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The day has arrived! Today is Invest in Steem Social Media Blast Day!

The goal of today's event is to coordinate a massive social media "blast", where everbody starts talking about how amazing Steem is - all at once. We want to generate as much "buzz" about Steem across the internet that investors can't ignore it.

  • Everybody can participate.
  • Everybody should participate :)
  • That includes you ;)
  • Instructions are below.

Our (ambitious) goal is that as a result of this social media blast day, we push into the top 20.

[image credit @midlet]

How to Participate:

Everybody is encouraged to participate in whatever ways they feel they can contribute. How you contribute is entirely up to you.

For some people, they will share information about Steem with their friends and family on Facebook. Others will write Reddit or Medium articles. There will be people participating in discussions on Disqus and answering questions about Steem. There will be paid advertisement campaigns being run (thanks to sponsorships from @curie, @yabapmatt, and @utopian-io). There will be influencers with lots of followers tweeting about Steem to their audiences. There will be tons of people talking about Steem everywhere they can. It is going to be a blast!


Find creative ways to talk about Steem and promote our blockchain/crytpcurrency project to the world.

Here are some suggestions of things you can do:

  • Talk about Steem on your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Like, retweet, and engage with other people who are posting and talking about Steem.
  • Reach out to people you know who may be interested in investing in crytpocurrency and talk to them about STEEM.
  • Engage in discussions on other platforms (Disqus, Reddit, etc.), and talk about Steem wherever it is relevant.
  • Create content on other platforms (such as Medium/Reddit/YouTube) that talks about Steem.
  • Tell everyone you know on Steem to participate in the the SteemBlast event.
  • Resteem this article (it is payout declined).

These are just examples. Think of all the different ways you can reach an audience of people who might be interested in Steem, and go for it! (Be creative.)

Steem Article

Here is an article with content to inform people about the Steem blockchain and STEEM cryptocurrency: It's time to start paying attention to Steem.

^ Everyone participating in the Steem Blast campaign is welcome to share this article, or take whatever they want from it and re-use in their own material for the campaign.

Links to the article on other platforms:

Here are resources you can use for your messaging:


  • Promote Steem, but don't spam.
  • Focus on STEEM as an investment (not on the blogging side).
  • Focus on the Steem blockchain or all the DApps built on Steem (not just “Steemit”).

Ways to increase your exposure:

It's time for STEEM to go VIRAL!!!


There are 2 pages

Great idea!! We put together some stuff we did to promote steemit in the past months, inludings games, steemhero configurators ans some videos, pics etc. )

Feel free to use and share them :)

Some Examples


image (1).png

image (2).png


And Hodl the Coin

So awesome! I put a link to your post in the body of this announcement post.

Thanks Tim!!

Please help this Blue Baby Patient, Laine Kharece by upvoting the link below. This is not a scam, we just need your support as part of steemit community. Thank you very much for reading and extending a little help.

You guys are great! You have already done so much for our Steem Blockchain! Kudos!

Very eye-catching. :)

These are amazing @limesoda!

And you also missed that line stating that this is not about Steemit

Promote Steem, but don't spam.
Focus on STEEM as an investment (not on the blogging side).
Focus on the Steem blockchain or all the DApps built on Steem (not just “Steemit”).

Obviously Tim himself forgot about it for a moment ...

Guidelines are for facebook ;-)

Or for people who talk about a "coordinated campaign". ;)

Great promo resources, @limesoda!


Throughout the time on Steemit I have made a library of different 3D illustrations. The idea is to share the artwork so that the community can use it to promote the Steem blockchain. Reading about the Steemblast I thought it would be good to share this compilation ! Please use it freely to help promote Steem, just save the image on your device and use it in posts or videos as you see fit- all in the spirit to promote Steem !












Hope this can be useful and let’s sll help to promote Steem so that we can launch Steemit into top 20 on coinmarkecetcap!

Wow, these are great! Awesome job!!

Is the last one easy to change to "Steem"?

It’s not hard at all, the only problem is that I have the original file on my computer at work, so I won’t be able to change it until tomorrow I’m afraid

Ok, no problem. Great work!

Thanks ! Glad you liked it :)

Very nice work, man. What did u use to create that art?

I used Rhino 3D and Keyshot for rendering

Incredible your images.

Wow amigo @dandesign86! Excelentes imágenes. Adecuadas para esta explosión y para usarlas en cualquier momento. Están magníficas. ¿Por casualidad no diseñas banners o separadores para post?

Hi @timcliff,
i also wrote an article for the steem social media blast day. :)

Steem Social Media Blast Day Exclusive! The real story behind the distracted boyfriend MEME | #ssmbd | #WeAreSteemit

I hope you enjoy my short story and the full picture of the well known Distracted Boyfriend MEME exclusively made for #ssmbd and also all the other great projects we've made with @LimeSoda to spread the word about teh Steem Blockchain.


All over it, boosted a steemit post HERE it is 6 days old already. Thanks for the new material @limesoda, @oliverschmid & tim! I will utilize it, feel free to resteem when I do.

This is a great opportunity, It would be great trying to attract @officialmcafee , @aantonop , @elonmusk in twitter

Awesome! Keep me posted if you get any results :)

I used #steemblast i didn't even consider the hashtag would be different
what does #ssmbd mean?

yeah, in hindsight we should have gone with #steemblast, lol. It stands for Steem Social Media Blast Day :) If we do it again, we will probably pick a different hashtag, hehe.

Worth a shot, though I think some of the whales pulling their money together and hiring an ad agency might have better results as I think they would benefit the most.

We have paid advertisements as part of the blast campaign.

I just posted on my LinkedIn profile - there are the investors !

Now this is what I'm talking about.
I'll post a link to a video and song I and some friends made about Steemit earlier.

I'm happy to get to be a part of the effort. Just shared the video and infographic to a few platforms. Should be an interesting day!

So glad you organized this. Thanks for the stunning amount of work you've put into this!

Tweet Away! Please Retweet for more support.

Very Cool, will be spending sometime today on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let's do this folks!


Wauw, This one is nice!!!
To the Moon!!!


Shared on:

My Facebook page of over 3000 likes.
Medium account.
Email list, about 220 subscribers.

Hope this helps! Thanks for doing this @timcliff

And thanks @limesoda for the images.

and resteemed !!

Resteemed and following closely! keep up the good work sir! you motivated a few steemit related posts out of me recently.

I shared to my facebook group!! Most of the people in there have never posted... some do have accounts just have never done anything with it... so here's my message to 50+ potential new users.... yeahhh i stole your image ;)

The call is upon us now...


Hola @timcliff. Mi recién publicada invitación a mis amigos de Facebook a unirse a Steemit y a invertir en Steem.

La publicaré también en varios grupos.

mi publicación de steem blass 03 septiembre 2018.png

STEEM currently 36 Million in Volume today! lets hope @timcliff has a huge impact and we see the moon come early for STEEM before other crypto even! Want to take a moment and thank other artists here I already am utilizing your art in a post I have done or am working on, thank you so much I love it and it is amazing!!! @dandesigns86 and @nissla

This is an amazing initiative.. We will soar just right straight to the moon, promoting Steem by every possible means to every investor on planet Earth... Lol.

I can't wait to see this become Success...
Ride on with the great work @timcliff

Let's all of us start Facebook, Twitter Instagram and Linkedin work together. It will be great if everyone works together and its results will be much better. If we have to do something like one of our graves.

I can't get the graphics or talking points links to open. Operator error or is anyone else having issues?

If you are viewing from the links don't work (unfortunately). They should work if you are viewing on, steempeak, or any of the other interfaces.

To get it to work, just plug in "" after the https://

Steem to the moon... The best thing I know is to talk about steem in my class and in all training I am into. While I will try to convince store owners to invest in steem.

We need two things (from my perspective):
1- Steem needs to be as easy to use as Twitter, Facebook...
2- More non-crypto related people need to start coming
All rewards from this post will go to charity

For 1, that will be a work in progress. I don't think it is anything that should stop us from enjoying and promoting what we have today though, as we wait for future improvements.

Right, successful, big social networks mainly consist of users who are writing about topics like for example traveling, food, everyday life. The STEEM community should value these kind of content creators. In my opinion we are focusing too much on crypto, programming, self-marketing and reward maximization.

I promote a lot to steemit on my facebook in fact more than 20 friends have joined this platform but some have not been able to continue because they have not generated income in two weeks they were working with steemit.

In this platform you have to have patience or invest to be able to general income.

It is not really a platform for people looking to 'get rich quick'. For those that put in the effort to create quality contributions over time and build a network/following though, there is good potential to earn.

It's not always about 'getting rich quick'. From my observation for 'normal' people it is very hard to earn between 2 to 5 dollar per post if they are new and writing about 'normal' topics (apart from crypto, programming, reward maximization or euphoric self-marketing) like traveling, food or everyday life (which are the topics huge social networks consist of). Most of my friends were completely lost here without my upvotes, and many of them are making solid articles of good quality.

Maybe I should suggest them to use bidbots or make whale friends, but my old-fashioned idea of 'organic growth' of a platform is still about people who communicate with each other and make the effort to seek, read, evaluate and (if they like what they saw) upvote articles (also articles from newbies, not only own 'best friends').

We still need the Communities implementation to be completed to address the content discoverability problem.

Hola @jaki01 También tengo esa visión de crecimiento orgánico, de hecho aún no me decido a usar bots de lleno debido a eso. Sin embargo recordemos que esto es un negocio y como tal debemos manejarlo. Yo seguiré haciendo comunidad, publicando contenido valioso e invirtiendo.

Un abrazo desde Venezuela.

I understand for us small fish is very difficult to emerge from the depths of the sea without investment in this platform sometimes I envied to that new account in Steemit that is already sponsored with a positive vote of a whale.

And once you see its content, it's nothing otherworldly. Where do I get this question:

Is this person very lucky?

Or the whale is your friend?

Is this person very lucky?
Or the whale is your friend?

Yes, success on STEEM is also about luck: do you have a rich/influential friend who is already using the platform? Does any whale discovers one of your posts accidentally and likes it?

Also self-marketing qualities are a big advantage here (which I feel I lack myself, too).

I understand I will wait for my day so that an orca or whale or dolphin will come to like what I publish ..

As I do not have money to invest, it's up to me to wait for my luck .. on this long road ..

thanks for answering..

of that I am sure. for something I have 8 months on the platform and I will never stop using it.

Steemit is 100% better than facebook from my point of view.

What did you tell those guys to make them expect any financial income within two weeks? O.O
Two weeks are nothing on any kind of blog platform.

negative nancy is anything positive come from you? This initiative will do nothing but help STEEM get infront of investors eyes, not everyone wants to blog for income. No matter his initiative if you don't agree why not go have your own? your mother never teach you to say nothing if you have nothing nice to say?

No, my parents valued and value honesty more. And so do I.
Nobody has a profit from false positive feedback.

valued and value honesty more? interesting statement friend I am sure they would be more positive than you. I see a positive initiative enlightening others about steem as a coin as the platform for social media aspect has been played out and kind of sucks cause of so many trolls out there being negative always even in positive situations. If you hate steemit so much why are you here?

Repeating myself (because I like it so much, haha): 90% of the contributions are referring to the platform, not the coin. It's my choice not to care of the coin as it is yours to do.

Cool 90% of what contributions? Peoples posts? The graphics? If the coin is bought up by investors the value goes up and the entire platform benefits.

I agree with you, see my answer to @timcliff below.

Of course he is right that sometimes expectations are just too high.

You always come up with these great ideas when I am on vacation - resteemed this - I might jump in but probably difficult today.

At least I was able to put some of the templates into LinkedIn - Twitter and Facebook @timcliff

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 17.21.19.png

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 16.47.38.png

I don't have much of a social media presence besides Steemit and Minds, but I'll do what I can. I've certainly talked a lot with people in person about Steemit, and thus about Steem by extension.

While I am not on any other social media sites (except Sola), I've made a post here on steemit to join in. Others are free to tweet or share to facebook.

Steem on my friend!

My post linked here.

Nice! Thanks for helping out :)

Sure thing man, thanks for all that you do!

Congrats, this post is featured on my daily news show (in Chinese :D) for today!

Awesome to see this come to fruition!

Whereas I don't really have much of an "investor" audience, I'll certainly tweet and Facebook relevant articles and memes. The idea of Steem in the top-20 again is appealing... and well deserved, too. Right now, that would take about $2.75 Steem....


Hi @timcliff
I'm freshly spawned plankton here but loving it so far. I've been wondering if tomorrow might be a particulraly good day for inviting people to join steemit? Because of #OccupySiliconValley...
Could easily be wrong of course, just a thought.

I don’t know much about the event. If you think there is opportunity there, write a post about it and try to recruit some people to promote :)

I tried - but after all that, steemit was down yesterday!

Steem to the moon!
I made a lot of videos on youtube:)
Just for a laugh:) let me know if you want more:):)

Thanks @timcliff. Sounds really good. Of course talking about Steem as an Investment is great. But an investment as both a buy and hold ( like equities) and blogging too. At least that's the way I look at it.

But thanks for sharing this and spearheading this initiative today :)

I really like the effort that you are doing, I have a few days reading you, but I see that you are working a lot with a great team, for the achievement of a goal. From my space, I will share your information, and I will echo this project with my students, to encourage them.
My best wishes for you and for those who accompany you, that we are all finally, because this work of yours, is like putting a human face to this platform, because we are all steemit, and those of us who believe in this blockchain must place our granite sand.
Good vibes and I still swim with hope, in this great ocean.

Hey Tim - have a look on what we are doing for this campaign in particular and steem in general.

@timcliff, Great initiative and in my opinion this initiative holds an great vibe. Let's hope that this will going to boost the Steem Economy with effective rate.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Yeah, thanks for the reminder

Every day is SteemBlast day to me. Resteemed!

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

), and talk about Steem whereever it is relevant.
It should be wherever instead of whereever.

surely it will be among top 20 and even 1 day it will reach the height of top 10


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gather your all big whales and invest some money on youtube add campaign and then just see the magic, believe me, we can make it happened.

We have paid advertisements planned for multiple platforms.

I missed the memes competition but here's one I made.


OK, color me blond, but what does the acronym #ssmbd mean? I presume one s is Steem and bd is blast day. Super Steem Moon Blast Day? I feel like I should do a Sailor Moon transition sequence. XD

Steem Social Media Blast Day :)

Ohhhh see that makes much more sense. Narf. ;)

There are 2 pages