I Am the Word: A Study in Manifesting the Divine - Part 3

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Chapter 1: The Word

[...] first understand that anything you experience you choose.

You choose it on a level of consciousness, which means you intend to get something, or you choose it through unconscious behavior and belief systems, which means, "It always happens to me and I don't know why."

Anything we experience we choose. This is a hard teaching, it's one most of us probably don't want to accept, we want to blame fate, not our own ignorance. Most of us even after hearing this will refuse to learn how we've been choosing, and how to reclaim our life. It's much easier to be pushed around in ignorance.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Chapter one is a long chapter, it is a chapter telling us what we truly are:

*"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning."
This is the decree. You are Word. You are an aspect of God being brought forth into light.

It is a chapter telling us that this is a new way of being, a different way than one we know:

When you rise, your landscape changes. How it feels to see the world, how it feels to see the self from a higher vibration, is markedly different from what you can imagine.

And it is a chapter full of claims, each of which is used to help in acclimating us to the Christ frequency. These claims are made individually, we must choose them if we want this. We aren't forced to claim the Christ, that is free will. And just saying the words isn't claiming them. The claims must be made with intention for them to be effective.

In order to claim, in order to choose, we must know that we have choice. We need faith, that we are loved and that we are worthy and and that we are capable of embodying the Christ.

To become realized as your Christed Self will require you to believe that you are loved.

There are a few claims that are repeated, in this book and the others I've read in these series. Reading them without context is confusing:

I am Word through my being. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my vibration. Word I am Word.
I am Word through my knowing of myself as Word.

We've talked about Word above, the guides define it again in the chapter: "The Word is the vibration of God in action." This provides some context, but the guides have us repeat this claim quite a bit, so what does it really mean, what is happening here?

What these steps do is actually incur change in the organism that you are, body, mind, and spirit, and the evocation "I am Word" commands the change on the level of particle response, so that your entire frequency, physical and consciousness in form, will begin to realign itself to the frequency of God.

Wild stuff. This is spiritual science that has been left behind, discarded. This is mysterious, it is claiming God, aligning to God in our consciousness and form through simple evocation. This alignment doesn't happen instantly, first we must remove the beliefs that impede full realization.

These beliefs have been built up over time, perhaps a certain incident occurred in th past that made us believe we would be hurt if we let down our guard, or that if we speak up we might be ridiculed. All sorts of beliefs could have been created.

The guides give a series of claims allowing us to change the frequency of memory, they allow us to release the unconscious behaviors we have created that are based in memory. They give us a claim to bring a new way of thinking, one that will allow us to have thoughts more appropriate for our growth instead of negative, self-deprecating and harmful thoughts. Claims for anxieties, worries, claims of intent to know who we truly are, a claim to draw to us the things, events, and understanding we require to move into the higher frequencies.

For example:

"I am now choosing to think only those thoughts which will bring me peace and will align me to a higher consciousness. I am doing this easily and through my own intention to know myself as Word. Word I am Word through this intention. Word I am Word."

There are too many claims to list, if you want more examples check out the book, but following this example you can probably see how these claims in intention work. What we have are unconscious patterns of thought and belief that are causing us to choose things that are in suffering, things we don't really want, learning experiences that aren't all that fun.

If you believe things will always be the way they have been, that is what you will create, and we promise you that.

This intention stuff is kind of new, it's the truth of how we choose that has been around, I've seen it in writings about manifestation, almost word for word in the books by Neville Goddard and the Reality Transurfing books. There are two problems that prevent this type of choosing from working:

  1. We don't follow through - "You have to take the actions that correspond to the intentions." We have to act as if our intention was already fulfilled, was being fulfilled, and will be fulfilled. We have to embody that change. "Word is action."

  2. We have no faith - We don't believe, we maintain our belief that things will be the same, and as the quote above says, that's what we get. Neville Goddard said “If you judge after appearances, you will continue to be enslaved by the evidence of your senses.” IF we set an intention and it doesn't immediately happen or doesn't show an immediate result, we start to disbelieve. "[...] just trust in faith, in cosmic truth, that when you set out an intention in light it is returned to the sender in fullness.

The chapter continues on with more detailed claims, more explanations of who we are, but the main point I want to get across in this article is that we get to choose. That we can choose to know ourselves, to bring things to the light that we've hidden from ourselves, in all aspects of life: habits, body, emotions, memories, thoughts. We can choose to take a hard look at ourselves, and to know that we can move higher, that we can raise our consciousness and experience the new. Or we can keep choosing the old that no longer serves us.

I'll leave you with one final quote from the chapter that may help you understand how the text is working:

The intellectual manifestations of this text in writing, in verbal communication that is then transcribed onto a page, is actually secondary to the information that is brought through on a Christ level into the consciousness of the reader, or the "experiencer" through the process of engaging the text energetically.

Wild stuff.

Hope you enjoyed reading, I realize this work is vastly different from most topics, even in the realm of spirituality. There is definitely energy at play here, and I've noticed changes in my experience since starting to read. Drop me any comments and questions.



Hey Jake, Caught up with the other two posts and enjoying this little series. This latest chapter, the Word, feel more akin to the manifest-your-destiny stuff. I think is a truly wonderful experiment in how to live life differently.
I still love any writing or teaching that points us to our true nature. This certainly seems to be heading in such a direction.
The direct path teachings I feel would dismissthis idea of a volitional doer. i.e - there is only The word. 'I am' is the word, but not a noun or a thing. It is life itself being me right now, utterly unavoidable oceanic wetness - as it were.
Gosh, words are so very clumsy being based in duality, but my best summation would be to say LOVE IS ALL, KAPOW!! Try and avoid 'it' and ' it' will Lovingly allow that illsuion to seem so.
But boy what a fun exploration!!
Much Love bro

There is only the Word, but the Word can't be defined! It's no wonder words are so clumsy!

The problem I have with the direct path is it doesn't appeal to most people in the world, I think spirituality is the most important thing we can focus on or bring back into our culture, so I was really glad manifesting was included as part of this teaching. All there is is the Word, but the Word in action still has a function. Even if the function is just a dance/song. The guides do mention that at a certain octave we see everything as illusion, so the teaching will get there I'm pretty sure

Good point, I have struggled with the interplay between manifesting and being even though there is no real contradiction as such. So I will be dropping in to see how this unfolds. Great sharings!

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