New Tool for Detective Work: Steemian Health Check

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Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 23.34.20.png

Massive amount of efforts have been made by the witnesses and the Steemit team to make the Steemit community healthier. We all have put our time, effort and money into Steemit and we all definitely do hope that our future get better by the massive growth of Steem!

There have been uncountable wars and fights against the spammers and abusers. However it's still repeating and ongoing, and we never know what it will end. A good news is that there are many people who are vigorously fighting against them for the community, using their precious Steem Power for the war not only for their benefit.

To make a meaningful contribution I have worked closely with @clayop in order to find out the best way to visualise how the relatively rich Steemians (SP > 10,000) behave with their Steem Power, and finally I am introducing "Steemian Health Check" web site, which will help the warriors like @spamminator @steemcleaners (and @krguidedog!) to detect and eliminate tumors as earlier as possible so that we can prevent the cancer development. I believe this is right way to contribute to Steemit as a witness.

So, let me start from the screen shots.

Main page:

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 23.07.58.png

Report page:


So, @gtg looks very healthy!
You will tell why once you finish reading the rest of this posting.

What you can see:

Steemian Health Check shows you two kinds of results.

  1. Non accumulated weekly voting trend and outgoing voting
  2. Accumulated voting trend and outgoing voting

How to interpret:

The accumulated report helps to find out long term abusing while the non accumulated report is useful to diagnose how the user's voting health has been changing (Getting better or getting worse). How you interpret the charts is totally up to you, but sure thing is that it will help you to start a discussion on the detail information, which will lead the community to make a fact-based decision.

What do the values mean:

The report is still immature so there are very few embedded descriptions. But for those who are familiar with the concepts and knowledge of how Steemit voting works, these metrics should be quite straight forward. Let me walk you through those quickly.

  • SP: user's Steem Power after any delegation.
  • Used Rshare: consumed rshares for the period
  • Inverse Simpson: voting diversity index for the period. The higher, the fairer. (does not mean that the fairer the better, as botting bots get very high inverse simpson index). If this value is seriously low, that could be a signal of abusing.
    For more detail:
  • Self Vote: percentage of the self voting for the period
  • Daily Full Vote: consumed voting power per day in average. voting 10 times with 10% power per day will result 1 for this metric. If this value is around 10, the user is efficiently using his voting power. If this value is much lower than that, I would say the user is not likely to be an abuser.

Where is the tool?

Source code

Still more work to do regarding the table (sorting, pagination etc..). Once the tool gets mature, I will share it via @utopian-io as well.

Support the project

If you think Steemian Health Check will help Steemit world to be healthier, please vote for @asbear as a witness.

Thank you!


This post was funded/promoted by @DevFund using a budget of about 420.00 USD.

100% of the money sent or earned via upvotes to this account will be powered down and used to give back via promotion bots to Steem ecosystem development initiatives like this one.

Thank you.

Ps: @DevFund is running low, It would be great if the receivers of the votes could send back some liquid reward back in the pool.

I agree with you @devfund, if it were, it would have been very good..

what is this sir i do not understand i am new here.....

your support is incredibly helpful. thanks a lot!

how can i earn?

Hope to see an analysis result of all top users with high rank.

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Not analyzed user.

No phishing Please!

I still don't get it, how this will help steemcleaners?
Can you explain a bit more?
Because accounts with that much SP don't usually spam.
Or are way to powerful to be handled the way steemcleaners does it.

I can just agree with this.

There have been uncountable wars and fights against the spammers and abusers.

That's completely right @asbear but a tool which shows me the statistic of the voting of an account doesn't help a lot to fight spammers.

Additionally steemcleaners does not act with voting abuse normally. Farming of free upvotes bot is dealt with but for this it is not quite helpful.
It is great to find circle jerks but that's nothing what helps steemcleaners.

Overall it is a nice tool but I cannot agree with the introduction as I do not see the reference there.
I also hope that smaller accounts get also analysed.

Greets Naturicia

Hi @asbear, i tried to put my user name on your app but it seems i am too small to be examinate...

Excellent initiative. I keep calling on the little guys like me to find a low rep spam poster and flag their every post before they grow and get harder to knock back. The 3 or 4 I hit daily are podting plagiarised single dog or cat pics at the rate of 15+ pics a day (for example..this spammer @morelife) It needs everybright minded community member to stop people likd this robbing the reward pool. Its no glamerous like the big ticket flagvwars, bug it needs nipping in the bud.
Best wishes with the work

I totally agree with you. those kind of spammers are really harmful to Steemit and Steem blockchain. thanks.

Actually I think your words are correct brothers!!

yes true i m also agree with [email protected] and spammers are really harmful to steem block-chain
really appreciate the time and effort that went into this post.

Oll jave to give this tool a try. It will help me keep track of my organization members progress!

I can already predict the response of spammers to this - they will split their steempower into several accounts with less than 10,000 SP and carry on.

Provided the steemit community grows, because without growth price will be down.

Cant check my profile, gives a error: "Not analyzed user."

As described in the post , the tool only works with the user accounts having over 10,000 SP.

I am pleased to know that.Thanks, @asbear

Nice to read. I still didn't complete the blog. But what I see you give a lot of effort to write a blog.'s helpfull

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interesting thing, but to me it is still far to be with SP>10000

I know but I think narrowing down the monitoring target is much better to make bigger impact to the community.

I think Steemian Health Check will help Steemit world to be healthier.
I believe in this noble platform, and I want it to be here for a very long time.
Please, let's give this project the maximum support.
Love you all.

I like the writing of your article is very interesting people to comment on your article ,,,
I want tips and tricks from you ,, please help

Nice explanation and success you in your life.....

The users must be the moderators of steemit. We all have personal responsibility to flag spam and abuse. If you regulate too hard you will start inadvertently punishing people who are not abusers of the system.

Users must be taught when joining steemit that THEY are the moderators, and THEY are responsible for flagging content that does not belong on the platform. It is then up to seasoned and experienced members to analyze the flagged accounts for further abuse and set up automated systems which help prevent spam.

I think we will probably have to abandon the idea of being able to auto-ban spammers with intelligent algorythms because that could cause accidental censorship of legitimate users. We must view every individual user as EQUALLY important as the entire body of users. If even one user is ostracized due to a miscalculated automation algorythm then we are doing it wrong.

It is up to the programmers to implement these ideas on behalf of the community, and of course they should be rewarded for their time.

Perhaps play a short and entertaining video to each new user explaining to them that just like any other social network, there is spam, haters, flamers, jerks and quality posters, and tell them if they catch someone spamming on their page they have a duty to go check their comments section and see if they have been spamming on everyone elses page! That way they can flag each spam post.

However, this is not an ideal method in my opinion. It shouldn't be hard to detect when a user is posting the exact same message over and over again on hundreds of posts, and you should be able to flag USERS not just posts, that way they can have their accounts analyzed by the community. Everyone should be able to take a moderator role and be rewarded for the time they spend sifting through posts and flagging spam, because as it currently stands, we receive no rewards for the time we spend moderating steemit.

All human psychology is based on risk and reward. Human beings will not waste their time moderating steemit if they do not perceive some sort of value as a result of their hard work, and I'm sorry but "making steemit better" isn't going to motivate everyone.

Simply reward users for flagging spam.

How? By waiting until a post or a user has been flagged over 100 times then rewarding every user who contributed to that flag and deleting the post and flagging the user as a potential spammer. After 3 account flags, your account enters group moderation and anyone who wants to spend the time investigating the account can do so and put forth a vote on whether or not the user should be banned on the platform. After 100 votes to ban a user, they are banned.

How do we prevent this banning system from being abused? After all people could just flag things they don't like?

If you flag something to be banned and after 3 months it has not received enough votes to result in a ban, it is escalated to high priority and users are rewarded even more for voting on it. If after 1 more month the user does not receive enough votes to end in a ban, all users who flagged them receive a flag on their account as potential abusers. After 3 flags, THEY enter the moderation system and the process continues.

What do you guys think of these ideas? Please upvote if you think this would be useful to the developers, as I cannot code these ideas myself.

That is great!!

Ooh That Is Really Good...

Please upvote and follow , Greetings from Poland ;D

Very nice

Thank you so much for talking.
I love you very much.
If there is time, my account will be able to revisit

Nice information. your post is good. thanks

Pretty sweet idea! Let's health check every top poster

Es loable tu esfuerzo en favor de la comunidad steemit, espero que gracias a steemiats como tu cada vez se aplique las recompensas en forma mas justa para toda la comunidad, tienes mi voto y te sigo.

Looks really neat! Cannot wait to see it. 🅰✚

:D thanks!

A post very good
Lovely post you @asbear


this is best but every person not understand ir easily...informative actually

this tool will help to find sick people and help them get better ... .... ;)

It will be a great part of steemit & all the members will be able to know about there steem account. And it will be very usefull for all..

Congratulations @asbear!
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that's a big honour. many thanks

To win the war, you have to lose a few battles. However, I believe that honesty will win!

Charts! I love charts! @tipu upvote this post with 0.1 sbd!

Awesome tool, very good work! Resteeming

Really appreciate it :)

A good concept. This is what we need on steemit which some people have been against. But, it is finally here and we need to support this.

Upvote & Follow :)

Lovely evening, thank you!! :)

I keep calling on the little guys like me to find a low rep spam poster and flag their every post before they grow and get harder to knock back.Provided the steemit community grows, because without growth price will be down.

Agree. Keep up with your good will!

Agree. Keep up with your good will!

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Really appreciate the time and effort that went into this post. New today to steemit and was about to browse around on this and steem power before I stumbled upon this post. Keep up the quality content you got my vote

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Nice tool looking forward to seeing it analyse my profile and also your profile as well @asbear but it is very useful and can quickly pick out known abusers


Steemit is becoming more and more like facebook.
shadow banning, shaming, censorship.
all for the 'good of the community' of course.

thanks for this great phrase. btw what you said is not like Facebook! ;)

the struggle is real

Nice @asbear!
This is awesome, I guess people who have friends that they always vote for will also have a "Low Inverse Simpson Index"?

That's actually true. People tend to vote for their family and friends, which is ok as long as their steem power is low. For those who have big steem power need to have a responsibility to share his vote with community and curate good articles IMHO.

Not analyzed user.

Better luck next time I am around :)

thanks :)

what a good post I like a lot you have my vote

I appreciate your support.

Great initiative

We know witnesses are doing their best to contribute to the platform. I hope more developments will come that could really be useful to our fellow steemians. A project is good depending on its purpose.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing! Links to your tool and post were included in the wiki pages Steem Ecosystem: S - Steemis and Steemian. Thanks and good luck again!

thanks a lot. It's a really big honour ;) I will let you know once I get a proper domain for this service.

That's an awesome post @asbear

Thank you. Good posting.


풀봇이랑 리스팀 했어요~

Thank you for following me. I started to write a blog . I want to study about steem. If you don' mind . please vote for @sakurasui

i was wondering how would steemit be neat and clean . But i see a lot of attempts like you . So it must be supported and curated by everyone who believes in the steemit success.

Thank you for following up that I also follow you and I wish you can vote for my post. thank you so much

Thank you for caring about my health! :-)
(And thinking of me as an example)

So, as for my voting habits, I am really bad at curation because I do not have much time for it given all my duties. But I'm trying to do my best. I'm not using any voting automation currently (long time ago I was using Streemian when it was run by @xeroc).
I think I will eventually start using own bot suited for my needs, but only as a helper for things that I would do manually anyway; following well known high quality, original content creators (doing so you need to be very careful so such authors wouldn't get lazy being used to systematic upvotes or not abuse it by more frequent posts made with less effort) and of course curation trails using manual curators.

Good work with the tool :-)

Well, hoped that you wouldn't mind it. I ended up with your chart to be honest it was not quite easy to find a appropriately healthy users than I expected. some guys are too healthy (?) which might be too extreme to be an example, and some are horribly sick.... :( . your one was one of the most balanced :)

I understand curation is a very tough work. I have seen quite a lot of guys who got free delegation from the whales with good will, and abused the SP pathetically. People usually cannot handle their greediness, and eventually end up with some sort of immorality. So I've introduced an interesting way of curation with my project called KR Guidedog.

Basically KR Guidedog is a spam reporting bot that I am running. People who report spam get rewarded by off-chain credit called "guide dog point", and they use the point for promoting good posts or giving tips to a good author. The spammer automatically gets downvoted from the 11th spam report they've got.

Newbies in KR community really love KR guidedog, because the reward is not too bad for newbies, and also they feel they are making the clean community themselves. This is a kind of Amazon Mechanical Turk implemented in Steemit for spam filtering, and maybe it will last until SMT comes. I hope this idea could inspire your next project. :)

I appreciate your content! =D See you around

Are you planing on Hosting this on a domain name? I can never find it back when looking for it.

@transisto, already put the new snapshot data into which I may change to or something similar. Still looking for a nice independent domain name though ;)

Launched the tool on
I will announce this migration with the new snapshop data today.

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excellent publication. congratulations friend <3

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Its all right