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RE: [save the date] SteemFest 2017 - Creamy & Delicious - 1/2/3 (+4/5) November - Lisbon

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I can guarantee SteemFest 2 will rock! My crew and I will be there to ensure everything goes smoothly! I look forward to meeting everyone again from last year as well as new attendees. It would be fantastic to see everyone at the SF2. Let's meet again to discuss, ideate and execute our incredible ideas and continue our journey with this awesome community that we're building together! I hope to see as many of you as possible participating in the second edition of the Steemit global conference! I thank everyone for extending your support once again towards this event and to Roeland for putting this together! Let's do this!


Glad we met last year and became friends firepower! This is the power of Steemit! Bringing people together. There is space for another SteemFest wristband!

We may be the only ones with the whristband :-)

@gargon hope you will make it there! Look forward to meeting up! :)

Wow that's a nice bracelet! I'm really inspired.

I hope I can get my crypto together and pay for the fees :)

@timsaid Absolutely bro! I've made some great friends in life thanks to SteemFest! Cant wait to hang out with you like last time!

Oh yeahh

SHIT!! I just realised the first is my birthday!!
If I can't treat myself to a trip on my birthday then when can I?
Now, how is halloween night in Lisbon? I do like to start my birthday bash off with a great halloween.

Awesome! More the reason for you to come and we'll all do cheers together! :D

I'd love to get in on that!! <3

My birthday is on November 6th, a celebration as Steemfest unwinds!! I won my airline ticket through @theprophet0, who is still providing opportunities to win. This is my second year Steemfest birthday wish to come true. I hope you make it there @centaurmystic...there will be reason to celebrate!!

I think if we go we will be driving up to Lisbon from the Algarve. Lots to see on the way.
The way Steemit is going at the moment the 10 cent posts wont quite get us there lol

Gratefully we all have several months to figure it out and give it our best shot if it's important enough. Sounds like a great reason for a road trip to me!!

Nothing better than a steem halloween birthday

That meme is dope!

haha damn right! :D

Love your enthusiasm! Wish you and your amazing crew all the best.

I hope I can make it from India too! Hope so! :)

@sidwrites I hope you will! 5 more months! Steemit hard bruh!

I have no doubt you guys will deliver! I can't wait.

Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you! :D

Haha, seems that you are on fire more than ever, Meghan?! :D

Absolutely! I'm like an energiser bunny and dont run out of power easily! :D

@firepower on fire 🔥 image

oooooohhhh wow! Awesome! :D Thanks for this :D

Let's do this!)

That is what i call a perfect coner! nicely done :)) lol

mag ik mee?

@roelandp hier dus .. aw! duimen!

best one comment man... @firepower

interesting, I'd like to join you guys!

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