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Happy and blessed present Hivers and Community of @naturalmedicine!! It's @miriannalis here, announcing the new challenge for April!


This challenge comes at a time that invites us to reflect on these days in which the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is commemorated over Easter. Whether you believe in the Christian God, or perhaps are simply celebrating the coming of Spring in a pagan tradition, identify with Pachamama or Buddha, many of us feel that some aspect of the 'divine' assists us to be fully present with Love, and help you cope with life experiences.

Thus, this challenge asks us to reflect on the broader theme of #SPIRITUALITY and the impact it may have on your healing processes. You might choose to reflect on some or one of the bullet points below:

  • What is spirituality for you?
  • How do you experience spirituality? Have you had any mystical experience?
  • Who is a spiritual Master for you?
  • What practice would you recommend to achieve a spiritual connection or development?
  • What impact does a spiritual life have on your healing processes?

We can confuse spirituality with religion, and the truth is that without belonging to a specific religious doctrine or philosophy you can be spiritual. I am not going to give much information in this sense so as not to influence your answer, but what we want to know with this initiative is about your spiritual connection, not so much the religious one, although of course they can be intertwined.

It is not limiting what kind of beliefs you have in this regard, even connecting with Pachamama can be a sublime experience that takes you to higher states of consciousness.

How can you express your response?

All forms are possible, you can write a post relating your experience, express it through a drawing, a photo or even a plate of food, as long as you explain why the form of expression you chose responds to this question.

Until when can you participate?

We will be receiving responses until Saturday 17/04/2021.

Other Guidelines:

  • You can make multiple posts as long as it is a different question.
  • Your post can be in two languages, but one of them must be in English.
  • The post must be published in the @NaturalMedicine community
  • Invite at least one user to join this initiative.
  • Comment on at least 5 other posts in the #naturalmedicine community
  • Leave your post link below

Good posts will..

  • Earn upvotes from @lotusshares and @naturalmedicine
  • May be nominated for OCD rewards
  • Be included in wrap up posts with beneficiaries
  • May be shared on TWITTER
  • May be given a tip

Of course this is dependent on the quality of the post! Do make it over 300 words, and ensure it's original too.

I hope it will be an excellent opportunity for reflection and that your experiences can inspire us!

Love, @miriannalis xx


We always like to reward one of our delegators with a little post beneficiary to say thankyou. On this post, it's @anafae - thanks for your recent delegation and your great content in this community! - Love, @riverflows.


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Yaaaay! Just today I was writing about spirituality for a post about my new plants and nature, and this one gave me more clarity. I don't know if it's too soon, but I'll bring more posts!! 🌿

Welcome your participation, your post is wonderful!!!! Thank you very much for shedding light on this subject ✨

Loving this challenge and the opportunity it gives us to learn from one another and to share our own healing and awareness around spirituality xxxx

I think this one is a perfect parellel to the Abundance Tribe one! I better sharpen my pencils ! @riverflows xx

I'm glad @trucklife-family, I think it will be a very enriching experience for everyone 💞.

Agreed. That's one of the things I love about Hive; it's the opposite of an echo chamber.

Thank you beautiful for the invitation! ♥

Espero con ansias tu participación 🤗😘

Gracias por la invitación amiga 🤗

Un abrazo, espero tu participación 🤗😘

Gracias por la invitación.


Espero puedas participar, un abrazote 🤗😘

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Gracias por la invitación, @miriannalis.

Un abrazo @mllg, me encantaría leer tu entrada ❤️😘

La leerás, a tiempo o ex-temporis, jaja

Jajajaja, hay chance hasta el 17 de abril, tenemos tiempo 😊🤗

Thanks for the invitation @miriannalis

Gracias por la invitación amiga... voy a empezar a escribir mi participación...🤗

Thank you for this chance. I post about spirituality often.
Here is my post:
I have invited 2 new users to join the challenge, one of them is a great energy healer. I hope she will have time to shine in this challenge.
@maylenasland and @ydecelis18

With love!

Well I certainly have something in mind for this challenge, and even though I disqualify myself as a curator, I love supporting these challenges by publishing entries. Good idea @riverflows, I think we'll have a lot of participation on this one.

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Excellent news, I am sure that your contribution will add significant value to this initiative. Thank you for your support 🙏🏻✨

Thank you very much for the invitation @miriannalis I will see what comes to this crazy little head to participate 💖😘.

I'm sure it's great, like everything you publish, my friend @aguilaazul7777
I hope you participate 🤗😘

Gracias por la invitación me entusiasma mucho pronto participo.

Gracias amiga por el apoyo, espero leer tu respuesta pronto 😍😘

Esta Interesante este reto por cada persona hay una manera de representación de la espiritualidad así que va a ser muy interesante leer todos esos post

Así es, creo que vamos a encontrar mucha diversidad y también diferentes experiencias que nos van aportar valor a todos. Espero que puedas participar amiga @madefrance
Un abrazote 🤗

What a beautiful challenge, really. I'm a fan of community challenges hahaha. I would love to read everyone's posts to learn and enjoy this topic, I love everything to do with spirituality.

Thank you friend for this idea, I think it is excellent that you do this kind of challenge. I send you a big hug as always, lots of love for you. Very good work @miriannalis

I am also very excited to read all the entries and share views on this important topic.

Thank you for supporting me and for your very caring message. A Big hug for You 🤗😘

Hiii. I have question :) I can make a vídeo Speaking and answer this awesome post?

You sure can.

Sure you can! Blessings ✨

Oh awesome! I'm spanish speaker but i'm going to make an entire English vídeo. I have several paranormal and spiritual situations since i was a child, so i really wanna share it. About the past life and heaven information that i have plus my experience like a chamán here (i travel to amazonian forest and heals people with My hands since I was a child too, and speak with dead people with My tobaco. And i have some energy for pray for others (for free of course) like a Tool from other dimensión, and of course i use My art and músic for heal and for bring happiness.

Waooo!!! I think it's wonderful, it will be very interesting to hear your experiences, even more if you have these gifts since childhood, you must have a lot of things to tell 🤗

:) i think all of us have a mission here. I'm Alive because Gods and spiritual beings loves me cause i had cáncer two times (in 90s). I felt to a paragliding (in 2006), i felt to a riding horse (1989), i felt to a Big autobús that pass over My body in 1999 and i'm still Alive. So i think that i have a mission for help. Heal and spread the word (i have an aid foundation too - since 2008 for help people. Mostly here but in blockchain I was part of Youarehope team (in 2017) and with this new criptoworld and coins i can help a Lot of ppl around here (mostly in Venezuela where the crisis are extreme, but everything's it's a state of mind, if You are conected with superiors beings everything's going to be fine)

Wow! I can see that this video will be full of interesting stories and a lot of learning, I also believe that when you are connected with higher energies everything will be fine, despite the hard tests that we have to go through. I look forward to your entry with enthusiasm 🤗✨

is true because this life (and this planet) is a university for get a awesome degree: clean our karmatic soul, i mean they (the celestial tribunal: angels and wisdom beings for all the religous /good people - saints - martirs - that coexist in heaven) give each soul an amazing oportunity for re-star each time that we reborn, for clean the past mistakes and sins cause when a person do a bad thing that person make a damage that needs to be fixed for equalize and balance the universe, so the karma its just that, you receve it what you do (in past - lifes) so you reborn for that, survive here and try to being a better person, with goodness, compassion, mercy, for others, and that kind of stuffs was cleaning the soul (btw, the soul its the most important treasure and the most precious jewel that we have) and we can rise into heaven or a celestial dimensional ascendent space when we are purify 100% but for make that we have to reborn multiples times, each return could help us to clean or not. but the most "clean" soul people like saints, or the ppl that die for others, they win the enter to heavens (all the heaven: isnt difference between catholic or another ones. its like the same, peace, infinite love and peacefull place with love and good vibes) but each soul have to win that entrance with of course good vibes, but if a person not enter ther its ok, they give to us a lot of new reborns for make it. Someday a person dont return here anymore cause finnaly enter into that superior place :) everybody can enter but isnt sooo easy, isnt a religious thing, its more about soul, the good intentions, being like a saint person for help others always, without extreme sins and of course try to focus in being a better person. but everyone can enter inside that with the soul purify. and is the travel here try to purify us and helping otheres to the same :)

Here is mine but I am not an official entry xx

At this time of year, I have absolute devotion to the Autumn Gods and the way...

Good afternoon, I have joined the community and the challenge because I found them very interesting. Here is my participation.

Estoy pensando en participar, me agrada las preguntas planteadas y tengo ganas de responder una o dos; gran iniciativa!

Gracias amigo @nameless16, me encantaria leer tus respuestas 🤗😘

Love this iniciative!! 🙏😊☮️ This days I had inner turbulences and this kind of themes makes me focus in a more elevate state. Thank you 💛

Glad to read that! It is also part of the initiative, to generate a spark that gives light to all those who are looking for guidance or answers, or simply can find in any of these publications a way to strengthen the link that leads to inner balance 🙏🏻✨

Excellent challenge! here I bring you my participation where I stood out a lot by writing: Aca dejo mi participacion de la actividad =D! espero que sea significativo y un aporte mas, gracias =D!

Mis amadas @madefrance y @bettzymedina las invito a que compartamos en esta maravillosa iniciativa, parte de nuestras experiencias mágicas. Anímense!!!!

Hi to all and blessings this is my post to the challenge I hope that you like it and have a nice time watching the video that I record for the post. Namasté!

Wow me gusta estaba buscando algo asi... Gracias estare publicando

Here is the link to my official entry to the beautiful initiative,

OK, here's mine:

I am suuuuuuuuuuper brain foggy today so hopefully I won't come back to it tomorrow and think, "wow, this is terrible." LOL

Thanks for another great contest! :)

Buenos días! Un Gran Abrazo lleno de Amor y Abundancia para todos..Les Comparto mi publicación por acá;espero que la disfruten. Un placer leerles en cada historia propia llena de conexiones especiales!

Hello, I have just published my participation in this beautiful challenge.

Buenos días, tema de bastante importancia para estos tiempos que estamos viviendo. Gracias @miriannalis por presentarlo.

Aquí mi participación

Muchas gracias por la invitación @miriannalis que bonita está iniciativa muy interesante el concurso con temas muy valiosos 💞 @naturalmedicine
Aquí dejo mi participación:

Estoy muy emocionada porque este es mi primer post en esta comunidad, acá dejo mi participación. Buenas vibras a todos!

Hello, I really liked the topic, so I'll keep leaving a couple more posts here.

Mis estimados amigos @madefrance y @joalbert las invito a que participen en esta maravillosa iniciativa, Anímense !!!!

Dejo mi Enlace por Acá, muy contenta de formar parte de esta iniciativa... Muchas gracias @naturalmedicine por la iniciativa.

increible esto es bueno

Interesante tema a desarrollar y sobre todo en lo relacionado con procesos de curación. En estos momentos que está pasando la humanidad creo que la búsqueda de la espiritualidad nos reconfortaria

Feliz y bendecido día,

Gracias por la oportunidad que me invitó a escribir sobre las formas de como logro obtener conexión o desarrollo espiritual.

Aquí mi entrada:

Éxitos para todos.

Hi! Thank You for this fantastic challenge. Here is my entry:

Greetings I hope you are very well, I just finished writing my post, I hope you like it, definitely this kind of topic leads us to reflect a little about our lives and about ourselves. These topics are very good. I wish you all a happy day

Hi everyone, Here is my entry

>>>> My encounter with Spirituality <<<<

Buenas noches! O madrugadas! 💮 Les traigo la parte final de mi entrada a este maravilloso concurso...Espero que mis aportes les sean de gran ayuda💮