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As most of you already know from listening to the weekly town halls, we have been working for a number of months now on a major overhaul to the ranked reward system in Splinterlands. In the past, we have mostly had to resort to quick, band-aid fixes just to keep things running and squash exploits, but now that we have significantly expanded the team we have finally had the time and resources to do a deep dive into the entire reward economy of the game.

The goal of that deep dive was to identify what we believe are the core pieces at the heart of most of the economy problems we are currently seeing and come up with comprehensive solutions that will serve as the foundation for a sustainable and growing game economy going forward.

Just a heads up - this is going to be a LONG post as we go into detail about all of the changes that are planned as well as the reasoning and goals behind them. While we know that some of you will be excited to go through all of that with a fine-toothed comb, for those of you who just want a quick update of what's happening we'll start with a tl;dr version of the changes:


  • "reward shares" earned from ranked battle wins will now determine season and daily rewards in addition to DEC rewards
    • Please note that this means that gold foil and older edition cards as well as win-streak and guild bonuses will now increase daily and season rewards in addition to DEC rewards
  • Each "starter card" used in a ranked battle win will REDUCE the reward shares earned, with 100% starter cards = 0 reward shares
  • Daily quests will change to daily "focus" where players will receive a certain amount of reward chests based on the total amount of reward shares they have earned from ranked battle wins using the focus element (splinter) over a 24 hour period
  • Season rewards will be based on the amount of reward shares earned from all ranked battle wins during the season
  • There will be different types of loot chests, one corresponding to each league (Bronze - Champion), with higher league chests containing significantly more / higher valued rewards
  • The type of loot chests earned from daily and season rewards will be based on the highest league achieved during the PREVIOUS season
  • Purchases of the Summoner's Spellbook will now include 3000 Credits which can be used in the in-game shop or to purchase or rent cards from the market
  • There will be 12 new reward cards released - some featuring a new ability - that will be available to be earned through the new loot chests!

The most important takeaway from all of this is that these changes will allow the amount and value of rewards given out through daily and season loot chests to be significantly increased across all leagues in a sustainable way due to the fact that it will now require real cards (whether owned or rented) to earn them.

Release Schedule

The code for these changes is scheduled to be released during the week of May 22nd, however the new reward system including the new season and daily focus rewards, new loot chests, new reward cards, etc. will go into effect automatically at the beginning of the new ranked play season starting on Tuesday, May 31st.

Please note that the change so that starter cards used in battles will reduce the amount of reward shares earned will go into effect when the code is released, which means that starter cards will reduce the amount of DEC earned from ranked battle wins beginning at that point.

All of the other changes will automatically take effect when the new ranked play season begins on the 31st. If players have an outstanding daily quest when the new ranked rewards begin, they will need to complete the quest, or request a new quest, in order to begin their first daily focus.

"Starter" Cards

The key takeaway from the economy deep-dive was that the starter cards - the cards that are able to be used by players in battles even if they don't own (or haven't rented) them - are one of the core underlying issues causing many of the economic problems seen in the system to date.

The issue is that the starter cards are unlimited (in the sense that there is no limit to the number of accounts that can be created), add no value to the ecosystem, and have a claim on the reward pool. This means that as more and more accounts are created and are playing with starter cards, more and more value is being removed from the reward pools without any value being put in.

The initial thought to address this was to simply remove the starter cards completely and require that players either buy or rent cards in order to play the game, but that provides a much worse experience for new players and would lead to situations where players enter into a match and then have no cards to use and are forced to surrender.

After more thought and significant input from team members, we settled on the solution that starter cards would remain in the game but would reduce the amount of rewards earned from ranked battle wins in the same way that gold foil and older edition cards increase the rewards from ranked battle wins - via the "reward shares" mechanism.

This way we are able to achieve both goals - starter cards would no longer have a claim on the reward pool and we can still ensure that players always have enough cards to play a battle.

Reward Shares

Currently, the DEC rewards for ranked battles are determined by an amount of reward shares (Rshares) earned by a player for a win. The number of Rshares earned is based on the following formula:

Where rating is a player’s rating; ECR is a player’s energy capture rate; and bonuses are applied by card type, win streak, and guild lodge level. Since the rating is cubed, that means that higher ratings earn significantly more Rshares than lower ratings, so the best way to increase your Rshares earned quickly is by increasing your rating.

Please note that the rating is capped by the maximum for your tier or league. This means that if you are in Bronze I your rating will be capped at 999 for Rshares calculations even if your actual rating in the game is above that. Additionally, if you are in Bronze III due to a low collection power your rating will be capped at 399.

To address the issue caused by the starter cards, we are reducing the amount of Rshares awarded for a battle for each starter card used by the winning player in the battle by adjusting the Rshare formula as follows:

Where %_starter_cards is the percentage of the winning player’s cards in the battle that are starter cards.

As seen in the example table below, a team with 6 cards, 5 monsters and a summoner, and three of them being starter cards will yield 50% of the normal reward share value.

# of cards played# of starter cards% of Rshares earned

While this change works very well to reduce the amount of DEC earned from ranked battle wins by players using starter cards, it won't do anything to reduce the amount of daily quest and season rewards that players can earn using starter cards - which account for the bulk of the overall rewards in the system.

As a result, we will also be changing the daily quest and season rewards to be based on the number of reward shares earned from ranked battles, just like DEC rewards, as described in the following sections.

One thing that we noted above, but want to repeat here, is that this means that going forward the use of gold foil and older edition cards in battle, as well as being on a win streak and benefits from the guild quest lodge will increase not only your DEC rewards from ranked battles but also your daily quest and season rewards! We look forward to these changes providing more value to those types of cards and to guild membership going forward.

Additionally, it is important to note that now that all types of ranked battle rewards will be determined by reward shares, it will incentivize achieving higher win rates over simply higher numbers of battles. This is due to the fact that reward shares are reduced by ECR, and ECR is used for both wins and losses.

Season Rewards

The reward shares earned from every ranked battle win during a particular season - no matter what element or cards are used - will contribute to players' season reward points (SP) for that season. The more season reward points earned during the course of the season, the more loot chests the player will be able to claim and open once the season ends.

A maximum of 150 loot chests can be earned in a single season, and players in any league from Bronze to Champion have the opportunity to earn the maximum number of chests. Of course, Champion chests will have significantly larger and higher value loot in them than Bronze chests (see the Loot Chests section below for more details), but now players in all leagues will have the opportunity to open a large amount of chests each season if they have earned them.

As mentioned above, the type of loot chest that each player will earn in the current season is based on the highest league achieved at any point in the previous ranked play season. For example, if a player reached Diamond league at any point in the previous season (meaning they achieved both the required rating and collection power and chose to advance to that league) then in the current season they will earn Diamond loot chests no matter what league they are currently playing in.

Before everyone starts complaining about the above mechanic being exploited - please know that it will take FAR more reward shares to earn a Diamond loot chest than it will to earn loot chests for lower leagues. So that means that if a player rents cards for one day in a season and gets up to Diamond league so they can earn Diamond loot chests the next season, if they are only playing in Bronze or Silver league next season they will not earn enough reward shares to get very many Diamond chests, or perhaps none at all.

Therefore it's almost always better from a rewards standpoint to have the highest league achieved in the previous season be one that you can reasonably play in and achieve a reasonable win rate in the following season.

Please see the table below for some actual numbers around average reward shares per win in each league (assuming mid-range rating for the league, 100% ECR, and no bonuses or reductions) and the number of reward shares needed to earn certain amounts of season reward chests.

Please note that the reward shares values shown in the game UI for both quest and season rewards will be divided by 1000 to keep the numbers smaller and more easily readable.

Avg Rshares / Win1663,04812,97734,32871,473
Rshares 1 Chest3005,00018,00043,00090,000
Rshares 10 Chests4,00960,541207,856480,788979,863
Rshares 50 Chests70,712667,4191,853,0823,731,2276,807,237
Rshares 100 Chests966,7854,305,9268,540,56313,873,08821,423,246

As you can see from the above numbers, if a player got to Diamond league in one season but then is only playing in Bronze league next season, they may only be able to earn enough reward shares to get one Diamond chest the whole season, whereas had they stayed in Bronze the previous season then they could earn somewhere around 30 Bronze chests instead.

One of the additional issues that this new system resolves is that previously since season rewards were based on the player's league at the end of the season, once a player achieved a high league they would be hesitant to keep playing for fear of dropping back down before the season end and receiving fewer rewards.

With the new system, since the next season's chests are based on the highest league achieved at any point during the season, there is no issue with dropping down in leagues before the end of the season, and there is always incentive to continue playing to keep earning more reward shares to unlock more loot chests in the current season.

Daily Focus

The daily quests will be renamed to "Daily Focus" and will work very similarly to the new season rewards system described above.

Each daily focus will last for 24 hours and will focus on a specific element or splinter. The reward shares earned from every ranked battle win during that 24 hour period using the focus element will contribute to players’ focus reward points (FP). The more focus reward points earned during the 24 hour period, the more loot chests the player will be able to claim and open once period ends.

Each player's current daily focus element will be available in all ranked battles that player plays during the 24 hour period where the focus is active to ensure that players always have the option to use their focus element.

A maximum of 30 loot chests can be earned for each daily focus, and players in any league from Bronze to Champion have the opportunity to earn the maximum number of chests. The chests earned for daily focus rewards are the same as the chests earned for season rewards, with champion chests having significantly larger and higher value loot in them than Bronze chests (see the Loot Chests section below for more details). With the new system, players in all leagues will have the opportunity to open a larger amount of chests each day if they have earned them.

Just as with the season rewards, the type of loot chest that each player will earn for each daily focus is based on the highest league achieved at any point in the previous ranked play season. For example, if a player reached Diamond league at any point in the previous season (meaning they achieved both the required rating and collection power and chose to advance to that league) then in the current season they will earn Diamond loot chests for each daily focus no matter what league they are currently playing in.

Quest Potions

The old quest potions will be removed from the game when the ranked rewards changes go live and we switch to the daily focus system. Anyone who has unused quest potion charges at that time will be refunded the DEC tokens that were spent on the potions.

Loot Chests

As mentioned above, there will now be different loot chests (one for each league) earned for season and daily focus rewards. The type of chest received will be based on the highest league achieved at any time during the previous ranked play season.

Each chest will still have one item in it just as before - some DEC, a potion, a Chaos Legion pack, or a reward card - but higher level chests will have either more DEC or higher chances of higher valued rewards. The details of the rewards for each type of chest are shown in the table below:

Chest TypeDECReward CardsPotionsPacksToken MultiplierGold/Rarity Boost
Bronze33.33%33.33%33.33%0.005%1x-75% (0.2% Legendary & 0.5% Gold Foil Chance)
Silver33.00%38.00%28.25%0.75%2x0% (0.8% Legendary & 2% Gold Foil Chance)
Gold32.00%43.00%23.00%2.00%8x50% (1.2% Legendary & 3% Gold Foil Chance)
Diamond31.50%48.00%18.00%2.50%16x100% (1.6% Legendary & 4% Gold Foil Chance)
Champion31.00%53.00%12.50%3.50%48x300% (3.2% Legendary & 8% Gold Foil Chance)

The percentages for DEC, Reward Cards, Potions, and Packs show the chances of a single chest of that type containing that type of reward.

The "Token Multiplier" is a multiplier on the amount of DEC that can be earned from that type of chest. The formula for the DEC rewards in the chests will be the same as before, and then the token multiplier will be applied on top of that. For example, if a chest previously would get 5 DEC, then a new Bronze level chest would get the same 5 DEC (since it has a 1x multiplier), but a new Silver level chest would get 10 DEC (with its 2x multiplier), and a new Champion level chest would get 240 DEC after applying the 48x multiplier!

Last, but not least, each type of chest gets an adjustment to the chances of receiving a legendary or gold foil reward card which is labelled above as the "Gold/Rarity Boost". This means that Bronze chests will have a 75% less chance than normal of getting legendary and gold foil reward cards, Silver chests will have normal chances of getting legendary and gold foil reward cards, Gold chests will have a 50% increased chance of getting legendary and gold foil reward cards, up to the Champion chests which have a 3x increased chance of getting legendary and gold foil reward cards.

Please note that once these changes are released, Bronze chests will no longer contain Credits instead of DEC. They will now contain DEC rewards like all other chest types.

New Reward Cards

There will be 12 new reward cards plus a new ability released when these changes go live that will be able to be earned through the new loot chests from daily focus and season rewards.

We will be releasing the stats of those new cards periodically between now and the release (sorry to disappoint anyone hoping to see them right now) so stay tuned for posts about them in the near future!

We don't want you to leave empty-handed after reading this far though, so we'll go ahead and announce the new ability - Reflection Shield!

The Reflection Shield ability makes the character immune to all indirect, or reflected damage. That means that it will not take damage from Blast, Thorns, Return Fire, or Magic Reflect!

Keep in mind that the higher league loot chests will have a higher chance of receiving Legendary and Gold Foil reward cards - so if you want to pick up some of the three new Legendary cards that will be released you'll want to rank up as much as possible!

Ongoing Changes

The Splinterlands team is extremely excited about these changes as we feel they address some of the most important issues with the game economy currently, but we want to be clear that we don't expect them to address EVERY problem. Additionally, while we spent a lot of time trying to think through all possible angles and use data analysis to arrive at the initial numbers and configuration parameters used, we don't expect we will have gotten everything perfect on the first go-around.

We want to assure the community that we are committed to closely watching the results of these changes as well as listening to feedback from the player community to fix any unintended issues and to continually improve the product and the ecosystem.

We are also going to be looking at making future improvements and changes to other parts of the game economy to try to further increase reward potential and reduce abuse and exploits. These areas include the collection power system, card rentals/delegations, card cooldowns, and the ranked season leaderboards.

We are looking forward to players who are contributing value to the ecosystem by owning or renting cards starting to earn significantly more rewards across all levels of play. We hope that this will spur an increase in card purchase and rental activity which will also help further increase rewards and kick off a virtuous cycle for the overall game economy!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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Omgosh, this is going to be HUGE! I love how you addressed most of the pressing issues we face in such an elegant way. This REALLY rewards the people with cards and I think our playerbase will be blown away when they see just how awesome this system is.

Fantastic job, a major homerun! (almost as big as the SPS introduction imo)

Nice, this is what we all have been waiting for a while. Can't wait to test this new way to earn the rewards from the game. Hopefully, this will improve the player's experience.

Heh. Same time , we should expect more bots after this change.

I don't think so since relays in better win rate and usage of ERC plus also the bonuses of the guilds. This will possibly harm many bots without any guild or low level bots that don't own cards and use only the ghost cards available.

A different type of bots is what I mean. Instead of bots with ghost card at low level. Now bots will happen at high level with their own card or rented cards. This change eventually drive a lot human player to bots. Because people want to get max rewards and hv no such time to do it. Look at the table of reward share vs chest qty. If you want to get 100 chest (max 150 chest), for average winrate people what they do? Play more, but 100 chests requires 1>100wins/day. How long it will take us today for 5 wins? So probably the key point here is, what will they do for the bots ? Whoever want to get significant earning please bitting, whoever enjoys the game, spend your time. 😁

Exactly, Bots will get more rewards now

But only the loot chests unless the owner invest a few dec to give bot higher rating.

The per game rewardabwould probably go to players because you neex to adapt your lineup every game.

While bot will not go out totally, more rewards will now go to players than bots.

Bots have no problem reaching 2400/2600 rating with a fair 45% win rate which is similar to a human One,they Will just adapt the script to burn less ecr...anyways loot chests have never been the problem, the problem is the DEC per win, they Will still get more and empty the pool

Oh man, I knew that the nickname was familiar you're in Vikings right. We've talked before haha. See I'm on the opinion that this update will help in several ways. One of them, possibly will be that the reward pool won't be so low, because the bots will need to play less. But we can chat in the guilds Discord about it if you want.

get over bots they do not effect the game its all in your head get over the the bot Bullsh$t

Bots actually speed up the queue. I'd rather play with bots and wait for 3 seconds than wait for 3 minutes for players but getting the same reward per win.

Technically, bots help a bit in terms of queue time.

I really liked the rewards changes, trying to grow own cp and upgrading on league, improving solo account focus also. The only question is that this will probably increase demand for renting base cards, right? Idk. Damm, I love this focus that works around economy metas. Thanks a lot for the game!! Its really entretaining, for whoever likes chess like games, plus chances involved like poker, and factors for traders, economists... I love it!!

Yes if the rewards for playing are indeed going up then the cost to rent will go up. Also there may be more owners who decide to play rather than rent and that may also make the price go up.

I finally got around to renting all my cards last week as I haven't been playing much lately. And now I find out about the new rewards system and I want to unrent all my cards and start playing again! 😅

Please add blind matchmaking to the list to reduce win trading. I feel like match history provides a bigger advantage to bots than it provides to humans, plus it facilitates win trading. Blind matchmaking would make it extremely difficult for bot operators to win trade.

Im pretty sure you can see what millisecond you are matched up if you run a bot network and this would not matter at all. It would however make the game less interesting to play for humans, as you would remove all elements of counter play. It would just be a game of knowing best possible lineups for different rulesets and game would be easier to solve.

The idea is to simply never match up a bot of one network to another of the same network. Sometimes even naming structure could be used but i think they have more sophisticated ways to handle it.

Bots will never go out. Unless you are willing to provide your ID to make it 1 account per person.

Not gonna lie, was about to sell half of my cards, now i wont. What a timing

After more thought and significant input from team members, we settled on the solution that starter cards would remain in the game but would reduce the amount of rewards earned from ranked battle wins ...

That sounds like a rather clever idea.

Personally I belive this will be a welcome change to the game. I currently have enough cards and power to play in silver 1 and am looking forward to being rewarded more for the amount that I curreently play, gradually moving to gold and beyond as soon as I can for more significant rewards.

I think the addition of 3000 credits for new accounts will be a good incentive for new players to get a feel for the game and whether they then want to start splashing cash and adding to the economy buy renting or buying more cards.

Whether you think this will increase bots or not, or you have an issue with bots taking value from the game to me is beside the point as this game is primarily about collecting cards and battling other players. The fact that you can earn real world benefits from playing is a bonus. The better you get and the higher you climb in the game the better these benefits become. sounds like a win to me.

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As someone who was one of the people, giving the Splinterlands team grief over the economy as of late, and also giving suggestions, I am happy to see some of the ideas I put forward have been integrated in your chosen way. I think every aspect of this update is good for the game economy and sustainability, from a theory perspective. I look forward to seeing the results and being incentivized to play more!





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Luckily my injuries were only super fish oil.

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It's rare that I'm hyped but this is one of those TIMES LET'S GO!🚀🔥
This is huge, for players like me and my guild, who's biggest strength is consistent activity and community engagement, this will be a great change of pace.
The increased chests sound like a lot of fun!


The issue is that the starter cards are unlimited (in the sense that there is no limit to the number of accounts that can be created), add no value to the ecosystem, and have a claim on the reward pool. This means that as more and more accounts are created and are playing with starter cards, more and more value is being removed from the reward pools without any value being put in.

The issue is that the bots are unlimited (in the sense that there is no limit to the number of accounts that can be created), add no value to the ecosystem, and have a claim on the reward pool. This means that as more and more bots are created and are playing, more and more value is being removed from the reward pools without any value being put in.


I have to confess, I was a little bit unsure about changes.... but these look absolutely AWESOME!! Can't wait to see them play out; and a big thumbs up for giving smaller players the chance of improving their rewards, even more by incentivising skill building!

I am still trying to get my head around as this is a very big change. This will make more sense as the changes will be rolled out.

Great details.

2 points .

  1. Is it possible to have a toggle button to hide starter card and avoid people accidently pick them?

  2. See this change on 2 sides. One hand , this really gives chance to every play a better chance to get more rewards.
    However, this change prob will significantly increase the amount of bots. Simple, if they play manually not possible to get even half of the reward amount chests. But the bots will be able to get the full amount. Here's example
    Eg. Look at the gold league
    12977 points/win, it roughly need 127 wins daily in order to have 100 chests at season end. By consider daily focused splinter, how long time does each player today to get 5 wins?

I feel happy , excited and seriously mixed with sadness for this change. Because it definitely will drive people to use more bots rather than manually play simply because of our human nature that want to maximize the earning. Eventually Spl will become a bots centroid game.

The number 12977 was an average Rshare estimate likely with a very good ECR you can do about 28 matches a day with an ecr that will regenerate in the next 24 hrs. A good bot win rate is about 50% ?? So instead of 127 wins now try out 14 wins. I simply think maybe you didn't catch the full equation.


True, if we dig more on the formula, the realistic rewards will be way lower,probably not a significant increase as mentioned.

There are 2 points . 1. The 🥧 (150 chests) is unachievable if we dig more on formula. 2. The change is more bots benefitial with their 7/24 capability.

Hope Spl team can do something on bots.

Just by adding captcha for each battle will kill all bots :)

Probably here the key is not killing the bots. But take the advantage of 7/24 on bots away. Of course if they can put the captcha for each battle,not will be great. 🤣

I very much prefer bots to fillinf out a captcha every game.

If you kill all bots, queue times will increase. Are you willing to play with bots every 10 seconds or just with player but queue will be every 1 minute? Rewards will be the same whether you play with bots or humans.

I am SUPER excited about these changes! Holy cow, this is going to be amazing!!!

Are the 100 chest numbers accurate? It seems like gold shouldn't require more than champion?

Ummmmm..... is the formula for Rshares in the article correct?

When I cube 2350, I get 12,977,875,000
which, divided by 1,000= 12,977,875 Rshares/win (with no starters, 100% ECR, and no Bonuses)

Even when assuming 1% ECR- that's still 129,778.75 Rshares/win, not 12,977
or are you assuming the 'average' team (in Gold) wins at 1% ECR, with 90% 'Starter' cards? Which would then get you your 12,977 number.

You are right, the formula has to be wrong.

If you take Rshares = rating^3/1000^2 and plug in the numbers for middle ratings of each league, 550, 1450, 2350, 3250, 4150 for bronze to champion you get the Avg Shares/Win in the table. This is then assuming 100% ECR and no bonuses and no starter cards.

I am also wondering if the 100 chests data is wrong, jumps a lot from bronze to silver (a factor of almost 10), silver to gold increases only for about 15% and then even decreases when going from gold to diamond...

Just curious whether these changes will only be applied through the whole league or if there will also be changes based on league divisions. I'm confused if say, silver league rewards for both eos and dailies will be the same regardless if you finished in S3 or S1 during the previous season.

when reward summuner?

Old news... "The Past"

no matter how many cards they give us, if they don't give us a summoner we can't play them

gotta flex your trading muscles, friend. Effort needed.

From my understanding every single account has 6 summoners at their disposal which they have and will be able to play with you will get less Rshares by using them if you don't own them but you'll still be able to use them.


Oh wow! This is what we've been waiting for. Champion league will be worth playing again.

Thats freaking awesome news, cant wait to test the new rewards system out!

good bye quest potion


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Would we still get Champion points every end of season?

Also, what would be the purpose of Champion points after SPS Aidrop ends?

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This new style of ranking system looks promising. Put in the work and have the cards and be better rewarded sounds like a solid way to boost the game and value of everything.

I will NEVER complain about incentives to play a game more owo

The bot issue is still not addressed now the bots are going to become even stronger as they are going to be competing in higher leagues because of better rewards there there is also a big difference between the gold and silver league which makes me feel that gold is the new bronze lol. But above all thank you team for at least do something hopefully it will achieve the desired goals and make the game enjoyable for everyone


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Sounds very good to me. Can't wait!

Finally some changes. I hope it reduces bots a lot.

Do you want bots reduced or just their ability to unfairly (compared to what a human could do) exploit the systems? If they can't unfairly exploit then what are the different benefits of pushing them away given these new changes?

In my eyes the (future) main problem with bots is that they will be simply too strong. I know not everybody agrees, but I am convinced that they will play significantly stronger than every human player (already now, I wish you much fun beating the 'bubke-bot' for example). So their advantage lays not in the system anymore (I guess the new changes are rather well thought out) but simply in the fact that well concipated bots play better than humans (like they already do in chess, Go, poker, ..., ... where also at the beginning everybody claimed they would never reach such high levels).
I wonder if we really want a game where the first 50 or 100 Champion League ranks will be reserved for bots/AI?
And if not what could be done against it, as it is nearly impossible to prove the use of bots, because even someone using them can still enter the bot-suggested teams manually ...?

Bots could be sophisticated to play really really well and win a ton it is true but the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of bots out there are mostly developed to play really well with a very small set a cards... a minimal set of cards. In the past they have mostly counted on playing eachother and counted on just doing more battles... but now about 28-30 battles is optimal for rewards so they'll need to focus on higher win percentage so yeah i think they'll try their best to have a better winning percenatage.
I think it is vital that they impliment their desired goal to stop bots froma network to battle against eachother.

Sure, I agree!

We are writing about two different things here.

I just see the appearance of very strong bots in Champion League as the next tricky to solve problem to loom on the horizon.

While i agree and see your idea. I think you're talking more about ai than bots. Ai is a bot but has capabulity to learn but is heck of a hard thibg to be consistent especially if the games change with new cards and rules like wild and modern. Bots, are simply programmed accounts taht play specific cards regardless of changes. I think most bots used is just general bots and the obe you're saying is a specially made ai which not a lot of people can get their hands with unless you pay or make your own

I think as prizes are rather high nowadays the bots (even those which having the ability to learn and use AI) will become better and better. Already now I wish you much fun while trying to beat the 'bubke-bot'. :)

If new cards/rules come out there always will be an adaption phase of (lets say) a few weeks, but I don't see that as a major problem for bots/AI.

who you think will get more rewards chests, a bot playing 24/7 farming wins (beside decs) or a human with a normal life?

From what i've read ECR is very much part of the equation for rewards... playing 24/7 will make that number much lower and thus they'll earn very little if anything.


That's why this section was highlighted... it's important for anyone (including bots) to be in the league where they can acheive a reasonable win rate.


It is still an issue if bots gets matched up with their own bots AND know they're playing their own other bot and that is an unfair ability to bots. But assuming they fix that then i don't see much advantage to bots playing 24/7 ... however there is an advantage in the fact they can be more consistent with their usage of their ECR and time it better playing every X minutes. Humans tend to play in batches so a bot will manage their 30 plays a day better.

I think a better question is do bots or humans have a higher win rate? (assuming again you take away their ability to know they're playing themselves)

yeah but they never get to, lets say 10% ecr, it is all scripted to stop,send cards to other bot, switch the account while recharging

i think they can have a decent win rate, not checking profiles as splinterlands seems down now, but im at about 2700 rating in silver just by doing daily quests and i constantly get bots, which means they win enough to climb up

I don't understand the concept of sending cards to another account instead of focusing on one account in this system? Doesn't seem to be much of an advantage anymore because season rewards are built up based on full amount of rshares during the season. So whether those cards are earning rshares on account 1 vs account 2 I don't see the difference.

Perhaps it's a balancing of ECR algorithm I guess. Maybe there is a good range to play and switching cards so that account 1 can recharge ECR while another account plays with the cards is something to consider. Though i haven't a clue what that ECR range would be.

A bot doesn't add to community. A bot doesn't spend wrecklessly buying cards because they like the art or want to impress their friends or just really need to add that last beta card to their collection. A bot doesn't do anything that isn't a calculated and duplicatable move to take more value from the system than it adds to it. The second a bot has to pay more in than they receive they are gone. But by that point, players are gone too because a bot farm that's already bought all the spellbooks will farm fractions of what a person would stick around for. Their precision and ability to duplicate their efforts means they will accept a profit margin per account that would make a person give up since the person needs to put their time and effort in where as a bot doesn't.

Bots also aren't satisfying to play against for many people. They also take assets straight from mint to market. And their efforts get duplicated tens of thousands of times. The driving down of the price of cards due to the sheer amount of cards in the game which are only here because of bot farms. The gold rare cards that used to have a $20 floor are now less than $10 because the 2000CP they provide is no longer valuable. You can buy maxed out venari heatsmiths with 2100 CP for $5. Why? Because we needed enough rewards cards to keep the bot farms in business so now we are drowning in CP.

More and more this game doesn't actually reward people buying assets. They reward selling them and that's exactly what the bots do. They mint assets and sell them. Printing more cards, more dec, more chests, does not equal more rewards. Rewards need stable value in order to be rewarding. Example, a few months back I got a gold foil lava launcher in my rewards. It was a $100 card. Sweet! Now it's a $9 card because we printed more and more and more. And are the bot accounts buying those cards to keep the price up? No, they are farming them by the thousands and selling them. Undercutting each other and willing to accept a slimmer margin than the next guy because anything is enough profit when you're set it and forget it bot farm. And each time they drive prices down lower, more players get discouraged that those rewards they got aren't so rewarding. That no matter how much they add to their account or buy, the value just keeps dropping anyway. But again, bot owners don't care. This is only about the profit. And a $2 gold foil Epic card is still $2 in their pocket. They don't use those cards anyway. They use basic level 1 CL cards.

And making bots rent those level 1 CL cards doesn't add much to the economy and they wouldn't do it if it did because again, bots are here to take more than they put in, full stop. How abundant are CL common and rare cards? Most of them rent for .1 dec which is now $0.0001 per day. If they have to rent 50 cards to not have to use starter cards (probably only need about 15) its half a cent per day to now get back soooooo much more than they got before for not paying in that half a cent. How is that helping the economy? THey will take those cards and that dec straight to the market and undercut the already low prices and there aren't enough human buyers to keep up with them so market caps will just keep pushing lower.

Finally, the more people who have bots playing in their place, the less people actually care about the assets they're winning beyond the sell price. And the less people care, the lower that sell price goes until they aren't worth anything.

Bots aren't the same as people.

Finally could take stata


This Is stl-arm, One of Major botter, as you can see 45% win rate, not bad

Transfer cards Is to have Always a full set of CL Gold cards and earn the max you can in DEC with the bonuses

The idea isn't to stop bots. It's to make them contribute to the economy by owning or renting cards.

they already own cards, and farm the pool dec 24/7, don't you see every week get worse and worse? now in silver2 with 7 gold cards and 100% ecr i get barely 1.5DEC, past season was 2DEC and before again was 2.5DEC...it is pointless to play for a human now after first day of season reset

The DEC reward pool is based on the market price for DEC. The number of bots doesn't make much of a difference there. As the price of DEC falls back to its peg of $.001 they will print 1,000,000 DEC per day.

and most Bot accounts transfer their cards to a market account that sells all their rewards. The vast majority of Bot accounts do not own starter cards yet and will now have to buy or rent them which raises the value of the assets by increasing demand. You really shouldn't be playing to earn DEC, you should aim to earn cards that you can sell for dec if DEC is your goal, you'll do much better.

Its true Is based on DEC value but After season reset you have 1 day of decent earnings and then After already its cut half and in 3 days its all gone for good, this Is bot emptying the DEC pool

Bots have already tons of Gold cl cards, wont change anything

WOW that is really Amazing!!

These are great changes and will make it more rewarding to improve our sets of cards to play higher leagues. I love it !

Super excited for the update!

cool! 👍

Got it, looking good.

am already quite wet!

Wow this is really great, and you guys stayed on track with the release that's really amazing!

This is really exciting and interesting!!! Good job to the team!! <3 <3 <3

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What's going to happen to the current 3 tier league system?

From how I read it, it stays the same, but the rewards chests associated with dailies is now replaced by the focus. You still have the same leagues, but they have less of an impact on the rewards you are earning as the season progresses.

How does the 3000 credits not perpetuate the cycle of bots that this system was intended to fight against? Instead of starter cards, now they'll have real cards.

This allows all new users to start playing and earning with non-phantom cards, the credits will be put into the market ecosystem (to the users) as it is also not enough to buy a booster pack. Buying singles, renting cards, or buying potions are really the only use of the credits. Essentially, Splinterlands is giving 3$ back to the community and market for each new spellbook that would normally just be kept by the company.

$3 barely gets you anything on the market apart from some in-print reward commons or current pack commons. This allows new users to start a collection that can be filled out to start earning more, but requires some real cords to earn anything.

Credits are not transferrable, so they have to be used on the market and if you use them to buy from your own accounts you can be banned, from things I have seen in the past.

I am not sure that bots are the real problem. It seems that bots that have not assets are really the root of the economy decay. If all the automated accounts were turned off, I would suspect that there are times of day that users would struggle to pair with players, not at all times, but it would be harder to maintain the active players at all ratings levels. Such as, you may get paired against others that have a much different rating, more often.

Spending 10$ to get 3$ in credit and grind lots of accounts is not as appealing as spending the 10$ on assets for existing accounts, when you earn nothing if you have nothing or next to it. This will move the botting from spell book farming to owning collections worth enough to get to the higher leagues, which increases the market demand and decreases the supply. It will also require the bot developers to fight harder opponents on average to get better rewards.

It is common for players to fight AI opponents in games. in this case, bots also provide a lot of matches for real players to fight and are limited on capturing rewards by ECR, which scales rather well to prevent more matches resulting in more rewards. This reward system takes that even further and will help snuff out the spellbook farmers.

thanks for the continuous updates. I consider Splinterlands the best blockchain based game

** I read to the post again, where I originally thought it was now going to be possible to play optimally all the time (which would make the game a lot more fun), it looks like the rewards are linked to a certain splinter each day.

I guess we'll see how this plays out the coming months. Nice to see a major update like this.

what if I have bought all the starter cards? will be get the rewards then?

If you own a copy you earn, if you have the phantom copy only, you do not earn.

I'd love to see Lands have a use.

@cotton88, sorry! You need more to stake more $PIZZA to use this command.

The minimum requirement is 20.0 PIZZA staked.

More $PIZZA is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex

@cotton88, sorry! You need more $LUV to use this command.

The minimum requirement is 10.0 LUV in your liquid wallet.

More LUV is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex

I cant wait for this 🤭

This is some major changes to how i will plan the season gameplay but it is a change im looking forward to moving forward with, Keep up the great work

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