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Thanks for the good times.
I will try to change my steem for some bitcoin.

I was promised decentralization and now Steemit Inc has been sold to Mr. Sun who will 'integrate Steem into the Tron blockchain'. So there is and always was a central authority. I do not like other blockchains, though.

I do not believe that independent steem nodes can be operated in a way that would cover the costs; If this was a good business, they would have never sold it.

People use steem for different reasons and I am sure some appreciate the takeover. I hope there is enough of them to buy up my tokens at a good rate. For me, all the reasons I was here for disappeared one by one until now I am told we will abandon the whole blockchain. I think this is more complicated than it might sound anyways, but not my problem anymore.

We have the only really useful and operational blockchain and that exactly seems to be the problem; the other chains (and their price) are all driven by dreams and speculation, while steem has a working product and the reality is not as shiny, as the chain is full of shitposts and becomes harder and harder to operate over time.
Others can still drive their price with announcements and promises, while steemit inc does not have this luxury anymore, but has to deliver while the boat is already in the water. And at that they have kind of failed, too ...

In case steem is not being abandoned, I can always power up again, and I would not mind another (last) steemfest in Amsterdam. I will keep using this account, but I will not miss my last chance of cashing out., while it is still worth something.


Understandable Felixxx, I hope it will bring you some good financial reserves, time to pluck your Fruit Of Work {FOW}.

From what I've read another project that got swallowed by TRON, is that it got TORN apart in the process. SOURCE

Still, although the Steem blockchain maybe left for dead behind, as SteemIt 2.0 will most likely move over to the TRON blockchain, there might be an opportunity there.

SteemIt 2.0 will be SteemaTRON, SAT Token, or whatever. And Steem, this one, there can be only one, can move on, with support of (some of) the witnesses. (If wanted.) There need to be some changes made to the code, finish the SMT stuff, and lock the accounts that were under controle by SteemIt Incorporated. All done through a Hard Fork. The locked Tokens then can be added again to the new amount to be released.

Of course a lot will move house to SteemaTRON, but those who liked Steem as it is, was and shall be, will stay, like me.

Just some free-thinking. Maybe more will join the Fork Off TRON trail, if it gets to that point.

Have a great one!

(EDIT: As I watched the video with Justin and Ned a little while ago, I tend to be more open minded. See what happens and respond accordingly if it turns out for the bad. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.)

I'm in! Long live Steem 2.0!!!

Just watched the video of Justin Sun and Ned Scott. This gave me a more balanced view. SMTs still will be released. And new things will be presented next week.

Willing to see how it goes, personally. And if it turns out differently, there is always the possibility of a fork to Steem Classic or something.

Yes. Stay and wait. See what comes. If we sell our goods too early, the sun will just burn them away for cheap. He is waiting for our coins already.

It was what I have read in a TRON Medium publication that had me doubt, strongly. Mostly the part of moving the Steem Tokens and dApps over to the TRON blockchain. SOURCE

And then I read about the LINO network blockchain (home of Dlive) moving over to the TRON blockchain, on april the 15th 2020. SOURCE

Adding those together I saw something that I was not happy about.

After watching the video I at least was able to get into an open mindset again and like you wrote: "See what comes."

Thanks for the input!

My pleasure!

Schade! Hast den Post denn auch gelesen?

Klingt das im Gesamten gesehen für den Moment so falsch?



These are strange times for sure, but I think it might be wise to wait and see the details of this whole merge thing before bailing out.

Schade, Schade. You should cash out in Dash not Bitcoin. (via blocktrades.us) You will have more fun with it in the long run.

Ich hab vorhin meinen 1 Dash in Tron getauscht! 😈

Sad to hear. I don't follow all these technical details as I'm more focused on spreading knowledge about the NATO and terrorists war against my country; a few dollars earnings from here wouldn't harm since Google ads slashed my site's conversion rate saying their advertisers don't like my contents but still they display their ads and get at least a dozen clicks on their ads from my visitors every day as their own data shows.. Other than this I already have many places I need to maintain.

If this will turn into merely a posting platform with no proper value in contents and earnings or won't be worth the sweat, I'll also leave, not that my leaving will make any difference, barely have few SPs and always exchanging my Steen into BTC which I can exchange for fiat money.

Keep in touch, I'm following you on discord so hope that will remain there.

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da wirste mit den 13 wochen nicht hinkommen :D

Ouch. As usual I have no idea whats going on....but with top agents like yourself packing to leave, this is beginning to look like a real apocolypse.

Den powerdown beführworte ich , hab ich auch gemacht!

Aber ich bin nicht hier wegen der blockchain oder dem steem Coin.

Ich bin hier wegen der Community und das man hier interessante Leute trifft als auf Facebook. Das ist auch für mich der wahre Wert.

Es scheint so, als würde sich bald eine Blockchain abspalten, die schon im Vorfeld Steem 2.0 genannt wird. Viele bedeutende Stakeholder wollen da mitmachen. Ich wäre auch sofort dabei. Aus den Krallen der STINC herauskommen ist ja endlich schön, doch sich statt dessen von einem Mr. Sun verarschen lassen, das will doch niemand. Das Maß ist voll! Ich gehe auch raus.

Warte mal bitte bis ich mit dem Verkaufen fertig bin.

hihi! Bald kann man wieder billig einkaufen. Waren das nicht diese südkoreanischen Triaden, die uns 2017 mit einem sogenannten Agreement über den Tisch gezogen haben? Denen gehört der Steem? Das geht doch gar nicht. Denen gehört vielleicht die STINC in NYC. Mehr nicht. Viele Witnesses winken schon begeistert mit dem südkoreanischen Wimpel. Viele streben nach dem Steem 2.0. Spannende Sache das.

Sad to see you go, I remember the times and conversations we had at SF3.

Nice to see you got a 17 day jump start...
Still not sure what I’m going to do. If the chain somehow splits, I’ll definitely power down my TronSTEEM and sell it as fast as possible.

Hope to blaze up with you in the Dam if that goes down

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