Steemit Registration - Limiting Platform Adoption Rate

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I have been recommending Steemit to all my followers on Youtube for about a month now. Many have signed up, but the feedback/comments are always the same. The registration process is frustrating and wait time for account creation is too long. It can often take 2 or more days for an account to become active.

The long wait time for getting a Steemit account up is a big turn off to anyone wanting to try the platform. Psychologically, users are at peak interest when they sign up.

This is similar to when you decide to make an online purchase. It is a critical moment where you have made a commitment, but satisfaction has yet to be determined. Steemit registration is not satisfying potential users. Instead, it is frustrating or even infuriating.

I'm not sure there is anything we can do to fix this. But it should be of concern if we plan to disrupt the industry. We are spoiled, and we KNOW this community is amazing. However, there are countless people giving up before they ever get a chance to be a part of it.

Please share your ideas/opinions/concerns about the process. If you have an insight in how to fix it, please share.



Don't worry mate, many ate aware of the issue and I'm sure the admins are working to fix the issue. Actually one can easily register using , but it requires a small fee for "jumping the queue" both 20steem dols. Not a bad trade off in my opinion. The main problem is, the admins are manually checking the authenticity of each account to avoid abuse,

Interesting. I did not know that admins were manually checking. Do you think they need more resources? Could members of the community be nominated or volunteer in some way?

I have noooo idea, maybe send a message through support??🙆🙆

That's weird. I hope it will be fixed soon! Thanks for mentioning this problem, @kingofdew!
I have just followed you as well :)

Thank you so much for the follow! I will do the same! STEEM ON friend!

I have been posting about this in comments for days, this is day 10 for my 2 friends and still no approval , UNEXCEPTABLE every other site I have ever signed up for was either instant or max 24 hours. I have tried to get help with this in several places , my 2 friends have given up , they told me they don't want to be involved with a site that 1. such a ridicules process to get involved and 2. if you have problems you can't even get help. I will not tell another person about steemit until this is fixed. I love steemit, but it makes me look like a fool when I tell people how awesome steemit is, and then there are problems like this. Sign up process needs to be simple otherwise steemit will not grow, I have read several people now that people they have told about steemit have tried to sign up and have now given up. SO SAD

Very sorry to hear that. I hope they will reconsider.

I think the allure of getting paid to post blogs could attract a lot of for-profit type people.. the NSFW / camgirl community is just one example group rushing over here to steemit and posting.

I have no problem with any of this, but I tend to believe that the wonderful, amazing, super supportive, intelligent, crypto community that we usually have is partially due to the learning curve and barrier to entry.

My knee jerk reaction is quality over quantity, so I'm partial to having the community grow slowly and organically. However, platforms like this may not exist for long if they aren't adopted in large enough numbers..

What do you think about Lisk and Stratis? Which one do you think is better ?I have been trying to understand, but it is hard to do it.

I like them both. Consider diversifying.

Good idea, thank you.

Excellent post dear friend @kingofdew congratulations for the initiative to bring new users to the platform, it is a regrettable fact of the delays in the activation of the accounts, not the first person I hear say, thank you very much for sharing this material

I recommend this platform to people every day and preface the fact that it will take a period of time to get your account approval. I think if your honest with your audience they won't be as frustrated with the process. Just a workaround.

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I got my friends to sign up before 4 days. Their accounts have not been verified yet. It really hinders user adoption. I wonder when they fix it :(

I have a friend waiting 5 days now

Some people's passwords also appear to not be working, even after working initially, on the first login. Not good for onboarding, I agree!

I have not heard of this issue before. It might be a critical issue. Consider opening a support ticket.

How do you open a support ticket? I have been a member here for almost a year and have never seen anywhere to open a support ticket , and to be honest this is the first I have ever heard of it.