I have a business outside the blockchain that i'll love to introduce to steemit. Let's hope this SMT will be the answer.. I'll do well to read more up on it.

Am glad to see so much development going on the Steem blockchain. I really believe with the introduction of SMT thousands of entrepreneurs will emerge and utilize this to great that world of abundance which we all dream and hope for. I sincerely wish to appreciate the efforts of the development team. I was discussing with my friend today on the vision with which Steem was built on. Its massive and awesome, soon a lot of people in the third world country will utilize this to drag themselves above the poverty line. Thanks again team Steemit. We are grateful for all the efforts.

With much anticipation, the hopes for the SMT's innovation keeps glowing
Looking forward to an amazing time on Steem sequel to it's launch

It would be nice to see some technical details, Blue paper, specs, etc.
What we currently have is marketing speech and source code.
There should be some middle ground, in between, somewhere.

I know that, but that is a marketing document and not really some technical specification.

Hmm.. it seemed like a fairly technical document to me :)

There has been a lot of discussion here:

Also, there are issues in the steem repository with specific details..

What are some of the things you are wondering? Maybe I can help.

Thank you so much for sharing the development progress, this helps a lot to increase the confidence in the Steemit Inc. and Steem also.

I was Expecting Ned to use Dtube, but anyways it's good to hear about the Developments.


I'm excited. I am hoping to see companies starting to 'experiment' with SMT's and than fall in love with the STEEM blockchain.

Anyone who is able to write / create some kind of 'fictional case study' of how SMT's would work and for what different companies/mediums: hit me up! I'd love to get even more understanding of the potential of SMT's.


I must admit the whole concept of SMTs had me baffled for a long time. Slowly the light is dawning and I’m realizing what a massive leap forward the will be. I was worried SNTs would dilute and devalue the existing STEEM token.

I can totally understand why you would think that. But we know that there are many entrepreneurs already extremely eager to launch their own SMT and since the Steem blockchain, and the STEEM token, will be an integral component of the SMT economy, this will increase their value by orders of magnitude as the potential use cases for SMTs are effectively infinite. Any web-based platform can benefit from integrating an SMT.

I love the fact that Steem is developing better and stronger ideas such as these SMT's.
You even cancelled the payout of this post.
You are a noble man @ned. You look different in your this video.

A few years ago I could not imagine how much innovation could be in a project like Steem...

Hello Team Steam,
What if any measures are being taken to strengthen stable asset options, and development (or maintenance of SBD)? Is oracle integration available to the market-maker (on the road-map?) or is this a feature that will have to be independently developed?

These are great questions! If you're an entrepreneur looking for more insights into how SMTs work, please e-mail me at [email protected]

Will we be able to change the settings of the token over time, or are they fixed at launch? Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere.

Let's say I wanted to change the inflation rate, or the max tokens settings a few months or years in. Can I change that if the size of the userbase and interest in the token grows?

To me, one of the most important things that will make a token and whatever community utilizes it successful will be fine-tuning the economics of the token itself, so the ability to respond dynamically to circumstances as they unfold is high on my wishlist.

Will we be able to re-issue tokens in series, similar to other token sales or icos?

Will there be convertibility options between tokens, like there is for steem to tokens? For example if two communities or apps agree, then they can have their tokens be converted at a certain rate between the two sets of tokens.

Will we be able to add other tokens to our community's voting weight if they aren't the token issued for the original community? I think that would be a very nice feature.

For example I make token A for community B, can I add token C from community D onto the list of factors for voting strength within community B, such that community B factors in 50%/50% token A/token C? Or if community D desires, they can add token A to the voting weight of community D's voting factors?

And if so, can these voting percentages from each token be made asymmetric by each token issuer, so each community or app can choose their own weightings, so that agreements can be reached between communities of their own accord if it's found to be beneficial that voting weights don't need to be mirrors of each other?

If these settings can be changed over time, that would allow for certain communities to change the weighting of their own token-vote-power as different communities ramp up in activity, encouraging communication between communities on the social level between users, the administrative level between community managers, and the economic level for those with an interest in purchasing any tokens or considering which ones to adopt the use of.

Sorry if this has all been explained or is already being worked on, I am somewhat excited about the release and just had some ideas I thought I'd throw out there.

You should be able to find the answers to most questions here:

I see that from launch, it's immutable. I want it to be mutatable, I guess that's out of the cards.

Not sure if example two of multi-token forum support answers my questions.

I think that we should very clearly avoid all references to pegs to real-world currencies, especially the USD, both with SBDs as they are now and hypothetical future tokens in example 5. The reasons should be clear, and pegs are terrible and always fail, or rather, whichever currency can absorb the damage more will win.

Votable and advisory information is interesting, but doesn't answer my questions...

Well, at least we can re-issue icos in series.

I'd already skimmed over this before, skimmed over it again. I guess my questions are really more suggestions, because the current answer to most of them would be no, but they said they were asking us what we'd like to see in smts, so I figured I'd ask.

A workaround in all cases (or in some cases preferable solution) is to airdrop a version 2 token to all holders of the version 1 token on a 1:1 basis. Assuming the changes are viewed by the community as a clear improvement then most in not all value/interest/activity should migrate to the new token.

And the original tokens would be deprecated by their general disuse by a soft consensus of the majority? That's actually a pretty good workaround, and much less of a hassle as far as how much a technical timesink/safety risk doing it hardcoded or allowing such on the blockchain would be. Makes sense, thanks!


We would love to have any member of the team join us on our radio show, The Resteem Radio Show to discuss any future updates if you are interested in chatting with us sometime! We do our show Wednesday nights on MSP-Waves Radio, part of the Minnow Support Project. Thanks for all that you are doing!

Great information! The only thing I would love to hear about are timelines as well... I really hope this product could be launched in June already, as the interest in Steem right now is minimal with only 5 Million USD trading volume... Last month it was as high as 500 Million USD trading volume...

Surely the launch of SMTs will create a lot of trading volume...

As an entrepreneur myself I am trying to figure out a few things

  1. How easy and what will be required to start my own SMT ?

  2. What could it be used for in terms of rewards ?

  3. How can it be used theory live examples?

Utopian will most likely implement SMTs. @elear

I'm worried because I'm not a programmer.

  •  How would you monetize our blog with smart media token?
  •  What will the smart media token do? 

I read the entire publication, but I only understood that this platform will work with Steemit and that one could monetize our blog ... buy and sell token ... I would appreciate it if you could clarify this doubt ... since I am practically new and have already launched several platform associated with steemit and I am something curious I would like to know more about smart media token .. 

and for when will be the long awaited launch ..?


This is an awesome update. We await the arrival of SMT. Keep going good job.

This is great. I am planning to adopt SMT to my anti-spam project on Steemit.

Interesting project. Thanks

Sounds like trust. I do have confidence and faith and I do believe in your project. Fingers crossed !

Many companies will join this project, waiting with ancias

This is a great update for the community. Resteemed

The possibilities of the blockchain are seemingly almost endless! Perhaps the only limitations are our imaginations : D

Wow..this is interesting..Nice to know you @steemitnlog.

Sound good but it is made by the greediest people I have ever met.

I told more than 7500 people on the street about Steemit. Explained the blockchain and so on. I believe that people should support each other. Everyone has a strength so if we support each other we can grow the network into something beautiful.


@ned likes to vote his own comments with thousands of SBD but never voted for me. A simple click, not even his own money. Can you believe that? It's true. All he has to do is search for marketing and make one click. I slept outside in the cold. Made hundreds of flyers. What a greedy person! What a bad character. Are you not ashamed about yourself mr scott?

What does your family think about having such a son? For them you plsy successful and pretent to be a good guy I guess. But you aren't.

Lol can't tell if this is satire or not

It's reactive hate. To not help a person in need is violence, too. The time of non-violence and talking in a friendly way to people like ned, sneak, timcliff and many more is over. I am almost done though. They pretend to be good people and enjoy the limelight but that should only be for people who deserve it.

I met many people who work for steemit on both steemfests and now I know: A pack of antisocial coldhearted egoistic wanna be visonaries. I doubt that anyone with good heart and compassion can stay together with them longer than a day before he runs away. They found themselves. Good for them.

Based on your steemit profile it seems you are quite butthurt about not getting rewarded as much as you needed to no longer be on the streets. Doesn't make people evil and assholes, certainly doesn't require the obsession of hate you appear to hold on to, otherwise you might as well put all that hate onto Bezos, Gates, Buffet, Cook and all the other rich people around the world for not sharing their wealth to you, too.

You are wrong. It makes them stupid, shameful, greedy and dumb and fat. If you want to talk to me further you must send 15 SBD to my account, bye.

This is exciting!

I am thinking about launching a social network for artistic projects and works to be supported in real time, trough tokenized social actions and interactions. The best possible way for us to create it is using the Wordpress framework.

So, my question and suggestion is about SMT and Wordpress. Would it be in your plans to create plugins or support plugin alternative developments to bring SMT technology and Wordpress together?

All the possibilities :O! Best of wishes to positive outcomes

How to make token smart media?

@steemitblog - Yes SMT Team: Outstanding initial outline of what the SMT is and future development plans. I guess I have a couple of initial questions.

This SMT effort is just a first test case for use of SMTs on the Steem Blockchain.

  • How do SMTs relate to Bitshares? (or are they not related to Bitshares at all?) Are they the first efforts to diversifying Steem & Bitshares to a wider audience?

  • When will non-Steem entrepreneurs be able to develop SMTs and market them to Online & Offline businesses? (Until we do this Steem will be undervalued in the market IMO, we all here believe in Steem- but are we just preaching to the choir?)

  • I see the first test of SMTs being used for gamers, while that is a noble effort for those playing an online game & developers. What can SMTs be used for and valued by online or offline business that would like to create SMTs? (Discounted membership rates, coupons, etc. is there a limit?)

  • When can ICOs start being offered for sale, instead of all those Ethereum based ICOs? (This can help IMO- in pushing STEEM & SBD upwards in value, once it is used for more than content creation on the Steem Blockchain)

Overall, great Effort SMT Team & also @ned & others working on the project. The SMT effort is a wonderful development on my initial glance. I would like to see more details and projections about expenses for SMT development, timeline for development of SMTs, and potential payback periods (estimated ROI) for investors for initial SMT offerings/auctions).

es muy buena propuesta sigan así realizando trabajos muy buenos

Very cool.

This sounds to be an interesting project. I'm waiting to see how it will works in detail. I'm sure it will be helpful to improve the growth of local communities.

This is awesome guys, we are so close!

Wow! God post

Excellent work from the team! Looking forward to some exciting times ahead! This is awesome as people can now monetize all kinds of websites, blogs and forums with this tech! A complete game changer this!


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