Splinterlands **Lvl 4 Molten Ogre** Card GIVEAWAY - See Post for Details

Splinterlands Lvl 4 Molten Ogre Card GIVEAWAY

Lvl 4 Molten Ogre

In order to participate you must:

Which Movie had a star Born in Augusta Georgia?

  1. Star Wars
  2. The Matrix
  3. Gladiator
  4. Troy

Winner Announcement...!!!

  • I will manually review and announce a winner at the payout of this post.

  • Winners will be selected using https://hivetools.herokuapp.com/picker/

  • If you are not following me on Hive Vote I will move onto the next winner

  • If there are no winners I will continue selecting random commentors until a qualified winner is found i.e. if you guess wrong and follow me on Hive Vote you can still win...

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another giveaway @jdike can join! 3 Gladiator


The Matrix

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The Matrix (Lawrence Fishbourne)
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Count me in for the giveaway!
Thank you! 🙏
ign: @pero82

count me in please

count me in @jfang003
The Matrix

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The matrix

The Matrix

the matrix @haizelanne