SPS Staking & Other Splinterlands Updates

Wow, what a week! With the launch of Splintershards (SPS), Splinterlands has finally started to really take off and has grown at an unbelievable rate - pretty much smashing all of the metrics we track off the charts!

Of course, with that kind of growth has also come some growing pains, and the Splinterlands dev team has been working nearly around the clock over the past week to upgrade servers, optimize the code, and fix issues.

We want to sincerely apologize to any players who experienced issues over the past week and we want to ensure everyone that we are working on implementing much more scalable and robust systems to handle not only the current level of growth, but significantly more than that going forward.

In-Game SPS Staking Rewards

Rewards for SPS staked in-game are scheduled to start at Hive block 56,186,000 which should be roughly around 12 - 1 PM ET / 16:00 - 17:00 UTC tomorrow, August 2nd, 2021.

The rewards will come from the "SPS Staking Rewards" pool and will begin at 7,500,000 SPS tokens per month (decreasing at 1% per month thereafter) as described in the SPS whitepaper here: https://sps.splinterlands.com/rewards.

These tokens will be distributed among all players who have SPS tokens staked in their accounts in game in proportion to the amount of SPS they have staked compared to the total.

The SPS staking rewards will work very similarly to the staking rewards in many existing defi platforms, such as CubDefi, where the rewards will accumulate in players' accounts with each Hive block that is produced and can be claimed at any time. Additionally, only SPS tokens held in a Splinterlands game account can be staked in the game. Any tokens held in external wallets or platforms like Binance Smart Chain will first need to be transferred into the game in order to be staked.

As a quick example, if there are a total of 10M SPS tokens staked, and you have personally staked 100k SPS tokens in your account, then you will receive 1% (100k / 10M) of the SPS staking rewards pool, which comes to about 0.856 SPS per Hive block (every 3 seconds roughly), or 75k SPS for the first month.

Players do not have to do anything other than stake SPS tokens to earn the rewards initially, however, in the future when the player staking feature is implemented then the staked SPS tokens will be required to be allocated to specific Splinterlands players in order to be able to earn staking rewards as described in the SPS whitepaper here: https://sps.splinterlands.com/rewards/ranked-battles

More information will be released about the player staking well in advance of the feature going live, and it will not be necessary to unstake your SPS tokens to take part in that.

Additional In-Game SPS Rewards

We had initially been hoping to be able to also release the SPS Ranked battle and tournament rewards this coming week along with the staking rewards, however due to the shifting of focus of the development team to scaling and dealing with issues over the past week those are not ready quite yet.

While ensuring that the game can scale to comfortably handle many times the size of the current userbase is still our top priority, we also hope to be able to get the additional in-game SPS reward pools up and running as soon as possible.

Card Cooldown Time Reduction

Starting later this coming week (barring any additional issues that may alter priorities) we plan to reduce the cooldown time for cards that have been transferred or sold and recently played in battles from the current 7 days to 24 hours.

In order to help prevent the exploits that the 7-day cooldown period was meant to address, the season reward loot chests will be changed to be based on each player's current league at the end of the season rather than their highest league achieved during the season. This change will take effect for the current ranked play season which ends on August 15th.

We hope that this change should help alleviate much of the confusion and frustration that players (especially newer players) have around the cooldown system while also still preventing the majority of the exploits that were previously possible when the system was first implemented.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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NOTE: All rewards from this post will be burned.


Keep working on the scaling! Excellent job to everyone involved!

I remember, I bought some cards some times back, may be worth 100$. Are they usable now ? And why is the site showing security issues in Firefox ? If I go to that lock icon (for the connection details), it says "This website does not supply ownership information." Is it hard for you to fix this ?

Yes, they're usuable as long as you access the same account you bought them with.

I bought some cards some times back, may be worth 100$. Are they usable now

What does "usuable" mean? 😏

Anyway, it's good to encourage encouragement, but I didn't expect you to comment here! 😅

Have a !PIZZA! 😁

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Try Brave browser, never have issues with it.

I was just about to suggest the exact same thing! (:

Yous are doing a great job. What an insane week......

I don't think dropping cooldown to 24 hours is a good idea. I thought seven days was reasonable but three days could be the sweet spot. With just a 24 hour cooldown gaming the system as others have done before the cooldown is very easy to do.

I came here to say this. Please get more feedback on the cool-down change.

Also, because of the season rewards change, players are considering just not playing at the end of the seasons to avoid potentially losing some rating.

yeah, this is could be a double-edged sword, but I've onboarded at least a thousand player recently, and I heard those raging players who bought cards with 5-7 days cool-down.

3 days should be the sweet spot.

Yes but as a new player I also noticed that the price of cards in cooldown tends to be lower thus offering a chance to grab some good card for lower than market value at the cost of having to wait a some days. Thought it was a good in-game mechanic.

Yeah, playing at the end of the season is RUFF.

If people don't play, DEC rewards go up, that would make up for getting relegates and losing a few rewards.

It is really good that you are reducing the cooldown otherwise some may rent cards for a day and it will end up in cooldown for 6 days thus making it quite useless. You do think of everything.

Or, an alternative is to set the cooldown at three days but make the minimum rent period three days (or charge the renter three days when they end the contract).

When you say These tokens will be distributed among all players who have SPS tokens staked in their accounts in game in proportion to the amount of SPS they have staked compared to the total.

I am a bit confused by the accounts in game part? If I stake them in the Hive-Engine is that the same thing?

SPS in Hive-Engine are not eligible for staking rewards. It's really IN your game account.

Okay thanks, I guess I will need to take some time today or tomorrow and re-examine my account on the game.

I would assume staking in Hive-engine is not the same thing, but best to confirm with someone with the facts :)

I'm sure I'll get an answer even if I need to visit discord. I would not bother to much with it after all I only have 0.08, but they were free from bro-fund and he-index so staking them and putting them to use seems a better deal than just selling them, especially since I do still have my Splinterlands account, and may want to try playing again in the winter.

I recommend completing your daily quest if you have the time, there is always the possibility of a jackpot card :)

Yay! What an exciting time to begin playing Splinterlands! I look forward to seeing you growing more and more with all these amazing additions! Keep up the great work!

Well done on all counts! Considering the explosion I think it's pretty amazing there haven't been any major issues. I watched the tournament on ZEN yesterday and it seems like success continues to breed success. Fantastic job on all fronts! Really looking forward to the next set of cards and land, not to mention the things you just talked about. Keep up the great work!!!

Wow! What a ride over the last week. Thanks to the Splinterlands Team for all their hard work. Despite a few hiccups you've proven this game can be scaled very quickly. Bravo!
Looking forward to earning a few more SPS sure, but the power to vote on a direction for the game is actually gonna be amazing.

The league chest reward change is concerning. I can see rug pulls happing at eos then exorbitant price inflation on rentals as players scramble to increase their power back to max league tier.

No, I think it's mainly because the new system of rentals make it easy for an account to reach Diamond or Champion with a single day of rentals. And then they don't have to spend anything else the rest of the season. Players like @jacekw have already demonstrated how this can be done.

A botnet or a human player can just spend 1 day farming each of 15 different accounts, renting the same set of cards each day (for each account) and get 15 season end rewards.

With this upcoming change, in addition to 1 day of playing, it just means people will also need to maintain their rating/league for the final day of the season. More importantly, it also means that a given card can only count its power towards one account on the final day of the season.

While this is true, now new players will have to spend so much DECs the day the season end to stay in the rank they are in, probably making it non profitable.
As a new player that is using the rental system quite a lot I will see how this turns out, but I could think of stopping to play the game if I'm not able to reach higher leagues at a reasonable price.
In our league we have few people that relays on rental to reach higher leagues, as well in PeakD guilds army.
I don't get how this change could help new players as stated in the blog post, to me it looks is actually just helping mavericks to improve the rental prices the day season ends.

Time will tell but without some kind of rental protection for locking in a card for a set period, how do you think this will play out?

With this upcoming change, in addition to 1 day of playing, it just means people will also need to maintain their rating/league for the final day of the season.

Is this true though? I thought similar but was told that once you reach a rating/league it sticks. Would appreciate some clarification on this :)

This is a change they're making. Right now, a player could rent enough cards to get the power for Champion, get them, and park until the end of the season. Now, they'd have to rent the cards for the entire season because your league will automatically drop if your power drops.

Ahh, right, thanks. I forgot about the cards' power :)

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I asked a dumb question and then deleted it. haha. You'll still probably get the alert. I was wondering why they wouldn't be in Champion if they just stopped playing, then I remembered collection power and how it lowers your league if you lose the power. Answered my own question. haha.

Yup. I don't like this either. Am I supposed to stop playing once I reach Diamond which is tier I usually reach and not risk and try to go higher. I don't really understand this change.

Changing cooldown period to 3 days and not touching this would have been an ideal solution

Me thinks this is being driven from the rental market big bois. They been whinging about rental prices to cheap. One way to solve this would be to have lock in contracts on rentals. So the renter could guarentee a price and a term.

They'd have to let the owner set terms too. Right now, people can rent up to 180 days, but owners would certainly not want to be locked into that. I know I wouldn't. If the rentals were locked for the full term, then the owners would have to be able to set how long they're open to rent it out for.

Yep absolutely, the owner should be able to set the term limits from anywhere from 1 day to 1 month (for example) when putting the card up for rent. Whether or not a contract should be able to be broken and if so what penalty should be enacted should be considered too.

This has been an exciting week to be a splinterlands player. Keep up the great work. Other projects have lots to learn from your diligence and foresight. You're setting the gold standard here.

Keep up the great work team. With all that growth I have to say the "downtime" was very limited. While having none is always optimal the team did a great job in communication along with getting this up and running quickly. That's exactly one of the big reasons I've been a supporter from early.

Super cool updates!!!
Just a quick remark: The SPT that are showing in My Airdrop Points are much lower that the number i have as SPT Power (The SPT that i have stake on splintertalk)...
Is just a percentage of the total SPT we own that is taking in consideration?

1 SPT is worth 0.25 points so perhaps you are seeing the points value in the interface rather than the actual SPT you own. Do the math and divide be 4 and see what you get.

Thanks for the clarification... Yes true, if i divide by four it's all matching!
I thought its's 1:1 ration but now its all clear...
Maybe we will meet each other on Splinterlands battlefield... and trust me even you been nice to me replaying (and clarifying everything..) on Splinterlands battlefield i will show no mercy! lol

Thank you for informing us that you are fixing the issues. Sometimes, my screen just freeze and battle hangs, It is automatically resolved in favor of my opponent because of the lag issue.

Great job everyone.

Thanks for these good news, especially about Card cooldown time reduction .

Keep working and making more event!

You guys are awosome!
keep the good wrok!

Great job guys, I'm really happy to be a part of this community!
I wish that I had started playing sooner.

Tremendous news and great achievements. With that said, I am ready to stake. Still, are returns compounded or do I need to do that manually?

I love the updates. The feeling you get from exponential growth due to the launch of sps is really engaging. Time to play more splinterlands.

Would be nice to have a good month by month roadmap ...

Right now I'm really excited for everything that's to come in splinterlands!!! This is going to be a video game revolution. 🚀

The developers of this game are great

I love this game untitled.gif

I like what I'm reading, keep up the good work!
Growing pains are part of it!

Okay. So only in game staking is available right now. So I better transfer my SPS to the game.

...the season reward loot chests will be changed to be based on each player's current league at the end of the season rather than their highest league achieved during the season.

I like this!

I'm so excited!

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Exciting time to be on Splinterlands and Hive :)

Nice work and congrats! Indeed, it was a crazy week. Unexpected results but sweet success nonetheless. !PIZZA



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So between now and this time next year I just need to start accumulating cards to play in game with and it will also go towards airdrops as well. Besides all the other fun as well?

Thank you so much everyone of the Splinterlands team, and especially to the founders yabapmatt and agroed, I've dreamt of this type of thing for a long time but never thought it would actually happen. That is where the producers of a game really show their appreciation to their players by sharing the success with them, because without the players there would be no game. And you guys have gone above and beyond my dream by also giving the players a voice in the direction of the game. I hope that other developers follow suit and this becomes commonplace in the gaming industry, as I'm sure that it will come back around and be a boon to you all rewarding all your time and effort.

As for the scaling issues due to rapid growth rates, I know it is a very difficult thing to predict, but I hope that you guys are able to find the sweet spot where you comfortably accommodate the growth while not over extending yourselves to the point of diminished profit. I think you have done an amazing job with this game and you deserve to reap handsome rewards for your performance.

Kudos, bravo, keep up the great work, and thank you for everything you do, it truly is greatly appreciated!

I'm fairly new to the game, I did find it convenient to clinch the league by just reaching it but I can understand there are reasons behind the decision to hold a score at season end. Yes, there will be players holding up on playing by the end as to not lose their ranking but I'd predict it will also generate an influx of players heavily trying to reach the next league.

Bravo! 👏

Thank you all for your hard work! This game is on some next level type stuff.

Very excited to be part of this!