How to Get Extra 10+ Rewards Chest using Peakmonsters

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I got two Chaos Legion Packs!!!

I received it as part of the 40-chest rewards from the recent Splinterlands season-ender. I originally had 22 chests as upcoming rewards in the Gold III league, but circumstances aligned, and I was able to jump to Diamond League III to get the extra 18 chest rewards!

If you're curious how to easily upgrade to a higher league and get more rewards, take note of these two steps:

  1. Rent for more Power
  2. Immediately Terminate Rentals

Strictly speaking, the processes involved in these steps are complex and tedious, but makes it easy. I could have done it without using the features in PeakMonsters, but that would have taken me above three hours' worth of effort. While with Peakmonsters tools, I only needed around three minutes to do what I needed to do.

Read on to know more about the steps and some practical tips. At the end of the post, let's also look at my actual season-end rewards so we can judge whether the league jump is worth the effort and DEC.

An Overview of what's what

You get as many chest rewards based on what league you are in when the season ends. It doesn't matter which league you were in during the season; what counts is the league you are at when the countdown timer reaches zero.

To advance to higher leagues to earn more rewards, you'd need to get familiar with these two parameters:

Rating is a metric that increases as you win more in ranked battles. On the other hand, it decreases when you lose.

Power represents the sum of the scores of your playable cards. "Playable" means your cards that aren't delegated or listed for sale or rent in the marketplace. Cards you rent from others are playable, thus it counts toward your total Power metric.

Here are the specific Power and Rating requirements for the Diamond Leagues:


Hours before the last season ended, I realized that my current Rating is quite high for my current league in Gold III. It wasn't high enough to get me in the ladder rankings, but it was sufficient to get me a few steps up in the league. I was only several wins away from reaching the required score for the Diamond League, which needed a minimum Rating of 2800.


Getting more wins to increase my Rating for Diamonds is down to my luck and some dose of strategy. However, improving my Power score is a lot trickier and costlier. I'd need to spend DEC to rent cards. But, fortunately, it was not that expensive because I only needed to rent it for a day. Also, allows you to optimize your renting for increasing Power. So you can get lower renting costs compared to using Splinterlands' original marketplace.

Before All This: Battle a lot

Battle regularly and efficiently. Or just simply have fun playing.

Ranked battle wins are the only way to increase your Rating. If you are winning more than half your matches, you are making good progress in growing your Rating.

The strategy of acquiring more wins is an entirely different behemoth of a topic, so I won't be talking about it in this post. But if you are someone who truly enjoys the game and who has invested sufficient time (and some DEC) to get better at it, then I believe you got the battling part covered.

I go through 20-30 battles daily and wasn't really paying attention to my Rating. The only thing that mattered to me then was to avoid getting below the Silver Leagues. So noticing that I got a decent Rating by season end was a surprise and a jolt of inspiration. Thus, if you're like me, who is faring well in the Ratings department, then you may want to check out the these two steps to increase your Power and rewards for the current season.

Step 1: Rent for more Power

Get more playable cards that will factor in your overall Power score by renting. You can rent cards in Splinterlands' marketplace but I recommend using Peakmonsters. It has automation tools that let you rent cards at the best prices with a few clicks.

Now, differentiate this renting from the kind where you acquire cards to include in your strategic plays. The type of renting we need is purely for increasing your Power. Peakmonsters conveniently does it for you by searching the entire marketplace and automatically renting cards that fit the cost parameter you configured. Since it only cares for the Power or Collection Power rating of each card, you get random cards that you may find useful or not.

To do this, go to Peakmonsters' Renter's Dashboard and click Configure CP Bid. Complete the required values and press Confirm. Then, wait for Peakmonsters to fulfill your rental order.


Let's take a closer look at which value represents in the CP Bid form.

Your Bid corresponds to how much Power you want per DEC spent. The default 100 CP/DEC is a good baseline, so you can test this value out if you have no specific preference. Above 150 CP/DEC can be considered a cheap rent rate, while somewhere in 20 CP/DEC is pricey.

Useful tip: Configure your bid as early as 24 hours before the season end to get cheaper rent rates. As the season deadline draws near, the bidding rates get competitive, so you'll be compelled to spend more and raise your bids.

Min and Max represent the range of total Power you want to acquire. This amount tops up what Power you currently have. To know what to input in the Min field, simply get the difference between the Power requirement of your target league and your current Power score. The Max field automatically fills up based on the Min value and is usually 1000 above your Min.

My Target Rating250,000
My Current Rating112,500
Need to Rent (Min)137,500

Min per card parameter represents the minimum amount of Power per card that you want. If you set it high, say in the 100s range, you'll randomly get rarer or higher-level cards, which will probably be more useful in battles. But this makes it harder to fulfill your rental bid. If you are exclusively renting to increase your Power, then set it low.

Useful tip: Set Min per card to 5. While you are likely to get tens or hundreds of common level 1 cards that you won't use in your plays, your order will be completed much faster. This helps you avoid bidding within the final hours where rent is costliest.

Useful tip: The time to complete your rental order, mainly depends on your CP/DEC bid. If you priced it competitively, it usually takes minutes. Otherwise, it may take several hours. If your order has remained unfulfilled for more than four hours, you may need to increase your bid.

Step 2: Immediately Terminate Rentals

You'll know once your Peakmonster's rental bid has been fully completed when you reach your target league. Looking at my Splinterlands battle dashboard, I finally got to Diamond III! All good here.


When you get to this point, you can immediately cancel all your rentals, even if the season hasn't ended yet. Take note that each card's rent covers a whole day, so even if you cancel before the timer hits zero, you'll only lose the card a day after. The canceled cards will still remain within your Power scope during season-end calculations.

I've emphasized this step to minimize the costs of renting cards. Peakmonsters sets each rental in CP bids for two days. You really won't need a second day, so you can cancel as soon as possible.

For this last season, I ended up renting 172 cards to reach my target. This would have taken me ages to terminate each card rental using the original Splinterlands dashboard. But it becomes an uncomplicated process using Peakmonsters.

Step 2.a. To cancel all your rentals all at once, go to the site's main dashboard -- My Cards. This shows you a full list of your cards. Use the following filtering options to allow you to select all cards that you rented. Be sure to tick these options for the successful cancellation of your rentals.


Useful tip: Don't miss the Renew Only option. Or else your rental termination may fail. There might be instances where the original owner has already ended the rental. If you cancel the same card, the request fails. Your bulk cancel request will not go through if any of the cards was previously canceled. Using Renew Only option, you can make sure none of the cards that'll cause the error will show up.

Once you have properly filtered all rented cards, press Select All. You can then click the Card Selection icon in the top-right, press the dropdown on Rent button, then select Stop Renting.


Step 2.b. Before or after you cancel your card rentals, don't forget to turn off your CP Bid. Otherwise, even if you terminate your rentals, Peakmonster, will once again execute your previous bid and rent new cards. Go back to the CP Bid form that you used in Step 1, then press Remove to cancel your CP Bid.

The Verdict: Was jumping to the Diamond League worth it?

I spent a total of 1,744.647 DEC to rent a total of 172 cards to reach Diamond III. With that, I successfully locked on to an extra 18 chest rewards. Now, was spending that amount of DEC worth it? To quantify an answer to that, let's compare the cost of renting and the estimated cost of the last 18 reward chests that I got.


Again, I want to emphasize step 2. Don't forget to (a) cancel your card rentals and (b) cancel your CP Bid. If I missed this step, then I would have paid 1,744.647 DEC for every day I left the rental active.

Let's look at the table of comparison of cost and rewards. The card prices were based on the lowest offers in the marketplace. DEC was pegged to $0.0035 for demonstration purposes.

CP Rent Cost-1,744.65-$6.11
DEC Rewards65$0.23
Potion Rewards-$0.13
Card Rewards-$4.44
Pack Rewards-$4.00
Net Gain-$2.69

I only gained $2.69, which almost makes one wonder if it's worth the effort. But if you look at the future potential value of a Chaos Legion pack or Splinterlands cards in general, the gains seem much more exciting and fruitful.

And as an added benefit, since I reached Diamond III League, I slipped back to Gold III upon season reset. Starting on a high league meant that I didn't need to struggle to get out of the lower leagues which offer low rewards for battle wins.

Thus, I feel pushing to higher leagues during season enders is worth it. In fact, I'm hoping that I get lucky enough to get a much higher battle Rating so I can shoot for leagues beyond Diamond III. Let's see what happens this season :)

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Hey, that is a nice post and guide!

To add my 2 cents to it - it is always going to be a gamble, as rental prices on the last day of the season are a little ridiculous. I believe the one thing that makes it a bit better is that Chaos Legion packs are now in chests and their drop rate increases as you go up, which can skew the RNG slightly in your favour. That said, I think on average you will actually lose money doing that - a good way to check the expected average chest value is to go to splintercards website!


Thank you for offering a balancing perspective on renting for power. I got lucky two seasons ago and was able to get some cheap cards for 200+ CP/DEC bid. I guess the cheap rent price led me to believe the gamble is mostly profitable. But I wasn't able to get that level of pricing last season XD

I'll check this season end if I could get lower rent costs again. But I fully agree that we should temper our expectations since the whole thing is dependent on rewards RNG.

Thank you for all the insights!

I play way lower than you (my own CP is s3), I usually rent a 50k CP card to S1 throughout the season for ~60DEC/day and then hope it doesnt get cancelled. If it does, I just take the L and stay in S3 for season end.

It's definitely so profitable to rent OUT on season end that it is quite naive to hope the card will stay in my account though.

Wow, one card with 50K CP? Must be one of the highest level legendary golds out there. Haven't touched one ever.

Yeah, owners are all sold out in season end. Def profitable. I'm a nice rentee and don't cancel rented cards mid-season. If I got high CP cards, I would have rented it out for you :) But all I got is a sum of cards of 50K.

I too have often used the rental strategy in the past during the last day of the season, and Peakmonsters is by far the best site to implement this strategy.
I'm glad you made a profit from applying your rental strategy.
Great and helpful post especially for new users and those who are not familiar with Peakmonsters.

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Actually, it's one of your posts from a few months ago that led me to Peakmonsters. So thanks for that :)

Now that I got a taste of Chaos packs at season end, I'm tempted to do the last day rental thing more, despite the risks of losing DEC from terrible rewards pull.

Thanks for pointing out my tag choices. I was only familiar with #oneup. I will look into the other tags too. And I'll probably use your recent NFT gaming posts as reference :)

Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

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