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1 - Stand down from your hostile takeover and remove those fake witnesses.
2 - Retract all your Twitter insults calling us hackers, we're community elected witnesses.
3- Stop spreading lies and misinformation on Twitter, it's only hurting your reputation. The whole world is watching you.
3 - You dragged your friends at the exchanges into this. It's not our job to fix their mess with shorter powerdowns. You compensate them.
5 - You didn't do your due diligence when Ned sold you. Your problem, he should compensate you, not us.
6 - Educate yourself and learn more about our community and blockchain mechanics. Your lack of understanding and disregard to your community is making things worse.

Meditate, reflect and do those things, then we'll talk.

I DO NOT WANT your vote because that stake you bought was NOT MEANT TO VOTE.
I DO NOT WANT the exchanges vote because they were NOT MEANT TO VOTE.

For those who re just catching up right now, that s how this post looked like before editing.

Oh my gosh, this is the first nice thing I've ever seen you do aside from high level moves, thank you!

Back peddling like a MF lol...

I think this should be saved so the community will not look bad. It's a blockchain and anything edited stays here forever :

What an idiot this guy (child) is, it is on the blockchain forever fool, lmao! #steemISNOTtron #savesteem #SteemHostileTakeOver #SteemNotSteemit #SteemitIsDeadLongLiveSteem #wheresoursteem

we're community elected witnesses.

Well, elected by the oligarchy/kleptocracy, anyways.

You dragged your friends at the exchanges into this.

Yeah, that was bad.
The exchanges need to made aware that severe consequences come from hijacking stake to take a political position.

You didn't do your due diligence when Ned sold you. Your problem, he should compensate you, not us.
Educate yourself and learn more about our community and blockchain mechanics. Your lack of understanding and disregard to your community is making things worse.

Yep. +1

Thanks for staying in the struggle to free us.

You forgot to answer #11 hahahaha

I'll let others do the fucking.

Here is the original post from @justinsunsteemit:

ROFL to that gif!

:) Good One!

Since you are the top comment (at the time of writing this comment), I'm adding a link to the history of the original post for anyone to see what the comments reacted to.

Coincidentally using your service.

We have got more attention with our "We Dont Accept Tron Anymore" Ad than any other ad we have run for SteemVPN.

if item 1 is done , I am sure 50% of problems will be solved.

Actions speak louder than words

Justin talk to the witnesses and ask what can you expect in return of item 1?

you're not a pirate drakos? no way! XD
Well I posted my opinion down there I'm just a mere content creator though, I recast my votes yesterday, still 2 to go. But I hope it is ready as a statement that this is not the way and parts need to talk.
hope this all pass and we can all grow. Who knows he may even like this place :) if bothering to know us, we're a sassy eclectic tribe, flaws and all.

LoL, hostile take over? sure, after a hostile freezing of assets.. How can you justify one and not the other?? Oh, thats right, cuz your bias! Stop circle jerking your witness friends and grow up.. Steemit witnesses pre-emptively striked first, they lost pathetically.. now your making demands when you have nothing! LoL...

The fact that you say "steemit witnesses" shows how uninformed you are.

Steemit is not a blockchain.

It has no witnesses.

The point is that cooler heads need to prevail here. Anyone writing on Steem, wants Steem to thrive. I for one hope the finger pointing can stop (from both sides) and we can figure this out.

Here is the original post from @justinsunsteemit:

LMAO, the fact that you are calling me out on a typo shows me how pathetic and bias you are!! Wanna lay out any real facts to this comment or just be a fucking prick?

Funny that was the only thing you read. A typo.
I see bias all over this chain, and if people are not ready to reach an agreement to make things work, we're all fucked.

@moderndayhippie is right. Witnesses have always been centralized on here. back then, it didn't matter how many people voted. Some of the best witnesses were never at the top. Just a group of friends voted in by 2 people freedom/pumpkin.

It's an outcry now because Sun is doing the same thing.

I'm in no way justifying what he did, but have we all completely lost our minds on here? When has retaliating hostility with hostility ever worked?

Hi @lukestokes

That is simply game of words. i cant remember how often did I make mistake saying steemit instead of steem and the other way around.

one doesnt exist without the other.

And also @moderndayhippie had a good point. Soft fork was first low blow and shouldn't ever happened.

We pre-emptively acted to prevent something like this, then it happened, point proven. His plan was to dump and exit, or haven't you heard?

Oh, I must of missed that memo... So you know for a fact what his plan was? You have insider information? Can you please reference this material and tell me where you got it from?

Oh yeah, and great job on stopping him from doing exactly this! ;)

So you're telling me that because the witnesses made a malicious pre-emptive strike on speculation, period. Then Sun retaliated, period. We don't know if one wouldve happened without the other.. So how does that make you "right" on knowing his actions for Steemit? DO YOU REALIZE HOW STUPID YOU SOUND? LoL..

I have watched every podcast, read every tweet and kept close watch on all of this... Just cuz your bias doesn't mean your right ;)

god you are thick. freezing that money was the only proper play. he was testing out his coup on tron right after he bought steemit. freezing the accounts wasnt an attack and everything would be fine right now if he talked to the witnesses before centalizing the chain.

you done got fooled by the biggest scammer in the space. in ten years youll feel like a fool for defending him. every decentralized community will banish people like justin sun in the future. cutthroat capitalism has no place here.

Dear @edicted

god you are thick. freezing that money was the only proper play.

I respect you, but are you saying that since witnesses and group of people around them assumed that this solution is the only solution - then those who disagree need to be insulted?

I voted on witnesses, but I have no trust that they will change. It's so sad and obvious that they do not care and never did about "small users" and communities on steem blockchain. And it's sad to see that anyone who disagree is considered and threated as an enemy.

every decentralized community will banish people like justin sun in the future. cutthroat capitalism has no place here.

and yet, we do not have decentralized community. It's just group of powerful people who are part of one party, which is absolutely rulling this blockchain. And whoever oppose them -is being destroyed or silenced. Sad but true.

Yours, Piotr

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Bro, thank you for explaining that! I am so tired of trying to explain my shit to bias steemians.

I honestly hate the witnesses just as much as i hate the tron buyout. However, instead of being bias I just try to look at it from each side and then make a decision. No one seems to remember how the bidbots (the witnesses owned) nearly destroying steemit/steem before the fork. They definitely don't have our best interest at heart.

Thanks again for your support. You deserve a !BEER ;) Take care friend.

I shouldn't be insulting, I'm just mad AF that so many misinformed people are spreading their misinformation and coming to completely bogus conclusions. No one cared that much about this situation until the exchanges attacked us. Once the exchanges attacked us everybody cared. Most of the people lambasting the witnesses started at the attack and worked there way backwards looking for someone to blame. They completely ignore the events that led up to 0.22.2, which is absolutely absurd.

Steem is a gold mine. There is a ton of money to be made here, for everyone. The witnesses aren't stopping anyone from making money. It's just that the gold is laced in solid rock and extracting it takes a lot of work and development. Once this place has more development you'll see how many jobs it spawns for the community.

I'm Thick? LMAO, i don't even know what that means, but it sounds as stupid as your reasoning... Hahahaha..

I didn't get fooled by anyone.. I hate both sides equally and just want witnesses that really care about the community, not just getting rich off of scamming everyone else on steemit/steem blockchain.

I mean seriously bro, how can you not see how the top 20 witnesses have been fucking everyone on this platform for years?? (think bidbots, ect) How could you miss this?? Apparently you are the only getting fooled here.. LoLz...

You're really not mad at me, it's called transference, its ok bro, I still love ya ;) Why don't you put your aggression towards something that matters, not towards other steemians?? Just a thought.. I wish you the best. Take care..

If we actually had real programmers bringing real value to the network they'd be upvoted to the top witness spot immediately. We don't have that yet. Get over it.

Acted for yourselves to protect your witness positions, without telling the community about it.

With the way that witnesses/steemit inc meeting went, I don't think he had any motive to vote in witnesses. He did it because he wanted to protect his stake. That fact is as clear as day.

Also, some of you have zero negotiating skill and have no business being in such a meeting.

Sun wasn't going to dump steem. He's a businessman, he'd want his steem to be profitable and he'd sell them for profits.

Acted for yourselves to protect your witness positions, without telling the community about it.

Is this why 95% of the witnesses adopted the soft fork 0.22.2, why the biggest takeholders endorsed it, and why the community has been rallying to vote for us to restore governance?

Sun wasn't going to dump steem.

He literally said he wanted to make money and exit, that's a pump and dump if you don't know how to read between the lines.

You do know how to select words to make someone else look bad...
Steemit inc basically highlighted things they'd like to do for the community, yet everyone conveniently left that out.

As far as I'm concerned, when he said he was here to make a profit and then leave, he wasn't talking about dumping at all. That was his poor English getting in the way.

You chose to ignore everything else he said, and settled for the ones that sat well with you.

and why the community has been rallying to vote for us to restore governance?

As far as we're concerned, the community is rallying to support you because we don't support what Justin did by taking over the chain. Which should have never happened if you knee-jerkers didn't freeze his stake for your selfish reason in the first place.

Here is the original post from @justinsunsteemit:

Here is the original post from @justinsunsteemit:

OMG, I'm honored to get a reply from THE @BERNIESANDERS! holy shit, i feel privileged! But wait, where is the downvote that comes along with it?? LoL..

I guess I don't see the issue? Yes he is going to use his vote to stake now, but how can he trust the top witnesses after the pre-emptive strike? To me it seems like he wants to put people in there that have the same ideals as him to help push steemit to the next level.. This may have never happened if he didn't get his funds frozen, so i guess we reap what we sow.

honestly the top 20 witnesses have never given a fuck about me, i have seen them rape this chain and the community for nearly 3 years.. they are just mad they are loosing their power and free lunch.. The witnesses fucked people for years with bidbots, but we should be fine with that right? Cuz they are one of us??

Don't get this confused Mr. Sanders, I do not like justin sun or tron one bit, but I am sick and tired of how the top witnesses have fucked over this chain and done nothing but profit off of it.. Maybe we need a shake up in management.. Maybe Justin Sun does want steemit to do well so he can make money off his investment.. I honestly don't know or care in all reality... All i do know is that top witnesses did something really fucking dirty and now we are all paying the price for it.. But for some reason, i am supposed to still have their backs?? I think not, they won't even answer my comments.. LoL

Be mad at me all you want, thats ok, it's called transference and I am here for you buddy ;) Downvote the fuck out of me for having an opposing agreement, cuz let's be honest, that's what you do ;) But you know what, that is alright, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and actions.. Take care friend.. I honestly wish you nothing but the best with all this cuz i know you are much much much more heavily invested in steem then me.. Good luck.

Here is the original post from @justinsunsteemit:

I think your approach is harsh and cold, but I agree with the general premise you are asserting.

In a nut shell, Sun bought steemit inc, and yes that did include the ninja stake. Like it or lump it, thats his, and however ned operated, or whatever hand shake deal he had is not applicable to Sun.

If we wanted that stake to be unable to vote, we should have codified that into reality, not trusted the key holder.

In the end, I hope the witnesses see that Sun wants this to succeed too. Help him, help Steem.

My response is pretty shitty, you're right there!! I hate being this way but I have been nothing but berated for the last week so I have lost all of my "niceness".. Sorry friend.. I'm just beat down at this point..

It wasn't a hostile freezing of assets. It was a pre-emptive enforcing of previously arranged agreements with Steemit, when Justin bought Steemit, he was bound by the agreements of Steemit.

OMG, you are so brilliant! How could I ever fight this dumb ass remark?? LoLz..

Please send me these references that everyone keeps quoting about, cuz I can't find them! There were some "promises" by @ned, that is in no way, shape, or form of a binding contract! But you are a lawyer that knows so much right? So please please please tell me all about this "promise" law, cuz apparently I missed that while I was in law school!.. So I would love to hear your expertise on this situation.. Lmao.. Until then, FUCK OFF!

Sarcasm followed by hostile and foul language, no point in trying to respond reasonably with someone who clearly just wants to be "right" and has no interest in an actual discussion. There is zero need to be so rude, have a great day!

I find it convenient that you want to back out of this conversation because you have no real proof of @neds promises or this "promise law" you brought up. Blame it on me for being rude or whatever you helps you sleep at night, I really don't care.

To set the record straight I honestly don't give a fuck about being "right" or "wrong", I don't know you and your opinion means absolutely nothing to me. But you can tell yourself whatever makes you happy..

I just want people to actually use their brains and see what is really going on here.. we have two terrible factions fighting over steem/steemit and the top witnesses (who have raped us for years and got us into this mess with a pre-emptive strike) now want us to join "their side"... I choose to not support either side, they are both wrong, it's really that simple.. You can agree or disagree, I don't care. After this, there are no winners here.

Write back, don't write back, whatever suits you is fine.. Take care.

You started with sarcasm, mocking and ended with telling me to "f#ck off", why would I take anything you say seriously?

I actually agree with you @moderndayhippie, that soft fork was nothing more than provocation (first low blow within this conflict).

Thanks @crypto.piotr, It's nice to know other steemians can see things for what they are.. I have been getting downvoted relentlessly since I started speaking out against the witnesses/whales.. It honestly is so bad that I am going to power down and cash out because I can't be on a platform that lies so bad about being "decentralized" while obviously being a totalian regime. It's basically go with the status quo or be destroyed by them.. LoL.. Not quite the "decentralization" I was looking for.. It's really sad considering I have been on this platform for over 2.5 years.. But at least I can see things for how they really are now :/ Take care my friend. I wish you the best of luck!

Are you willing to support Steemit, Inc. in accomplishing their job to increase our token value

You mean the company that all of the developers who built Steem quit from, because they couldn't stand working for you?

Why would any intelligent person support that empty shell?

Nice job mismanaging it into the ground within just a few short weeks.

ROFL. Good luck.

All the developers not able to step away from Beta?
For 3 years?

What a developers...

I think that Sun's account on Steemit has been either hacked or someone else from Steemit Inc has access to it and wrote this bullshit.
It's hard to believe that he would write such vulagar and ignorant bullshit after the live talk with witnesses just over a day ago. This post appears like he didn't listen to them and all he said there was bullshit, and he has not made an effort to explore and understand further how STEEM blockchain really works.

It's hard to believe that he would write such vulagar and ignorant bullshit

Check your hero worship. I can confirm from very reliable sources that he posted it himself.

This post appears like he didn't listen to them and all he said there was bullshit, and he has not made an effort to explore and understand further how STEEM blockchain really works.

^ This

I have never worshipped this twat, obviously. Neither have I ever liked and supported anything about this guy (which you can see by the upvoting actions taken by SC to support anyone who is against him).
I was already told that it is him.
I had not known his history of behavior, only his conduct during recent conversation with witnesses which seemed more less stable.
So I suspected a hack as it appeared like a complete retard wrote it.
So conclusion is: He is cognitively deficient and emotionally unstable.
I said the same to Ned in his ridiculous script-reading Discord chat that he opened 2 days ago.

Well said. Sorry for the misinterpretation.

As a so call business man, is this the language and attitude you normally use to conduct business correspondence? Did your mentor not teach you any manners? Drop your ego and attitude and you might gain some real friends instead of those losers on wechat

manners??? did you listen to how the steemit witnesses talked to him in the most recent podcast? It was pathetic! They have zero tact, zero manners and were whiney little bitches cuz they lost the fight. Maybe you should listen to that before you make assertions about him being disrespectful.. This was all the top witnesses fault for pre-emptively striking and you wanna talk about manners?? LMAO..

I thought that for the most part, their manners were fine.

Here is the original post from @justinsunsteemit:

Well you have obviously never been in a business meeting where shit needs to get accomplished.. Thats ok tho, most people havent been.. ;)

LOL. Obviously, you've never been in a business meeting where multiple sides have opposing viewpoints. Contentious business meetings happen all the time and often lead to very productive outcomes...eventually.

LoL.. Damn Moe, you are brilliant! 😉 whybwould i ever argue with a moron genius like u? You obviously know EVERYTHING! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂👍😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Yes, the above post by Justin is a true masterpiece of strategy, tact and wisdom.

Here is the original post from @justinsunsteemit:

Here is the original post from @justinsunsteemit:

Here is the original post from @justinsunsteemit:

stop spamming dude

Here is the original post from @justinsunsteemit:

C'mon, he could still pull a rabbit out of that hat, iyam.

Thanks for staying in the struggle to free ourselves from slave masters.


I am Justin Sun and I bought 70 million STEEM with my hard earned money.

You brought Steemit Inc.
The trust that was put into it's previous owner to secure the community's pre-mine is not transferable.

Some could argue it was your fault for trusting @ned in the first place. I certainly didn’t.

The funny thing is, at least ned had some semblence of a community outlook. Justin on the other hand:

'Wow the majority of this scum want things done differently? I will stamp them out and rule over this empty blockchain until its FILLED with casinos and Korean milk cartons mwhahaha, fuck the people I spent millions on trying to own'

Couldn't agree more and never trusted him from the first time I saw him doing the live interview. Shady as hell and wriggles too much and never sits still.

That will be the anal beads, he's mad for them apparently

It has crossed my mind why so much wiggling and that makes more sense now. Thanks for clearing that conundrum up.

It would also appear that he doesn't discriminate, he's allowing everyone the chance to "get down and dirty" with him, regardless of age, if they don't like him.


I saw that, for a moment I was all like well, I will literally fuck anything... but ultimately there are some lines that should never be crossed. ;0D

Just about spit out my tea when I read this. LOL.

This is funny as fuck.

I'm so sorry man. Please don't even consider it again, it makes you look bad.


Here is the original post from @justinsunsteemit:

I agree with this, but Bernie you have such an extreme lack of basic communicative skills that nobody wants to take you serious anymore.

Who are you? Oh right, nobody that matters. Move along boy.

I thought the community always mattered in this situation. Gogreenbuddy is part of this community. Hmmm

People take time to realize. But, You were exceptional! Always...!

We’ve all been getting fucked over by @ned for four years. This is @justinsunsteemit’s first time, so he’s working through some feelings, lol

You have a strange logic.
So, there is a pool right?

a) To sell it
b) To save it until forever

If the answer is b)

  • why was it ever produced
  • why wasn't it hard-locked
  • why wasn't it burned
  • or redistributed

Take your time...

The trust? If you can trust him, then he won't convert the trust to cash

So the "not transferable" part is only...let's say a "gentlemen agreement" on trust?
Or is it a clause in a contract, to be hold accountable for?

Hard earned washing dishes or something?

I like this proposal by @youarethewhale:

Proposal: Reward witnesses victory vote with STEEM Airdrop!

My victory proposal:

In case we defeat Steemit Inc. (@justinsunsteemit) attempt to hijack the community,
witnesses should Hard Fork Steemit Inc.'s STEEM holdings.
As a victory reward, an equivalent amount of STEEM should we airdroped (equal amounts of STEEM Power per account)
to all Steemians who actively voted to take the community back to normal.

Here is the original post from @justinsunsteemit:


@pfunk please explain. @justinsunsteemit is openly trying to buy witnesses using the ninjamined stake. He is like nuke-bombing the community. If the community survives, fighters should be rewarded and not neutrality.

The witnesses are not interested in plunder and I'm confident most of the community isn't either.

@pfunk how can the Steem community continue to exist with Justin TRON controlling the ninjamined stake? He broke the non-vote contract already (as well as some exchanges).

Should a hard-fork exist, I understand that stake will NOT be part of STEEM cap (else Justin Sun would be part of the new fork as well).

So this would create a "deflation" in the post-Justin Sun fork. That could be seen as "plunder" as well (benefiting from the evaporation of the ninjamined stake).

So in my view it's not a question of plunder o nor plunder. It's just a question of rewarding neutrality or rewarding active involvement.

PS: I really hope you are not naive to think a fork including justin sun ninjamined stake wont result in him using that stake to disrupt the newly created chain.


When I hodl them, I want to vote for witnesses with good hearts who truly care about our community.

First you said you don't want to have anything to do with governance and now this? You're constantly lying!

Here is the proof:

Working together relies on trust and your constant back-paddling makes this nearly impossible.